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  1. The second pic has me wondering. What is the long lever that comes off the shifting valve? It looks like it has different holding spots like it's a shifting linkage, any thoughts from anyone else?
  2. It's bed time after watching it. Or at least I'm old enough it was when it was on originally.
  3. I had Lasik eye surgery 24 years ago so I've been without glasses for quite a while.
  4. I'll admit it, before any rumors start or get exaggerated. Evidently 45 1/2 is the age at which I need cheeter glasses. Trying to find cleaning supplies for my work I couldn't read the small bottle fine print. I didn't want Lyle or MTO finding a pic and spreading it around the web. Plus a little humor will help this week. I'm sure my kids will have fun with this. Anyone else have some light humor to share.
  5. Iowa's schools were shut down for 4 weeks. My sister is a teacher and decided 4 days no school was enough. The kids are now doing home school work and activities. Lucky she has more patience then me as I'd have sent them both to detention and possibly expell one of them the second day.
  6. I still have a bucket of them from when we changed to pioneer if you're interested.
  7. I plan on being there with a booth of parts and dynos.
  8. I just heard a rumour that there's a real old guy on the forum that has a birthday today. He works on emblems on red tractors and he's really fun to give slack to. Anyone have any guesses? He looks really old in person too.
  9. I had one at my old acerage and loved it. I never really fed him, he had free range of the place. Only problem I had with him is if I was sick the sob would sit outside my bedroom window about 9 in the morning and make the most God awful noise for a half hour or so. I think he kept snakes away also as I never really had any. Something got him to day and I gave up after a dozen replacements. The ones I had weren't mean and always stayed back from people.
  10. Pete1468

    Avoiding stress

    Watching my daughter play volleyball this afternoon
  11. I've heard stories that the walls will cave in when buried around here. I think the rain and soil type keeps pushing in. I think most of the price around here is the trucking cost.
  12. Pete1468

    Avoiding stress

    That's it, NO fan for you!
  13. Pete1468

    Avoiding stress

    There's nothing like sitting in at a show meeting everyone.
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