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  1. I was there in the late 80's and then fifteen years ago. I remember allot neater looking items from the first time I was there compared to the second but it was still neat to walk around.
  2. Wouldn't wish that mess on anyone. Usually when it happens is the worst time, never when you're done and cleaning it.
  3. Cute, lucky to have family close kid.
  4. Pete1468


    I'll type slowly - for you Mark. It's not quite the same as talking slow for you to understand but it'll be as close as I can get for a time until we meet again and I can explain anything.
  5. Pete1468


    Glad you're back, I missed you like a heat rash. Now we have to go back to explaining all the jokes again.
  6. Buddy of mine owned a muffler shop that everyone went to. He loved practical jokes. Another guy took his Buick Riviera there for a new exhaust. It got a complete exhaust alright, along with a turn up behind the bumper about six inches higher then the trunk lid with a tractor exhaust flapper. He backed out into the parking spot so the owner wouldn't see it right away. It only took one stop light before everyone was pointing and laughing. Of course he couldn't remove it because then the guy that did it would win. He drove it to the local consignment auction right in front of everyone and the auctioneer had to stop until everyone was done laughing.
  7. I like my cat, never run out of power. Just make sure when you buy attachments get the better ones, it'll bend-break the cheap ones real quick.
  8. You suppose she start out sorting hogs with her dad yelling at her? Every kid needs to how to sort/load hogs with their dad for a couple years. I leave spouses out as that results in divorce to quickly.
  9. I like snow, I just don't like the wind that causes the major problems. Glad you made it out and about for a bit.
  10. I had seen that one, hoping for more.
  11. Big question should be how are the guys from south-north Dakotas doing? Big blizzard there and 40-50 mph wind for a week. I'm waiting for those pics.
  12. Usually we tow a grader out with another grader, worst case is two graders, it happens. Tow trucks are really expensive anymore, I've heard big prices just like you're saying.
  13. My son asked who was in the box at a prayer service once. Apparently my wife and I's jaw didn't hurt the floor fast enough because he asked it again a little louder the second time. When we explained who it was he just said she has a nice shirt on. It was just before the service started when everyone is real quiet.
  14. Bro's before h, I better quit before I get in trouble.
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