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  1. Our resident BACKHOE KING absolutely NEEDS this!!!! Seth, are you listening???
  2. Fill it with a few handfuls of small stones, roughly 3/4” or smaller and tumble/roll the tank. I have strapped tanks to a rear tractor wheel and driven around SLOWLY. Rinse and repeat (literally) until the gunk is gone. If you use water to rinse it out let the tank dry out in the sun to evaporate the water out of an opening. DO NOT USE FLAMES OR ANY IGNITION SOURCE TO DRY OUT THE TANK!!!!
  3. There was a time that I wore $300.00 work gloves. They were dielectrically tested every six months.
  4. Turn it over to your Complaint Department!!!!! Of course you ARE in a small town. And after Sid and Mark get done with them they will be BEGGING you to return, with a fresh blueberry pie for your aggravation’s!!!
  5. I remember seat belts getting retrofitted to school busses in the early 1980’s here in New York State. But still to this day it is not mandatory for students to wear them. It does truly defy logic and common sense.
  6. 1586 Jeff

    New Job

    Just remember, if it is NOT grounded it is NOT DEAD.
  7. I know someone that used a 830 Case-O-Matic to move railroad cars on a siding to unload sugarbeets. He said that the torque converter was really nice for getting carS rolling.
  8. Combination gauge and tail wheel? I have heard of those, but never actually seen one. I am curious about how well they work.
  9. Jeez Bill!!! It sounds like you need a camera.....
  10. As a first responder and former school bus driver I can certainly say that this is hard for those who respond to these types of incidents. Many of us know someone who has been affected by such an incident. On a side note I have long speculated as to why school bus drivers are notoriously underpaid for the amount of responsibility that they have. Locally you can haul gravel and sand for double OR BETTER money with so much less responsibility. So what if you get out and walk into a diner with a load of gravel on. But to leave a school bus unattended? Not acceptable. Worse yet is when an incident occurs. Children are our future. We need to raise them.
  11. Born in Whitehall, NY! Midway between Orin (NY1468) and myself.
  12. I have used “ARTU” bits with great success. A bit pricey, but they drill through socket head cap screws and set screws like mild steel. AND my local hardware store carries them!!!! (I did not know that until after I had ordered them from Australia though....)
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