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  1. What are those Australian shoes all the citiots wear here that have elastic down each side? Slip on affairs, they wear them with high water pants to show off their fashionable footwear.
  2. I used to try to wear pull on boots, gramp always wore redwing pull ons, he had broken both heels in 1968, Dunno if that was related. Because i idolized him so much I suffered along for a while trying to wear the same and was miserable. I cant help with pull on except for Muck Boots. If you want happy feet you need to look for something supportive, and lace up is the only good way to get that. I wear Italian made backpacking boots, they are built to carry people and gear over incredibly rough terrain and support their feet and ankles. The worn out ones are Zamberlan 996 with Gor-Tex and the new ones are Asolo TPS 520 EVO. The all leather boots take a long time to break in but are well worth the trouble. The Italians know boots, my next pair will probably be Norwegian welt and I strongly favor the Zamberlan over the Asolo but both are very solid boots. I have worn out probably 8 pairs of the Asolo over the years, this is my first pair of Zamberlan, but it wont be my last.
  3. Just changing over to 240v would make a huge difference. My Powermatic had a 1.75 hp set up at 120. Was a real pig even on a dedicated circuit, 3/4 pine was ok, anything bigger it would trip. Switching over to 240 made it a whole different animal, going to 3 hp was even better. I can put 8/4 maple on the top and shove for all i am worth and it just saws along happy as can be.
  4. Yeah, but your tires wear flat in iowa.
  5. How do you handle welding on a modern machine like that? The instructions for welding on our 14’Case backhoe are extensive and complicated including unplugging many computer boards. So far we have just unhooked the battery and kept the ground lead close to the work. Interested to hear your thoughts on that. great pics, always enjoy your posts.
  6. The one in my 6.5 works out to 270w it isn’t much but it makes the difference between starting and not regardless of how cold it is outside. Below 32 I plug it in. If you are leaving plugged in I suggest sticking with 250W range particularly in your climate. Much more than that is just a waste of electricity IMO. If you like to use a timer or plug in before use a 1000-1500w i inline would be better
  7. Is it gummed up from dielectric grease and sawdust or just crud?
  8. Get the dust off of that and make sure it is making good contact everywhere
  9. Looks to me like the contacts on the centrifugal switch are burned, but it is hard to tell in your pics.
  10. Honestly I’ve never troubled myself with extending mirrors, always had trailer mirrors , i cant see much more at all with them out and they are a pain. I leave them in.
  11. I hadn’t realized for a long time that Bob Paulson from fight club was Meatloaf. Frankly I think it is the most serious roll he has ever played.
  12. I bring it in in quantity. Which is my big concern. When the weather warms i am concerned about that which I normally stack on the porch
  13. Congrats, don't get all spoiled with the whole show up for work, do your job, and get a paycheck at the end of the week thing.
  14. I thought the 68 were factory V8, other than engines, what sets them apart from 86 series?
  15. Let me clarify, the pile of wood was infested, it is covered with a tarp, i don’t believe tarps get infested with powder post beetles.
  16. I was rather hoping to stay warm with it. I normally stack 3 cord on the porch and one in the basement. As it stands i don’t dare bring more than a wood rack full in the house at a time. I have ortho crawling insect spray all around where the wood rack is and so far no evidence of issues in the small amount coming in at a time but i am afraid to pile it in or near the house.
  17. I currently have 4 cords of firewood cut, split and covered with a heavy tarp that is infested with powder post beetles. The thought occurs to me that if one were to plumb the exhaust from something like say an M into the middle of the pile under the plastic and let it run extensively, would that end the beetles? I know tenting and chemical treatment is an effective treatment for them.
  18. 102 is as wide as you will find
  19. As said a digital multi meter is misleading. An old style analog is best. Make sure the battery is up to par, you are charging the capacitor with the meter when testing, so you want a good battery to avoid misleading results. If i can find one on the shelf I will try to post a video.
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