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  1. Not just rattle cans! I needed 4 more gallons of Sherwin Williams Duration deep base - none! I finally found Emerald and got the last 4. No hammer tone paint in other than silver and brown.
  2. Yesterday TSC had but one gallon of 15-40 Rotella, WM had none so delayed oil change. They did have about nine yellow pails if anyone needed that. Daughter was looking for whipping cream last night for a recipe, three stores, no luck. What's up with that?
  3. I had a similar issue and found the pickup motor, although a different P/N, bolted right in.
  4. No belittling, not political, I've also communicated with Seth. My apologies as well.
  5. I'm all for world wide bilateral trade but I am concerned that some critical parts, such as reflected in the current chip shortage, are primarily made overseas. Since a large part of the process is automated they can be made in the US. They'll be more expensive but I would bet manufacturers would be willing to pay a lot more to free up a backlog of equipment. Intel is spending 20 Billion for new capacity in AZ.
  6. The first ever truck my uncles bought for the farm was a 1948 Brockway. I believe the engine was a 291 Continental and the transmission was a 4 speed. It was totally gutless but was better than the horses they'd been using before the war. I picked up wood shavings with it from the small furniture manufacturers in Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts. With a full load of wood shavings I'd hit the Route 2 hill climbing through Arlington, MA at full speed -almost 60MPH! about 50' up the hill I'd be in 1st grinding along at 15. That truck had a remote brake booster much like my C60 except it had an interminable delay between brake application and stopping. I was pulling out from Lexington Street in Waltham onto main with a load of, I think, hay and a green light - slowly. I could see the red light runner coming for what seemed like an hour and was pressing on the brake for all I was worth but he hit me anyway. I forget what the car was but the whole right side was ripped off. The Brockway had some scratches. I liked that old truck. No power steering but a huge wheel that took about, maybe 100 turns lock to lock. 4 speed so first was low but not quite a creeper. It was about the slowest thing I've ever driven but reliable. Brockway eventually was bought by Mack and I think it was a union strike that finally did it in.
  7. Digital non-contact tachometers are only $20 on Amazon. I use one to set small engines and mark PTO speed on tractor tachometer.
  8. I would've liked to have one. I've paved a good bit of the drive and use a York rake on the rest.
  9. I agree with Dirt. The 292 will move the truck but not fast. I have a C60 with a 350, 5+2, that does ok but is working hard with 5-7 yards of gravel on it. That truck probably has a single brake system so all of your hoses should be replaced and the steel lines rust free. My C60 is single system and I had replaced all the hoses but still had a steel line go. Luckily it happened when tipping the load and attempting to get the tail board to slam. I found brakes for it but it takes a little searching. I've had no problem finding any other parts for it (1979). I've got a C70 with an 8.2 Detroit, that's a whole 'nother story๐Ÿ˜
  10. I've never seen gasoline make the tar-like gum on those funnels. Could something else have been poured in? Something fell in that dissolved? Sure looks a mess. Since it's not rust I would lean to some sort of solvent rather than the nuts/bolts/rocks. I've had good luck with a motorcycle tank that was rusty with just vinegar, but that was just rust.
  11. Notice that many body shops and perhaps some repair shops take pictures of the incoming just to cover themselves.
  12. When I owned the avionics shop we had a couple of similar customers. They'd bring the plane in for one job and all of a sudden all sorts of other stuff in the plane wasn't working even though we didn't touch it. The solution was to be too busy to get to it for at least a month or bid the job so high they'd go elsewhere.
  13. I like this very much - return them when you find yours
  14. $3 last week, $3.10 this week on a disturbing trajectory. I just paid 4.51 for avgas, the cheapest in a 100 mile radius.
  15. You had several things in your favor with the station wagon: Gears, weight, and aerodynamics. I had a half ton 2WD Chevy, 350, TBI, and 273 gears. It got super mileage. It had 387k on it when we parted ways. The truck was parted out as a body shop wanted the body and the new transmission it had for show truck they were building. They sold the engine and it went on to who knows what kind of life. The 273 gears meant it had turned al lot fewer revolutions pulling a light load than it would have on 410s. To that I attribute its long life.
  16. It's amazing what the effect of wind is on mileage. A slight headwind or tailwind will make a difference especially at highway speeds when air drag becomes significant. Traffic conditions can influence mileage as well. A little heavier traffic in one direction can mean speed changes that don't happen in the reverse direction when traffic eases up, or vice versa. Speed is another variable with big consequences. A few MPH one way or the other at highway speed when the drag rises/falls exponentially makes a big difference. Sometime when there's a big wind watch the current MPG while on cruise on a regular run. If it's a headwind you'll actually see that extra fuel is being burned. Carrying weight giving better mileage is only coincident to the real cause, it's never going to give any real extra mileage.
  17. I had twin 454s in a 34' Wellcraft. Holly carbs, pushed it right up on plane but 300 gallon tank was often a grand at the fuel dock. That was my last boat for the foreseeable future. Avgas is $4.55 now. 12 GPH gives about 150 MPH. Regular is right around $3 in my area but headed up.
  18. New Englander

    New Job

    Wonderful! Beware the politics and enjoy the new job! Hopefully it's a get-the-job-done bunch.
  19. A lot of my Craftsman box ends are ground thinner. As much as I've ground them they've never broken. I have one 7/16ths Craftsman combination that's been heated and bent like a pretzel and the box end is cut to slip over a stud. I bent that up in the early '70s to change Mooney aircraft vacuum pumps. Engines were so tight to the firewall that they'd barely fit. That wrench would get the bottom nuts one 12th of a turn until they were finger loose.
  20. New Englander

    New Job

    ๐Ÿ‘ Exactly what does the job entail? Is it like the building inspector?
  21. Missing a shield? I can't imaging how much dirt that tosses without one.
  22. I've been preaching this to my kids since they could tell time: If you're not early you're late!
  23. Wow! My wife sets her car clock fast. Every time we're going somewhere in her car I think we're running late but no - it's fast. My watch is set to exact time and my truck as close as I can get it. What's the purpose if you know it's fast? We used to set the airplane clocks using the time hack from WWV in Colorado - they have to be accurate for position reports over the ocean. Not a concern any more as they're all set to UTC/GMT/Z GPS time automagically.
  24. New Englander


    The FAA sends me all sorts of stuff. This is just a cautionary video that may apply to operating any machinery. I've no personal experience.
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