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  1. Was wondering how Tony R is doing. Any body know?
  2. Pulled out a loaded straw wagon with the 560 to restock the straw shed. Cut more corn stalk bundles for re stocking the corn crib with the BM. Pulled a wagon with the Super A to pick up the stalks. Too wet to finish picking stones with the 6788, tomorrow , maybe?
  3. JD did a demonstration with 2 wheel drive vrs. 4 wheel in the seventies. both were weighted the same and dyno'd to the same hp. They were linked with a cable pulley system to a sled. On good solid ground it was a draw. On loose soil the 4x4 had the advantage. It all comes down to conditions. Back to the 1456; ours had inside tires loaded and 2 sets of wt.s with factory duels, 18.4's were not big enough to hold it down.
  4. Page 2. The 1456 ,ser#15413,served us well till the financial crunch of the '80's . Dad was wanting to retire and we down sized and the bank put undue pressure on us. We sold all equipment except a 786 and the family M. After the auction the bank was happy and we,my wife and I, started all over again with the home place and 2 tractors. Fast forward to 3 years ago during a BS session, the where abouts of the 14 was brought up. Through a face book chat,a photograph of the14 when new was posted.One member replied that it looked like one of there tractors. It took nearly a year and a 1466 to trade to get it back. It's getting a restoration back to new.
  5. In the spring of 69 , my neighbor bought a 1456 open station. That was the biggest tractor I ever ran as a kid in high school. I was in heaven. The next year dad rented more ground and due to a wet fall ,none of the corn stalks got fall plowed. So a bigger horse and plow were needed by spring. For a few dollars more ,a 1456 could be had over a 1256. Dad and I studied what would work for us for options and the order was put in the system. A # 700 ,7-16 plow was add as well.
  6. Was at Becks last week in Atlanta Ind.They were starting seed harvest this past Monday. The Oxbo's were all prep'ed and ready to go.
  7. My son left this morning, about a 12 hr run . Wife and I are headed south, family stuff. maybe next year. Is it me or is time speeding up?
  8. Nice "western " mounting step on the cub..........and if only 3 than you do need help. On the BN, Michigan and Wisconsin were the primary states for those , pea and bean production .
  9. Today,evening, I drove the 756 STD with empty hay wagon home from our tractor show. Wagon was full fri morning but the 3rd inch of rain the nite before called for some dry action at the show grounds. My wife followed me back to the farm as dusk was setting in. She said the speed stayed steady at 20 mph . Yep, throttle wouldn't any farther.
  10. Draft # 23..........4 days after entering basic training news came that no more will be called up..................erh...after lots of testing and an extra week in Calif. waiting on deployment orders, no AIT, strait to the unit. Hi why yah , big island,landing at 3 am. The heat and humidity about knocked you down, mid summer! Ended up in an engineering co. Fixing end loaders,dozers ,cranes and earth movers. Brother in law ended up loading choppers with the orange in nam, He's still around but just hanging on,not good .
  11. I'm good for picts. I'm west of the M-13,M21 Solar mess that goes for miles N. of Lennon. I 69, 94 west on North side is another mess in the works. The slightly rolling ground is not so rolling now .
  12. 806 week,well kind of ,if not doing little things that need done ,it's work on the 806 with hand clutch, It's always a puzzle how perfectly good wore out bare and semi melted wires can grow 5 lbs of tape ,extra wire that dead ends and useless connectors .🤨
  13. Sprayed the last field of beans this morning with the 856.
  14. Except most of her side are not tractor people. She does know that the week end before is our local show and that was not going to work, so......................
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