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  1. That’s a good looking planter for it’s age!! The rest of the equipment must have been just as nice on that farm?! It will look good behind one of your tractors!!
  2. Pictures of the 1066??? I see it’s nose and weights! Looks like they have quite the collection!!!
  3. I won’t get it, because they have no clue of side effects later on, and if you get the vaccine, there’s no proof it works, or if you can still transmit it to other if you get infection. And a lot of people in my area are getting sick from it, and other issues. Plus with Bill Gates backing it, no way!! I don’t trust it the way the last year has gone!!
  4. That’s a great story! Thanks for sharing Jeff!!
  5. Sorry to hear Mark!!! Pets are our family members as well! Losing pets is not easy!!!!
  6. That was an awesome video!!! Thanks jass1660!! I’m happy to be 40, and born in the era I was, but when posts like this, about Farmall, I do wish I was older, to have been able to go see such a great facility!! Danny said it best, if that plant was still standing, that would have been one h*ll of a spot for Red Power shows!!!
  7. Weather is crazy how it throws itself at us!! I also don’t like the muddy mess of the thaw, cause at least twice, we plow snow on muddy ground!! But dry yards, and warm days are just around the corner!!
  8. @DOCTOR EVIL you need to write a book!!! I love hearing your stories about Farmall, and it sure is sad that IH couldn’t get past the 80’s!!! I sure wish I could have seen those 42 acres under 1 roof!!! Anyone with pictures of Farmall Works would be awesome to see in this post!!
  9. I too was wondering that, I would have loved to seen a 88 series comparison............... They knew better that to compare their turd to an IH! A fair comparison would have been all brands!
  10. So the scouts ran gauges similar to the tractors? Hmm, learned something tonight!!
  11. Looking through some stuff, and found this gauge, where was this gauge used? I’ve never seen one.
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