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  1. Was that built to haul steel and lumber or was it built “because”?
  2. Were they done “inframe”? Machined on the patient? Or were you implying that you were machining replacements?
  3. Pulling for you Finney and “Momma Finney”!!! I am surprised that you did not rig up a chop saw to remove the worn “unit”, counterbore for the replacement, set a couple of Enerpacs, and glue it in with 11018MMR!!!!
  4. You FINALLY replaced the 2500???????? Judging by what I saw of it when I was last out there it certainly was not from rust and corrosion like I typically see here!!!
  5. And just HOW BIG is that building???? What is your snow load rating?
  6. Probably a pusher pole hitched to the back of the wagon so that it could be steered by hand and pushed up to the elevator for unloading.
  7. Do you say that because you do not want him riding out with your nephew, hearing blasphemous (truthful) things about you???
  8. I am in the northeast corner of the state. If my memory serves me correctly you are over by Jeff’s motocross track.
  9. We are putting together a contingent from my side of the state. We could pick you up on the way by!
  10. Hey now! Is that any way to talk about Carson and Theo?
  11. Are you TRYING to compete with me for the ugliest/more difficult project award????? If so you have a LONNNNNG ways to go..... I do envy your shop and tooling!
  12. I am guessing that there is a speed limit on that pull.
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