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  1. 1586 Jeff

    1256 burping antifreeze

    Have you tested your radiator cap?
  2. 1586 Jeff

    The Time Has Come!!

    So is the Red Power Forum get together before, or after, the sale?
  3. 1586 Jeff

    I see your doing something stupid

    Linemen work poles everyday and grab hooks and a belt before a ladder. The difference is pretty impressive when you are belted up to a pole
  4. Those poor heater hoses, air conditioning lines, and wires! i wonder how many cycles they are rated for?
  5. 1586 Jeff

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    We had a 275 straight frame with a 8V-71 (318) that was a great old bear. When moving it any distance we would travel in reverse. It just plain steered better than going forward. I do not know if it was just that worn out, or if it is like driving a car in reverse (steering axle trailing) versus driving a car forward (steering axle leading). Then we got a 275B, articulated with a 400 Cummins.
  6. My dream tractor was always a John Deere 8010/8020. Now that I discovered Big Buds 20 years ago I will have to say that it will be a later model Big Bud.
  7. 1586 Jeff

    Old Willie still after it

    Reminds me of an oil thread gone wrong. Whose turn was it to bring the popcorn this week?
  8. 1586 Jeff

    some people should be shot

    An eye for an eye Rick. As for the perpetrator(s), they had best turn themselves in. For their own well being. If Seth gets ahold of them there is no telling what he would make them do......
  9. 1586 Jeff

    ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors

    I would not think that it would be wise to stick body parts into an ultrasonic cleaner.............
  10. 1586 Jeff

    Fire Department Stone Boat Pull

    What size chain were you using?
  11. 1586 Jeff

    Welding rod question

    For root passes on rusty, dirty, greasy, oily, in other words "a typical farm repair", my "go to" rod is 6010. Not quite as much penetration as 6011, but the flux on 6010 seems to blow through almost anything. And because of its cellulose flux it can be run over its own flux if the existing flux was not completely removed. I do not know how well 6010 works for welding over flux from other rods. And yes, before someone says that 7018 is stronger than 6010......, I do run cover passes of other alloys as appropriate.
  12. 1586 Jeff

    Loaded for Saturday’s pull

    What did you say?