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  1. I always thought that anvils were mounted to a wooden block to dampen vibrations and keep them from walking around on the floor. I am curious to know if that is the case.
  2. Are you talking about Darrin Johnson?
  3. Aw shucks fellers. I just like being helpful!!!
  4. I am less, much less, than 40 miles away!! Although with the ferry service shut down currently it is a bit of drive around. But I am still willing to lend you my key to your toolbox!! No extra charge!!!
  5. The local hydraulic shop sells those. I can PM you the information if you would like me to.
  6. Am I ever glad to hear that it was just grain spilled over. The way that this year has been going I was getting ready to read about yet another grain bin entrapment.
  7. 1586 Jeff


    Oh, would his wife be soooo pleased!!! Then she would not have to clamber about on an old Allis on half tracks...... (The Allis might be easier for her to get on and off of though....)
  8. Sid, Not to worry! I just happen to have a key that will open your toolbox for you. And properly applied it will close it up for you too! The number on my key is W-300. The funny part is that it also says “Purox” on it.....
  9. 1586 Jeff


    I am sad to say that a good number of the “Olympic Unimogs” got cannibalized for parts until the carcass was scrapped. The one that I showed in the picture has a snowblower that goes with it. Orin is already after me to find out more details about it. I am surprised that Seth has not started calling me persistently about it. They are just wonky enough to be right up his alley!!!
  10. 1586 Jeff


    I know where there are a “few” for sale. Some of them even have front end loaders and backhoes. They would make awesome fencing rigs for you Jake!
  11. 1586 Jeff


    There were dozens of them up here for the 1980 Winter Olympics. I know of one that still survives!
  12. 1586 Jeff

    AK Welder

    And that is why I do not watch television. In fact, I am not sure that I even own a television....
  13. I almost did that very same thing the first time that I put my 1586 on my 8540 in-line square baler. I had been using my 6200 (65-70 horsepower) on the baler because I had something else that I needed the 1586 to do. The next year when I switched the two tractors I could not figure out why my yield was so poor. Then I turned around at the end of the field. Apparently I was sending bales clear up and over the kicker rack wagon, but I was too busy trying to drive because the tractor was not working hard and I was going to fast. My grandfather would have told me to: “Slow down and get more done!”.
  14. I think that you both are trying to say the same thing using different regional terminology....
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