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  1. All my guns fell out when the canoe tipped over! Guess I'll protect myself and family with a pipe and the little ammo I have that fits the pipe.
  2. Pete1468


    Hey I put a price on my fan, more then once it's kept my bacon from cooking at a show. R Pope I sent you a message.
  3. The people that are legal and normal will always pay the price for what others do illegaly. Sounds like more of a money grab them anything to me.
  4. I'm not spoiled, I'm just dirty and rotten. I think there's a difference in there somewhere. I think it started in Bloomsburg when I met MTO. Bitty and TP had something to do with it also.
  5. I'm sure if we put it to a vote almost everyone would agree she looks better then you.
  6. I don't know how old she is but she still looks better then you Mark.
  7. Mark, you just need to go in the back yard and dig up a small coffee can of money. Big ticket items you have to dig up a milk can or possibly 2. Don't worry about a metal detector to find them, just dig you'll find one in the first shovel full as many as you have buried.
  8. It's funny how their humor shortens the older they get. Ours seem to get better.
  9. Red oak diesel in red oak Iowa used to have some of that stuff. Might be worth a try.
  10. Is this a case of hold my beer and watch this?
  11. That's mail fraud if money was sent through the mail. I'm not positive if time frames and such but I've heard several guys had good luck with that.
  12. What present, I want to go fishing! I've got an IH garand and haven't shot but a clip through it but still love it. They appreciate in value.
  13. About 5-6 hours of use the 84 hydro I used was out of fuel. I felt it was way too small of a tank for field use.
  14. I never do as it gets your hopes higher then they should be.
  15. Wet spring and nice rains all year.
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