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  1. I think that she would be happiest with a set of Duratracs!!! But we have heard how YOU feel about them......
  2. Newborn critters are awesome. Newborn kids are awesomer!!!! A big congratulations to you and your family Steve!!!
  3. There is something about seeing a new life brought into the world that warms my heart. Congratulations!!!
  4. A variation on a wood splitter that I have seen is to mount a wood splitter “upside down” on the end of a backhoe boom so that large chunks can be split from the operator’s seat. Another splitter that I would like to try is mounted on a skid steer or loader tractor and can scoop up a log, cut off a block, and split the block. The split wood then drops into a wagon, onto a pile, or onto a conveyor. Manual handling of wood is greatly reduced!!
  5. A mechanic/weldor/fabricator/ boilermaker that I knew built a miniature Prentice crane on his wood splitter. He and his brothers ran a LARGE logging operation here in Northern New York State, so it was not hard for him to put the word out that he was looking for THE GNARLIEST stump to test his splitter. This wood splitter was powered by a 1-53 Detroit!!! Rest In Peace René, Rest In Peace.
  6. Thank you Todd!! And yes, I have been a bit busy lately. Just trying to put fires out. Unfortunately one literally as well as many figuratively...
  7. You beat me to the punch!!!
  8. Is that a Gnuse? How do you like it? I have always thought that it made more sense to put the load on the larger back tires than the front axle and tires. Especially with a 2wd tractor!
  9. I once had a beefer get stuck in a ring feeder. Its front legs and head were through the slats and the hindquarters were not. Somehow the Hamburger-on-Hooves was able to get the ring feeder up on edge so that it was now in position to roll!!! That durned beef took off like gas through a funnel and eggs through a hen!!! After we got the cow stopped AND we stopped laughing I do not recall it being a big deal to resolve.
  10. Either Cabin Fever has set in or you have been drinking too much Yellow Wonder Bucket Fluid!!!
  11. I thought that you had a “Hammer Thread” on here a few years back. I have looked for it, but I did not find it.
  12. The only way that you can acceptably apologize to me is to put up a link to your hammer collection for M.C.Farmerboy. I do not think that he is prepared for it.....
  13. Do not ask to see Todd’s hammer collection. It is quite extensive. You can thank me later!
  14. I thought that snow tires negated the need to shovel. Or do they need to be installed?
  15. Now Todd!!! I have “force multipliers” (force concentrators?) like that, but I am not looking to break things...
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