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  1. Yeah, i do, i like them clean. Have bore snakes for every caliber i own, it makes it painless and quick.
  2. The solder connections fail causing individual diodes to drop out. You cant see it well without dismantling the whole thing, but most of the time, that is the cause . With LED as with anything, you get what you pay for. Biggest failure rate I have seen is with Commercial Electric (HD brand stuff) followed by Cree, if you could get one to last long enough you could probably get the rated hours out of one. Best luck i have seen is with Philips, followed probably by Sylvania . My best advice is to go get a regular old “boob” light with screw shells and some high quality LED bulbs (with a totally enclosed rating) remember to pay attention to Kelvin rating, 2700-3500K are the warm light you are used to from an incandescent, 4100k is commonly used in office lights and 5-6000K is very blue. Kelvin rating has no relationship to lumen output.
  3. If i am not mistaken those tank vents have a little ceramic filter in them. Be careful blowing them out.
  4. Ive met some cantankerous NP transfer cases, my utility sometimes gets a wild hair and i end up shutting it off to get into low. Personally if you are able to get it in and it works I wouldn’t let that hold you back. Could be as simple as an adjustment. This happened with my current 2500, it was not properly adjusted from new, around 4K miles i put it in low for the first time, got stuck in the middle, couldn’t get in or out and it took a real wrestling match in the middle of the road to get it back to high. Was an easy fix and i had them flush the T-case just in case.
  5. We had a friend from Massachusetts with an 8.1 in a crew cab claiming 4 mpg. When you consider a 20 mile drive takes an hour and a half where he lives, and he drives like…well… a masshole, you start to see where his numbers are realistic.
  6. Does it have a 5+2? We have a kodiak 7000 with a 3208 turbo and a 643 Allison, it needs for more gears desperately when towing. A 5+2or a 10 speed would make for a whole different animal.
  7. When i bought my 07i passed on an 8.1 like that because i was scared of fuel economy. What a mistake. Was black though.
  8. Funny this subject came up. Wife started the radio, next thing daughter is bouncing up and down “dancing” to confederate railroad greatest hits . I asked her where this came from and she held up the CD case that was attached to the visor on my 97’. Brings back great memories. Dunno where its been all these years, got some great tunes in there. Mom and dad had an Alpine CD player installed for me for my birthday one year. Loved that stereo.
  9. Fil had a LUV 4x4 real POS, said he looked out into the parking lot at work one day tomsee smoke boiling out of it. Got the hood open and disconnected the offending component and got the fire put out, says it was pure adrenaline reaction and he should have let it burn. Dad was all set to buy one, made arrangements and got the flu the next day, said he didn’t care if he lived or died but the dealer kept calling and being pushy, he told them to stick it and never did buy one.
  10. My 97 GMC 1500 half ton will always be the most special, it had belonged to my grandfather (technically a business truck, so really belonged to my father at that point). I would have happily given it up to keep him, but that isn’t the way the world works, so I got to keep a little part of him with me everywhere i went, put 210K miles on it, always plagued with electrical issues. 97’ 1500, 4.3, 5 speed. my favorite based on being exactly what I wanted was my 07’ 2500 HD classic, 6.0,4L80E, regular cab. Had dual zone climate control, the LT seats in a WT with rubber floors and crank windows, i put American Racing AR23 16” wheels on it which brought the tires out to match the factory flares. Looked good not over done. It was red of course. I really would like another like it. My current 2500 which matches similar specs doesn’t perform nearly as well. Looked about like this only had trailer mirrors
  11. vtfireman85


    because on a cell phone it is much easier to type 1K than it is to type one thousand dollars or $1,000.00. if you want to know why people use KM instead of miles, it is usually because that's what they use where they are from. pretty sure that US and Mike Newman are the only people who use Miles.
  12. I am over 50 squirrels this year, at least half taken directly off the feeder, my feeders don't have holes, gotta wait for a good clear head shot.
  13. That's a piece of information that I have never heard of, there is a lot I have never heard of of course.
  14. Have to keep netting over it to keep the robins out you can’t tell in that picture but there was a broken egg on the seat back where it fell out.
  15. If only if only The woodpecker sighs The bark on the tree Were as soft as the skies..
  16. Oh wait, we can include crawlers???? virtually nothing puts a smile on my face like this thing. Guaranteed results 😁
  17. Those tractors are both SAME, one just the SAME as the other.. SAME.
  18. I don’t remember what you said if you said, what is your heat source now?
  19. I thought you tried a known good carb? I am still suspicious of your fuel line. Does the 044 have that strange serpentine square profile fuel line like a 440 would?
  20. Got the stingers today, somehow I ended up with 250 instead of 300, but I got charged for what I got, so I guess it is all good. I was a little surprised to find they are waxed. I wonder how much fun that will be to clean🤔
  21. I hold the pin in my teeth, and cross my eyes to get a good view of both holes at once, using both hands i pry the ring open until it will fit over the head of the pin. Align with holes and let go quickly to avoid pinching fingers. Use of safety glasses distorts vision enough that you sometimes miss the pin holes. Always wear steel toe crocs when working on lynch pins.
  22. Check with your local chapter, i have a couple chapter 18 swag items
  23. Only tractor here with a name is my M, my brother named it Lindsey, after Lindsey Vonn, he decided it was big and sexy, just like her. I think its old and ugly, but perhaps if I ever get around to painting it i will do something with the name.
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