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  1. Plowed, disced and planted sweet corn today, ran out of seed had to get more. Wife has been after me for that but more importantly was teaching my son how to disc. Turning 10 in June at red power and couldn't think of a better way to teach him how. Nothing special about the super c but the 450 was a neighbors and the corn planter was my grandpa's. I used my 3 bottom disc plow to bury the residue, double disced it and planted it. Way more involved in 16 rows of corn then the rest of the farm.
  2. Finished playing in my sandbox today. Only dirt work I have left for now is fix a couple terraces after church tomorrow, have to move the track loader though. I just looked at my crops, tomorrow the corn should poke through and my beans are coming out already. I've got orders for steaks Sunday evening and a pork but to smoke on Monday.
  3. Ziegler is 20 minutes from me and I had to walk to get tools and pickup anyway so I'll put it in. I didn't have any river sand but have been busy pushing it for several neighbors. This one wasn't very deep but stretched out a ways. Some of the spots are slime under it.
  4. I'm pushing sand up along the Floyd river. Was going good until I blew a diaphragm in the fuel pump, lost power instantly. Now for a parts run.
  5. I'm sitting good that way, my corn and beans were planted a week and a half ago.
  6. I usually don't sell a whole lot but I sold some Wednesday for 3.93 to an ethanol plant. Today I sold some for 3.98 to a feed mill all for January. Dropped .07 afterward, I'm thinking I'll sell some more for February when I can get above 4. I didn't want to pass a profit up when I can. I haven't sold any beans yet, don't have as many and nothing looks good to me there.
  7. I feel pretty good that I've been done for a week now. Timing was perfect for me, got the beans in and the next day they sprayed dicamba and enlight that had to be sprayed before emergance. I've had a grin on my face the whole time it's been raining. My sweet corn isn't in yet, I'm guessing I'll start hearing about that pretty quick though.
  8. Sad to hear, the family has my condolences.
  9. Who do I contact about the trip? Wife and kids are interested in going on the chocolate trip.
  10. Old dozer operator here for the county said he was pushing dirt with an old d5 when he got a pocket of rattle snakes. He kept going and they were so thick they were stuck to the tracks and he just kept going as he didn't want to stop and have them get closer to him. There's a small area in Iowa that had them and I don't walk the ditches over there.
  11. Company here buys them, some he won't take but usually 2-4.50 each then he repairs them and sells them.
  12. Buddy of mine would throw nickels and pennies on the floor of a porta potty an sure enough they'd be gone at the end of the day.
  13. Pretty soon you'll need a bigger trailer to bring things to the show.
  14. I think I'd be so front heavy it'd have a hard time moving in the field let alone pull something.
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