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  1. I kinda wish I'd have put foam under my shop but in the end it really isn't too bad to heat. 28X42 with 12' ceilings. 2 9' wide doors and one 11' wide tall door, all Garaga from Canada and well insulated. 2X6 walls well insulated and the floor joists are I-Joists for clear span, so quite deep and well insulated. Bottom line: Hot air heated with Miller mobile home furnace on a cottage base. Thermostat set at 60 24/7, turned up if I want, heats all winter in southern NH for 300 gallons of oil. Slap is on crushed concrete, I don't know if that has any effect or not but since the heat is always 60 degrees or more it's never sweaty or too cold.
  2. I hit some low branches and bent mine so I put a ratchet strap on it attached to a barn beam and straightened it. I've since bent it again slightly but not as bad so left it. I'd repair it rather than listening to exhaust.
  3. They kept breaking the tiny nail file off my clippers. I tried to explain that the directive meant a woman's long pointed file to no avail. SFO airport had a barrel full of disposable and non disposable safety razors before they figured out that what was meant was straight razors - cut throat razors, not safety razors. Thousands standing around truly described the TSA back then. I surrendered a nice Old Timer pocket knife once. I didn't have time to walk back to the truck and there's no way I'll ever check a bag.
  4. Just like every punk in the hood is carrying a gun here they're carrying a knife with bad intent as it's not as easy to get a gun there. I guess the upside is that there's less collateral damage as you have to be close to your victim with a knife. In the states the untrained punks hold the gun sideways like in the movies and fire indiscriminately in the general direction of their intended victim thus killing or wounding many innocents in the vicinity. Just about every boy of my generation always had a knife for the things you need one for, not to terrorize the neighborhood. I laughingly remember a nun asking if a boy would lend her a knife and besides the usual pocket knifes, the kids from the projects volunteered their switchblades. I hated that after 911 I had to leave my pocket knife in my truck to commute to work. I'll bet everyone here always carries a knife and has a use for it almost every day.
  5. I had one of the "original auto burglar alarm" , a pyrotechnic device you attached to the ignition coil wire after you pulled it. I tried to find a picture of one on Google and came up with this listing on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/353819321310?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&mkscid=101&itemid=353819321310&targetid=1493511202785&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9058761&poi=&campaignid=19851828444&mkgroupid=145880009014&rlsatarget=pla-1493511202785&abcId=9307249&merchantid=6296724&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA_tuuBhAUEiwAvxkgTgVIdgzFpnm-x5UHMaaQidJweUbQc-2kSm91RPlYnYF77V89nxNamRoCKBkQAvD_BwE Anyway I modified one with a dozen fireworks taped around it with the fuses stuck in the end so they'd light. I put it on the top of my Chinese buddies air cleaner between the air cleaner and the hood. Holy crap! It went off better than expected with the report followed by the scream followed by the firework reports. Sammy did some martial arts and actually pulled the tumbler and key out of the Camero steering wheel trying to get it stopped. We both drove wreckers for the place but I was mostly turning wrenches in the shop. He knew that I'd run out and start my wrecker at going home time and let it warm. Well, he got me back. It was mid January and there was an old snow plow frozen deep in mud behind my truck. He put the hook on it and engaged the PTO. End of day I ran out, started it and ran in. I was wondering why a bunch of guys were standing around when one finally asked me what my truck was doing. By that time it was pointing well in the air and had stalled. Old wrecker had a two speed winch Sam had thoughtfully put in low so it actually stood the truck up before the engine stalled. Truce called. There had been lots of back and forth leading up to the final events I can't remember over 50 years later but this capped it.
  6. It's an oldie for sure. I wonder if it's real? Good story anyway.
  7. I believe an A is .50, hence my suspicion that it's special OEM.
  8. Mr. Tig welds a piece of cast iron for Jay Leno with some special rod. It seemed to work but he comments that he can hear cracks as he's welding, so I'm not fully convinced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpM050DGCA0
  9. The .45 width makes it sound like it's special, sort of like belts on my Scag, OEM only but at least not too unreasonably priced.
  10. I'm not sure how something can be over greased, other than messy but yes, some bearings with tight seals have to be carefully greased so as to let some grease escape the seal without pushing it out, others have "seals" that are little more than dust shields so easily pass excess grease. Powered guns have been around for decades, portables for some years. It's up to the operator to know what they're doing.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRjURhdbxEI Youtube will not allow embedding due to raw video of cops being shot. You will have to click on it; it's quite disturbing.
  12. Diesel Parts Direct? Might be worth a call.
  13. I saw that and also thought it was doomed from the start. As it cooled too rapidly the cracks were audible and catastrophic. That casting was probably a candidate for Lock N Stitch.
  14. Then there's the mechanical way via Lock N Stich. Jay Leno has has some unobtainium casting repaired via this method. Youtube videos are out there too: http://www.locknstitch.com/precision-metal-stitching.html
  15. For me it's not that it's tiring, it's just faster and easier. Using a long hose and a locking fitting it goes much faster. I don't have any problems with the Dewalt priming.
  16. Does it have to be cast iron or could you fabricate a replacement with a steel weldment? Got a flame cutting outfit nearby? I've had steel brackets made for a loader bucket simply by supplying a cardboard template, same for a backhoe thumb. They used that to put coordinates into the machine, including the holes I wanted and delivered just what I needed. Of course you'd have to weld on whatever flanges you need and it won't be as cheap as welding, if you get away with welding it.
  17. The statute of limitations is well past. I may have accidentally lubed a passing vehicle or two.
  18. I've got a bat wing finish mower that takes a full tube, I imagine a combine takes more.
  19. Too bad Joe Kennedy Sr. isn't around to ask.
  20. Nowhere near your leap of faith but I did something similar with my last truck. I couldn't find an extended cab long bed K2500 anywhere near me but there was one on Ebay. It was by a dealer in PA that I was somewhat familiar with when I was based in PHL so I took a chance. I got a cheap ticket, they picked me up at the airport and the truck was as advertised, so I drove it home. There are still some people out there who don't suck.
  21. Are you using stock converters?
  22. Here's what's going on the 6L80/90: I never ventured into any automatic other than a simple powerglide. From what I've read and from what this guy says the weakest point is the converter.
  23. I was wondering if it was warm at that depth, thanks.
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