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  1. l really like pics of irrigation engines of all kinds. ln the mid 60's, the man my Dad worked for drilled several new wells. One was in a low water draw and had a new IH engine on it. All l can remember about it was it was a V-8 and painted industrial yellow. Seems like it was a 502 c.i....? Al the other wells on our farm had Chrysler V-8's on them. The one in this pic had been changed out to Chevy l think. Minneapolis-Moline engines were pretty popular in our area too. l like this pic because it shows the cooling jackets and pipes going from irrigation line to the water reservoir tank on the engine. They used a Eversman dtcher pulled behind a tractor to dig the ditches like these. And used aluminum tubes to siphon from the ditch to the row. Then later they started using gated aluminum pipe.
  2. There is a topic about and the history of the axial flow combines in the IH technical section.
  3. This pic is supposed to be the USS Hornet shortly after her role in the Doolittle raid. l've wondered what kind of tractors they are and why they have duals. One of my cousins was married to a Doolittle Raider. Master Sgt. Theodore (Ted) Laban. He was the bombardier on the 10th B-25. That plane and crew landed in Russia instead crash landing in China. Years later it was revealed that they was ordered to land in Russia by President Roosevelt to find out what reaction the Russians would have since technically they were still neutral at the time. They was held prisoners for 13 months before being released. He later flew missions over Japan in B-29's. Retired from the Air Force in 1956.
  4. Too many people have already forgotten what happened that day.
  5. Next time somebody starts a oil thread l'm ready.....
  6. A belated Happy Birthday to Tubacase. Here is a pic of a friend's Grandpa with a new Case at his cotton farm near Wellington, Texas. Not sure of the date.
  7. You know it's hot in Texas when you start seeing these on the road.....
  8. You can get a custom built Pete pickup..... There used to be a place l think in Gainsville, Texas that actually got new Pete cabs from the plant in Denton and built "new" Pete pickups.
  9. Didn't know these ever existed. Found this pic on FB.
  10. that ain't nuthin... a Toyota Tundra pulled the space shuttle Endeavour several years ago. And even had the headlights on....
  11. Wonder how much a show with drones would cost versus regular fireworks? Our town used to have fantastic firework displays on the 4th but has cancelled the past few years because fire dangers.
  12. A friend's ex-wife's second cousin's brother-in-law said he worked at area 64 (even more top secret than area 51) and took this pic at Warehouse 13.
  13. What about Luann? The girl that did her voice died quite a while ago.
  14. Found this pic of a B-36, B-52 and a B-58 in formation over Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1958. Then 60 years later, my step-daughter took a similar pic of a B-1B, B-2 and a B-52 over Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas at a airshow in 2018. Just kind of ironic l thought.
  15. l know a company called Tama makes bale wrap but l don't know if it is part of Deere or not. l've seen bales wrapped in four different colors. Yellow, pink, blue and white and just wondering if it meant anything. Seems like like l read or heard somewhere that each color was a different thickness of plastic but l'm not sure.
  16. Fred, what is the difference between the pink balewrap and the yellow? Seems like someone told me that different color mean different thicknesses of wrap..?
  17. The voice of Dale Dribble, Johnny Hardwick 64, died yesterday.
  18. This 656 LP belonged to a good friend that passed a few years ago. His widow offered to sell it to me but l didn't the funds at the time. The this pic was taken, he had driven it to town to the car wash to clean it up after a hose had busted and found out there was a car and tractor show across the street so he took over and entered. He got second place in the "original class." (lf you look hard enough you can see the little trophy up by the radiator) This is my 656 gas with a 6 row cotton planter. My wife bought the tractor for me on my birthday a few years ago and my 3 granddaughters pitched in and bought the planter. Since there probably won't be a separate post about the 664, l thought l'd post it here. lt had the transmission and drivetrain of the 656 U but with a 239 diesel engine. l sold it several years ago because l just didn't have any more room for it.
  19. Sure been hot around here. Not sure if it's true or not, but l heard we've had 56 consecutive days of 100 degrees plus heat. And according to the forecast we have 7 more days of 100 degrees coming. What's kind of funny in a weird way is that just a few weeks ago we had flash flood warnings almost every day for several weeks. Now we are under high fire danger. We go from one extreme to another it seems. There's a joke going around that says "A friend told me be thankful it ain't snowing." l told him "yeah, it'd just too damn hot to be shoveling snow!!"
  20. My wife had Saturn Ion (don't remember year model) that she bought new and put 170,000 miles on it. Only reason she traded it off was because at the time all three of our great-granddaughters used safety seats and room was limited in the lon. She traded it for a 2009 Ford Explorer so she could haul the girls when needed.
  21. This is supposed to be a cartoon but it is really close to the truth.
  22. WOW!! l really like that white Gran Torino. And thanks for all the pics!
  23. Quite a few years ago, my late father-in-law had the front of his Freightliner CO run into at a truckstop in Georgia.....by a J.B.Hunt. Kind of funny how things change though. Back then the scourge of the road was J.B.Hunt, then it was Schneider and now it's Swift. Wonder which one will be next?
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