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  1. Also a related question. What comes to mind when you hear "I wish you were closer" ?
  2. Hey......I remember that one............
  3. from here in central Mi ,mostly tractors and parts, to Ohio,Ind,Pa,Southern Louisiana,Mo,Ks,Wis,Min,ND ,western Mt, during a visit to oz(AU) yep, bought tractors.
  4. Well the bidding is nearly done and no money was spared on some items. I have some of the same collectables so does this mean my net worth needs to be cranked up? Or because it came from a museum it has extra value? Thoughts?
  5. Rusty_Farmer


    I have one I bought new. open station . A 80 horse that doesn't know it's only 80 horse 🥴
  6. 4 or 5 was not in kinder garden yet. Damn old 300 Useless till it ty . Dad on the M leading down the lane and I'm on the power horse following behind in 1st idle. With him ahead I could see him so I would not keep looking back and that way I left the fence intact. I always rode on the reserve fuel tank that was mounted be hind the seat so I had all the controls imprinted in my little brain when the big day came. First thing taught was how to turn off the key if I felt scared. This I taught all my kids and now grand kids. Let the ear to ear smiles begin....................
  7. nothing is TOO FAR if you need them. Have the tires removed and ship one per pallet by Fasten-All
  8. till you pull them apart, you won't know if Pinion brgs are bad and wreaked the seals and oil soaked it all ......or the discs are shot and center plate wore ,or MCV pump weak . Ta shift slow or steering hard at idle ?
  9. Kind of a loaded question......how many in the shop? in which barn? out side? to be picked up yet? and in transport ? in Canada?...........to be shipped this summer ? need batteries ? 🥴
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