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  1. IH had a pith helmet like that in the 50's. Matter of fact l think there are several members here that have the IH one.
  2. Back in the late 70's when the D-8 kits were first released, l bought one and built more or less box stock. Afterwards, l bought two more D-8 kits and scratch built a tandem D-8. l got the idea from going to the local Cat dealer in Lubbock, Texas and just happened to see a sales brochure for the tandem D-9's. (this was long before the internet) The decals that came with this new kit make no mention of Cat and are pretty cheesy looking. So l found some printed like the originals online and ordered them. l had ordered the brush guard-roll cage right after l bought the kits but just a few days ago l got a e-mail from the guy that makes them and he said it might take up to a year to get it. Something to do with the covid crap and limited shipping across the Canadian border. So l just cancelled my order.
  3. Hope IH tractors on Montana returns. The Missing Mississippi Melon Caper still hasn't been solved by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (Melon Division). Although they did find Bigfoot aboard the starship USS Farmall looking for Elvis.....
  4. Sorry to say l haven't made very much progress at all and things are kind of at a standstill at the moment. The granddaughter that is helping me with it started back to school a few weeks ago. And she is a drum major/baton twirler and practice for that started several weeks before school. So my "good eyes and steady hands" are busy for a while....lol But we do plan on to start working on it when we can.
  5. Tony, will Herbie have in dash A/C like the Red Kid? Matter of fact, how similar will the interior be compared to the Red Kid?
  6. Sure is nice to look in the "projects and restoration" section and seeing posts from you again Tony!!
  7. This has been discussed in a few farm toy groups l'm in on Facebook. Seems like a lot of collectors (especially younger ones) just don't have a lot of interest in the older models of tractors. Another thing that manufacturers like Ertl and SpecCast don't take much interest in is cotton harvesting equipment. They claim there isn't enough interest.
  8. So hopefully that means you have some future projects in the works to share with us?? ?
  9. Glad your back and working on the baler. l was beginning to wonder if you and Carol had got abducted by aliens on your way back from RPRU...lol
  10. Jeff is active on Facebook. just do a search for his name. lt's the first one to pop up.
  11. Thanks!! The painting process has been going really slow. The humidity has really been high here because of all the rain we've been getting. But l have a few other trucks that go with my 1/64th scale Booger Creek Gin project that require good eye sight and nimble fingers so l may get her help on those trucks. lf we work on those l'll try to post a few pics of those later.
  12. And people say it's a waste of time to teach kids geometry and algebra. Just wait till they start fabricating parts for a 60 year old baler!!! lol
  13. Thought l would show what little progress has been on the 4300 Transtar. Come to find out, the part number are really hard for a old codger like me to see. So l enlisted the help of my 16 year old granddaughter. And once she got started she said she liked helping so l turned her loose on it and just supervised. So this is her very first model of any kind to put together and paint. We did have a mess up on painting the cab and hood, which was my fault. l think we got some bad paint and it wasn't long till it started bubbling and generally messed up. So now we have it soaking in some Dawn Power Dissolver. lt's working but just takes a long time work. Anyway, here's the frame almost ready for paint except we plan on stripping the chrome off of the fuel tanks and paint them black. Here is the dash board for the 4300. l think she did fantastic job on it. Here is the decal sheet l made and printed for the truck plus several other projects l have going on.
  14. Here is a video that explains who bought who and so on.... ERTL model company history - YouTube
  15. Toy do you have a certain date that you hope to have the flatbed pickup finished? Well, besides ASAP...lol Just curious as a lot of the TV "hot rod" shows always say "we gotta have this done by a week from next Thursday" or something to that effect.
  16. l have no help to offer Tony but l can't help thinking that John A. could probably pinpoint the problem in a heartbeat. Just hold your phone next to it and he could've told you exactly what it is....even all the way back here in Texas.
  17. l'm not sure which kit l'll build first. l'm kind of thinking of doing the truck first and painted like a Transtar l drove a long time ago. And l'm still debating on building the Cat as a dozer or a ag tractor. l did find a 3D printed ROPS cab online and seriously considering ordering it. l just don't want to get overwhelmed by doing 3 kits at once. 800 parts are a lot to stick together all at once...lol
  18. To me it really doesn't matter what color you paint it because l know it will be a top notch quality job. On your SMTA and the 806 both tanks look like you could reach into them and cover your hand in that beautiful finish.
  19. l was gonna say paint it yeller like the baler but l know you would dis-own me as a friend if l did.....?
  20. Again congratulations Tony!! Only thing that even came close to the Red Kid is that orange 60's Chevy. (except for the wheels ? )
  21. There is a guy on youtube that has some videos on building the dozer and the trailer. He does a decent job and you can get good ideas on how to weather them up. His name is hpiguys Workshop And yes we can share ideas and tips. Here are the links to those videos. AMT 1/25 CONSTRUCTION BULLDOZER MODEL KIT BUILD REVIEW AMT1086 CATERPILLAR D8H - YouTube Caterpillar D8 Bulldozer and LowBoy Trailer 1/25 Scale Model Kit Build Review Weathering AMT1218 - YouTube
  22. l'm starting to get that "empty feeling" like l had when you finished the CalTex Girl 806 LP since you're almost done with the baler. Won't have any of your projects to look forward to except the Flatbed LP pickup. Maybe you can find some smaller projects that won't take as much time and effort to restore.
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