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  1. 1586 Jeff

    Back up camera and mirrors hmm !

    My wife backed into my gooseneck trailer with her hatchback. I would GLADLY trade you a Colorado taillight for the complete hatchback with glass......
  2. 1586 Jeff

    Christmas time, making maple candy again!

    Nice table Seth! The candy looks great too!
  3. 1586 Jeff

    new retro combine decals

  4. 1586 Jeff

    new retro combine decals

    Nooooo...... But if Rick really wanted to start a riot he would have asked what oil was used in the first rotary combine!! (Sorry B.J.!!)
  5. 1586 Jeff

    correct pertronix ignition for ford 2N

    Or Seth could put it on the shelf for me. Christmas is coming.....
  6. 1586 Jeff

    Grandpa's warrior princess....

    Good on you !! We certainly do need people that want to apply themselves for the good of the country!! Good for her!!
  7. 1586 Jeff

    correct pertronix ignition for ford 2N

    I knew that I could get our “resident N vs. M expert” to come out of the woodwork and illustrate how superior the M is over the scrawny little N. (Now how do I put one of those smiley faces in here so that everyone knows that I am just trying to be funny?)
  8. 1586 Jeff

    correct pertronix ignition for ford 2N

    I really want to say that Ford and IHC got together and standardized their ignitions so that a cranky old tank driver from Minnesota would only have to stock one ignition for his Ns and his vastly superior (in his estimation!!) Farmall M, but then we would all have to wear tinfoil hats.....
  9. 1586 Jeff

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    I had a broken socket head cap screw in the digging brakes on my Unit cable backhoe. I used Artu bits, carbide insert drill bits made for drilling hardened steel. The Artu bits cut through the hardened socket head cap screws like they were pine!! I have forgotten what the difference is between a masonry bit and an Artu bit, but I have heard of generic masonry bits being used. I think that the difference might be in the fluting for chip extraction.
  10. 1586 Jeff

    Keep going or stop in tracks?

    That is a SHARP LOOKING 7110!!!!
  11. 1586 Jeff

    Reese Hitch

    I was pretty sure that I knew what you meant, but I was in the mood to have a little bit of humor after the day that I have had.
  12. 1586 Jeff

    Reese Hitch

    12 Cable? Does that mean that there was a 12 foot cable hooked to something powerful to tow the Dodge? I have a buddy that is REALLY serious about competition pulling with his 12 valve Cummins/Dodge. It is really scary how much power can be had out of those 5.9s for 250-320 feet!
  13. 1586 Jeff

    Cemetery erosion

    Do you have contact information so that I could help? I would gladly come over to assist in stabilization of the stream bank.
  14. 1586 Jeff

    The same thing happens every day

    Wow! I cannot even begin to imagine how expensive it would have been for you to stay at Smitty's for 15 years...........
  15. 1586 Jeff

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Are you using never/seize on reassembly?