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  1. I’m going to try, but I can’t guarantee anything just yet! It’ll be a last minute decision of go, or stay home and haul grain and fertilizer to catch up from putting the crop in
  2. I have a few that need done, and I’ve never been around a reamer bit, and haven’t the slightest clue how to go about that job, guess I might have to learn?! And I’ve heard both sides, like you easy as can be, and like your neighbor, took forever, so I’m not sure if that qualifies me for a broken wrist and snapped reamer bit or what?!?!😬
  3. That turned out really nice!!!
  4. My area finally got some rain yesterday afternoon!! 75% of our acres got anything from .5-1 inch of rain, and so relieved to get some!! Far from a crop maker, but at least a decent start now!!
  5. Just received a nice 3/4 of an inch of rain!! Some relief, but the crop isn’t made yet!!
  6. It’s absolutely disgusting!! And yet some buy this garbage hook, line, and sinker!!
  7. If this country doesn’t grow a pair and start pushing back, it’s going to be here before we know it!!! I live in MN, and governor fat head has all but given this state away already!! Illegal sanctuary, taxes through the roof, 19 billion dollar surplus, but us tax payers didn’t get a dime back, tax cut, credit or anything, just higher taxes. If I could find 12-1800 acres in SD, or IA, I’d be gone from this state!! I’m tired of 3 spots in this state staying blue to dictate the rest of the state!
  8. You got lucky! Up in my area we are burning up faster than I’ve ever seen before! Mowed lawn only 3 times this spring, and the lawn looks like the end of a hot dry August. We have beans that won’t germinate, and the corn is at 2 leaf and turning that whitish blue from heat and dry! Last night and tonight both, can hear the thunder and smell the rain, but nothing happens!
  9. Wonderful news!!! Continued prayers from MN!!
  10. Definitely a straight, honest looking tractor! Congratulations!
  11. Getting dry in my area of MN as well! Mowed the lawn twice, and it’s already starting to get that whitish light blue look as it goes dormant in a drought.
  12. Almost looks like beach sand in that field! Nice looking country up there! We are really drying out in my part of MN!! We have some fields that may not germinate the beans until we get rain?! Some ground is so hard and dry it won’t break apart, baseball to softball size clods that just won’t break
  13. If you zoom in to this picture, you can see between Jovie’s front legs the plastic cup she got ice cream in from Dairy Queen. Apparently it was good enough to put her to sleep! Or maybe she is just like a kid, rip roaring and ready to go, but 5 miles down the road, out!
  14. Not a goldie, that was the first thing I looked for, no black dash.
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