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  1. P355 has a smaller oil cooler, smaller PTO shaft and was 50hp less. Nothing major just an earlier version of a 400.
  2. I carried them way longer then she did! She doesn't appreciate it when I tell her that.
  3. I made these for my wife 11 and 13 years ago, does that quality?
  4. Wife gave me a shot of LA 200 once, the part that made me the most mad was she wouldn't let me out of the head gate then she gave me an implant!
  5. Good luck with a speedy recovery!
  6. Dad said when he grew up D's were all over, there were a couple R's, but a guy from a little bit away had a W-9 that he used on a stack mover. He thought that W9 was the biggest most powerful tractor he'd ever seen. He said the neighbor he worked for bought a new 3020 I believe, worked good until the guy bought a new 4520.
  7. It happened to us once, high school kids shot our German Shepard from the road to our front door. A family member didn't want to pursue it because the kids that did it would ruin their whole life for a bad decision. One of the kids was flunking a class so it was retaliation.
  8. I'm guessing the box was damaged in shipping as the Mark we know would never have done anything like that.
  9. I bought a root grapple from quick attach. It wasn't cheap but it's very heavy built. I've torn out concrete with it and it's held up fine. I'd rather pay more up front and have a good one then pay less sand fix all the time.
  10. I took my two kids and their cousin to a haunted house in town tonight. Both of my big shots weren't afraid of anything to start with. It was a two part house, evidently we went through the tame one first. Then the scary one. My daughter made it ten feet in the door and buried her head into the person in front of her and never looked up again until we walked out of the door and a clown with a chainsaw chased her for half a block. I'm thinking I'll wake up my son real early and scare him. My chicken of a wife wouldn't even go.
  11. Well we did tease my buddy enough about a Shetland pony being there that he has a serious talk with me that there better not be one there. It was before I was married and with all of my buddies we kept blaming someone else if a wife got mad. One guys 19 year old son dropped him off and was going to come back to drive him home but soon figured out we were going to be having way more fun then he was.
  12. I guess maybe next time I'll invite some of you guys to a party I throw. Last big one I had was a buddies bachelor party, a month later I was having dinner with my buddy and we overheard two other guys we didn't know talking about it. I guess that's what happens when grown up kids let loose.
  13. Tyler don't worry about the aliens missing you, I'll give them your address if they find me.
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