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  1. looks like i'm putting on a little weight! far right ,back row , red hat.
  2. I'm far right in red hat,gray shirt.Carol made Tony take his hat off. Wanted to see his smiling face. Sun was in our eyes!
  3. Dan the son runs the show. He works hard to get things right but sometimes the cost of reproduction and affordable is a rock and a hard place. I'm 20 minutes from there.His dad, who started the business was a bit hard to take . Glad he retired. Nuff said.
  4. headed down on wed. Don't know if I'll bring 1 or 2 OZ tractors. New truck finally came ,no time to get the G N hitch in and flatbed installed. Bumper hitch trailer time,bummer it is.
  5. I have been through there at least 3 times. Never had a chance to stop.
  6. Take a drive north to Lennon on M-13 north of M-21 and the next 3 miles west. Not a good enjoyable drive.yuck
  7. going too . getting caught up , things are slowing down some. Says every farmer out there.😁
  8. Rusty_Farmer


    quite the copy for sure.
  9. That is why the BTO's trade up every 3 years.
  10. no not tire slip. Replaced the distance wheel magnets and the monitor won't read the speed correct.Recalibrated a few times and this is as close as it comes. The "old" monitor is slowing down in it's old age😁
  11. Planted sweet corn and indian corn with the #44 4 row and bm in first at quarter throttle this morning. This afternoon back on the 6788 and 16 row cyclo in 6 th gear at pto speed. Tractor says 5.8 mph, planter monitor says 5.😕
  12. Well that didn't last long. Everything is to be auctioned off . October. So much for keeping it going.
  13. Link broke on the "field tracker" in the farthest farm . Laid 3 along the link and wrap duct tape around the ties and link. Held up for the last 2 days of harvest.
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