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  1. Scott, This is what I found:https://www.prolighting.com/rks2440-5.html
  2. Roof is the best part now! Good looking job. You've saved it. It's been sad watching barns fall in NH. Once the roof fails the rest is shortly behind. There was a huge barn a few miles down the road that I admired years ago when we bought our place. Nice house and barn overlooking Great Bay on a hill. Sadly the barn is now just a cellar hole full of beams. Driving past was a time lapse with a little bit more gone every few months.
  3. Check this out: https://www.medeco.com/en/products/deadbolts/residentialdeadbolt1/?__aaQuery=aaquery||google.com||organic||(not set)||(not set)||(not set)||(not set)||(not set)||(not set)||(not set)
  4. $25. is exactly right. The keys for my plane are just smaller versions of the ones on the jets. There are some hobbyists who buy and pick locks for fun and they have defeated just about everything but in a lab setting, not on the ramp, office or front porch.
  5. Me neither but I didn't always feel quite that way: About a dozen years ago one of our planes was in for a big inspection and interior refurb. In the process they changed the overhead florescent lamps to LED. When picking up the plane I was sitting in the plane on external power with the mechanic and the facility rep going over the work that had been done. A smell and a little smoke appeared as one of the new LED strips started to arc! Needless to say I wasn't impressed and was about to demand they be removed when it was discovered that it had been bent on installation. The mechanic who did the installation owned up to it and was disciplined/re-trained. He'd recently moved from the shops, maybe cabinet or upholstery. Anyway, that was the only issue we've ever had and never have replaced any LED. Even the navigation, ice, and logo lights are LED. The latest planes have flashing white LEDs instead of strobe lights. My Cessna has LED landing and taxi lights. I put them on because the incandescent lamps burn out in just a few hours; I leave the LEDs on all the time. They've come a long way from the LED watches you had to push the button to see the time!
  6. Our recycle station has an area specifically for tubes, also ACs, fridges, computers, TVs, etc., but not for oil, which I haul to a friends shop; he's got a waste oil burner.
  7. Thanks, I found the YouTube video, couldn't be easier! Next burn out will get one.
  8. I just used the last of a box of florescent tubes in the shop. As incandescent lamps have burned out I've been replacing them with LEDs since the brightness has gone up and the cost has become more reasonable. Although the running cost difference won't be as great florescent to LED i"m hoping to get more light and longer life, therefore my questions: Has anyone replaced their tubes with LEDs? Were they direct replacement or require wiring changes? Most important! Are they brighter? Thanks!
  9. All Aero Commanders took one key! When I owned an avionics shop customers would call in a problem that happened at night or on the weekend or just something they wanted repaired or checked. We never had any problem opening and starting any GA airplane with just a handful of keys. Often just the two keys I kept on my ring - my plane and my friends Baron key would do the job. Most twins don't have an ignition lock, just door lock. When I recently bought my new-to-me 40 year old 182 it had three keys. Now two, one for doors, a Medeco, and the ignition (magneto) switch. Medeco are expensive but secure. No one can get in without breaking something. Locks keep honest people honest, criminals may just pick an easier target.
  10. Medeco locks are what are standard on our aircraft. I even installed them on my Cessna as the OEM locks are about as effective as a gate latch. As far as I know only the manufacturer can provide a duplicate key.
  11. Me too! FedEx broke one of three I had shipped but I'd had them insured and they paid. It just took 6 weeks for the new sash to arrive but I wasn't in a hurry. As for the generator: I noticed the same on the online sales sites. At first I thought a typo with a year out delivery but the same on two different sellers and now Seth's order sheet.
  12. That does make it a mystery! Hopefully the new assemblies he gets will fix it but that doesn't really solve the mystery. Great customer service to send new brakes.
  13. I think what happens is that one brake carrying too much load and the drum gets hot and expands. Adjuster adjusts to heated drum. Mine are manual adjust so no issue except I have to remember to occasionally adjust them, just like cars in the way back😄. I didn't know that two wires had broken on my trailer so one brake each side was doing all the work but with manual adjusters they wouldn't tighten up. linings came off overworked brakes and intermittently locked one wheel. I found complete assemblies were cheaper than parts to fix! My pickup has a factory brake controller and it's the best I've ever used. I never thought electric brakes could be so smooth.
