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  1. Check out Peaceful Creek for a service manual. Good prices and top notch books.
  2. I am always early or at the very least on time. My ex had a habit of running behind, and did not get that if I said we needed to leave by 6, that meant in the vehicle going down the road. I finally started saying that we needed to leave 10 to 15 minutes earlier than we really did.
  3. You are very correct in nothing lasting all that long on gravel, but at work we have found that some are worse than others. We are currently running Falken MTs, I have about 12,000 on the set I put on it the spring. I will rotate them next oil change, and should get 25k out of them, maybe a little more. At least 75% of my driving is on gravel, so that is actually a good wearing tire considering. In the past we have had lousy luck with Hankooks, Duratracs didn’t wear too bad but got way too expensive. The other must for gravel is a 10 ply tire (or at least an LT rated for the really light stuff). P rate tires are nothing but an endless stream of flats.
  4. We have some Wright stuff at work, haven’t had any problems, sockets and wrenches seem to be well made.
  5. We have one at work, use it as a spray rig. For a work outfit they can’t be beat. We have done very little in repairs other than regular maintenance.
  6. Personally, having a tractor with a cab and AC was a pretty big step for me. I had to do a little work on it, and I get to do some more this winter because the compressor just locked up. I will fix it, no reason not to, I can do all the work myself, and I want a comfortable cab in the summer. To each their own, everyone can make their own decisions, but I’ve spent a lot of years out in the heat on my 856, and when I have the option to be a bit more comfortable I will take it.
  7. I baled the last of my 3rd cutting alfalfa this morning, and started on sorghum this afternoon. I’m baling the sorghum as dry hay. We’ve actually had super nice haying weather for September. The sorghum is baling up nice, though it takes forever, but lots of bales.
  8. We have had a similar station around here for a few years. I switch to that one if I just want to listen to music, but most of the time I listen to the local am station, which has news, etc. in addition to older country music.
  9. There is such a thing as a 304a and a 345a, but the differences are small and not real meaningful.
  10. We had a little rain this week, but this is usually a pretty dry part of the world. Planning on doing the sorghum as dry hay, hope to start baleing the first stuff I cut by this weekend
  11. A few pics from last week cutting sorghum. It was a heck of a crop and I had to go slow to get it cut, but there will be lots of bales.
  12. I have been keeping the 5088 busy cutting sorghum and 3rd cutting alfalfa. After getting through a small breakdown on the hydro swing I have everything on the ground. With a little luck I will be putting the 856 to work tomorrow to start baling, and plan to start a bit of fall tillage with the 5088 to get a few acres of winter wheat in.
  13. We did a 414 for a Payloader at work this spring. Against my advice a reliance kit showed up. I made sure that everything got measured and clearances checked etc. The only thing we had trouble with was the cam bearings, had to send those back and get another set that met spec. I suspect that those were a different brand. That being said I would still prefer a Federal Mogul kit, but measuring everything, and checking everything for fit and tolerance is the key to getting a quality rebuild from a reliance kit.
  14. I have several rebuildable 304’s out here in western so dak, come get one, rebuild it, put it in, and it will probably run for 40+ years.
  15. If it was a family tractor I’d keep it even if I only used it once a year. I’ve been working on an H that belonged to the gentleman that I bought my place from. We used to work together, not related, but he taught me how to irrigate and put up hay. So Gary was basically like an uncle, which is why I’m getting the old H running again, even though I don’t have a lot of work for it. I guess I’m trying to say that there are a lot of us who keep tractors we really don’t need because of a family or other personal attachment. Not to mention you have a really cool family tractor that most of us would love to have.
  16. Looks like it was converted to me, I have similar adapters on a couple of converted systems. I only have one R12 rig left, one I got from my dad that he never had a reason to convert. I did have to add a can this year, it works way better now. I think I’m down to only 1 or 2 cans of R 12 left in my stash. It used to be worth a fortune, but now not so much because everything has been converted.
  17. My dad was took part in that lease program from 72 until the end of the Scout. He said it was stupid not to, you got a new rig all the time and it was cheap. When the ended the lease program everyone that had a Scout had the opportunity to buy it cheap. Dad took that option, and that was the Scout that I grew up with.
  18. It’s a stuck needle and seat. You should have a Holley 2300, very easy carb to work on. The needle and seat screws out of the top of the fuel bowl without taking the bowl off. Count how many turns it takes the screw it all the way in before you pull it out, then unscrew it. Use carb cleaner to clean things up and make sure the needle is moving like it needs too. Then screw all the way in, and then back out the number of turns you counted to reset the float at the right level. Shouldn’t take more than 15 min or so to take care of.
  19. I’ve baled into October too, depends on the September weather how late you can cut, then the weather thereafter to get it dry.
  20. That’s a sharp looking Scout, and a new CVI design that I’ve never seen before. I had an opportunity to buy a Green Machine Special 20ish years ago. I ended up passing because it was too much of a project at the time. I got to see the surviving Hot Stuff truck at Nationals many years ago.
  21. I’ve never shut the pto off on mine to kick out a bale.
  22. The one we have at the restaurant is technically a commercial one, but smaller and I’m sure more affordable. I’m not sure what it cost, not as big of a carriage as the Hobart we had at the other place, but still does a nice job. The worst part of a slicer is you use them for 5 minutes then it takes a half hour to take them apart and clean. I would keep my eyes open for auction sales, around here at least kitchen stuff usually goes pretty cheap. I will see what brand the one I use at work is the next time I go in, it’s quite compact.
  23. Still have mine, need to get them unpacked from when I moved….
  24. My 5088 is my main tractor. Mine has 5500 ish hours is a great machine, one heck of an upgrade from the 856. It handles all my large implements with ease, and the nice cab makes a big difference on all those days when the weather isn’t all that great
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