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  1. Long box, only way for a pickup you use. I will admit my 68 is a short box, but it’s kind of an IH car with a box…. My work pickup has a tool box and my main farm pickup has a fuel tank, so a long box is absolutely necessary.
  2. Not much here from the sky, but I have irrigated ground so I have been getting mine from the ditch….
  3. I’ve got 20 acres of sorghum and millet, it’s growing well after I got it irrigated. I will be cutting mine for hay, it does take awhile to dry, but I get better money out of dry hay, plus I have the equipment to go that way myself.
  4. I ordered one for my 68 a little over a year ago, they are available, but the part number doesn’t usually pop up on the computer search deals. I thing the number tag is still on mine, if not I have a vintage Napa book around somewhere that I can find a crossable number in.
  5. As for the comment about management at Navistar should have learned from the mistakes of the late 70’s and early 80’s, the big issue was that most of the Harvester guys were long gone by the time the current problems developed. My dad retired in 2010 and was one of the last Harvester holdovers still in management. And again telling, dad was passed over for one last promotion and the position was given to a young guy who had showed little in the way of competence. The given reasoning was that the kid had a college degree and dad did not, however dad had been with Harvester for 41 years and started when he was 18. Just an example of how things were being run and how post 2000 there was a concerted effort to get the old Harvester guys who had the experience and the knowledge of what went wrong to retire. There were lots of mistakes made, but Navistar was in a great position up through the mid to late 2000’s, and the engine fiasco was what ultimately broke them. Dad blames that one on the CEO, as he insisted on continuing on an incorrect path when all the engine guys were saying the opposite. I will also add that as much of the stock got bought up by industrial investors, they were more interested in making a quick buck than investing in making a profitable company for another 100 years.
  6. I have a set of old John Deere rakes that plus great with either the H or the M. Does a fine job at putting two windrows together, and let’s me save the big tractors for the big jobs.
  7. I’ve got a field of sorghum growing, but I had never heard of making syrup out of it. Around here people usually either hay sorghum or chop it for silage.
  8. That’s most likely a Warner T 98 4 speed. Good tranny but there is a big hole between 3 and 4. I agree, sounds like a decent spring, you might get lucky and be able to fix it by pulling the top cover. If you have a service manual the tranny section is very through.
  9. I cut about 50 acres of lease ground this afternoon/evening, didn’t think to snap any pics. I was in the 5088 with the 16’ Heston 6011 hydroswing so I made pretty quick work of it. Some of the nicest hay I’ve cut this year so far, my first year on this place, hope to keep it in the future.
  10. Those old pumps usually store ok, but that s a lot of years ... this new fuel is not so good, shoot me a pm with your number and I’ll share what I know about these very odd engines
  11. I’ve been reading this thread for a few days but have waited to chime in. Land owner rights aside, when you get into the whole spray issues, there are two extremes, and hopefully some middle ground. One extreme is the full organic farms, which is really tough, especially where noxious weeds are concerned. The other extreme is the full on chemical farming, burn downs, spray on everything, etc. Everyone’s situation is different, but on my ground, which is quite heavy, I still believe in tillage when replanting hay, and really have no desire to spray any more chemicals than are truely necessary. Targeted applications, of course when needed, a plow and disc still work when replanting. Just my $.02.
  12. I wish you the best of luck, but finding someone today to work on points ignition isn’t exactly easy. Most of the guys today have no idea where to even start if it doesn’t have a computer.....
  13. I went to a sale yesterday that had a 560 on it. Wasn’t really interested in the tractor, then watched the owner dump about half a can of ether into to trying to get it started. Auctioneer moved on to the next tractor and a couple of use helped him look at the tractor, fuel tank was bone dry, what an idiot..... Anyhow it brought 1,500, with a fast hitch missing the bottom arms. I’m glad I passed, I have an H and M that I struggle to find jobs for, I didn’t need to add another tractor to that list, especially one that has had the engine abused.
  14. I would agree that you will want more tractor to run a full size round baler. I have a JD 530 and 535, and typically bale with my 856. The 856 handles the baler fine, but you know when you have a nearly full bale, especially going uphill. I sure would not want to bale with anything smaller in anything other than a short term emergency.
  15. I don’t do any haylage, all mine gets baled as hay. Alfalfa can take a light freeze and be fine, too much will freeze it off. Sorghum is still not up, we worry about the nitrates in that, and try to make sure to cut it before first frost in the fall. I just use the sorghum as a filler year crop before I go back with oats and alfalfa next year.
  16. Sometimes I forget that our late growing season does not reflect everywhere. My 1st is just starting to grow good, will be at least a couple more weeks before I start . Not to mention it might freeze tonight. I do know how good it feels to be done with first, though typically there isn’t that much time before I start going through again.
  17. I too prefer carbs, especially Holley’s. For some reason I have never had much luck with Edelbrocks, though I know lots of folks who love them. All of my gas Scouts and International pickups run carbs and points, simple and easy to work on. If kept in tune, the carbs don’t do much worse on gas than my 04 GMC, in some cases they actually do better.
  18. The 7.3 and 6.9 use the same bolt pattern as the MV gas engines, there are some bell housings around to bolt up a 4 or 5 speed tranny. I think either of those engines would be a bit overkill for your application.
  19. Congrats, making states as a freshman is quite an accomplishment.
  20. I’ve run one of the old 3 wheel swathers, kinda handy in a small odd shaped field, but other than that, not a whole lot of fun. Thinking about those couple old swathers really makes me realize how far I’ve come with equipment, and how nice the current hydro swing is.
  21. A DT466 Loadstar has a big doghouse, and I really can’t see the butterfly hood working. I drove said truck quite a bit about 20 years ago, great rig, but very unique. The 466 was definitely a shoe horn, whereas the s series was built to accommodate the 466. The s series cab is also much wider, I have never taken any measurements between the two, but I suspect what you want to do will be very difficult and expensive.
  22. Your pickup is really a 68, it was just titled in 69. You have a BG series motor, there is a stamp on the block that has the displacement, but in a 1200 it is probably a 265. They are good motors, but parts availability can be hit and miss.
  23. Look for good used, there is very little after market stuff for the c series. What you will find is mostly patch panels and such from the Scout Light Line vendors. Fiberglass fenders and such would be amazing, but unfortunately I dont see it happening.
  24. The tree issues some you you deal with amaze me. Around here, even the ones that we plant seem to die, the only trees that seem to do decent are those either by an irrigation ditch or a creek. Good luck with your project, I hope they can get the machine figured out for you.
  25. My experience in 4H was excellent, and I was exposed to lots of things I never otherwise would have seen. Definitely impacted my life in a very positive way. A lot of how things are done varies by the club, try one club, and if you don’t like it don’t be afraid to try another. I actually changed clubs when I was in high school because we had a change in leadership in the old club, and I didn’t like the direction things were going.
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