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  1. Winston still misbehaving?
  2. I will be pulling for them, especially little Miss Charlotte.
  3. Did I meet you in Harborcreek, PA around noon?
  4. You had ought to put a steerable pusher axle on that Nick!!
  5. WHAT?!?!??? ESTATE Auction?!?!?!? Say that it is not so......
  6. My personal opinion is that some people think that it is cool. Myself, I find that to be quite uncomfortable to try to drive that way.
  7. Tony, I am pulling for your friend Eddie. Jeff
  8. Jeff, Talk to a heavy towing company as they pull axles on a regular basis. It might just be cheaper to hire them to pull the axle than to buy the tool for the single use. There are pliers made specifically for removing those split axle cones. One jaw is pointed to spread the cone for removal. Other Jeff.
  9. Insufficient water consumption and excessive texting?
  10. I too had to add a power feed to this plug on my 1586 to power my 6601 combine. I put an inline fuse on it as well as running the wire inside some plastic tubing for protection against shorting out.
  11. Rusty, I am pulling for your wife, your family, and yourself. Good luck! Jeff
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