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  1. 1466 won't go in reverse

    Ours did the same thing over winter, broken roll pin was the culprit. Pull right side battery, you’ll be able to see it.
  2. ❓Maple Syrup Harvest 2018

    My wife and I were newbies to sap last year, we boiled out 7-8 gallons last year, tapped in late February and finished on April 1st. This year we tapped first week of March, and are still going, but for some reason we aren’t getting the trees to run as good, might only end up with 4 gallons this year.
  3. This year's corn crop

    The way things are going in e.c. MN, it will be the 20th of May before we can think about anything. We have snow to get rid of, frost to get out, and then see how much “spring “ rain comes through. I know things can go quick, but we could see a lot of beans, or pp, depending on rains.
  4. That’s a sweet looking ride Tony!! Congratulations!!!
  5. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    Just came in from some small chores, plowed a path from the garage to the end of the driveway, 12-14 inches of the white crap!! I live 80 miles north of St.Paul MN. Supposed to get 3 inches more tonight, and the wind is starting to howl.
  6. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    So far it’s not as bad as it was supposed to be, but looks like we are going to get more as the day goes on. Sitting at 8 now, and will probably end up around a foot, and tomorrow 25-30 mph winds. So, far from done pushing snow!🤬🤮
  7. Friday the 13th weather :-(

    Just think how cold it would be if we didn’t have global warming?! 🤣
  8. For crying out loud---------!!

    We are (east central MN) predicted 1-2 feet of snow today, with winds as high as 54 mph!! So far nothing happening, but by radar, it’s not far away. They are advising no travel
  9. Iowa DOT portable scales

    Do you trust the scale at the elevator? My brother had that issue at an elevator in Savage MN. They were taking 6-700 pounds a load.
  10. Cheap combines 7088

    Watched an 8010 with 1500 separator hours sell just west of Fairmount ND a month ago, should have brought it home, $77000, and clean!
  11. IH 1456 S/N 13961

    I can’t wait to see what it looks like after a few days of your workmanship on it! It will be a whole different tractor.
  12. Help finding dad's unique black stripe 1466

    Without the serial number it’s going to be a tough thing to track down, not saying that it cannot be done, but serial number would be best. Do you have any idea if the serial number could be in some old files, or insurance information if it was kept? Good luck on your search, nice looking tractor too!!
  13. Sad night for Saskatchewan.

  14. Really?! Come on

    I heard yesterday, this cold weather coming through today and Saturday, is going to stretch all the way into Texas. Not sure how cold in Texas, but we are looking at 3 below zero tomorrow morning, possibly colder!! Good thing it only March 6th! Oh wait?!🤪🤬
  15. 8930

    I might be wrong with this, but I thought when magnums rolled over 10000 hours, a decimal point showed up in the hours display? I’ve seen 3 or 4 magnums that the owner stated had over 10000 hours, and I remember seeing a decimal point I believe on the right side of the numbers?! Like I say maybe I’m wrong?! I wish I had a picture to show of it, so I could be corrected if I’m looking at something wrong. I could learn something about a magnum that way also!