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  1. to the left of Mike Links, Redish shirt gray hat and shades..........behind of RD
  2. headed down ,,,,with all the rain so far ,,can't do anything field wise RD is working the Red Tractor booth , stop in and say hi to her.
  3. We are now in a rainy season in mid Mi. Wes getting barely enough to keep things going. Now over 9 in as of Thursday,, rain every day in to next week Sat. wet wet now. No excuse not to go to red power ?
  4. 5 main 4 aux in a chev beet truck all day long.. I had a 62 mack twin stick too. I think the twin was more fun?
  5. I have a bunch of stuff to send to oz . 3 tractors and a ute and parts. How soon are they needed ?
  6. have you tried Tractor parts.co.uk ltd tei 01455-843955
  7. the 264 in the oz and B's look the same . I've had the head off one {diesel} to dig the glow plug loop out of a piston top. Stud pattern and gsk look the same. Also have the head off a 264 aw7 kero to soak #4piston that looks the same as the us head. I do have a us head on the shelf. Guess I'll try that too. My experience with the factory glow plugs are they work ok but not in very cold weather. Adapters are made to use the 12 volt VW plugs and that helps . I have a couple of 564 series B that were built in the early 70's and band brakes were still used. These engines are very snappy and easy on fuel as well.
  8. I tried........went 2 k over my limit but the buyers tax was also climbing.
  9. well it sold .....................................41K........
  10. well farming is about to kick into hi,,,,,,,,,,,so unless it is a rainy eve. I'll be in and out soon.
  11. That is correct..Sad to say Borghoff has passed away I'm told .
  12. yep sheep . One we had got its head between board gate and the water hydrant . yelling to get out. Loosened the hinge and got it out. Before I could get the hinge tight , the idiot made a circle in the pen and bang..................right back in. Yep....sheep. I now know why God made sheep. To test your patience.
  13. Well,the tires don't look too bad.
  14. Advice, Don't go to fluid for pulling . Your distance will come up short . Years of fun and Armstrong Maxi Tracts at 35 % "was" the best .
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