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  1. So then what would MTO stand for? More Trouble Often?
  2. I used to tie a can of soup to the oil cooler in a 3406B for a warm lunch on a cold day.
  3. The 851 looked like it was factory. If not, then it was really well done! The 6601 could be had with the direct cut head from the factory. Ironically, I have been told that the 6601 was “never available with a pickup head. Just a pickup attachment.” However the operators manual shows both the pickup head (more common in your area) and the direct cut head.
  4. I looked REALLY hard at an 851 Massey with a direct cut head. If I did not already have my 6601 with a direct cut head I would have been bringing the 851 home with me!
  5. It just seems so wrong for the LEFT hand tires to be in the furrow! I dream of having a rollover plow so that I did not have to back up/drive around so much with the contour plowing that I do.
  6. I will make no comment upon your eyesight. Especially when it comes to COWgirls on a Saturday night!!!
  7. Bitty!!!! What the Thunder???? Jake in office? The first time it hits the press that he told the First Lady to “waddle faster” there is going to be ANOTHER impeachment fiasco!! (But he does know where to get great sandwiches!!)
  8. Negative Ghost Rider. Joint Industries Council.
  9. Thank you for the explanation TP!! So much different than potatoes going in to storage for seed.
  10. Do tomatoes not bruise when they drop? With potatoes I was taught to ALWAYS keep the boom of the harvester down in the box of the potato truck until the pile grew high enough. Potatoes are 85-87% water so they do bruises easily. I would have thought that tomatoes would be similar.
  11. Just up the road from me. I was up there Tuesday.
  12. I would hope that Seth is smarter than that......
  13. I cannot decide if I want to tell Mark that I live on Little Horse Drive or Greenbush Road. And I am having a hard time deciding which one would be more humorous!!!!
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