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  1. Tickertoy

    IH 966 Hydraulic Leak

    Makes sense. I'll start looking.
  2. Tickertoy

    IH 966 Hydraulic Leak

    Appears to be somewhere from behind the battery and running down. Don't want to start removing things I don't need to.
  3. Tickertoy

    IH 966 Hydraulic Leak

    Ater I got thru bushhogging , I noticed a hydraulic leak running down the side where I marked . Anyone got an idea where it might be coming from?
  4. Tickertoy

    Small suitcase weights?

    Pictures ??
  5. Tickertoy

    100 series FH mower drive pulley?

    they are different. 100 shows part #458944 R1 and 1000 shows 478787R11.
  6. Tickertoy

    My New Hat

    I might have got a couple of them. LOOKS GOOD.
  7. Tickertoy

    856 Repair

    Got wiring harness from Porch Electric for my 856 a few years back. Good product and very good to work with.
  8. Tickertoy

    Farmall C Cultivators

    I didn't look close enough. You're right.
  9. Tickertoy

    Farmall C Cultivators

    They are not like the cultivators on our Super C. Up front there should be a right and left set that hooks to frame . On the rear the cultivator is one piece across from wheel to wheel. Keep looking.
  10. Tickertoy

    Forum problems??

    Same here for 3 or 4 days. They'll get it fixed.
  11. Tickertoy

    140 3pt tow hitch

    Are you sure it's strong enough for the 140 ? Nice work !
  12. Tickertoy

    656 hydraulic filter extension plate!

    I put them on my 856 and 966 several years ago. Can't tell any diference. Takes 2 filters instead of one and may increase flow of fluid. Really don't know.
  13. Tickertoy

    1456 with detroit

    x2. Not that bad for an ole country boy.............
  14. Tickertoy

    Electronic ignition spark plug gap

    I have petronix ignition and coil in my 450 with plug gap @ .025 and it starts and runs great.