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  1. In a different thread, I posted that I keep hearing the term false spring being tossed around. 63 in my area of MN currently, and we had a lot of 50’s in February, I have a feeling late March and April are going to be cold, or cooler than average. If not, then it makes me wonder what summer and fall could turn into? I will not chance it until late April like normal!
  2. That’s the safe date for my part of MN as well!! I could be wrong, but to have many days in January and February in the 50’s, I have to believe that we are going to pay dearly for this nice winter?! I keep hearing false spring, nice warm early spring type weather, then we get really cold in late April and May. If that happens, there will be a lot of replant, or prevent plant! Time will tell.
  3. Happy belated birthday Mark! The weather alone makes for a great day! 56* in my area of MN yesterday!
  4. If March turns out to be warmer, and dry, I can imagine “some” will drag planters out and think they are getting ahead, but with lower prices, I’m not going to push the envelope!!
  5. It’s disgusting where this world is heading!!!
  6. It looks nice, but would look much better with a wide front, and duals. 15’s are just to big of a work horse to look good with a narrow front.
  7. 5 sets of wheel weights on the 856?
  8. We do like pictures here!! Welcome to the forum, and I’ll get your 1066 added here soon!!
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