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  1. Do I need to load you on the trailer and haul you down too?
  2. Sid, you do not know what The UNIT is. Maybe you had ought to go to the tractor pull and find out. Negative. Many hours North and West of there.
  3. SETH!!! DO NOT give Anson a pair of spectacles. I would miss him terribly if he was able to see that those lassies in red were not a pair of Farmalls!!!
  4. But I am not The UNIT!!!
  5. How hard have you been “trying” to get me to bring my 1586 down to the pull? This is the first that I have heard about it..... But now that I know about it I could bring a unit. Or a UNIT.
  6. Remember, Sid is asking you to be nice to his wife. What has been left unsaid is that it is for YOUR BENEFIT!!!!
  7. https://www.agfarmtoys.com/scale/tractor/Cutter702Lg.html Farmall M cookie cutter:
  8. I was just down there a couple of weeks ago. If the timing were right AND I recognized her I would have had fun! ”My name is Clark Nordic and I milk robots.” Then again maybe not. She might not find it funny......
  9. I removed, rebuilt, and reinstalled a transmission in a 1975 GMC tandem grain truck in the gas station parking lot in Grass Range. Safe travels Jake!
  10. Note to self: Avoiding stumps with the tandem scrapers avoids having to get out the welding equipment!!
  11. 5/32” 6010 root pass and 4 passes of 5/32” 7018 (2 passes at the time of the picture) for this hitch repair on one of my scraper pans. For outdoors, in the wind, dirty, rusty, oily, painted steel repair welding I will GLADLY take a stick welder over a wire feed. I love my LN-25 wire feeder for clean fabrication, but every tool has its place in my eyes.
  12. Wow! Coming from you Seth that says a lot! (Now do not tell everyone how much more it would say if I said that!!) That would be quite a noticeable change, going from a Model A Ford to 1968 Rambler!! I would rather hear (and see!) more about the science teacher’s daughter if she is UBER hot. In the conventional sense. If she has a skidder, chews tobacco, and generally resembles the gals that you used to chase in Tupper then I will pass. I do find it peculiar that the science teacher’s stabbing earned YOU a nickname. Please do not tell us that your nickname was Hannibal, Charles, or some other obscure reference to the stabbing!
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