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  1. I want to see this happen!!!! Lorenzo, I’ll meet you in Des Moines on I80!! It will take me 5 hours to get there. I’m not bringing any money either, just my phone to video this!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
  2. Been there done that! Kenebec SD to Hastings MN, just to get rejected. Luckily we had an empty cone bin at home, the farmer let us dump the wheat in that, and have it fumigated for the bugs. So only had to bring it 100 miles to home, not 420 miles back to SD.
  3. Believe it or not, the elevator is taking them! Going on a barge, heading for tofu land!! Hope your not a soy eater?!?! 🤭🤢🤮
  4. Nope!! I’m trying to load what I think is soybeans for a guy, and I’m at an hour and 45 minutes, and I just got to the back hopper in the trailer!! Are these beans?? You tell me!! I think for many of us, this will be another year we just want behind us!
  5. Pull all the backhoe crap off it, you would still have a tractor!!!
  6. That’s the 2nd version, the first version didn’t have the big display screen.
  7. That’s a sad deal!! Prayers to the family!!
  8. It looks like it was in decent shape?! I guess if it keeps others alive, that’s a good thing too!
  9. I was watching this tractor on the sale. It sure looks like it is a decent tractor?! Congratulations!
  10. Please tell me you did not haul it in for scrap!!! You could have rebuilt the engine, or found a running engine to swap in it!!
  11. Could you please send me the serial number for your 1066 also?!
  12. You are correct!!! Same bolster, but finding the right narrow front axle will be the hard part!!
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