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  1. And the winner is......? Does any one know any body that did win?
  2. Keep it up Bill...........might this turn into a rare lit. thread?? hint hint?
  3. This is a good find as some info has been lost over the years . I saw a 2404 lo boy at a past RP R up. It was set up with short spindles and small dia. flotation tires for mowing side hills . You could almost step over it to get on.
  4. Thanks to all . Spent the day like all farmers do ,,working . Bride of 50 years put lots of wiped cream on the left over slice of pumpkin pie to nite. No room for the too many candles...........
  5. do a gougo and some picts. show the balls in the track
  6. instead of rollers in the track chain to carry the crawler along , they used balls ,steel, in the track chain like a ball brg. race set up.
  7. Pork, the other Turkey meat! It's what for dinner!
  8. I have seen, "Show Dogs", a while back. Lately everything is "Show".
  9. The thread on a close call and the good Lord watching hits home for me. A little over 4 weeks I was in a hurry to finish up staining/sealing the straw storage barn. Early evening and calm breeze was a perfect time to finish the job with the airless sprayer. The sides were done and the first 8ft up the end was done. I have a work platform with rails all around that fits on the tela handler. The platform was on loan to my son for his house,12 miles away. OK plan "B"as I'll get done by dusk if I hurry. A section of "decking" consisting of 5 2x4's and 1 in boards was in sight. Good solid material nearly 1/2 again as big as the the one on loan. Two "C" clamps to the forks and up I go. I have a full safety harness hanging in the shop, this will only take a minute, I'll be OK. 3 moves across the first half and all is going great. 4th move, done, highest part done. Two more small moves to go as sun is in the trees off in the distance. I never had a fear of high lofty heights as I always knew where each foot was planted. I remember looking down where the right foot was, about one foot from the edge, good, done , lean back to the fork frame and ready for the next move. I didn't lean back as my mind intended, moved my foot to the right,why I do not know, where did the decking go? My feet were about 14 feet up. This was not to be a leap of faith. My arm hit the track rail cover and turned me as I went down . My daughter was watching from the cab window, a very skilled operator I may add.She remembers the , "OK, ready to move", and the sudden blur past the window. She had not started the motor yet. Landed on my back and only broke one thing, lower #2 vert. I'm bolted back in one piece and Dr. says I'll be back to normal by Christmas, what ever normal is? It has taken nearly 3 weeks to be able to sleep all night and I'm down to 1 pill for nerve healing. Must use a back brace . NO lifting past a gallon of milk and twisting and no bending my hands past my knees, for now. We were getting ready to open the on farm fall market, beans were nearly ready to go and wheat to plant. Well it has been very humbling from all that called and wanted to help. The beans around the main farm area are done and 2 fields are planted to wheat thanks to one neighbor farmer. The beans around my wife's family farm area are waiting for the rainy weather to break. A second farmer friend will take care of those. Corn is getting close and by harvest I might get to make a few rounds in my machine.The nurse that removed the staples from the surgery said,"you farmers have air ride seats right?" Yes a couple I replied . "you'll be fine, no jarring." She Gets IT! Friends be careful....It will only take a minute!
  10. Machines back then were named. Deering named it "diaisy" The painted drive wheel looked like the flower when turning.
  11. The vacuum. unit is pricy Not sure of your area, mine would be north of 7 K
  12. we added "twister" closing wheels and a press wheel from a I H 900 planter. 'twister" closing wheels and a press wheel to our units.
  13. the front disc is for the fert. look close to the gauge wheels, double disc opener.
  14. The will plant anything you can put in the hopper. That is an older unit . not set up for no till but with a slicing coulter, and better closing wheels and some bar wt. ,it will work.
  15. Was there not an IH engineer that quit his job and was building engines for pullers? If memory is correct , he was getting 1200 horse from the 466 engine with mostly pump ,lines, and nozzle work.
  16. Bought one over 20 years ago. turned into a hi-crop and caught the eye of a nursery. They still use it .
  17. They look like some of our normal haulers around here.
  18. i will pass on this advice.........." If you know how many tractors you have, than you don't have enough!"
  19. I ended up with a N H galvanized gravity box. Has the serial tag on it, I did not know they made one. Needs to go to a N H collector. Any takers? I know, gray area of forum rules.🤔
  20. with all the N H manuals flying about, Does anyone collect N H equipment?
  21. are these after market ones? the angle is wrong on some.
  22. 2705 produced............from 26k total
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