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  1. i have one my uncle gave me years ago. He used it but I never have. Have air compressors now.
  2. No manual is perfect. They worked for me. A lot better than no manuals,
  3. I got some nice manuals from Jensales a few years back for my 856...
  4. 73-77 weren't ugly. They looked good also. But that's my opinion.. Still have a 78 short bed hi boy.
  5. one of the major buyers in Tennessee cancelled all their contracts. Left the growers dangling........
  6. The A thru 140 aren't designed for hill work. Lost a friend a few years back using a 140 cultivating. Turned over trapping him in under the steering wheel and brace and the field was not very steep. Be careful. t
  7. I have Goodyear AG tires with 50 lb weights on each side of one of my John Deere 430's. Works great and can't tell the difference in looks of lawn between them and the turf tires. They do grip better.
  8. Where are you getting the bracket for holding the gauge ? Looks factory - nice.
  9. I found a broken rocker arm on friends 1466 causing cylinder to miss, blow smoke and raw fuel out the stack. Replaced and was fine.
  10. Did some measuring and went to a bearing supply shop 25 miles from home. Had the bearings in 2 days. Thanks for your comments.
  11. Rainman, do you know if that bearing (Bearing is # H29571) is still available anywhere?
  12. Thank you, Rainman. I could not find anything on it.
  13. Got an old IHC gauge wheel for a sickle mower with part #M2104 on it. The caged needle bearing is rusted and rough. Anyone know anything about it or a replacement bearing for it.
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