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  1. That's fine, probably won't be my semi trailer though. I'll have a sign out for it though.
  2. I have n one request guys, introduce your selves. I don't remember names that well. I talk to so many at the show my little brain gets fried and I can't remember who you are. I can remember dyno problems that people have called and talked to me about but the name of someone escapes me. Except for the tall lanky, grumpy guy from Pennsylvania. I can spot his ankle bracelet from a long ways away. I don't think they let him travel out of state anyway. His electric golf cart needs a charge every 1/4 mile.
  3. I'll be getting there on the 13th for our factory tour. The 14th I think we'll head out to Minden, ne for pioneer village walk around. I'm excited to get away and relax for a couple days. Maybe it'll stir up some rain for home when I'm gone.
  4. I'm like you Lyle, I want away from people. Hopefully they're there for a short bit and realize how nice it is in the Midwest.
  5. I used to be DeWalt, now all Milwaukee. The DeWalt impact should be thrown away compared to the Milwaukee.
  6. It'd be better then a rake but I can't imagine doing much more then ant hills with it.
  7. Cause they have more rights then those that do pay and are honest. I used to send parts out with an invoice until one month I was short $6,000. That hurts for a small business. Then I accepted credit cards and nothing goes out without payment. The system gets ruined by crooks.
  8. Even snakes hate each other and won't touch the ground!
  9. My corn is poking out today. After my call to my insurance agency I'm a little concerned. He mentioned separate claims. I'm not familiar with it but I think all vehicles are one claim or deductible.
  10. Haven't you heard of St. Peter?
  11. I think it's to late for me. Might be hope for my wife yet though.
  12. Midnight I heard a thump. I knew what it was but there's not much you can do about it. Got a couple pickups and car hoods.
  13. I think that could result in less energy during daylight hours and more energy during the night. It wouldn't be good when your Mrs found out either.
  14. No I don't think I'll head north. I hear there's still snow around up there and it'll be muddy as heck. You buy the good deals for me and take pictures, that way I can say there check is in the mail.
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