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  1. Does anybody know about Case Centennial 2 bottom plows from the 30s ?? Or know a collector of them... Have alot questions about the Case 2 bottom Centennial plows ?? Looking for a 1937 Case Centennial 2 bottom plow for my 1937 Case CC ? Thanks Dave
  2. Differently 93 or higher.. Use to build race engines.. And 10.1 works best on 91 or better...
  3. I have a 1937 Case CC thats been in family since new.. Looking for a 1937 Case Centennial 2 bottom Plow And would like to find or find a lead on one.. A restored one or a very good one to restore.. Thanks ...
  4. I have one of their winter coats .. Best coat I have ever had !!!! A little high on price .. But the quality and guarantee is worth it !!!!
  5. Love the patina on them dont ever paint them.. NY BILL !
  6. 1951 Farmall H was bought new by my uncle. His dad wanted a M and he came home with his own H. Bought at Dellinger Farm Equipment in Continental Ohio..Now is owned by my grandson.. Also a 1937 Case CC bought new from Williamson Equipment in Continental Ohio.. Lost for 35 years and found again.. Owned by me the nephew now..
  7. There going to have a Heritage Display at 2022 RPRU. Was going to it with mine.. But too many rules of what you can and cant do with your tractor at the display !!!! If anybody is going to display in that display .. Make sure you read all the rules on that page !!!! Stupid show police !!!!!
  8. Just checking on what there worth.. Looking to buy one ?
  9. Looking for what people have paid or value for these clocks. Restored or not ? These are dealer clocks from the 1950s. That also has neon around outside edge !
  10. I saw this stuff at Tractor Supply Co. Can it be mixed with kerosene and does it help clean parts when mixed with it ?
  11. I know its a IH site.. But need help with some parts for my 1937 Case CC. And wondered if anybody knows any salvage yards that have alot of Case CCs.. Thanks for the help Dave...
  12. My uncle still used one like that till he retired in 2014.. He loved it for feeding cattle easy to handle bales..
  13. Love hearing all the input !!! It might change peoples mind about running and no run shows ???
  14. Heres another point ... These shows should be a running driving show.. And let the equipment work.. Threshing / Plowing / etc.. And drive around.. Will get people more excited about coming to show.. More attendence !!! Otherwise you miles as well look in books at them or in a museum.. I remember when I use to hear the steam whistles and see the smoke during a steam show was the most exciting thing I remember when I was a kid and at 57 I still do get that feeling at running shows.. Need to change these no run shows... And have more fun.. And regulate this 4 wheeler / Golf cart thing somehow to make it safe.. And maybe a tractor highway or road for tractors to only travel on around grounds...
  15. Guess I will stick to the integrative shows like Farm Progress Show then... That has moving and running tractors !!!!!!!!!!! NOT TRAILER QUEEN SHOWS !!!!!
  16. There has to be a way to have tractors run and drive around... Its the best kind of show .. Too see them run.. Thats what gets people excited to come and see them run.. Alot of people have never seen old tractors run especially young people.. I think the shows that have the integrative displays are THE BEST !!! I bet if you told the steam people that they cant run there equipment .. It wouldnt be good.. They wouldnt come...And steam shows would die definitely !!!!
  17. Not trying to make a big thing about this.. Just would like to see alot of shows pick a spot to have more integrative displays at there shows.. To get more people to get excited about going to the shows... And help the attendence to keep the shows going and not die !!!!!! There should be a way to do that.. And still see tractors run around...and get exercise..
  18. The thing is . I think shows that let you run your tractor slow.. And drive it around and use it .. At the show like plowing / Etc... Makes a better show.. I can agree with the 4 wheelers and golf cart thing gets out of control.. They should only be used for handicap people to see the show.. Also for old people who have trouble walking.. My opinion need more young people to get interested to keep these shows going.. But if they all sit silent and not run miles as well be a no run museum.. And those museums are dyeing or closing everyday.. People love to see things run.. Thats what a tractor is all about... It can be run without all these rules if done right.. Most of these shows are trailer queens crap... I gave up on being part of a display and help organize it for a major red tractor show in the future because of all the dont move dont run display...
  19. Yep shes still doing the tag thing she advertises in The Red Power Magazine
  20. I talked to a future show promotor.. And some of the rules are.. Not move tractor only in and out of show.. Or just for demonstrations / parade / or photo shoot / Also nobody under 16 driving them.. Insurance thing I guess.. And no riders on tractor... But he complained that attendance at the shows are weak.. My thoughts are people dont want to see trailer queens..Especially young people are our future and we need to keep these shows going.. Young people like to see things run.. And some of use old ones too.. Some of us dont have any place to run our tractors anywhere but shows.. This old way of thinking is going to kill more shows.. When the flyer comes out for this show or display.. I hope people voice there opinion about the rules ... And help these shows change there ways... Thoughts ???
  21. I have a 1951 Farmall H with a voltage regulator... Not a cutout ? Question should my generator have a 3 brush or 2 brush generator ? Can I use a 3 brush generator ? Or can one be converted to 2 brush ? I have 3 total ... 3 brush generators... Need one to work with my voltage regulator and new wiring ? I have a stock 6 volt system .. And dont want to change to 12 volt !!!!
  22. What do you use in your parts washer for cleaning fluid in your shop ???? Pros / Cons ???
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