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  1. Forum problems??

    Same here for 3 or 4 days. They'll get it fixed.
  2. 140 3pt tow hitch

    Are you sure it's strong enough for the 140 ? Nice work !
  3. 656 hydraulic filter extension plate!

    I put them on my 856 and 966 several years ago. Can't tell any diference. Takes 2 filters instead of one and may increase flow of fluid. Really don't know.
  4. 1456 with detroit

    x2. Not that bad for an ole country boy.............
  5. Electronic ignition spark plug gap

    I have petronix ignition and coil in my 450 with plug gap @ .025 and it starts and runs great.
  6. Sickle mowers

    Depends on condition and how bad you want it. Around here the price has gone up.
  7. Head Gasket install on Super c

    Installing a felpro gasket on Super C 123 engine. Gasket has a composite side and a metal side. Which goes up when putting it on the block? It is stamped 'this side out' on the composite side. Does that mean up? Also what kind of sealer if any do you guys use?
  8. Black Stripe tractors

    If the dealers had kept a record of models with serial numbers it would have made it a lot easier to determine the real demo's. I guess no one thought about the demos becoming so desirable by some. Too late now.
  9. Black Stripe tractors

    I always thought there was more to a black stripe tractor than a black stripe on a tractor. Gold demo's were just regular tractors painted with gold paint by a dealer. The value seems to be in it's history. Just like my Dad's or Granddad's ole tractor is worth a lot to me, but not much to someone else. I just like the older tractors whether in work clothes or restored. In the eyes of the beholder------------just my opinion.
  10. Dual Speed PTO 540 Seal Leak

    Maynard, where in IN. are you located and do you do repairs on pto's for individuals ?
  11. Injection Pump rattles when Engine warms at idle

    I will remove the elbow and see if there is a check valve . Good to know.
  12. Injection Pump rattles when Engine warms at idle

    Both run great. Just noisy idling when hot. Both have great oil pressure at idle and opened up.
  13. Injection Pump rattles when Engine warms at idle

    Rotella T 15-40.
  14. I have a 966 and a 1466 that have a pecking noise in injection pump at idle after engine is hot. Is this something to be concerned about ? Anyone know what is causing the rattle ?