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  1. A friend of mine bought a new AirTractor 602 this year. He ordered it last November and picked it up in Olney, Texas in January. When it was all said and done he said he paid $1.7 million for it.
  2. Looks like everyone had a great time judging by the huge smiles. l have always liked your "conversion" of the cotton trailer to parade trailer. Maybe some day you can get some more detailed pics of it....?
  3. Most of the bigger towns and cties around here still have motorcycle patrol units around here. Back in the mid to late 80's quite a few switched from Harley's to Kawasaki's and a couple switched to Honda Goldwings. But after a few years they switched back to Harley's. A friend that l worked with and used to ride motorcycles with quite a bit had a brother-in-law that was a motorcycle cop in Lubbock. He would come by by the warehouse occasionally and drink a Dr Pepper with us. One day me and several other guys was in the yard and we saw him ride up and get off of his cop bike and go inside. Well, l got this wild idea....why don't we hide his motorcycle?? Be funny huh?? Sooo, me and a couple other fellers push his shiny new Kawasaki cop bike about 50 feet and behind a big dumpster. After about 20 or 30 minutes, he comes back out and can't find his bike. He then commenced to say words that l can't repeat here saying he was going to arrest whoever stole his cop bike. l finally came out from behind a stack of utility poles and told him it was behind the dumpster. His brother-in-law came out and got him calmed down and after about 10 minutes everybody was laughing about it. You've heard the slogan "Don't Mess With Texas"? Well also don't mess with a Texas cop's motorcycle either.
  4. ln the small community where l live we have a considerable problem with coyotes. matter of fact it is so bad they issued this warning:
  5. Found this pic of a "Harley graveyard". l know some guys that would probably give up their first born to have these old police bikes. My brother bought a 1976 Harley police bike minus lights, siren and radio at a police auction in Lubbock, Texas in 1980 for $640.00. And it ran well enough for him to ride it home.
  6. Not too far from where l live here in Texas, there was a small town named Brandenburg. But shortly after WWl started, the town's people got together and changed the name to Old Glory, Texas because of the anti-German sentiments.
  7. Digging through some old PC files and found this old pic. Caption says: "Old thresher and tractor parked on a gin yard in Taylor, Texas." l don't know what kind of tractor it is so l'm hoping some of ya'll might know. l'm about 96% sure that's a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. And even after l zoomed in much as possible l still can't tell if the tractor operator is wearing a pokey dot or stripedty hat....
  8. back in the late 80's, Texas started the anti-litter campaign "Don't Mess With Texas". This was one of the first ads they made. They used a B-17 from the CAF. They also filmed a P-51 and a Hellcat but didn't used them in the commercial. Story goes that the film director said to the B-17 pilot "Get as close to the camera as you can." looking at the pics he got pretty damn close.
  9. l didn't know there was a B-17 named after Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) called the Rose Of York. Here is a link to the article and a pic of the plane. https://www.vintagewings.ca/stories/rose-of-york
  10. A 1957 ad in the local paper for "new" Chevy pickups. l remember my Dad telling me he bought a new 1963 Chevy pickup for $2250.00. Straight 6, column shift 3 speed, no A/C or radio. The "SH" prefix on the phone number stood for Sherwood. The "PO" stood for Porter.
  11. l've read in a lot of different places that the bomber crews in Europe during WWll had to fly a minimum of 25 missions. But l've also heard of some doing a lot more, some up to 60 missions. My question is wonder how long it took them to get 25 missions? l understand about not flying because of bad weather and such. And l've also wondered what if for some a certain plane didn't fly, for example had a bad engine or something, did that crew not fly that day? Each crew was assigned to a certain aircraft weren't they? And was the number of missions requirements for fighter pilots different than bomber crews?
  12. When l was a kid, l remember seeing IH tractors on rail cars being delivered to the local dealer in our town. And on another rail car on the same siding would be 2 or 3 JD 720's or 730's waiting to be unloaded in the next town 8 miles away with a JD dealer.
  13. l figured you would notice that car in the pic...lol
  14. Found this pic the other day while l was looking for something else totally different online. Says it was a Holt tractor and a Adams grader blade doing street maintenance in Slaton, Texas in 1923. Slaton is about 15 miles southeast of Lubbock. At one time the biggest locomotive repair shop, both steam and later diesel, for Santa Fe RR was located there.
  15. You need to check with Mark Worman from Graveyard Carz. He is a MOPAR expert more or less.
  16. C-47's being built at the Douglas Aircraft plant in Long Beach, California in 1942. lt amazes me just how quick the USA geared up and started war production so quick after Pearl Harbor. Kind of hard to tell but l think l counted 31 planes in that pic.
  17. Perusin' around the internet and found this pic l think is kind of interesting. A Cat dealer at Colfax, Washington in 1941. l'm not real familiar with the older Cats but the smaller one has "twenty eight" on the radiator and the bigger says "diesel forty". l've never seen a model twenty eight before. According to the pic, they must have been a dealer for several makes of cars and trucks too. There's a sign for Plymouth on the left side and a sign for Desoto right above the big cat. Also a sign for U.S. Tires. And if you look real close you'll see a GMC truck poster on the inside wall. And if you look extra close right below that you'll see the parts man (maybe salesman) behind the counter.
  18. lf l had enough money to buy this '64 Ford l posted earlier, l would probably have enough for this Pete pickup too.
  19. What l can't figure out is what happened to the 906, 1006 and 1106? Edit: l knew l had this chart but couldn't find earlier. lt goes up to the 56 series.
  20. My dream car would be a bright red 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL with a 390 FE and 4 speed just like in this pic.
  21. Looks like either a inexperienced driller or maybe one that had one too many "mary-ja-wana" smokes.....
  22. Recently l bought a Ertl XX86 series toy tractor to refurbish for my collection. But instead of doing it back red, l am thinking of doing like one of the Taggares potato farms tractors in white and black. l'm just wondering what some of your opinions would be. The pics are of the toy itself and a pic of one of the real 1486's.
  23. Glad to see you postin' a little bit. Be glad when you get everstuff all lined out and get to postin' again on a regular basis.
  24. Sort of like fireproof matches and waterproof tea bags.....
  25. l thought it was required that all aboard an aircraft flying with a door off (such as a sky diving plane) wear parachutes..?
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