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  1. Pushed a bunch of terraces out and dug a hole to bury some tree roots and branches. That's big enough for my d7 to hide in and about 50-75 ft long. I've been very busy with the dozer this spring.
  2. Mark, weren't you supposed to have Ned Beatty's part? I stop there I don't want to start rumors.
  3. I don't whine, that's my supercharger you hear. I don't mind working, it's the people calling expecting you to answer your phone that gets me. Usually I find something that my son and I can to together.
  4. Who works Sundays, and if so do you expect others to work. Maybe I'm getting old guy syndrome but it seems like all I get are calls on Sunday mornings. I enjoy working when ii want on Sundays, usually after church putzing in the shop. It seems people forget their manners, won't leave a message and call every five minutes. One guy was consistently calling at 630 in the morning multiple times in a row, finally I had enough of that and answered asking him if he was dieing or one of my parents/ kids was dieing. When he stammered sand said no I said in a not very nice tone why are you fing calling at this time then. It was two days before he called back but wow was I mad. I have to sleep by my phone for emergencies and the sheriff's office does call at all hours of the night during bad weather. I have a shirt that says I used to be a people person but people ruined it. I think there's allot of truth to n it anymore. Maybe I should become a hermit.
  5. I can't take credit for this, my son took it tonight. He had just finished working up my daughter's horse arena with my 806.
  6. I was looking through old pics on my phone and I found one of MTO. It's not the greatest angle though
  7. I think I'll avoid that reunion. 2 to many easterners.
  8. I spent allot of time riding/hitting my head on the window in one exactly like that riding with grandpa. I can still smell that black material that went around the cowling. Dad traded it in for a new 5088.
  9. I don't receive any junk mail anymore. It was quite simple plan really. I sign up for everything I can find at county fairs and home shows under this guy's name in Pennsylvania. I think the guy runs a car repair shop in western Pennsylvania and has a electric golf cart that needs changing all the time. I hope that guy never finds out.
  10. They wanted to catch you before you went out and played hockey or collected syrup or something else Canadian eh. Happy birthday!
  11. You're the only guy lucky enough to find one back with a story like that.
  12. Guy I know worked at a place that semi drivers would always fall asleep waiting to get unloaded filling out their log book in the driver's seat with the truck running. Of course most everyone that worked there was a college student so they brought another semi right in front of the guy sleeping and laid on the air horn. He claimed the guy threw all his papers up in the air and was grabbing the steering wheel to try and turn out of the way. He also said that driver chewed on them really good and loud for quite a while, he said it was hard to understand him with everyone's laughter.
  13. That's what I was thinking but it's been 25 years since I messed with one.
  14. Is one from a combine bigger?
  15. I have both PEX tools for crimping, I prefer the original copper ring style, but you need to have allot of room to use it. The other style is a metal band that crimps like a pinch hose clamp. That works better in tight spots. I don't like the quick push on fittings as the oring will leak eventually. I keep a small assortment of fittings and pipe. Menards has everything else and it's 20 minutes away.
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