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  1. The Club Cart golf carts/utility carts I have had and have been around have all had a Kawasaki 4 stroke engine. Link below on procedure - https://cartaholics.com/threads/club-car-valve-adjusting.368/
  2. Tight or burned valve(s) possibly. Worth pulling the rocker arm cover and checking clearances.
  3. Agree on the question about main bearings oiling holes aligning with the block galley holes. Also - were the connecting rods reconditioned and the big end re-sized? I never put an engine together without checking every bearing's clearance with plastigauge, was that done and what were the clearances? One other question - why was the engine rebuilt? Was it just worn out or was there a failure?
  4. I have a 10" version, no issues with it.
  5. Had a similar experience recently but the store had to order in the pants in my size. Because we have a new dog at home that more than likely would torn the packaging to pieces and ruin the new pants if we had them delivered there - I asked them to ship the pants to the store. I was told that corporate policy no longer allows it because they don't want people coming into the store because of covid. Chew on that one for a minute....
  6. I too am in no hurry to take it. It worries me to see the varieties of reactions to the vaccines just like the virus - I have had several friends have severe reactions to the second dose and be sick for weeks and others have no reaction. I certainly hope the researchers are working on identifying exactly why this is happening and developing a vaccine that is effective and only has to be given to the small number of people that are determined to be actually vulnerable. I also worry that these early vaccines may have side effects - some of these virus mutations could be a result of vaccinated persons contracting covid and their bodies reacting to it, creating the mutations and then passing them along beings none of the vaccines prevent contraction or transmission of the virus. With no long term study.....who knows what else could crop up down the road in a few years - I just pray something else horrible doesn't show up down the road from this.
  7. Doc Egor

    Go coal

    Local natural gas company is sending out advisories to cut gas usage during the cold snap. Apparently their gas purchase arrangements are such that three days of heavy usage will exceed their allotment and incur heavy penalties. Sounds to me like the purchasing department needs to get its crap together.....a 3 day cold snap is nothing unusual around here.
  8. Been watching this....best I can tell - the stimulus is an advance on the 2020 federal income tax refund. I've been looking into how to opt out and not receive it...not much luck so far.
  9. Several friends have doorbell and internal cameras in their homes connected to home Wi-Fi that they can remote view on their phones. I hope they don't walk around their house naked much as none of that stuff is very hard to hack.....
  10. Nothing new - this has been going on for months virtually everywhere.
  11. Not bad tractors - 2 things....cracked heads from poor operating practices (improper warm up/cool down and running low of coolant) The other is be careful of loaders on them as the block area has no frame rails and can get distorted from heavy loader usage.
  12. You got to remember the demand for vehicles will drop dramatically as us old farts continue to die off...... Probably 3 out of 5 youngins I see applying for jobs now do not own any transportation (or anything else for that matter) or have driver's licenses. And they have no desire to either, they are perfectly happy using public transportation. They don't care that the job schedule varies and they would need to be at work during times the busses aren't running.....they just shrug their shoulders and stumble out the door and back to their parent's basement again. Lately most are just applying so they can satisfy the requirements to continue to get unemployment and have no intention of ever taking the job anyway.
  13. It's just lip service to placate the new administration and it's supporting voters. Kinda like telling your 6 year old kid you'll buy him a pony when he grows up and gets to be 12. When the administration changes next time the course of things likely will as well.
  14. I went through the same conversation with my doc last week too. He confirmed my understanding that it doesn't prevent infection and doesn't prevent transmission from you to others if you get it - just prevents the severe symptoms in those vulnerable to them. It should help, but hopefully something better that prevents the infection will come along soon.
  15. Standard Ignition Part#s Cap: IH-445X Rotor: IH-318X Coil: UC-12X Pick Up: LX-409 Module: LX-405 (except governor codes 12750 & 12950)
  16. I had 2 - 80' plus cotton woods in front of the folks house that have needed to come down for years that I finally got this summer. Rented a 120' JLG boom lift over the weekend and got after it. The $1200.00 for rental was way cheaper than the $3500 estimate to take them down from the tree guy.
  17. Not in any hurry to take it. Would like to wait and see what happens. The vaccine seems to mitigate the severe symptoms in those that are susceptible to developing them and not do anything to prevent people from getting or transmitting it. So the vaccine won't do anything to stop the spread. No doubt a certain number of people after getting the shot will stop taking precautions and spread it even faster. The other elephant in the room is that this situation is creating an huge group of germophobic people that fear viruses / diseases to the point that they will never feel safe again coming outside their bubble. The media will also continue to fan the flames of hysteria about this virus and when there eventually is a true prevention for it developed......then they will move on to something else to maintain the state of terror and crisis on the masses.
  18. Yup - the other side was the newer forged axle already when I got this machine. The hardest part was getting it back up in the air and stable. This happened close to a ravine and it took a lot of wood to get a solid enough base to lift it. Luckily the housing landed inside the rim when it fell and it didn't go all the way down. I had to replace the bottom piece of tin work and I put a newer drive off of a 1680 on - it wasn't horribly expensive thankfully. It was just a lot of work by myself.
  19. It has been one of those years all over.
  20. It's bad in Sioux Falls too, they are hanging out in packs now - the city made it illegal to give them anything a while back....as expected that had zero results.
  21. Yup - there were a lot of ways to get by back in the day. When the oil pressure got too low.....drop the pan, polish the bearing journals up with emery cloth, wash everything up as best you could with gasoline and put it back together again. Used to find a lot of main and rod bearings with check blanks behind them to tighten them up.
  22. 5000 PSI hot water power washer and a needle stream tip has worked for me numerous times. Aim the stream straight into the joint where the extension slides in and drill the dirt and rust out. If you start in one of the corners and drill through to the point that the water starts running out of the dust holes you are on your way. Just use the water stream like a reciprocating saw blade.
  23. Alternator working correctly and the sensor lead attached?
  24. I went through a PTO back in '81, very similar injury...the X Rays look almost the same. I remember hearing my arm snap and it sounding like a tree branch breaking. Sure looks like they go to a lot more trouble dealing with something like that in the hospital now days then they did back then. They drilled the marrow out of the bones, inserted some mighty expensive stainless rods and sent me home about 40 hrs later. Thankfully everything healed up just fine and no issues with it to this day.
  25. No issues with Speedee in SD. 1 day delivery from Shoup consistently with them in the spring and fall.
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