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  1. i will pass on this advice.........." If you know how many tractors you have, than you don't have enough!"
  2. I ended up with a N H galvanized gravity box. Has the serial tag on it, I did not know they made one. Needs to go to a N H collector. Any takers? I know, gray area of forum rules.๐Ÿค”
  3. with all the N H manuals flying about, Does anyone collect N H equipment?
  4. are these after market ones? the angle is wrong on some.
  5. 2705 produced............from 26k total
  6. you have to heat the inside of the hub too . the brg s are shot and the seals so... may take a few cycles of heating and cooling and keep the pressure on.Friend had an I-4 where drilling was done along the spline hub to help in removal...........not fun.
  7. UP date......1.25 at the house and lots of lightning, 1.75 at the main farm,about 4 or so this afternoon a hour of drizzle rain . Next chance is wed . The cracks in the ground are still there. Praise the Lord.
  8. Around here the 2 major company's can't keep up. Not for lack of machines but support staff. Most of the BTO's have there own ,cases or deers. Ro gaters are getting phased out. Us smaller guys are using tow behinds. 500 -1000 gal. units.I use a 856 hi-clear and a Hardi 600 gal . with 60' booms , you can cover a lot of ground in a day running 3rd hi direct.
  9. Yes, for you, your used to that "normal ' weather. Up here we get crybaby news about paralyzing heat and global warming................now I'm worried๐Ÿ˜ฐ
  10. central Mi is dry. The sub moister is starting to dwindle. 1/2 a tenth doesn't do much. Storms to nite but the atmosphere is too dry.
  11. well shoot,,,,,,we all had it figured out and everything...................๐Ÿ˜•
  12. Harvested wheat yesterday, this is the first time that the air was cranked to the max.Touch the windows and they were hot and a steady stream coming out of the evap. hoses.The load sample read 100 degrees. This mornings sample was 89 at 9 am after sitting all nite to cool down.Too hot to bale straw this week .
  13. time to visit the neighbor!
  14. But the road speed......................
  15. There are now reports the Russian's are setting wheat fields on fire.
  16. Up date Bill: The tasty round item is out of stock.....as I'm told.
  17. I feel your pain. Plus they are feeding on my crops too.
  18. looks like i'm putting on a little weight! far right ,back row , red hat.
  19. I'm far right in red hat,gray shirt.Carol made Tony take his hat off. Wanted to see his smiling face. Sun was in our eyes!
  20. Dan the son runs the show. He works hard to get things right but sometimes the cost of reproduction and affordable is a rock and a hard place. I'm 20 minutes from there.His dad, who started the business was a bit hard to take . Glad he retired. Nuff said.
  21. headed down on wed. Don't know if I'll bring 1 or 2 OZ tractors. New truck finally came ,no time to get the G N hitch in and flatbed installed. Bumper hitch trailer time,bummer it is.
  22. I have been through there at least 3 times. Never had a chance to stop.
  23. Take a drive north to Lennon on M-13 north of M-21 and the next 3 miles west. Not a good enjoyable drive.yuck
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