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  1. Pete1468

    stolen hay

    One neighbor had a problem with round bales disappearing. He finally flipped over a harrow in front of the bales. Two weeks later other neighbor shows up with 4 new tires on his 4020. I could remember when they got new tires on the tractor but never knew why until years later.
  2. Pete1468

    Lorenzo in his younger days

    I didn't waste any money, I enjoyed every minute of it!
  3. Pete1468

    WL 21 loader

    Ta series was made for front wheel assist tractors. Which extra piece on the cylinder are you talking about? If you're talking about the linkage on the bucket cylinders it's for more travel out of the bucket.
  4. Pete1468

    DALLAS 806

    Big uproar over the flag on top of the car. Taken off of cmt over it.
  5. Pete1468

    DALLAS 806

    Who would have thought the fun family show about a couple cousins that would help everyone, that kids loved would be banned from TV and the grown up drama of a bunch of crooked people and how you shouldn't act would have made a short comeback and be praised.
  6. Pete1468

    WL 21 loader

    42 is six inches wide. 42 has much heavier arms and higher reach. I've sold allot of 42's and no 21's.
  7. Pete1468

    WL 21 loader

    21 series will fit up to 1066 I believe. But not to be used heavily though, just loading hay. Well 42 would be a much better fit in my opinion. I've got a 21 and a 42.
  8. Pete1468

    Anyone else have a pellet grill?

    I'm pretty sure the pellets need a fan to burn. It's electric controlled how fast the auger turns on how much pellets go in.
  9. Pete1468

    Anyone else have a pellet grill?

    I don't have a blanket for it, I might if I keep using it in cold temps.
  10. Pete1468

    Anyone else have a pellet grill?

    It's 35 degrees, not real windy and protected from the wind. Best thing I bought was a meat probe thermometer, I know what the inside meat temp is without looking at it.
  11. Wife got me a traeger pellet grill for Christmas. I've used it 3 times successfully and today being the 4th time it keeps going out on me. Try to cook a pork but at 225 and it went out twice, took it apart and didn't see a big clinker and put back together and started right up and about 2 hours later out it goes at 275. It's just the way my week is going so far.
  12. Pete1468

    Snow Removal 1958

    The dead give away is what side the tilt cylinder is on. 7's we're on the right, 6's on the left. Accordingly to that it's a 7, although I thought it was to short for a 7.
  13. Pete1468

    Westendorf Hitch and Go

    I think the main customers they were after was the hook and unhook allot customers, hauling and spotting grain wagons all day.
  14. Pete1468

    Auction sales starting.

    I've heard the situation in North Dakota isn't good. I don't like the situation in Iowa and I'm really glad I don't have new machinery payments to make. I know my grandpa would have been shaking his head with rent guys were paying and machinery prices.
  15. Pete1468

    Hurry up and wait

    During harvest Sioux City can get those, especially with a break down. That's the best part of a bin the combine can keep going.