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  1. I think that's what it looks like when MTO's electric golf cart runs out of juice and the mean people at a show won't unplug their fan so he can charge his cart.
  2. At least he used an old Freightliner for it.
  3. Mike and I will keep the image of her until next year.
  4. No, wasn't mine no singing and dancing. Everyone was in disbelief that I graduated!
  5. I will say my sweet corn isn't very tall this year either.
  6. Well it is Sioux county, what do you expect, the people got all the height! Every high school team from up there is 7ft tall, some even have beards!
  7. The trailer has an electric control valve to raise and lower the tub.
  8. Maiden voyage today, I took the pics of the second load. Dad weighed it and it was right at 80,000 lbs. Nothing stuck in it and the rubber duck truck as Grayson and I call it worked great.
  9. I'm pretty sure I'd one who did that. I don't get even I get ahead! I was going to send you a case of beer but I didn't have your address.
  10. It's 5 o'clock there, quitting time, back up, she's going to hit you again! Just giving a warning as I know you'll start the fight again!
  11. MTO, you just stick to your guns, I'll black you up! Back up, she's going to hit you again!
  12. It's different between each guy that pulls you over. At work we had a dot guy come in and he even said it's different between the office and the officer.
  13. As I'm avoiding scales, just as much as I can fit in there. If I had a pusher on the truck it'd be 96,000 lbs. I'm not positive on what I can haul legally.
  14. It's an 06 smithco, I found it on Facebook trader. I'm well under market value on it.
  15. I just have to make sure the air works and he'll be alright. If this works out I'll be looking for a 379 short hood for it. I just want to make sure everything goes round and round first.
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