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  1. SATOH!!! Translated to Red Power Forumese it means “Strong like bull!”
  2. Have you seen the fixtures that Finney has made to use with a portapower????
  3. Be still my beating heart!!!!!!!! The rotary screen in front of the radiator just completes the outfit. That just makes me want to go pick up swaths, RIGHT NOW!!!
  4. That is probably the best fix that I have heard of yet!!! Speaking of temporary railroad bridge repairs, here is one that I spotted this past winter:
  5. Is your pickling an engine in any way related to your pickled transmission?
  6. 55 has 6 lug wheels and “square edges” to the frame and 56 has 4 lug wheels and “rounded edges” to the frame.
  7. Duh, HELLO!!! Everybody knows that Yellow Wonder Bucket Fluid is the BESTEST oil for your wiring!!!
  8. Where is the section for groaner jokes???? I got the jist of what he meant, but could not figure out why Einstein was not quite right. Too many hours with the fire department for me lately.
  9. Some sects do not desire to have their picture taken!
  10. I first read that as “giraffles” and thought “What in Thunder???”.
  11. Perhaps you are not as far west in Pennsylvania as I thought...
  12. The choke must be stuck on some of these tractors, they are running awfully rich. I never get tired of seeing “Brownie”, that is a sweet truck.
  13. Accountability check; have you made arrangements for CPR training? My fire department is getting a refresher for the EMTs and making arrangements for the other members to get trained. I have asked my local Extension Agent to get training for the area farmers.
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