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  1. Pete1468

    Did something today probably no one else has done

    Someone's pet, never know what's around you. Last year I saw a video of a kangaroo hopping through a harvested corn field about 8 miles from me. I know the guy that has it and it didn't surprise me.
  2. I dug a hole for a zebra to be creamated. I was taking trees out for someone that has a taxidermy shop and he wanted somewhere to go with a zebra carcus. I'll creamate it with all the trees I have to burn. Just never know what you're going to do from day to day. I'd have taken a pic but the head, skin and lower legs were gone so it was hard to recognize.
  3. Pete1468

    G706 - need more power

    Combine Venturi is larger. On an M it makes 5 hp difference on a dyno.
  4. Pete1468

    G706 - need more power

    Combine Venturi in there carb and more rpm will wake it up.
  5. Pete1468

    Why can't I find a job?

    That's the biggest fishing lure I've ever seen, what is he after sharks?
  6. Pete1468

    Little Old School Rollover Plowing

    I noticed e big rack of weights right away. I've got a 2 bottom rollover and it's heavy.
  7. Pete1468

    Dirt Boyz Yard Art ,

    I like it, makes me wish I'd have kept my t5.
  8. Pete1468

    This is pretty amazing really. (Pilot from PA )

    I've been told the Vietnam era helicopter pilots that are retiring we're the ones that weren't afraid to land close to obstacles. The younger guys want everything perfect and big open areas. Dad tells of riding in helicopters in Vietnam some river racing stories and branch removal landing and take offs. I'm guessing it's more fun as a pilot then a passenger.
  9. Pete1468

    Ih 1480 head won't drop at full throttle

    I'm under the impression that an early one doesn't need the engine oil pressure. That's only for electric over hydraulic machines. I had an oring come apart and cause problems in my old 1480 valve stack. Have you backed the drop rate valve out to see if it changes?
  10. Pete1468

    2208 corn head vs 1083

    Speed isn't a problem as in only going 3-3.5 mph and only 2 of us I can't haul it away any faster.
  11. Pete1468

    2208 corn head vs 1083

    Darin, you're the first one to say stay away that had big problems. Do you have a 3408 now?
  12. Pete1468

    2208 corn head vs 1083

    That's the info I'm looking for. The hydraulic deck plates are the thing I'm really after.
  13. Pete1468

    2208 corn head vs 1083

    Needing to work on my 1083, it needs knives and chains for sure. I'm wanting hydraulic deck plates, talked to a guy that would put them on for $2500. I'm curious if I would be better off buying a 2208 head with poly and hydraulic deck plates. I average around 150-200 acres a year on corn and don't like the way my 1083 shells corn.
  14. Pete1468

    Plastic culvert

    Depends on how big. When I put them together I put a bucket of dirt on one to hold it and grease the gasket on the other and slide together. There's special goop they give us but I would think dish washing soap in a bottle would work. I've had a couple where I've helped with the side of the backhoe bucket. Normally we use the 24 in ones
  15. Pete1468

    5488 Turbo

    Knowing you I should have asked in feet.