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  1. Took this pic about 11 years ago of a pumpjack near Rankin, Texas.
  2. Not sure but l think Danny @DirtBoyz07 has one on his shop wall....?
  3. Just found this on one of the Texas history groups l'm in. Like a lot of other jobs, working in a gin is dangerous work. My ex-brother-in-law is missing 3 fingers on one hand because of saws on a gin stand. And a nephew is missing his index and middle fingers because of belts on a dryer fan in a gin. And l've heard of ginners losing an arm but never burying it in a cemetery about 200 miles away. Here is the story and pic. If you go to the Jayton cemetery in Jayton, Texas (Kent County) you'll find a grave marker for the arm of Benjamin Joseph Hagins. B.J. was a farmer and rancher who lost his arm in a gin accident at some point along the way. As you can see from the attached photo, his severed arm is depicted on the monument. B.J. moved away to Lamesa, and when he died there in 1940 at the age of 68 they buried him in the Dawson County Cemetery. Why he was not buried next to his arm is not clear.
  4. Here is a video of that Chamberlain tractor. Most of the time l can't stand the sound of a old "Screamin' Jimmy" Detroit but for some reason this one sounds pretty good. l think John Deere bought out Chamberlain. Twin Engined Chamberlain Tractor (youtube.com)
  5. Duplicate internal flow control valve for a blinker fluid pump on a Hinsdale experimental 1406 tractor. The original was destroyed in a transporter malfunction aboard the starship USS Enterprise 1701-D.
  6. l bought a cordless hammer from Hazard Freight but haven't had a chance to charge it up yet....
  7. IH Tractors on a Moon farm? With all the money he made selling propane and propane accessories, Hank Hill decided to splurge and buy a ride on the International (IH?) Space Station.
  8. l checked on facebook and it shows that Tony was online 12 hours ago. Also saw a post where he was at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Cal. a few days ago.
  9. Thanks for that answer Ray. Been around center pivots most of my life but never thought about how much water they put in a certain amount of time.
  10. Wonder how much water that a quarter mile pivot system would use in a 24 hour time period....on average? And l emphasize average. @lorenzo
  11. l apologize for the big gaps in between paragraphs on my story above. lt didn't do that until l hit the submit button.
  12. A couple of years in a crude oil hauling group on FB, l wrote about having "lunch" with some 6666's cowboys. And it is true.....lol l made a statement in another post that l had ate lunch with some cowboys on the 6666's ranch. Well, here is the rest of the story. l believe it was in 1993 l was hauling crude oil for Pride Pipeline. One particular day l was dispatched to a lease about 20 miles off of Hwy. 82, on the 6666's ranch, west of Guthrie, Texas. l was probably 11 or 12 miles in and just past the "Hollywood house". You ask "What was the Hollywood house?" Ok, if you have ever saw the movie "Mackintosh and T.J." with Roy Rogers, it is that old shack that they fix up and move into while they hunt coyotes. lt really was a old shack that had been there for many years before being used in the movie. The movie people had came in and rebuilt it for safety reasons and to make it look even more rundown. Anyway, l had just passed that old shack and crossed a creek when a couple of cowboys on horseback stopped and asked where l was going. l told them the name of the lease and said l probably had another 10 miles or so to go. One of them said "Well, we're moving a bunch of cattle from one pasture to another and this here road will be blocked for a couple of hours. So you can turn around and go back or stay here and wait." Considering everything, l told them l would just wait. The cowboy said "That'll be fine. Tell ya what, go ahead and ease down the road about a half mile and you'll run across the chuck wagon. That way you can get some coffee. But be sure and turn your truck off so you don't spook the cattle, ok?" Sure enough further down the road there sat the chuck wagon and several cowboys sitting around. l killed my truck and got out and walked up to what figured was the cook. (He was the only one there wearing a apron) l told him about seeing the other cowboys and the road being closed. He said "Sure enough. Come on over here and l'll get you a drink. You want coffee or a sody pop?" l took a cup of coffee and the cook said "l'll have lunch ready in about 5 minutes. You want sumthin' to eat when it's ready?" Of course l said yes. ln a few minutes he said "Ok fellers, here it is. Come and get it or l'll give to the dawgs!!" l don't think l ever saw such a spread of food, except maybe at the Golden Corral restaurant. Of course the huge pot of red beans, a big pan of fried taters, dozens of ears of corn on the cob and a giant pan of biscuits and another pan full of cornbread. And extra large hamburger patties and onions smothered in a brown gravy. And not only all that, but dozens more of homemade burritos made with scrambled eggs, sausage, peppers and onions. The cook said those were for "the guys to put in their pockets to snack on later." After that feast, l sat and talked to some of the cowboys. l sure heard some interesting stories!! Two or three would leave then two or three more would drift in and eat. After a while, a cowboy rode up and said "They said tell ya that you can go on now. We got all the gates shut." l told the cook thanks for all the food and drink. He said "Leavin' are ya? Shoot, take some of these with ya." and he handed me 3 or 4 of the burritos. l went on to the lease and loaded. Several hours later on the way back out, l passed where the chuck wagon had been and there was nothing but tracks where it had been. l saw the chuck wagon and the cook several times after that and he would always wave at me. So that is how l wound up having lunch on the 6666's with some cowboys. Active
  13. Gary, the pic of the inside of the 6666's supply house looks the same now as it shows in the pic you posted. When l was just a little kid, the 6666's store was the first stop on our annual trip to Oklahoma to visit kinfolks. Both Mom and Dad would get a Coke and a bag of Tom's peanuts to pour in the Coke. l always got a Hire's root beer...lol Last time l was in the Supply House was about 10 years ago while l was still hauling crude and it looked the same as in the pic. Basically just a convenience store with some neat stuff inside. But then Taylor Sheridan bought the ranch and started filming scenes for the TV show "Yellowstone" there and it turned into a tourist trap. Guthrie, Texas temporarily went from a little over 350 people to almost 4000 overnight when the film crews and their families moved in.
  14. This is one l remember seeing years ago. Here is a pic and description from old article: First seen at the 1997 SEMA show, the Dodge Ram T-Rex 6×6 began life as a factory-stock Ram 3500 1-ton regular-cab pickup truck. Design to be an extreme off-road machine with class-leading tow/haul capabilities, the T-Rex featured V10 power and tandem-mounted dual rear axles. Mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, the 8.0-liter engine was said to produce 497 horsepower and a stout 593 lb-ft of torque.
  15. Just about every re-make of a older classic movie is terrible. case in point: True Grit, Stagecoach, Dukes Of Hazzard and Midway among others. l guess all the good Hollywood screen writers are dead and gone because it seems that all they can do now days is try to re-make old movies.
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