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  1. Farmall1066

    1256 burping antifreeze

    I was wondering the same thing
  2. Farmall1066

    The Time Has Come!!

    Congratulations Jerry and Kelli!! How did you like the T8.330? Rented one this spring and loved everything but the ride, and DEF!
  3. Farmall1066

    Semi crash

    There’s your CDL in a crackerjack box driver!
  4. Farmall1066

    Slow Day Project

    Yep!! Couldn’t resist!👍🏻
  5. Farmall1066

    Slow Day Project

    When can I expect you to show up at my place? The shop is open and warm, and no one around to disturb you! 🤣 Looks good!!
  6. Farmall1066

    Something To Ponder

  7. Farmall1066

    Random IH pic of the day

    Exactly what I was thinking!! Nice tractor also!! Looks good with the 2 post and canopy!
  8. Farmall1066

    First Endeaver After Long Restoration

    Good to see your back here Tony!! And you have some nice looking tractors!! That 806 is an impressive tractor!!
  9. Farmall1066

    766 with M&W turbo

    You’ll like that tractor when it’s done! We have one, without a turbo, and it gets used for a lot.
  10. Farmall1066

    5388 getting updated 😎

    I can’t wait to see the end results!!!
  11. Farmall1066

    IH 1066 Black Stripe

    Post pictures of them, we can help you decide, we’ll vote, picture 1, or 2
  12. Farmall1066

    IH 1066 Black Stripe

    That’s not a bad looking tractor!! Is that going home with you? Thank you for posting the serial number as well!!
  13. Farmall1066

    OH MY !!! (auction) (again)

    Lots of goodies on that one!! To bad the crop is still in the field, won’t have time to attend, unless it continues to rain and be cloudy?
  14. Farmall1066

    HMMMMM......two 4100's on same sale

    Consecutive serial numbers, 8118 and 8119. Don’t see that everyday!
  15. Farmall1066

    1066 registry

    Thank you! I’ll get that added, looks like a decent tractor!