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  1. 1586 Jeff


    From Thursday when it was overcast:
  2. 1586 Jeff


    Did anyone go to Macungie today or plan on going tomorrow?
  3. I have this same combination with a blue cab and green trailer. I cannot remember if I showed them to you or not.
  4. L9000? LTL9000? LT, LN, LTS, or how many other variations of the Louisville Ford?
  5. 1586 Jeff

    Some people

    Geez Seth, I am surprised that you did not ask where the drawstring was to keep sparks from going UP into the “protective headgear”.
  6. As much as I would normally like to make a wiseacre remark, I cannot. That is a sharp looking 1066!!
  7. I have been trying to talk Sid into splitting the driving with me. If he does not take you up on that offer I would gladly do so!
  8. I was looking for oat seed this spring and was finding it difficult to find 2 months ago because of hay ground that did not get seeded down last fall and/or winterkilled. I can see feed being in short supply here this coming winter/spring.
  9. Is that on 103? Edited to add: Huh! Seth beat me to the punch. This time.
  10. I have to say that I thought that it was a 2-135, 2-155, etc. as well.
  11. I like this trend of good looking gals on tracked equipment!! I would certainly be alright with seeing more gals on tracked equipment!!
  12. What is the implement hitched to the Massey-Ferguson with the PTO driven hydraulic pump?
  13. Dog house? Knowing your wife it would be a calf hutch!!
  14. My buddy who collects & trades BMWs said that he has not had good luck getting into them so he usually drops them off at the Automaster. And he is tighter than bark on a tree. Or you, Seth, and I. Together.
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