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  1. Runs at a very slow speed so it's just lubed with WD40.
  2. Doing repair work to my barn I used both the Prazi and a 7 1/2" circular saw finishing off with a hand saw. As VT said, the Prazi leaves a rough edge which may or not matter. When the the barn was built the post mortises were slipped over the beam tenons. Replacing a post requires something different. I used the Prazi to slot the beam to accept the tenon and facilitate the replacement. Other repairs in this old barn were done with angle Iron but I thought I could do better. I'm not changing any of the previous though. I think that if one were to seriously start P&B building then both, along with a good mortising tool and seriously sharp chisels may be on the tool list. Nothing has to be new.
  3. They think that 2030 is way down the road when in reality it's just about tomorrow.
  4. Yes! A supply of batteries and herbicide on the trailer. That's a possibility. There are so many obstacles to a passenger transport that require energy. How are they going to provide Ice protection? The plane is a straight wing propeller driven craft with a thin airfoil. It's going to operate in the lower atmosphere where ice is a constant hazard. The wings, tail, windshield all need anti or de-ice protection. Windshields are normally electrically heated as are props. Wings on prop planes are normally de-iced by pneumatic rubber boots. The ice is allowed to accumulate then the boots are activated to expand and break it off. On recips the vacuum pump pressure is used to inflate and vacuum holds them flat. TKS is another option - wings have a gazillion tiny holes in the leading edge and an anti ice fluid is pumped through. All of this requires plumbing, pumps, wiring and that means weight. Anything electric means more demand on an already limited supply. Jet fuel and, to a lesser extent, avgas, have good energy density that allows a reasonable payload, batteries, not so much.
  5. I'm always amazed at the startup aviation companies that promise stuff that George Jetson has and then eventually go bankrupt. Until there's matter/anti-matter propulsion complete with dilithium crystals I won't believe a thing. Yes, they actually got this plane off the ground which will attract more investors to loose their money. Until the battery technology makes a quantum leap the plane is impractical. Besides the terrible payload and the fire danger of batteries located in the fuselage there's the problem of turn time at the gate. We got you tree huggers to your intermediate stop in a green machine (not) but now we have to charge for four hours before the next leg. A for effort but this is nothing but an investor sponsored research project with no return. The plane likely will be donated to a museum eventually.
  6. I can't imagine slinging a worm drive around all day. Here's what I use one for:
  7. My mom stayed home until we were in middle school and could look after ourselves. It meant that money was extremely tight. My mom could stretch a food dollar! When my wife and I decided to have kids we agreed that one of us had to stay home and naturally that was her due the income difference. Yes, it took a little belt tightening without her income but we could do without and afford it. I was/am gone half the month and she stayed home until they were in middle school and then went to the school system working school year. It's worked out quite well for us. i feel that if you can afford it, and not everyone can, mom, or dad, should stay home for at least the elementary school years. It's too bad that the economy dictates that many families need two incomes. I think though, that there was less to spend on back in the day. We had one car, no cable TV, (still don't), no internet, no cell phones, no fast food, one B&W TV, etc. Yes, my wife reports that many, but not all, kids have no respect for teachers or adults. Parents will show up complaining that their child was spoken to harshly! Heck, I went home with bloody knuckles and mom said I must have deserved it. She was right, of course😁.
  8. Agreed. Most of the floating pickups are new and unlikely to have the above. I'm not sure if either is compatible with ABS?
  9. That makes sense. I'm thinking of the M locker GM uses which are open until about a 100 RPM or so difference vs a limited slip type. Some limited slips need a little brake to lock up if one wheel has zero traction. The thing is that all of them are made to insure traction under power not when static on the slippery ramp scenario above.
  10. Maybe an old posi? What locker locks with no load?
  11. Yes, around the snow belt just about every PU is FWD but down south no one needs them and that's why the videos are almost always in FL or somewhere not in snow country. No need for a front hitch if you can back a trailer; tailboard lets you keep feet dry😁
  12. Scag is really heavily built. I've got a Cougar bought from a landscaper. It was rode hard and the Kawasaki FD750 needed rings and valves. After that top overhaul it started smoking at maybe 200+ hours so it got rings again, which lasted another 200+ hours. The engine was really undersized when bagging as evidenced by the number replaced by the local dealer. I bought a seized one for spare parts. I replaced the engine wit an FD851 fuel injected model and what a difference! It sips gas and the extra HP takes care of the heavy blower load. The only problem I've had is a failed computer. Here's where I get to brag about my wife: I ordered a new computer and it came in while I was on a Europe trip. My wife called me in Italy and said the we'd had rain, the grass is up to the window sills, how to I change that computer? It seems that I can talk her through fixing lots of things as long as I try to put myself in her place. Anyway, I came home to a nicely trimmed lawn.
  13. There are two places where one should use the parking brake. One is when on a slippery boat ramp where one wheel is on good traction and the other on slippery algae. I've seen vehicles, in park, backing towards the water with the wheel on the slime spinning! The driveshaft is locked. The wheel on good ground will roll in the direction of travel while the wheel with no traction will spin in the opposite direction due the differential. Setting the parking brake eliminates that problem. It's one of the reasons there's lots of Yortubes of pickups floating away with the boat and trailer still attached. The other is the same when one wheel is on ice. It actually happened to me while a few of us were enjoying a beer on the tailboard of a pickup. The truck was parked on a hill in front of another and rolled back almost crushing our legs. It only stopped when the wheel on ice hit bare dirt. A locking differential won't help as it's not under load.
