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  1. You know you would look even if Lorenzo said, please don’t look!! 😬🀣
  2. If feel horrible for all of you affected by this storm!!! We are starting to get a little bit of the white $hit now in east central MN, but we are so wet from the last 3 weeks of rain, we can’t turn a wheel either! I truly hope that we have a lot of 50’s coming, all the way through Christmas!!! 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻
  3. Here kitty, kitty!!! He looks big!!!
  4. That’s correct!! Millings are great, if you can get heat on them to pack!!
  5. We must have the mini gac plus as well, I know we have a USB port for doing updates, and the regular mini gac doesn’t say anything about a USB port.
  6. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but very happy to hear the most recent news!! Get home, take care of yourself, and get better!! Prayers sent from MN, from one trucker to another!!! I’ll be pullin for you!!!
  7. Mini gac, ours is dang near right on with the elevator.
  8. Yep, all around sad deal this year!! I’m in east central MN, no snow here, but so wet, we can’t do a d@mn thing here either!!
  9. You could be an ice road trucker this winter!!
  10. She has no reason to complain, it’s contained in one spot, not scattered across the whole property, and not in the house. When I was buying parts and pieces for my narrow front 1066, things found their way into the house so I could work on them at night, and spend time with the Mrs. Lookin good Tony, can’t wait to see it come back together!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  11. I believe there is, but not put on by red power.
  12. That’s why I’m not allowed in the kitchen!!! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜¬
  13. I really feel for you guys that are experiencing drought, we have so much water in the upper midwest, we can’t even walk in the fields let alone drive equipment across it!! I’d do anything to give you the last 10 inches of rain, for a foot of your dry dirt!!!
  14. Are you sure it’s not just you? Cold stiff joints?!😬
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