  14. "Zactly! What works good I've found is to use a 3/8 impact both to remove the lock screw and the chuck since it's sometimes hard to hold a drill motor still. Once you've used the impact to remover the LH thread lock screw chuck the same tool, reverse the impact, and spin the chuck off.
  15. Thanks for the history lesson! I was completely unaware of the nuclear tests. I've been flying into Colorado for 40 years and based in Aspen for the past 20. I commute as the billionaires pushed the millionaires out of Aspen a long time ago and I get to live in tax-free NH. We maintain a maintenance hangar in Rifle and a crew condo in Glenwood Springs. In the past 4 decades I've seen the major changes in the Roaring Fork valley. The development has ruined what the people came for. Open space, rural ranches, etc. John Denver, an early arrival to Aspen put it in a song. It seems like every inch of the area around Rifle and the western slope now has a gas well. The drilling rigs would run 24/7 and are brightly lit at night so we'd spot them even through the clouds when approaching the mountain airports at night.
  16. Ha, no, deregulation spawned People Express, New York Air and a bunch of other low cost carriers. Their operating costs, compared to the legacy airlines, was a small fraction. It was a tough time for all the legacy airlines. I know your comment is tongue in cheek. The other manufacturers are just like Deere, if not as big. There's no upstart low cost manufacturers unless you count the imports from Asia but they just don't have the product line.
  17. Bought the EGO blower and string trimmer. 56 Volt batteries last an incredibly long time. Blower is light and just a push button, no cord pulling. I've been using it anywhere I need to blow something off in addition to the yard cleanup - three dump truck loads of shredded leaves so far. We've got far too many maple trees!
  18. Torque exists but no horsepower. Yes, traction control in all the exotics as well to keep the rich and famous from killing themselves.
  19. Western slope, near Rifle. which has since boomed due to all the gas drilling. Denver is just a massive sprawl, just like Dallas. When they built the new airport and closed Stapleton it was out in the middle of nowhere; not so much anymore. Dulles the same way. Sleepy hollow forever now built all around.
  20. I've got the best seat for viewing. Out west just about any flat spot has a pivot or even a half of a pivot. Our Colorado mechanic has a couple of big rain guns for his 40. Water is pumped up from the Colorado river and he gets a different allowance every year depending, I think, on the snow pack. Water rights are a big deal on the western slope. Just driving around one day I saw a nice house with a shop and 80 acres for what seemed a great price. I asked our mechanic about it and the price was so low due no water rights. Very deep well for house water, no irrigation water.
  21. I'd like a time machine to take that motor back to '69 and stick it a sleeper Chevy. Trouble would be getting all the power to the ground. That seems where the Tesla has the advantage. 100% torque at zero RPM. The Gas engine would be more fun for me though.
  22. The former employees of Eastern Airlines have much the same story. Back before deregulation the company could respond by raising fares. After deregulation that option was no longer viable due to the intense competition yet the push continued to get blood out of the stone. I was long gone before the end but during my time I had been union and non-union management. I decided then and there I would never work for a union shop again. I know they had their place and perhaps still do but I could certainly see the writing on the wall. Families were hurt when the company closed. A girl I dated was an air traffic controller. She had just completed her probation when PATCO illegally struck and she was fired. She was young and followed the union that she had to join in order to work. Deere is not in the position Eastern was. There isn't the competition and they'll eventually settle. It may take a few more weeks of collecting strike pay and walking the line out in the cold and Deere will burn through more cash but eventually they will come together. I'm sure glad not to be part of it.
  23. Probably because the Harley guys are all old and sleeping the same time the rest of us are.😁
  24. Must have been the model I saw off the line like off a catapult.
  25. CA is full of charging stations for a Tesla. One of our west coast pilots just bought one. It fits his needs and his wife has a gas car for their longer range trips. It wouldn't fit my needs but works for lots of folks. Range is pushing 400 miles so no problem as a commuter. Funny thing I saw was kid rolling coal with his PU trying to race a model S. 0-60 in 2 seconds! No contest. You can't haul much other than people but that's all most folks need. Watching that off the line performance was eye opening. Other than at the dragway I'd never seen something accelerate so quick. I'll never be buying one but I can see the attraction for those who do.
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