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  1. Pete1468

    04 Pete 379X

    Yes, it was in the parking lot behind the buildings hidden from MTO but he still found it. No measurable snow yet.
  2. Dam auto correct, gets me every time.
  3. Good cast will weld with a mig welder. Poor quality cast is harder but I've welded quite a bit of cast with success.
  4. Pete1468

    04 Pete 379X

    Mine has 44000 rears, 18 speed and was 500/1850 c15 from the factory. I bumped it to 550 and noticed the difference, you always want more but I'm happy with it.
  5. Pete1468

    04 Pete 379X

    Nicest truck I've ridden in, I love mine.
  6. You'll be in the clear real quick huh? Now that we're clear off subject.
  7. 40-50 shots to clear the pipes, at 45 I'll be dead long before the pipes would think of being cleaned out. You guys must be real optimistics or going somewhere else.
  8. You have my sympathy, I sent my wife in to get field dressed. Good thing she doesn't read this as she gets grumpy when I say that. My buddy got fixed and asked why I didn't get fixed and I explained his wife might change her mind and I'd be there for her if she did. He spouted right back that would make us even! Another friend had 3 boys and was supposed to get fixed, chickened out and when she got pregnant with a 4th she made and escorted him to the appointment.
  9. Farm bureau did that with me on a truck I bought new. It was 5 years old and hit a deer. While your truck is nice it's not new anymore, they said. I refused the aftermarket until they found some new old stock ones. I hate dealing with insurance, I think they give you the go around until you cave in.
  10. Pete1468

    Alexa, It's me!

    I'll never own one, I already have one woman telling me what to do in the house, NO way I'll pay money to have another one tell me everything.
  11. A guy helped us pack silage with one once. It shifted so hard he would drive off the pile turn around and drive back on from each end instead of shifting on the pile.
  12. I put a new one in my 1680 years ago. I think you can find one in a salvage yard but making sure you have everything for it might be the hard part. Find an install instruction manual first so you know what to look for.
  13. That might be a good question to ask his dad next time I see him. If it has a screw you can turn to make it go faster or blow more smoke Darin found it at the age of 5.
  14. Looking at a skid loader and salesman says I have to pay sales tax if picked in South Dakota. I was under impression I filled out a out of state tax form and away I went.
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