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  1. There are lots of KIAs in the rental fleet and they seem to run just fine. I'm sure that doesn't answer your question. I had a Soul a few weeks ago and it was as good as any generic automobile. Personally, I think they're ugly, especially when painted in that air-sickness green color, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  2. I agree that it looks like a Maine Coon cat. Huge cats that originated in the state of Maine. They're kitten-like, sort of like a Labrador dog stays puppy-like. Someone's pet that roams the night.
  3. Disconnect the controls at the pump, engage PTO and set to raise, and valve and then start the truck. Block the body up and work on the controls, grease drive shaft etc., at your leisure. Cable controls? Start soaking them now and maybe you can free them up.
  4. Eva and Eddie Albert were a good match. All the Gabor sisters were hot but she was the most likeable.
  5. Both my kids have BMWs. Daughter's is a turbo 4, son's a normally aspirated 6. I told them to use mid-grade and tread lightly. They should have knock sensors so just a little power cut back. They've got plenty of power so a little less is no big deal. They state 91 octane required but only Sunoco seems to have it and they're proud of it.
  6. I just ordered a couple of fronts from simple tire: 9.5L 15 Harvest King. $140. Each. Any other brand was at least $50 each more. Tires on that machine are probably original; 40 years old! Harvest Kings won’t make it that long but probably will outlast me😄
  7. Shipping companies are faced with increased fuel prices so they have little choice but to raise prices. Round and round we go.
  8. One more: Using the wrong tense: I seen it coming rather than I saw it coming. Seen should be used in the pluperfect tense as in had seen - she had seen the train coming so had stepped out of the way. Past tense: She saw it coming so stepped out of the way. She would never say I seen it coming 😁
  9. Interestingly I cannot remember all the rules but can generally instinctively apply them. My sister, the retired English teacher, tells a funny story of how she got the bused-in kids to say ask instead of axe. She'd point to her butt and say assk. Every time after when one would axe a question she'd point to her butt and they'd say ask. By the end of the term they would all remember to ask questions. I suspect that, at least, stuck with those students. My sister said it was a real challenge to correct their language when they heard nothing but what one could call colloquial speak since birth.
  10. Jet fuel prices are just as bad. I uplifted 1000 gallons (less than 1/4 capacity) in NY (Teterboro) yesterday at a discounted 8.89 gallon. The math is easy. When I was at Eastern back before the Arab oil embargo jet fuel was around .07/gal. Good thing as the Jurassic jets gobbled it up at a fantastic rate. Our fuel budget is blown through the roof! Of course EVERYONE'S fuel budget is blown through the roof. I've been driving with the "egg" between my foot and gas pedal, observing the speed limit, no idling, squeezing out an additional 1-2 mpg.
  11. Give me a break, not a brake, brakes stop the car, a break is a momentary stop in the action as in coffee break. You're is a contraction of you are; you're going to work. Your is possessive; your car. Their belongs to them; their car. They're is a contraction of they are; they're going to church. There is over there. Where is it? It's over there by the barn. Hydrolics drives me nuts! It's hydraulics for goodness sake! I could go on and on but, oh well, just because someone doesn't know how to spell and is grammar challenged doesn't mean they're not a good person. It's just tough to read for someone who had it hammered into his brain.
  12. Pumping gas as a 14 year old gas was .28 and I checked the oil, water, if not too hot, and battery. Often added a quart of oil as those cars burned and leaked it. Repaired tires and did oil changes when not pumping. Gas at the no-name was .19
  13. Great color pics! I was 10 and we were getting the hide under the desk drills at school. There was some talk among us as to how the desk was going to protect us. Later I flew with P2V pilots who were training to mine Cuban harbors from a low level approach. Good thing it didn’t come to that or I never would have met them.
  14. NJ is for sure. They take your credit card, use it in the pump and return it to you then give you the receipt when done. I’ve no idea what they do with cash but I imagine they take cash before pumping.
  15. I was cleaning up a motorcycle for sale which I bought for the kids to learn on and pass their MC test. It's a 1981 and speedometer only goes to 85 with a highlighted 55. Was supposed to save 2-3% of gas nationwide but besides being hated saved less than 1% and was mostly used as a revenue machine. Bad old days.
  16. I feel pretty much the same way about NH. No sales tax, no personal income tax, still mostly Republican, has a little bit of beach, good lakes and hills. I've been to every state in the union and a ship ton of other countries. There's some really nice states and nice parts of all the states. When we think of NJ we think of the area around Newark, which frankly sucks, but when you go south into farm country it's quite nice. It's pretty much the same wherever you go, except maybe any country that ends with stan which seem to have more than their share of sucky places. I'm sure they have some nice spots hidden away, I just never saw them.
