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  1. Kansas taxes “FOOT”????? Do you mean that Kansas taxes by the foot of length, or were you trying to say that Kansas taxes FOOD? If the Sunflower State taxes feet for feed then I certainly DO NOT want to know about that!!!!
  2. In 31 more years Mark MIGHT be cantankerous………
  3. Hmmmmmmmm…. Sounds like you have been starting to listen to what “BIG E” tells you!!!
  4. If there was a provision to connect a hose/tubing/piping/CARB compliant paper straw/et cetera it would ALREADY BE DONE!!! Radios are for sissies that drive rebadged Volvos hauling Moo Doo!!
  5. And that has been the conundrum!!! After taking matters into my own hands and contacting Parker’s Technical Assistance Center I have a regulator ordered that is reported to have a threaded exhaust/relief port. Such a regulator USED to be as common as fleas on a dog, but it is $.02/1000 units cheaper to drop the infrequently used threaded port….
  6. Very similar to a tag axle application, but this is for the boom suspension on an asphalt tack truck. Traveling down the highway the driver constantly and repeatedly hears a hissing sound that is just miserably irritating!! If the exhaust from the air pressure regulator was plumbed out of the cab the problem would be eliminated!
  7. Not the governor for the air compressor, but a generic air pressure regulator for an auxiliary application that needs to be controlled from inside the cab.
  8. Looking for an air pressure regulator to mount on the dashboard of a truck that can be plumbed to exhaust air outside of the cab. I know that they exist, but I am not finding them anymore. Thank you!
  9. Andy, you should have called me! That is not a great place to have a flat tire to begin with, but with the interchange being rebuilt it is now CHAOTIC! ”Chance favors the prepared hand.”
  10. Could this be another usage for Yellow Wonder Buckets after you have enough Bucket Culverts?
  11. Now that would work for me!!!
  12. My thoughts exactly! But you do have a few “inclines” where brakes would be really, really handy!!!
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