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  1. Same as the 7250! I put a drawbar and hammer strap setup from a 7250 in our 5488.
  2. You can have your tank Jeff!! I want this on front of the W900!!!!!!!!😎😎 Comin through b*tches!!!!!
  3. I had a feeling you were wanting me to ask this question!! 👍🏻🤣🤣
  4. I’m not advertising it here, I possibly have an interested party, I’m just not sure what these cabs are worth?
  5. I was told awhile back, there’s a 1456 gold demo in my area, but I can’t seem to find it?! Guy said it’s in my back yard, well my back yard must be really big, cause I’m not sure who, or where it was located?! You’ll have to wave at my 1256 wheatland as it goes by your area today! Sounds like it will be here tomorrow from just north of you!
  6. We just came from the upper 90’s the 7 days, 83 felt real good today with a breeze! But the next 7-10 sound hot and dry again!
  7. With how high machinery is being sold right now, price them high, and if they sell, move on to the next adventure with some money.
  8. Nice looking rig!! I figured it was a hopper bottom in the first pics, and you gave it away when you said gotta look bitchin cool while sitting in line at the elevator.😬😬👍🏻🤣👍🏻👍🏻
  9. Share some pictures of your rig, I didn’t know you had a truck?!
  10. Have a number Mark????
  11. Doesn’t take you long to get right after them!!
  12. That hydraulic filter looks good!!👌🏻😬
  13. It’s a little bit of work if you have a wide front and 3 point, but you could put a narrow front under it, and pull the 3 point arms off and then weight it for the 6000 lbs class, or leave everything alone, add some weights if needed and go play!
  14. And to cap off the repair bill, the parts we get nowadays, are junk! This Chinese built or reman stuff is straight up trash!! I wanted a new leveling valve for my W900, called Kenworth, only sell aftermarket, I don’t want aftermarket, that’s all we sell he says. So now we don’t even get a say in what we get, just Chinese overpriced $hit!
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