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  1. Lesuer MN swap meet

    Weather forecast looks like sunny and 60 for a high and 40 for a low all three days. I hope you guys up there are drying the snow and mud up for us.
  2. Found this at the swap meet

    Very nice find, that one's not even warped.
  3. Neat as heck in my opinion

    I did think about having a larger model made for holding business cards.
  4. Neat as heck in my opinion

    I talked to a guy a couple weeks ago about making a toy for me. I am very pleased with how it turned out. It looked really good behind my son's 7250.
  5. Lesuer MN swap meet

    I might, Thursday I have to go to brookings SD and then to Rochester to get a couple dynos first then to the swap meet. Make sure and have a spot big enough for a semi all dry for me.
  6. Lesuer MN swap meet

    I plan on taking off Thu morning early. I'm being it's going to be muddy.
  7. Owen's IH bike

    Just needs a turbo on it, looks real nice!
  8. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    We've dodged the bullet here north of Sioux city maybe 2-3 and windy. We were supposed to get up to 12 inches. I feel sorry for you guys.
  9. Wife farming money! 😃

    A guy I work with says marry them just as dumb as you can stand! I do all of the book work and bill paying. I usually make her go to the tax appointment with me and keep her in the loop when I buy something. Sometimes she'll ask just why we're buying something, that's about all she says.
  10. New joke

    That looks more like something you'd see at the half century of progress show!
  11. New joke

    Do you know what it means when a redneck has chew running out both sides of his mouth? The trailer is level.
  12. German Diesel DT402

    Did you try construction salvage yards? I know the ih excavators used them, they're rare though.
  13. M&W turbos on germans.

    He probably bought the tooling and patterns for casting. They do wear out and need to be replaced after so many pours.
  14. M&W turbos on germans.

    Yeah, a water brake dyno would need a P-4450. High lime content would fill up the holes in a rotor and stator real quick. Dale told me when he started there he delivered turbo kits and dynos from a flatbed straight truck, load up on Monday and be back towards the end of the week when he was empty. He was related to the Meiners if I remember correctly.
  15. M&W turbos on germans.

    I'm guessing that was Dale bielfeld, he used to deliver dynos and started working there right after school. He's a heck of a nice guy.