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  1. B23 was faster due R2600 engines v R1830s or R1820 but much smaller fuselage. Wing span about the same as the wing was very much like the DC3, just held, I think 1600 gallons and had some flush riveting and likely somewhat stronger. Landing gear looks just like a C47 gear, tail wheel offset for access to the tail gunner's position. Tail gun was first in US; the gunner had to be slim as I couldn't fit down there when I was 160lb, a number I haven't seen for decades.
  2. Marine switches are way better than the Cole Hersee switches for sure.
  3. Excellent! For what it's worth you can put a one wire regulator in any 10si or 12si. Great for tractor use, just need to rev once into self energizing RPM and good to go. Buy them brand new 105 amp on Ebay for $70, free shipping. Change pulley if needed , use impact wrench to get nut off.
  4. Maybe, but K&N is no upgrade. As referenced above the MAF sensor needs to be spotless to work and no way will a K&N keep the dirt off it. I've noticed my PUs and wife's Yukons have a clog indicator and running on the street they never show needing service.
  5. Too cool and a great piece of memorabilia.
  6. Made by Douglas. They built 39 of them as a possible replacement for the B18 but the Air Corps was not impressed enough to buy any more. I worked for Jenney Flight engineering and we operated one. Most of the B23s were converted to corporate planes like the IHC plane. The one we operated had been Rexall Drug company's plane then was converted to a flight test plane for LFE Laboratory for Electronics. Jenney bought the operation from LFE. Hanscom Field was a hotbed of military avionics development and Raytheon, MIT, and others were developing all sorts of stuff that needed to fly. The B23 had most of the seats removed and replaced with radio racks and the engines had 400 amp generators to run the huge motor/generator inverters to supply 400 hz and 60 hz AC. The field was alive with A26s, T33s, F94s and the like in the '50s and '60s into the '70s. MIT is the only one left but still going strong running a 707 and a couple of Falcon 20s, one being an HU25 Coast Guard plane, and a bunch of piston planes. All hush hush. I found our old B23 at the Castle Air Museum. The Air Force was in the process of turning it back to original when the base closed so it's partially restored and resting in the sun.
  7. Better than finding a 50 in an an old jacket pocket! Unless it's been leaking that stuff is likely good!
  8. Might be short lived. Workers in the world's biggest copper mine in Chile just voted to strike, so if they don't come to agreement it will pull 5% of the copper supply off the market. Demand is so high that will drive prices back up.
  9. Too much work for a barn but good for interior trim. I've just been more selective for the house trim work but most of that is store bought molding anyway.
  10. Dairy farmer next door keeps an old tennis racket and enjoys swatting them with it๐Ÿ˜. You're right on. If it's not painted the damned things will bore right in then the woodpeckers will make a mess digging the larvae out. Powder post beetles are a scourge of pine as well so I've been treating bare wood on the inside of the barn with TimBore or some other boron product.
  11. I oil prime both sides then topcoat with Sherwin Williams Duration, the best performing paint that I've found. I use that combination for all the clapboards that I've installed and trim as well. Claps sealed and painted that way have been up for 15 years and still look new. I use a satin finish rather than gloss. I've found though, that even after painting that way knots will bleed through and topcoating a year later they still bleed through!
  12. I mill my own finish out of rough that I buy for .50/board foot. The chances of finding a completely clear 12' are rare so I will have the odd knot or 6. I've had no success with oil prime, kilz, shellac, etc. No matter what the knots will bleed through. My thought is that brushing some epoxy over the knots may have a better chance of sealing them in. Has anyone ever tried it? Of course that's assuming I can even get any epoxy. The last time I tried at the local commercial marine store they had none due Texas freeze, Mexican shut down, etc. I'm presently trimming a barn; for any I replace on the house it's plastic, one and done.
  13. Just in the clear they should come out with a very light compound. I wouldn't use anything more aggressive than swirl remover.
  14. Same for lots of materials. We looked all over the country for a pool liner. Finally got one through our neighbor who builds pools. He said we could put it up for auction and triple our money! Texas freeze coupled with a plant in Mexico that was shut down for some reason. Plastics in shortage everywhere but not much due to covid.
  15. Didn't fool me at all; I knew what to expect.? Since they're hand start you only have to spin one! Those big cylinders can get tiring if they're not in good tune. I got pretty tired spinning an A until the mag got replaced, then it fired up impossibly quick.
  16. Thanks, I'd love to but I'm an 06:00 AA flight from LAX tomorrow; I'll have to get some NH corn instead of NE.
  17. Job done, time to get rid of it?
  18. We've got a pond just full of sun/painted turtles. There's also big snappers. They all lay eggs on my lawn and garden, usually dug up by skunks. A big snapper managed to get under the wire and lay her eggs in the garden some years back. She left by a different route and the wire instead of riding over her huge shell was getting caught between her neck and shell and she was getting zapped. I, quite ignorantly, thought that I'd simply grab her and toss her over the wire. Boy was I wrong. She was pissed and fast. I had a pair of dykes in my pocket and cut the wire. She didn't even thank me although I was thankful she was gone. Years ago I rented an apartment that had a pond full of snappers. Ducklings would just disappear in a flash. There were also a bunch of one legged adult ducks.
  19. I'm envious! I've been out on the road for almost all of July. I haven't had a single ear of corn yet. Usually during July we're having friends over for lobsters, steamers, and corn on the cob . I'm going home tomorrow after 21 days on the road and blueberry picking the next morning. Got to have the freezer full. I hope to have my corn and tomatoes in August.
  20. I've been hanging out in LA for more than a week after a Europe trip cancelled. 2,344/ mile2 in LA county. I live in a town with less than 900 people; I could not live in LA. Spent Sunday at the Petersen Museum. The 101 bumper to bumper for miles on a Sunday afternoon!
  21. Sweeeet! I thought my 28X42 shop would be plenty; should have been twice as big.
  22. I was doing that! _________police, officer O'Connor, in my best brogue ...........Click
  23. Rich and successful people hate seems a common theme for some. Since when in this country did we stop applauding success? Amazon started as an online book store and now employs nearly 800,000 people. Countless others are employed indirectly due to Amazon. Yes, some companies like Sears fell behind and big scale companies have been putting some small ones out of business forever and startup companies find a niche that big companies don't bother with. Airlines put ocean liners out, so they adapted and became cruise ships. Autos put carriage makers and all those who made their living with horses out. There's any number of examples you can find. The top few % pay the bulk of the taxes in this country. Musk has been called a charlatan and fraud yet his cars are out there and the company is making (finally) a profit. His reusable rockets are supplying the space station and are sending up a huge constellation of satellites that will provide world wide internet coverage. It seems the class envy promoted widely by Obama has rubbed off on those who should know better. A poor man has never given me a job. This is capitalism, the system that has proven to be the best. There will be winners and there will be losers. I find it strange that the same people who moan the efforts of the left to indoctrinate our kids sports teams that everyone is a winner and gets a prize are upset that some win big (they've made their own luck), and some don't.
  24. There's a B50 at the Castle air museum. On first glance it looks like a B29 until you notice the huge nacelles for the R4360 engines. B50s served long after all the B29s were retired. I believe several hundred B50s were built, first as a nuclear bomber then some converted to tankers.
  25. Can you get liquid out of the tanks with the overfill protection?
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