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  1. 1586 Jeff

    Pushing drawbar pin out of a 600Q

    I have said many times that if I had a new anything built I would be on the assembly line with a 5 gallon pail of antiseize and a brush.
  2. 1586 Jeff

    “Reversed” loader tractors

    I was just talking about this yesterday! I could not remember for the life of me who had done it.
  3. 1586 Jeff

    Follow up 706 shifting

    Rick, You could stiff hitch the M to the 706 and get there in style!!! Use the hydraulics on the M to steer 706 and cruise on over!!
  4. 1586 Jeff

    1486 valve cover torque

    Did that say 25 INCH POUNDS? I witnessed a fellow torque lugs in a double disconnect transfer switch to 36 FOOT pounds. Or at least he was headed to 36 FOOT pounds. I made him reread the directions and do the math. It took a calculator for him to realize that 36 INCH pounds worked out to 3 FOOT pounds. And he still did not believe me. Even after he had destroyed the transfer switch.......
  5. 1586 Jeff

    ebay jerk gets a lesson

    A number of years ago I purchased a "Genuine Gunnebo Johnson 8 Ton Snatch Block" from an eBay seller. The picture was most certainly of a Gunnebo Johnson block with the clearly visible orange hook and blue block. What arrived was a imported all blue snatch block with the extra large groove that flattens winch lines because it will support the sides of the wire rope, allowing it to flatten out and potentially fail. This is why it is critical to match the groove of a block to the rope diameter. I went through the entire dispute resolution process and sent the block back to the seller. The seller refused to accept the shipment and refused to refund me anything. After multiple (three?) attempts to get the return shipment delivered to the seller, eBay refunded my money and arranged for me to purchase a Gunnebo block from another seller. That transaction went smoothly with no hiccups. As for the originally purchased block? I followed its tracking information to see what would happen to it. I kept hoping that the seller would accept it and put the matter to rest. Instead the snatch block ended up getting sent to the return address on the shipping label that eBay had originally provided me with for the return, eBay headquarters in California. I expected that the block would then make its way back to the seller, or that eBay would open the package to verify that the block in question was in the package, etc. But no!! I watched as the package then trekked back across the country, ending up being delivered back to me!?!?!?!?! I contacted eBay and asked how come this had happened and eBay told me that they did not want to dispose of it, so they sent it to me to dispose of!
  6. 1586 Jeff

    Who needs jumper cables anyway

    Now if only Northern NY still relied upon 1980's era snow removal techniques and technology instead of slathering everything in salt and brine destroying the aquifers.... 1980 was actually a pretty good year here. We had the Winter Olympics in February, but barely due to a lack of snow, and then -51 Fahrenheit on Christmas Day!
  7. 1586 Jeff

    Goose Neck repair

    OUCH!! Did the trailer stay connected to the tow vehicle? Am I correct in surmising that you were not able to do any braking before impact therefore the hitch post took the total deceleration instead of the trailer brakes taking their share of the load? How was the trailer cleared from the highway?
  8. 1586 Jeff

    Goose Neck repair

    Gee Andy, you never told me about that!! But thank you again!!!
  9. 1586 Jeff

    Who needs jumper cables anyway

    I watched a fellow work at getting a car started as a favor to (impress) a young lady with A coat hanger. He pulled his car up to hers, bumper-to-bumper (literally!), scraped enough paint from each bumper to get a good ground from one car to the other, and used the coat hanger to jump from one hot post to the other. (I cannot recall if these two cars were positive- or negative-ground.) After succeeding in getting the dead car started, and not freezing to death!, the young man let the young lady know that her car was running. She came outside, hopped in the car, honked twice, then sped off after another young man came out and hopped in with her! Her knight in “shining armor” was left standing there chagrined!! I truly felt bad for the lad and all of his efforts on that cold day!!
  10. 1586 Jeff

    So Walmart is good for something.

  11. 1586 Jeff

    The Dog Thread

    That is awesome and amazing! My night has been made!!
  12. 1586 Jeff

    6.5 misfireing

    That Seth is your Flux Capacitor Filter Press so that you can utilize your waste vegetable oil and maple syrup blend to power the truck. I would recommend that you forget the waste vegetable oil in consideration of gelling in cold weather and stick to straight Grade A Extra Dark, not Light Amber. Rots of Ruck!
  13. 1586 Jeff

    Shop door freezing shut

    54 degrees?!?!? Here we would call that TOO WARM a shop to work in! Dressed like I am in the winter 45-50 degrees is plenty warm to work in. Much warmer than that and I would perspire so much that I would shiver the first time that I had to be outside. And being wet AND cold is just not any kind of fun.
  14. 1586 Jeff

    Weight Restrictions on Airplanes

    I was flying as a passenger in a Cessna 209 that was being operated under an exemption to allow 9 passengers plus 1 pilot in the 10 total seats. Looking around the waiting area I could see that I was the largest passenger. Great! I should be a shoo-in to sit right seat! When we assembled on the ramp the pilot looked us all over and the pilot decided that a tiny coed in an even tinier miniskirt would sit right seat. And that I would sit in the back of the 209!! Since we had all been weighed on a scale and our respective weights recorded on our tickets, the pilot called for an additional 350 pounds of lead shot for ballast!!
  15. 1586 Jeff

    Cummins vs Cat

    3208???? Perhaps that was a typo and you meant 3408? I have a hard time believing that a 3208 made it to that many miles. Furthermore I have always thought that the 3208 was a throwaway motor intended to be replaced, not rebuilt. But I have been wrong before. Just ask my wife. But do NOT ask her for the FULL listing!!