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  1. At work we build and ship machine tools with boxed ways and linear guide rails that are unpainted and completely unprotected from rust during normal use. We spray them down with LPS 3 and then cover the machine in shrink wrap prior to loading into cargo containers for overseas machines. For domestic machines, we spray any unpainted surface with LPS 3 and then load them onto Conestoga flatbeds for shipment. It makes a thick waxy film that doesn't get as hard and gummy as Cosmoline. I've heard it removes pretty easily with mineral spirits.
  2. Great looking scenery and great looking red iron. Doesn't get any better than that! Thanks for sharing!
  3. If the one I got doesn't work out, I'll give them a try. Thanks!
  4. I'll take a look at it again when I get it off. I didn't see anything last time, but it could've cracked when I tightened it down. I'll take a look at it when I get it off. Thanks!
  5. I did buy the gasket, but I was hoping not to have to wait for it. I have a bunch of land I need to work yet unfortunately... Thanks for the info!
  6. That is good information. I should've looked at it closer... I'll be sure to do that. Thanks!
  7. Is there some secret to getting this to seal up? The 1466 had a pretty bad leak between the mount and the engine block, so I took the base off and sanded it flat (it was very warped). Called the dealer and was told that the gasket is NLA. I used Loctite 515, laid a bead around each of the ports, and remounted it. Let it dry for a couple days. After 4 hours of run time, I have an external leak at the mount that is worse than it was before. Just wondering if there is a different product or procedure I should be using? Thanks! Chad
  8. Like snoshoe mentioned, it is an acre counter. There should be a chain on the frame and an eyebolt on the back of the counter and the counter should pivot on a rod. When you are transporting the drill or if you don't want to use it, you latch the chain into the frame to keep the gear on the bottom from touching the drive shaft. When you are ready to seed, you unlatch the chain and the gear rotates with the drive shaft giving you a count of your acreage.
  9. Yeah, it was rolling coal pretty good in the low spots. Even though I have the TA available, the D361 lugs so well that I never really need it. The radials really make a huge difference, especially on dry ground. My dad had the 966 on the 6000 the previous day and even though he had more overall power and more weight with the cab on the tractor, he was spinning and slipping a lot more than the 806 was. I took some video of it pulling, but I have no idea how I would post it up here... Wow, if both our 806's were in the back 40, it would be almost impossible to tell which is whic
  10. Like Boog said, it is probably BSPT or Rc, British Standard Pipe Thread, Tapered. For a 1/8" thread, NPT is 27 threads per inch, BSPT is 28 threads per inch. From experience, the two will thread into each other, but it won't feel right as it tightens up, and it won't seal without a lot of pipe dope or thread tape...
  11. chadd

    CaseIH parts

    They've definitely gone the "contract to the lowest bidder" route in the last 10-20 years. The last set of tie rods I bought had the boots fall off in a week and came with no grease fittings on the inner ball joints. I picked up a shift arm for our 806 and the hole was out of position by 1/8" and was almost broken out of the casting. The turnbuckles didn't have enough adjustment to make it work, so I bushed the old one and put it back in... In 04 or 05, I had gotten a genuine Rochester oil pressure and temp gauge for the M from the dealer. Went back in 2010 for the same gauges for the 350
  12. Got a chance to unwind doing some field work this weekend. Normally I'd use the 1466, but I am still waiting on parts to arrive, so the 806 got put into service with the 6000 Consertill. I was pulling it in 3rd low direct most of the time. The 806 was able to pull 4th low TA, but it was a pretty heavy load in certain spots.
  13. After PO-10, CaseIH went to the 8-8330 Plow Bottom Parts manual in 1991. I don't know what they renamed it after that. The "Earth Metal" designation was still used on the disc and coulter blades I've bought in the last couple years, and were still listed in the 2018 CaseIH Tillage Support Catalog. The last moldboards I bought from CNH a couple years ago were called "Diamond Finish" instead of Earth Metal. It was supposed to be a "new and improved" replacement for Earth Metal and Earth Metal XW moldboards with a harder smooth finish that scours quicker and a ductile core to prevent breakage
  14. Picture of the speed chart from the kick panel.
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