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  1. If I agree with your PB won’t have penetrated an inch, can I have your $20? 😬🤣 When I narrowed up the 1456, I loosened everything in the fall, and every week through winter, I would spray it down with penetrating oil, and smack parts with a sledge hammer. When I finally got it apart, that was a lot of wasted penetrating oil!!!!
  2. I’ve already ruined one ball, so yeah, I suppose I could try my grinding skills and see if I can keep it fairly true.
  3. I could, but then run the risk of it being sloppy. I really don’t want to weld it either.
  4. Well I’m hoping I can make it there as well with number 20 1456, and my narrow front 1066. If we both get there, it would be great to meet face to face!!!
  5. That’s one **** of an undertaking Tony!!! I sure can’t wait to see this baler complete!! You do a meticulous job with all your equipment!!! Are you going to be at the Huron Red Power show in June? Blaine
  6. Oh come on guys!!! Some new tires, and a quick wax job, be good as new!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  7. It absolutely is, cause now I have to spend more to buy tooling to drill it out, or bring it to a machine shop!!
  8. Ok what gives with this new crap?! 666 front axle is a little sloppy in the wishbone ball and socket, got one from A&I, and from Case, both are to large on the shank. What are my options? The old ball shank was tight, the hole is not out of round. TIA Blaine
  9. That really great that you know where it is, and that it’s still alive!!!
  10. That is awesome!!!!! It sure is nice to finally hear people saying enough is enough with this touchy-feely, I’m so special, we are all the same bull$hit!!!!!!
  11. Do you know were the 1206 traded in for the 4166 went?
  12. It’s like building a shop, when you think your big enough, go bigger!! The electrician that figured out my 60x96 shop came back with 3 rows of 5 LED’s, I said I wanted 4 rows, I want daylight, he said I wouldn’t like that many lights, I got my 4 rows of 5, it’s bright, but believe it or not, I’d like another row!! Can never have to many lights!!!!
  13. Happy birthday Tony, and everyone else celebrating today!!
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