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  1. Pete1468

    Happy birthday ,Sledgehammer & Redflyer

    Happy birthday to all!
  2. Pete1468

    New joke

    I think things like that happen more then you think!
  3. Pete1468

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    Price a new one! Favorite ringman at local auction says.
  4. Pete1468

    Guess I’m not completely worthless at 44

    I'm glad that's you guys and not me, I'm 43 and I don't think I would fair very well at all don't square bales anymore. It was kind of funny in high school where big jocks were done after one rack.
  5. Pete1468

    Good guys at Iowa State fair grounds

    Funny story about those towers, when the first one was being built they always had at least half a dozen spectators. When the first was almost done the workers threw a dummy from the top and it landed behind a building, another worker waited a couple seconds and came out from behind the building dusting himself off. I guess all the cars left and that was the last day for any spectators.
  6. Pete1468

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    I told my wife everything I know I've read about in books!
  7. Pete1468

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    I had to google what you were talking about, won't make that mistake again! Hehe
  8. Pete1468

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    Sioux city heat index yesterday was 107 or 110, can't remember my brain was melting and telling me to find AC.
  9. Pete1468

    Ficching Challenge!

    Catch and release would be the best, but you'd have to take a handful of vitamins to do that every day.
  10. Pete1468

    Ficching Challenge!

    I think I either need to go where you guys fish or go fishing with you!
  11. Pete1468

    Good guys at Iowa State fair grounds

    Keep the stories coming from the flood and the Sioux city stock yards. I remember hauling livestock there with dad as a kid. By the time I was old enough to drive it was a shell of its former self. I can remember the north end for cattle being full of trucks and a lineup for hogs on the south. Only a couple times can I remember sorting hogs with dad, showing,dropping hogs off then he'd drop me off at school. Big treat was old home bread for a donut.
  12. Pete1468

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    That's not a beeper, it's more of a squealer, and rather loud one.
  13. Pete1468

    Kidney stones

    Good to hear. Grandpa said the easiest diet in the world was if it tastes good spit it out, it's not good for you.
  14. Pete1468


    I've got a sleep by number bed and my wife and I both like it.
  15. Pete1468

    Some assembly required

    Here's the dump wagon on my 7250.