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  1. Finished beans at dark just as the snow was starting. Had 5 days in a row with out any weather issues . Usually it was run 1-2 days than sit,yields were 2/3 of normal. at best,,,,, of what was planted.Back at corn soon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope.
  2. You have a 1566 with no motor cheap?  what is cheap and what else is missing?

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    2. 7288cdn


      Didn't notice your location.  Price is in Canadian funds which is 700ish US.  LH door gone.  

    3. Rusty_Farmer


      ok thanks  i'm in central Mi. distance is not a problem, not too many 15's around so sourcing parts will be a little hard . i'm thinking . I assume it is 3 point delete ? 

    4. 7288cdn


      yes.  Dual hydraulics.  

  3. We have your fenders from bill,,,,,,,frank tomac  ,chesaning,9896666796 thanks

  4. You heard it wrong "spend the money"," to fix the damn roads"
  5. look at the key location at both pictures not the same and shaft dia.s are different let alone out side dia. Yes make him a good deal on it so he can be his own ass.
  6. all the squash and pumpkins are cultivated , we use a 130 and a 140 and a 100 does the centers till they vine out . Wife was finishing up the rows with the 130. I was next to her side dressing 28% on corn doing 16 rows at a time. It would have made for a good pict . but we both were trying to get these jobs done.
  7. I was at my fsa office today. A farmer should talk to his ins agent first than contact the fsa office there is a lot of confusion out there and everyone is in uncharted waters . fsa and ins acres must match when you certify the acres later
  8. bill ,Lansing is 40 min from me, either myself or Sarah can move them for you.
  9. hi bill , not looking real promising on rp again, we are wet, have only 50a of corn in ,,,,,,somehow it is up. first planting of sweet corn is struggling along and some of the self pick pumpkins are in but not up. Showers to nite and sat morn.   As it has been all spring , just about ready to go again and it rains. We are still learning patience.  . 

  10. a section from the piece on the left . Has a flat plate welded for a pad or foot for the stand to work.
  11. well that explains what happened to my R P Magazine.😟
  12. Check the rear drops on the M they look longer than stock. I had a M V with that same set up . 24's on the front and longer stretched front axle. The rear casting won't have any IH markings or part no.'s
  13. Well to bad .to those that don't...........I like the cake !
  14. yes planetary reduction for a trencher
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