  14. Actually 3 days for my place but steep with a couple of dormers, a roofed bay window, an attached lean-to garage built sometime after automobiles were invented, and two porches. But same as yours - tarps put up, windows covered anywhere they might be damaged, cleaned as they went, some new chimney flashing installed, a few roof board replaced. An excellent job all around.
  15. When we bought this place the roofs were shot. We had a guy do it who was then in his 60s and carried every bundle up a ladder and nailed by hand. No safety gear used. The price was right. I've done a few roofs but there's no way I was going to climb a 40' ladder to do the barn and the house had too many weaves at dormers. Thirty years later we had the house done again. A crew of 8 showed up, set up safety rails, stripped it, placed membranes, drip edge, multi nail pairs with a couple of guys cleaning up constantly. It was so well choreographed that while I was siding the barn up in a bucket truck I would just stop and watch from my perch. When they left for the day the only evidence they'd been there was the dumpster. It was expensive but not the most expensive bid but that guy doesn't advertise, word of mouth only keeps him booked out a year. His crew has been with him for years which is unusual.
  16. Any day of the the year there's about 200,000 flights. People travel for the same reasons everywhere: for work, to visit relatives, to tour, for medical reasons, for business dealings, etc. Not all of the third world is a $hit hole. In fact, lots of it is quite beautiful. I've overstated "avoid" because there are plenty of nice places and good people. I stand by "avoid third world airlines" with few exceptions. I've been to many cool places in the world and while there's plenty to do and see in the US don't be afraid to venture out, just do your due diligence. Here's a pic of what 19,000 flights look like. You can see holes over parts of Africa and a hole over the vast Amazon. The rest of the world is quite busy:
  17. Here's a piece of today's Florida: Orlando International Airport authorities have issued NOTAM 09/160 announcing cessation of operations, except for emergency flights, from 14.30 on 28 September until 14.30 (all times UTC) on 30 September. Tampa International Airport authorities have issued NOTAM 09/267 announcing airport closure from 00.57 on 28 September until 16.00 (all times UTC) on 30 September. Melbourne International Airport authorities have issued NOTAM 09/040 announcing airport closure from 18.00 on 28 September until 14.00 (all times UTC) on 30 September. Sarasota Bradenton International Airport authorities have issued NOTAM 09/107 announcing airport closure from 00.00 on 28 September until 23.59 (all times UTC) on 29 September.
  18. Agreed. The eastern ones are a wolf/coyote hybrid and are big, good looking dogs. They make a lot of noise around us at night, or at least my wife says so. I take my hearing aids out and don't hear much.
  19. It's possible the bike was going so fast that the cat was surprised, or, it was so used to seeing bikers that it wasn't a surprise. Maybe had one for lunch before and decided the skinny body was too tough.
  20. We use a subscription service to sift through the thousands of NOTAMS - formerly Notices to Airmen now, due to some woke bureaucrats, Notices to Air Missions in the 'States even though NO woman pilot I've ever met had any issue with Airman. I digress. The NOTAM system is terrible. Buried in the lists of unimportant are the important thing things like runway closures and approach systems out of service. Overseas are especially bad as they insist on listing everything in one category. Who cares if taxiway light #452 is inop? We don't have time to dig through all of that so we get bulletins, lots of them, with the important stuff highlighted. Yeah, probably illegal to strike. I was dating a cute red head controller who got fired by Reagan. She was just off probation and the union steward told her she must walk or forever be be an outcast, besides, the president wouldn't dare fire us. So much for that.
  21. Actually I spend a fair amount of time in LA, SF, and Seattle. It's like anyplace - stay away from certain areas and it's fine. San Fransisco and Seattle downtown, what used to be good tourist areas, are just trashed. One should never go to East LA, Other than the airport I haven't been in Portland for years. Back in the day we'd go to the Danner factory for shoes but that was years ago and not far from the airport. Their boots are probably made in China now anyway. There's so much to do around LA. Two great auto museums, La Brea tar pits, two great airplane museums down in Chino,the Reagan Library, etc. I've been, well, all over. You just have to do due diligence. The African safaris were a high point. Flying around Africa has really improved over the past decades but I'm floored by the replacement of controllers with ?? You've always had to be careful - offset and self announce position, maybe vertically offset too. Some countries at war you just don't fly over even if you can get overflight permits. in the past passengers would be surprised when the airshow screens would show us over Iran. 'can't do that anymore but for a long time it was the best way around the region.Iranian controllers were good. Overflight permits were a source of hard currency.
  22. One of our guys lives in Marin and is an avid mountain biker. He came face to face with a big cat, dismounted and walked slowly keeping the bike between them. He said the cat looked him over and went on its way.
  23. I'm not quite sure what you mean. As chief pilot for the department I need to know where in the world we may need to be vigilant. I've received today all the closed airports and airspace due to the approaching hurricane. I receive warnings about Israel/Palestinian strife, Lebanon, Russian and Ukrainian airspace, etc. Along with domestic issues such as GPS jamming tests, anticipated delays due air traffic controller shortages and on and on. Most I can easily dismiss as not important due present schedule. We're not going to Baghdad but we are going to the Emirates and Saudi so issues in the Mideast may be important. The point of my post is that I've never heard of ATC controllers being arrested and replaced with who knows who. I was in France the other day when the controllers struck but they used supervisors and limited flights. We were just going Paris-London so were only in French airspace for a very short time and had no delay.
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