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  1. My upper and insert are good. Bottom pan got wacked bad. Destroyed some how.
  2. Is anyone still making the lower grille pan replacement for a farmall 100 ?
  3. I still have 2 #5's. One is on the H and the other on a 140. Both still get the job done. Not as fast as a rotary but still use them like years ago.
  4. I've got 3 lincoln grease guns, a 1134 pistol grip, a regular one and an air grease gun. All have been good so far. No complaints - yet.
  5. They will fit an A thru 450. I have them on an early 140, H, M, Super M and 450.
  6. What tractor is that wheel on in the picture? Looks like a solid wheel.
  7. I agree with Boog. The 450 and 460 were slow to start. Put Petronix ignitor and coil and they fire up right now even after setting for months. Best thing I ever did to them. Been on for years and no problems.
  8. x2 on the poor quality ignition parts. If it starts and runs good, leave it alone and run it.
  9. My cousins 674 now requires a shot of either to start. Was starting great. Any ideas what might have happened. Runs great once started and will restart while engine is warm without ether .
  10. My cousin uses Dawn and water mixed in a spray bottle. Works great for us.
  11. One of our 140's clutch stuck over winter. We pulled it like WESnil said in higher gear with clutch pushed in and it broke loose after a little. Took a little while but it did break free.
  12. i have one my uncle gave me years ago. He used it but I never have. Have air compressors now.
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