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  1. I definitely appreciate it!! Some good looking red tractors on that sale!!
  2. Thank you for posting the 1066 serial number!!
  3. They actually sound pretty good with straight pipes! Especially when running on all 8!
  4. As far as I know, the holes in the weights are not threaded, they use a 1/2” x 4” bolt with a square nut. And I’ve never seen a weight, other than the 88 series weights not have a hole for the bolt to secure to the bracket.
  5. Friend of mine pulled a Westfield 10x61 swing hopper auger home for my brother, 95-100 miles from home, 70 mph all the way up 169 right through the west side of the twin cities.
  6. Any pedestal will work, but the M-560 pedestal is a lighter pedestal compared to the correct one for 806-1456. We ran an M pedestal on our 1256 tractor pulling for quite a few years, and did some field work with it, not a lot, but some, and we never had a problem.
  7. Google search block heater IH 466, you’ll get plenty to choose from! I usually use the zerostart brand heater
  8. Perfect!! I really hope you guy’s can get a serial number, that would at least give us a starting point!!
  9. Is your cousin’s name Nathan by chance? I just got an email about a similar story. If so, like I told him, until there’s a serial number, it could be hard to locate, and can still be hard to locate depending on what happened with/to it since 87. I hope you can find it, hopefully you can get a serial number and I have it listed! But also remember, it could have been sent to salvage, or turned into a puller, at that point, it may be gone for good?! But I’ll help out the best I can once we know the serial number!!
  10. Definitely going to start with the valve, even if I did the brakes first, they wouldn’t get ruined, they aren’t stuck on just a little, they are stuck good enough it will not coast what so ever, it labors trying to move.
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