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  1. I have always wanted to have one. I believe that the Mack Brothers called it a “Mack Junior”. There are not many in existence I am told.
  2. Is this machine equipped with rear steering? I have always thought that Austin-Western broke away from the “normal” design of graders and was very cutting edge with their hydraulics (versus dog clutches!!!!) and their rear steering so that blade side thrust could be overcome.
  3. Lorenzo, did you set up your pumpkin launcher in the parking lot?
  4. Google says that Duquoin is in Illinois, closer to St. Louis than Louisville.
  5. But if a bunch of us show up and start timing how quickly we can fill, empty, and return to the combine with the grain cart PLUS some of us REALLY LIKE TO EAT!!!!
  6. Be careful what you wish for!!! You might just end up with a few guys that like to eat and burn diesel fuel!!!
  7. After talking with you yesterday I was almost nervous to open this thread. But like a car accident I had to look. Especially before it got “poofed”!
  8. Folks, This is a very real and very important topic. Pay attention and educate yourselves on it. The fact that BJ has “bent the rules” to let this topic stay here should tell you how important and far reaching it can be. Please be civil and respectful. Thank you!!!
  9. 10 _AND_ 2? Hmmmmmm....... I think that Seth takes a coffee break from 10 _UNTIL_ 2!!!
  10. Reminds me of a fellow named Melvin that sold used cars. Melvin liked K-Cars. He had two that he had previously sold and both had gotten wrecked. One in the front and the other in the back. Melvin being Melvin he took the good front half and the good back half and very neatly joined them at the B Pillar. With POP RIVETS!!!!
  11. Shiny to shiny and black to black so that you never have to go back. How hard can it be?
  12. You fellows need a Milwaukee cordless backpack vacuum.....
  13. 1586 Jeff


    Doggone it Tom!!! I have been hoping that no one would let Sid in on that and he would continue pulling his hair out....... After all, Sid picks on me plenty. Although it was his idea to leave our lunch check for Seth to pay, so Sid cannot be all bad!
  14. I am still going to say that it must be a primitive Burndy Press!!! I would hate to see what size wire that it would take.
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