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  1. Speaking of flags: Half staff on the 11th.
  2. We kept that car for several years and never had any problems with heating or cooling. It seems that Barrs only seals leaks without plugging heater cores or radiators. If I wasn't so busy at the time I would have taken the bare head from GM, bought a set of valves and springs, keepers, etc., and swapped it but it wasn't in the cards. Some of the old time radiator sealers I know would plug the leak AND the heater core but a little internet research found that others had the same experience I ultimately had - it just plugged the leak and held under pressure!
  3. Stuff does work well. My wife had a 5.3 Suburban with a cracked head. GM would supply a head under warranty as there was a SB about it, but only a bare head. It leaked exactly where the Sb said it would - under the valve cover, leaking into the oil. I didn't have time to deal with it and used Barrs. It sealed up completely: I looked!
  4. For that much money I think I'd be inclined to live with it.
  5. The best strategy may be to learn as much as you can to maintain it. If you totally emerge yourself in the technology it will likely become less frustrating. Back when gasoline engine emissions control was first introduced guys who didn't understand it started ripping stuff off sometimes making it worse. Admittedly, those first efforts on carburetor engines were primitive and led to driveability issues. Now with computer controls it's long in the past. Computer controlled diesels should also be well on the way but, as I understand it and not from individual experience, some components are troublesome and have bad history. Gain the knowledge and be ready to keep ahead of those issues. It may require you to acquire an expensive scan tool but figure that into the purchase price of the machine. I still see guys get frustrated when their cheapie code reader gets them to throwing parts when a better scan tool and some research on how things work can isolate a problem. Sometimes one sensor will trigger lots of codes but if you look at it logically you can find the root cause. Find the forum (support group) for the machine. Or maybe deleting the whole mess may be an option providing you can program the computer.
  6. Harbor Freight for a pneumatic tire/wheel for a temp fix?
  7. I hold a remote pilot certificate. I do the required training to keep current but in reality, don't actually operate one. I got the certificate because it's easy for an ATP pilot to pass the testing and just in case I needed it. That said, here are the regulations: https://www.faa.gov/uas/commercial_operators/ Note that a drone CAN be operated at night. A small drone can't carry a camera that comes close to a long telephoto lens that someone could possibly use to see in your window so it's unlikely it's looking in unless hovering real close. You have an expectation of privacy while IN your house but not, sadly, when out by the pool where an aircraft or helicopter can see you or standing in front of a window. That drone you see may be law enforcement looking for a lost child, lost dog, or dementia patient who has wandered off. If you shoot it you're in deep deep kimchi. It also can be local town seeing if you made improvements wanting to increase your taxes. Your insurance company may be checking to see if you have a trampoline! It could be someone taking photos of adjacent property getting the right angle or viewpoint. It may be your neighbor playing with a new toy. Ignore it unless it happens frequently. Surprisingly we don't have as much right to privacy as we may think; some states have passed laws that may be being violated - check yours. Don't shoot it, call local law enforcement if it continues.
  8. Cool! What are you testing? Having owned an avionics shop keeping all of our test equipment calibrated and traceable as required was an expensive proposition. Aircraft navigation, communication and air-data systems (altimetry, speed, etc.)
  9. Seacoast NH just a few heavy showers, not much wind - 25 kts at most. Down at the beach I expected maybe some surf but the ocean was flat. South shore of NE got the brunt of it.
  10. Item 4 prescribes the test instrument standards and accuracy.
  11. Here's the protocol. The methodology is quite clear and unambiguous: https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso:5011:ed-4:v1:en Even if the paper filters aren't separated by much, not enough to make the brand choice significant, it clearly shows the K&N the least effective. The point being that K&N advocates tend to state their cars run more economically with the expensive filter they bought and of course if one spends money on something one wants it to meet its claims. In the case of a stock engine installation it just cannot. I certainly can see using one on equipment that's not computer controlled, especially if the alternative is nothing.
  12. Since modern engines have a mass airflow sensor and adjust the mixture according to that, a filter that may be less restrictive won't give any more nor less mpg. Might as well have the cleanest air.
  13. I made the mistake of asking for some two cylinder power steering fluid at the JD dealer that seems to sell mostly lawn tractors and new compact tractors. I got the "what model number"? question and I said "they all take the same stuff", which got another quizzical look. I saw a 620 model on the shelf and said OK, look it up for a 620. Well it seems there must be some 620 lawn machine and that brought up more questions. I pointed at the model and said I wanted it for that. I guess it was my mistake. I left and stopped by an actual AG dealership where the parts guy reached behind him and passed me a can.
  14. Copper nickle lines are as close to permanent as you can get. Is it possible that you have some condition where electrical current is passing along the lines causing the unusual corrosion you're seeing? It happens in ships and has happened when the active anti corrosion system was wired backwards and actually caused corrosion. Ships are bathed in an electrolyte. Are you driving on the beach? https://www.copper.org/applications/automotive/brake-tube/brake.html
  15. People will fall for all sorts of conspiracies. They want to believe the worst or the craziest things and won't bother to vet any of it, just swallow hook, line, etc.
  16. It's been established that it's a hoax.
  17. Definitely a bus. What carrier?
  18. Wow! I've seen pictures of vehicles running wood gas but the gas generator, for lack of knowledge of what it's called, looked very heavy.
  19. Rock Auto. Best online lookup I've ever seen. If you can't wait at least you can go to the local discount auto store armed with a part number. I tend to buy just about everything I'm not in a hurry for from them. We have an old-time store with a couple of good counter people, the manager is a woman and very good. She'll confide she sometimes looks up parts on Rock's site. My sister worked for Jack Young Company for decades, a huge truck parts warehouse and jobber, guys would call and ask for her as she had so many part numbers in her head and generally knew exactly what they were asking for. She saved me thousands over the years selling for cost +10.
  20. Bought lots of fittings from them and converted all the fittings on my loader/backhoe to JIC. JIC is same thread and angle as AN and I had some AN fittings I used on a Sunday repair and decided I'd just go with what I know. Hoses from Surplus center if you can use standard lengths.
  21. ^^^^What he said. Regular double flare and bubble flare tools work just fine on nickle copper.
  22. Ha! Actually our windows don't open. I'd have to look it up but I believe under FAR Part 25, The Federal Regulation Jets are certified under, there has to be cockpit egress if there's a lockable cockpit door. Some airliners have opening windows and others, especially high wide-bodies, have roof hatches and inertial reel escape wires. You open the hatch, grab the handle, and are let down at a controlled rate. Some of the older business jets have open-able windows, sometimes called direct view windows that can be opened in flight if the cockpit fills with smoke or the windshield heat totally fails and is iced over. They also can be used for escape if converted to cargo like FedEx did with Falcon 20s. They had to add another to the RH side. No, to wash ours you need a tall ladder. I've had to do it when I accidentally hit the rain repellent button next to the nav light button. If sprayed on a dry windshield it has to be washed off with water. He who did it must call for the ladder and rinse it off with a bottle of water. You only do it once! Desperate and ignorant folks climbing onto and hoping to ride a plane on the outside. A cluster F to be sure, but we're straying into politics. Saigon, 1975.... Jimmy Carter the second.
  23. Tik Toc conspiracy: https://www.greenmatters.com/p/government-paying-farmers-destroy-crops
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