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  1. Must have meant all steel building??
  2. That is weird that they put the air filter set up in the fuel system!
  3. I was always told 60 gallons an hour are returned on 3406E and C15 cats
  4. Looks good DT!!!! Congratulations!!!👍🏻👍🏻
  5. Prayers sent for your family from MN!!
  6. I don’t know how much money our grain cart has made us blending wet grain!!!
  7. If you have someone to run a cart, and the combine, that speeds things up tremendously! The combine stays moving, dump on the go, combine empties, the grain cart goes to the truck! Our cart has a scale, so we scale everything that goes on the trucks, for crop insurance needs. We don’t need a platform scale that way. 2009 was a wet fall for us, combine couldn’t get more than half a hopper before it would sink in the mud. We bought the first cart to keep the combine moving. Half hopper, unload on the go, once we had 2 half hoppers, the cart had to go unload, cause that would start sinking. So they have benefits if you have the manpower!
  8. With the EZflow being new, you’ll have warranty! I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about with it, as long as you grease what needs greasing, and don’t lower the auger while it’s running, these carts are pretty much all the same.
  9. When I fixed our 1456, I just pulled the bolts out of the cover, unhooked all the linkage going to the parts in the cover, used a bar to loosen the cover, and picked it straight up to get it off the reverse linkage shaft.
  10. The laminated columns are supposed to be better? Guess I’ll find out!!
  11. You make things look so easy!! Is that your line up of red tractors out ahead of the 666??
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