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  1. Farmall1066

    Go t a baby that nobody wants

    Good looking calf!!
  2. Farmall1066

    Snow Pictures

    I’m jealous!!
  3. Farmall1066

    Pushing drawbar pin out of a 600Q

    It would be nice if all manufacturers would used a little anti-seize!!
  4. Farmall1066

    One more saved

    Looking good!!!
  5. Farmall1066

    Auction up here with IH stuff TD24

    Wow! Your right, looks like a lot is in decent shape yet!! How far are you from the sale site?
  6. Farmall1066

    MTO must have really screwed up

    From his other post, for smelling like her father?!?!😬
  7. Farmall1066

    Nice COE

    I’ll have to second that!!🤤
  8. Farmall1066

    1066 registry

    Thank you for getting this serial number to me! It falls in between, 18107 located in WI, and 18192, was on a dealers lot in OH. Could I get the owners name for his entry? If you prefer to personal message that, that is fine!
  9. Farmall1066

    1066 registry

    The nearest serial numbers I have to your tractor are, 39517 was on auction in IL, and 39630 is on online auction in WI. Thank you for your serial number, and could I get your name to add to your entry? You can personal message that to me if you prefer?!
  10. Farmall1066

    Unlucky Coyote

    Aw nuts!!
  11. Farmall1066

    Can never keep her happy

    You could have a least waited until tomorrow to say that. Now your sure to get no lovin’ on Valentines Day!! 😬
  12. Farmall1066

    666 turbo

    Not sure on a 666, but I would assume it would be the same as the larger 56-66’s, needle bearings.
  13. Farmall1066

    New 1456 and new to red power

    Welcome to the forum. And a good looking group of tractors.
  14. Farmall1066

    1456 differential questions

    That $1525 price sounds like it might be just the ring gear and pinion gear. It’s been a long time since I’ve done differential work, but in 04 we put a ring gear and pinion in a 1466, and those 2 pieces were $500, but the parts guy we got it from was sick of looking at it on the shelf. So we got a good deal on it, and it was OE parts. That same set ordered in back then was $750-$800. So 15 years later, I’m guess $1525 is about were they are in price.