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  1. Found this online yesterday. A pic of a 40 cotton bale wagon train pulled by 10 horses at Anson, Texas in 1910. l don't recollect seeing 3 horses abreast like that. l mean l've seen 5 or 6 abreast pulling the old combines but never just 3 on a wagon team. Just a little Texas trivia. Anson, Texas is the county seat of Jones county. The county and the town was named after Anson Jones, who served as the fourth and last President of the Republic of Texas.
  2. Found this while searching for a lost IH Autowagon on the interweb. Tried to Find Matt and Kitty but they must at Del Monico's for lunch. And Doc and Chester are probably over at Matt's office playing checkers. Photograph of the interior of the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City, Kansas, taken sometime between 1870 and 1885.
  3. Well after almost 3 weeks of hassle from the insurance company, the wife finally got another vehicle to drive. lt's a new to her 2019 Dodge Ram Big Horn. Pretty well loaded with all the goodies. Even has a electric rear window and sun roof. l think it has 5.7 Hemi....? l was hoping she would've got a Ford but she couldn't find any in her price range.
  4. lf you want a Jeep but also a motor home might get one of these. Of course if you want go muddin', you probably need one of these. And a Jeep too.....
  5. Here is a F-12 (?) with a McCormick-Deering 2 row cotton planter near Town, New Mexico in 1940. There are some similarities in the pics but differences too.
  6. Was taking another fun stroll through the internet and found this little tidbit of info. l had a couple of his cassettes many years ago. But instead choosing C.W. McCall, might've been even funnier if he'd chose a different name....like "French Fries". Nov. 15th 1928, Billie Dale Fries, legally changed his name to William Dale Fries Jr, professionally known as C.W. McCall, was born in Audubon, Iowa In 1973, while working for Bozell & Jacobs, Fries created a television advertising campaign for Old Home Bread. The bread was trucked across the Midwest from the Metz Baking Company's plant in Sioux City, Iowa. As the big semi-trailer trucks carrying the Old Home Bread logo were a familiar sight on the highway, this suggested a trucking theme. The advertisements featured deliveries of the bread to the Old Home café, whose name expanded to become the "Old Home Filler-Up an' Keep on a-Truckin' Café". Its waitress was named Mavis after a real waitress at the White Spot café in Audubon where Fries grew up. Her role was to flirt with the truck driver who was named C. W. McCall. The name McCall was inspired by McCall's magazine, which Fries had on his desk at the time. A James Garner movie, Cash McCall, was also an influence. To complete the name, Fries added initials, shown embroidered on the trucker's shirt, and chose "C. W." for country and western.
  7. l like avocados sometimes sliced in a salad but really like guacamole. And l like anchovy pizza, but the anchovy and lemon ice cream sounds like something l wouldn't eat at all. l love dill pickle slices on a hamburger or a BBQ brisket sandwich but pickle flavored candies does not appeal to me. lol
  8. Can't find any muffler belts but did find the replacement bearings. But can't find the plug on the starter....
  9. lf l remember right, Randy did make a post here one time about flying a P-63 but not sure if it was the one involved in this incident. l tried doing a search about but couldn't find anything. Some of you might get better results.
  10. A little late for Halloween but just in time for those late night snacks at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You could be in the mood for some Kosher dill candy corn. Or maybe a Reese's peanut butter cup with dill pickle flavor. Yum!! Yum!! Or how about some plain 'ol avocado ice cream?? Maybe if avocado isn't quite your thing, you might try some Lemon and Anchovy ice cream. Just all kinds of goodies to brighten your holidays with!!
  11. This is a 460 LP that belonged to a friend of mine. Not a lot of detail but it does show a fast hitch.
  12. No l am not. But l do think if l was going to report on something, l believe l would do at minimal research on the subject before l got in front of a camera and started spewing nonsense.
  13. Unconfirmed but they say now that 6 were killed, 5 crew members on the B-17 and the pilot of the P-63. You just about bet there will be people clamoring to ground "all of them unsafe old airplanes." They did when that B-17 crashed several years ago. Edit: l just saw a video from a so-called "TV news room". This accident is tragic enough without those fools giving "up to date" reports. l just saw one ignorant reporter say "A Boeing one-seven collided with a P-six-three." l can see where some people might not be familiar the old warbirds, but if you are going you be a TV hack "reporter" at least familiarize yourself about the topic you plan to incoherently talk about.
  14. Boy, now l am confused!! pokey dot and stripedy... and now solid yeller!! At what horsepower or size of engine do you graduate from the yeller hat to the pokey dot or stripedy hats??? Or is that a foreign thing?
  15. Here while back l posted some pics of different style trucks, like a twin V-8 engined Ford and some others. Just happened to be taking stroll through the internet and found this pic of a 1939 Oldsmobile truck. Article said it was a re-badged GMC but powered by a Olds 6 cylinder engine. GMC trucks of that time period were also powered by Olds engines. Article said the reason GM quit building Olds trucks after 1939 was because they already had two other truck divisions that were almost identical. (GMC, Chevrolet)
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