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  1. Advice, Don't go to fluid for pulling . Your distance will come up short . Years of fun and Armstrong Maxi Tracts at 35 % "was" the best .
  2. mid - Michigan mid way between Lansing and Saginaw. Chesaning , home to the deceased Big Rock culti-packer company, farming and red tractors.
  3. Yep strawberry rhubarb with ice cream yum
  4. started the last week in Feb. , not running now ,68 today. Maybe back at it Fri or Sat. Need cold freezing nights.
  5. red or..........maybe one of those ND green ones?
  6. Well ..I have mild asthma .I did not want to get the shot. I was advised the risk was too iffy not to. Sometimes a chest cold is a bit rough for a day or two so my wife dragged me in. It has been a week now . My arm is not sore but, the only side effect so far is a bad urge to buy a 3rd tractor for the year. I think I'm ok?
  7. I did this during my early farm career. Added more rented ground and a bunch more soybeans to harvest than the 715 could handle. A newer bigger combine was not in the budget. Found a real nice 403 60 some miles from home. Jumped in the 1/2 ton 2 WD and with the home built tri axel trailer in tow, off I went. Put the 4 row corn head length wise on the front of the trailer. Backed the rear tires of the 403 on the the trailer and X chained it at the tow hoop. pulled the drive couplings and flagged the 14ft grain head . Any faster than 40 and it would start a soft bounce. I went through two smal
  8. Think about it .........500 hp...6 cyl engine in the truck .
  9. I guess I'm Lucky..........she owns tractors too.
  10. Don't worry about the "Addiction" No known cure!
  11. Amended to now read "It came today"
  12. mine will arrive in April.....................?
  13. $100 is not going to hurt any one.
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