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  1. Never

    You are lurning........ I wish you all the best of luck. Now get that waterline done!!
  2. Cream puff 2+2

    X2!!! That was my first thought! Those 23.1-30's made me think that this could be Red Bibs Doppelgänger! And yes, I do NOT doubt that it pulls like a freight train, regardless of how ugly it looks!! I do not think that they are. I went through the dickens finding my dual hubs a few years back for my 1586 which has 4" axles. I had stumbled onto a set of 10 bolt hubs that fit a 3.5" or 3.25" axle that came off of a 4386? Or 3588?, the seller did not really know. But I proved the old fashioned way to myself that I did not need them. I could not make them fit, no matter what I tried!!
  3. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Rick, 3PT hitch and live PTO are no longer on your wish list?
  4. Shopping for pickups, not as fun anymore

    Then to add insult to injury I visited some friends that drive 1977 & 1979 GMC C35 pickups. 454, TH400, work trucks their entire lives, and SOLID!! My wife is so sick of hearing me grumble about New York State's love affair with Road salt, but she kept looking at all of the old F100's that we saw and reminiscing.
  5. 886 Problems

    The PTO oil pickup is at the back of the transmission/rear axle housing, that is why the PTO will starve for oil when nose down. Common practice is to overfill by 5-10 gallons to prevent this.
  6. DANG!!!! Those poor trailer axles have got to be SCREAMING!!!!
  7. 17GPM pump in 1466?

    Does that mean that I can “piggyback” another pump on my 1586 to get more flow? I currently have a 17GPM pump in it now.
  8. Cleaning out the shop

    Sid, We unexpectedly had to change our plans. I cannot pick up the refrigerator parts from Brad I am sorry that it did not work out. Jeff
  9. Guess ill spend the night in town....

    Jeez!! Glad that we saw you when we did! Thank you again for your hospitality!!
  10. 1586 help

    The voltage drop across your solenoid seems excessive. Fix it. Clean and tighten your connections. ALL of them!!! This is cheap and easy to do before you spend time and money elsewhere. Let us know what that does for you.
  11. How to get WiFi from house router to shop

    You know, that wheelbarrow thread might be another idea. It would work, wouldn't it? Just wheel it on over!! Metal buildings can be a pain for reception, but if you put in a conduit, NEVER BE AFRAID TO MAKE IT BIG!!!! Bigger conduits pull easier and allow for future expansion, whether you want to add another wire for ________, run an airline back to the house (you would be surprised at how handy that can be), etc.
  12. Hey JEFF I got those voltages for you. What should the voltage be at the starter when cranking a cold engine?

  13. Upper Midwest/Great Plains. Things to see?

    Met up with Jacob, Mader656, yesterday morning. He treated my wife and I to some AMAZING breakfast burritos at the Big Fat Lunchbox in Columbus, Montana. VERY good burritos!! Then on the way to Mount Rushmore we took Art’s advice and went to see Crazy Horse. It was Awesome. Especially when you consider that it is being done privately. I checked Mount Rushmore off of my bucket list. I had no idea how awe-inspiring it is to walk in there!! Just FLAT AWESOME!!! I never knew that the original plans called for full a head-to-toes monument. Interesting that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln bracket Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. And no, I am not trying to make a “short joke”. This morning we stopped at the Mitchell Corn Palace. That is pretty neat!!
  14. 1586 help

    What is your cold cranking VOLTAGE at the starter? In other words, what is the VOLTAGE reading at the starter when cranking over the engine when it is cold?
  15. 1586 help

    Are the batteries AND the battery cables good? Is the motor getting spun over fast enough by the starter? Have you drained off the brown, cruddy fuel until you have clean, clear fuel? Not to brag, but I ran 2/0 copper welding cable and stepped up to Group 31 batteries. I have no electricity at the one farm and my 1586 will start reliably at -20. WITH NO ETHER!!!! ( I do let it warm up for 5 minutes by my watch before moving it at those temperatures.)