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  1. Pete1468

    After breaking 3

    I bought a 55 ton and a 35 ton for my large to rope. Buying used they were way cheaper so I got bigger then I needed.
  2. I don't know what it's called but if you get your finger caught in there I'm sure you can think of a long list of big names very quickly! Try it Mark and let us know how it turns out!
  3. I'm imagining that's what it's like to be married to MTO!
  4. 7 million comedians out of work in this world and you're cracking jokes!
  5. Maybe I should say I'm in Cody wy today again and Yellowstone, Grand Teton tomorrow again. Then Casper wy and then valentine ne.
  6. Pete1468

    Simple question

    An old cowboy would say Reride! Only need one word for that one.
  7. Pete1468

    Simple question

    Alright, who's first?
  8. Pete1468

    Simple question

    Paint my house! I hope others can recall that joke.
  9. Pete1468

    Simple question

    Run fast now! I didn't know! No proof anywhere That's my twin Where's my lawyer Always wanted to! I have amnesia!
  10. Looks good, have you been getting the rains we've been missing?
  11. Pete1468

    Emails sent

    Me being there smart and good looking one? I know the other 2 have to have more money then I do.
  12. Pete1468

    Emails sent

    Yes they do work in humid areas, just have to use dry ice in them. Guy told me it works perfectly then.
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