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  1. Pulled the loader off the 786. Put it on in 85 or was it 86 ? With a telahandler and a loader-backhoe, a 3rd loader was not need. It was just bouncing around enjoying a ride. The tractor looks naked now. Servicing was easer too.
  2. Parted a 856 that was fast hitch. Have come across 2 766’s with fast hitch.
  3. They sure get around. That dealership quit ag a few years after series was sold and got bigger into the truck market They were about 30 miles north of me here in east central Michigan.
  4. My father bought a last year 560 new. It came with the fender extensions with the fenders. This is Michigan,all tractors sold new had to have fenders.
  5. Sorry , but Mike doesn’t drink alcohol.
  6. Welcome, I’m a touch south of Chesaning.
  7. The offset M is harvesting sugar beets in the thumb of Michigan. An axel extension was clamped on the end of the main to make it longer .
  8. Oh ,don’t forget the proper pronounce of the , pee-kon tree.
  9. Was a IH ,Ford ,MM, Oliver, AC. One by one gone with IH the last to close. Oliver/White came back in the early 80’s , now AGCO (Massey). JD was next door for a bit in the 90 to approx 2012.
  10. No, not possible,,,,or well maybe, er,,,,,,,,nope! Old saying, “If you know how many tractors you have, then you don’t have enough!”
  11. Didn’t even get a chance to stock up?
  12. Quite common in my area, sugar beets. The view of the loading conveyor was blocked.
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