  17. Spend the money for a WSJ subscription. NO far right junk, NO far left junk, pretty much straight reporting. The op-ed page certainly leans right but I'm fine with that. I drive by Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in LA all the time as it's near Van Nuys Airport. He was a WSJ reporter beheaded by terrorists: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Pearl He had a bad day.
  18. My iPad will flash a warning when getting too hot. Since we have them in all the planes and I use one in my personal plane as EFBs we know and have been cautioned not to leave them on the glare shield in the sun. I've noticed all the new rental cars will flash "check rear seat" if I leave even something as light as a coat back there. It's hard to believe that people are so disconnected that they leave babies back there to die in the hot car. I can envision it - walking away looking at their phone.
  19. In the '70s many light aircraft switched to 24 volt, not to aid starting but simply to provide more power while being lighter. My '78 182 is 24 volt while my friends '77 is 12. The alternators both are 60 amps but the power is doubled. Lighter gauge wires are used with 24 volts. By using LED lights he's mitigated the issue, especially the high draw landing lights. I went with LED landing and taxi lights simply so I could leave them on all the time for anti collision purposed. The incandescent lamps had a very short life. Engine cranking speed seems to be the same and they're easy starting engines anyway. Converting 6 volt cars to 12 volts back in the day never seemed to adversely effect the starter. I wonder why John Deere made that strange 12/24 system instead of straight 24?
  20. Your concern for your fellow man is overwhelming!
  21. Flew into Toluca, Mexico after a very long day starting in Helsinki. Floor of the hotel room was big Mexican tiles. In the middle of the night I was awakened by the bed moving. The tiles acted like a ratchet and I moved quite a bit. I didn't hear any screaming and was so tired that I just turned over and went back to sleep. The next morning at breakfast, the FA, who had slept right through it was confused as to why her bed had moved. I asked if it was good for her.😁
  22. I hadn't seen the pic with the pilot leaning out the window before. You can see that the glass nose hasn't been replaced like on other B23s, just aluminum "windows" installed. You can clearly see the very long antenna needed for the low frequency radios in use back then. Navigation was by the 4 leg range stations that were followed by listening to the audio. Each side of the leg center line transmitted either an A .- dot dash; or an N -. dash dot. If you were on the center you heard a constant tone. if you heard either an A or an N you were off course left or right. Passing over the station the signal would naturally shift so the A or N would swap sides relative to the centerline. All happily phased out by the time I started training. Even most NDBs or Non Directional Beacons are now gone along with most outer marker compass locators - a low power NDB co-located with the outer marker of an ILS or Instrument landing System. An NDB is used with an ADF or Automatic Direction Finder. The ADF needle simply points to the station and all the orientation and wind correction is done in the pilot's head. The Marker Beacons themselves are mostly gone as well. The Marker Beacons transmit a signal along the ILS course and can be identified by the tone in the headset - 400 hz for the outer; 1300hz for the middle which corresponds with the 200' Decision Altitude of a CAT I ILS ; and finally the Inner which is modulated at 3000hz and marks the Decision Height of a CAT II ILS at 100'. The marker beacon receiver decodes the signal and will light a blue light for the outer, a amber light for the middle, and a white light for the inner. The 4 leg range stations also used a fan marker to establish where along the course you were and was modulated at 3000hz - a white light. VORs replaced the 4 leg; wide area augmented GPS has pretty much replaced all of it! Not evident unless you look close but the tailwheel is not on the center-line of the aircraft but rather offset to allow access to the tail gunner's position. In the early '70s I was considerably lighter but just looking at the position on our B23 it became obvious that it was made for a very slim person.
  23. There was 2 years left on the original warranty. As whatever Tesla calls their cherry trade-ins they added another complete year and started it day of delivery.
  24. Five Star crash rating: https://www.nhtsa.gov/vehicle/2021/TESLA/MODEL 3/4 DR/RWD Less than stellar suspension and other underpinning items: https://www.thedrive.com/news/44068/over-10-percent-of-tesla-model-s-evs-fail-germanys-strict-inspection-after-3-years When I first read your post I took it to mean crash ratings but not so. With all of the accident avoidance technology onboard it may be less likely to be involved in a crash but it seems things like suspension components, according to the above, need improvement. Fit and finish problems have been dramatically improved according to a report I just read. Teething issues for a new company. As is said in my business: Never fly the "A" model of anything!
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