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  1. 1586 Jeff

    Who did it?

    So did you get a Wagoneer del Grande last night? Or at least a Cherokee del Grande?
  2. 1586 Jeff

    1482 combine

    What runs the hydraulics on a self propelled combine? Usually a hydraulic pump driven off of the countershaft. I have seriously considered doing that with my 6601 so that I would not need to use this tractor hydraulics to turn the reel.
  3. Speechless I am. (BJ has had a rough enough week already!!)
  4. 1586 Jeff

    Who did it?

    I still have my Great-Grandmother’s last car. 1977 Pontiac Le Mans with 34,000 miles on it. I am the 3rd owner, Grannie being the first. Maybe not a true “land yacht”, but it is a sedan that can comfortably seat six adults. The 1981 Buick Le Sabre Two Door that I drove in high school was not a true land yacht either, but I did put a few sets of hinge pins and bushings in it. Those doors were huge! A gal that I dated in college had a 1977 Cadillac Sedan de Ville. It had a backseat big enough for five or six people to sit in it and another four up front. That car was more like an aircraft carrier than an automobile. Although with a 500 CID Cadillac V-8 it would still get up and go. Even with a carload of people AND two horses in the trailer behind it! I could not imagine feeding that cars appetite with today’s gasoline prices..... Now how exactly did we get to talking about land yachts anyhow?
  5. And it is a power shift? Either that is creative advertising or this is a unique tractor! This is definitely NOT the time for me to be buying a tractor........
  6. Noooo! Look at the frame on your Mack. The nut on a Huck bolt has a round barrel outboard of the hex. The head is similar to these, but it has a splined shank. I was really intrigued watching Huck bolts get put into new Macks being built in Winnsboro, SC when Huck bolts were “new”.
  7. Where are you located? I would like to see that!! Am I understanding you correctly that you put the 1486 speed transmission guts into the 1586 speed transmission case? What made the decision to use the 1486 TA instead of the 1586 TA?
  8. I can already hear Rick and Seth grumbling about her choice of an M or an _N........
  9. 1586 Jeff

    Magnum TCV

    The smart Alec in me wants to say “Enough that you do not lose any.”, but honestly I cannot tell you. Is this the tractor that you just overhauled or the crispy critter?
  10. 1586 Jeff


    Tomorrow’s Car of Tomorrow is going to be on a catenary wire.... Can you imagine doing the grid stabilization for the start and restarts?? SUGGGGGAR!!!
  11. I cannot figure out what these two crops are on the small screen that I am looking at. Would you mind identifying them? Thank you.
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