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    tractors I own, Super C, 1 MTA gas, 1 MTA puller, 656 Diesel, 450 diesel, 7250, 9370 quad way to many dyno's to count

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  1. Only one comes to my mind. He's getting old and cranky though so I won't mention any names or three letter abbreviations.
  2. When you're done moving the car move the trailer down to my house.
  3. I'll have a plan together by then. I don't think Mark will go west of Pennsylvania so we'll be safe.
  4. I have his cell number programmed in under robo caller, that way I don't feel guilty about not answering him.
  5. My invite must be in the mail huh?
  6. Pete1468

    PTO Dyno

    I do have dynos, I'll send you a message.
  7. Yes, those aren't factory brackets. I don't know how much they wanted but wl40s around here are in that $1000-2000 range for nice ones.
  8. The rear brackets will move for different widths very easily. We had a wl 40 and then a 42 on a 656 for years. Looks like the one in the picture is a very early wl40.
  9. I've heard E 85 works well.
  10. I put a pro 600 in mine and like it. Seems easy enough to calibrate.
  11. To fit a starter on without it in a tractor you need a combine rear engine plate or a 50 series rear plate.
  12. Blow a big logger tire and they're $10,000 each. Scraper tractors will spin in the rims and ruin all 8 real quick so it's all about the same in the end.
  13. Pete1468

    Track woes

    Neighbor called and he needed help on a big job so up I went. Thursday I broke a cable in the track and ruined one mid roller. Roughly $7000 later we were going. Saturday a bearing went out on a large Idler, ruining a shaft plus taking out the bearing set next to it and naturally the track loosened up and took 4 lugs off in a row. Thank God it wasn't the new track. The clear kile bearing caps would have prevented this so I'll order them in the morning. Has anyone has problems with the clear caps breaking or turning cloudy?
  14. We worked on one once that had low pressure, after rebuilding and pulling again for low pressure we found a crack in the spool valve housing. Different housing and away we went. This was 25 years ago and the salvage yard we got the next housing from said they'd never heard of it before.
  15. Buddy had one in a 1666, he knew exactly when it got tough. He'd slug it first when the 2188 would growl and run another hour or so.
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