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  1. Rusty_Farmer

    Buyer Beware

    On the tractors we did, each piece underneath had a section taped off to show the original gold as it was. On 2 of them , by popping off the no. plate, the gold is exposed as well.No arguments are needed.
  2. Rusty_Farmer


    I ducked! wow
  3. Rusty_Farmer

    New reading chair

  4. Rusty_Farmer

    A guide to roundabouts.

    Yes they work fine.....................unless your are moving oversize equipment through them ..............errrrr
  5. Rusty_Farmer

    IH 6588 steering

    on a few occasions, I have found a blown gasket on the mcv................... the cover port gsk blew where the mcv pump would go on an non 2+2.
  6. Rusty_Farmer

    What brand is this 3 point???

    The builder retired and the demand was dropping off on the hitches. He sold the jigs to someone south out of state.
  7. Rusty_Farmer

    These 68s are just getting to high

    Those are Tom's of Rural Wreaking , he wanted 50 by his 50th birthday,needless to say he overshot that goal! Some carry consecutive ser. no.'s
  8. Rusty_Farmer

    Deer hunters inside information secret.

    Here I let them hunt for free.................if they don't get anything than they owe. Seems to work so far.🤨
  9. Rusty_Farmer

    1083 Corn Head

    the best is to stand the head up on it's tail, strait up like it was shipped from the factory. Safe ,easy to work on right in front of you. , GVL poly for the snouts; I've done 3, 20in. corn heads like this.
  10. Rusty_Farmer

    Red lip stick on a pig!!

    Naw...................would have wasted good paint.😐
  11. Rusty_Farmer

    Looking for

  12. can you link apache to rural wrecking?

  13. Rusty_Farmer

    International 554 and 564

    696, can you link apache over to rural wreaking ?,,,,,tom should be able to help on the parts
  14. Rusty_Farmer

    Thoughts on GM plants closing

    In perspective we 'll be loosing a few thousand jobs building cars and everyone is all in a panic. Lose as many or more in dairy and all ag related jobs and hardly a eye brow is raised! Whats wrong?
  15. Rusty_Farmer

    Cummins guys, help please

    Getting the starter off is the easy part,if the sensor is original, some cursing will be needed . As I read through all the above, this problem was all too so-real to issues with wife's '99 . ! Warning!----- went through 5 (made in Mexico) sensors in 2 years till one stayed active . Napa,Parts Master, Genuine Mo Par, Southern Boys diesel shop, genuine Cummings. Good luck! If tack don't move when cranking ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sensor time☹️