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  1. $3700 for the 1256?!! I sure missed a deal!!! 🤔😢
  2. I’d really like to bid on the 1256 wheatland, but right now funds are just too scarce!!! And I’m betting the way auctions are starting to go, that thing doesn’t bring over $5000?!
  3. Better watch your p’s and q’ around her!! She’ll whoop your ass!!!😬🤣
  4. As far behind as our May 25th planted corn is, the June 6th-20th planted corn probably won’t make much, if any. And a lot of June corn got planted in many states! They’ll have it figured out by January-February.
  5. One tough chick!!!! Sounds like if anyone should sleep with one eye open, it’s you!!!!
  6. I still feel terrible!! And mine laughs at me when she injures me also!!
  7. I’m kind of hoping not, but time will tell!!🤞🏻🤔
  8. We are good!! It’s forgiven! Better check my eggs in the morning for exlax!! 😳
  9. She’s a tough chick, she swore less than I did!! And by the time we got to the hospital she was joking around with it!! A pressure washer counts as doing the dishes, doesn’t it??!!
  10. Just one of those days?! Had to put a new fifth wheel plate on the KW yesterday, had to torch the pins out, cause these aftermarket plates don’t believe in grease. So after a few hours of cutting, hammering, and air hammering finally get the old plate off. Wife just gets done mowing lawn, and I was thinking, with her help, putting the new plate on should only take 5 minutes. Well after an ER visit, it’s on! We were trying to stand it up on the pallet it came on to get it in position, and I was in a bad lifting position, so I went to let it down, and I didn’t know her hand was on the pallet, and as I was letting it down I slipped and it dropped on the pallet. Talk about feeling like an a$$!!! When I saw how much blood was coming from it while she wrapped it with her other hand, I thought the thumb was gone!! Guess who gets dishes duty this week? I still feel horrible!! I would have rather it been my hand and thumb!
  11. Should be a good night for that!! Have fun!!
  12. I heard the same thing this morning on the radio!
  13. I’ve heard the same thing, every bolt will shear at its breaking point, grade 8 might do a lot more damage before shearing! Most shear bolts on equipment are grade 2, so it shears instead of doing damage to something else.
  14. Happy birthday Nate!!!
  15. If you can get that information, and talk with the place that did the work, the mechanic might have more to say about the combine. The dealer that works on our 2366 knows since the day it darkened their door, till this spring when it left there from it’s 8th or 9th year of work exactly what was done with it, and the mechanic can recall most big items that have been worked on with out going through the file, they just know their stuff.
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