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  1. Pete1468

    Half Century of Progress question.....

    What ever you do Tyler stay away from this guy! You'll walk in circles all day from him talking one leg off! 😂The best part of the show is meeting everyone. It's pretty relaxed cause every one is there to have fun.
  2. Pete1468

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    When you and your wife loose 7 pounds each in two weeks from stress give me a call. Document everything, emails are an easy way to do that as they are a legal document. Schools don't care about bullying, just lawsuits. Remember, just cause someone has a college education doesn't make them smart or qualified. Good luck!
  3. Pete1468

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    Good luck anything with the school. Have a meeting with all of them the first to be very firm and tell them the next is with a lawyer, the bigger the firm the better. Most schools now have video systems so ask for them.
  4. Pete1468

    Half Century of Progress question.....

    Bloomberg is closer, but you can still charge him delivery fees. My dad was like a kid in a candy store the first year we went. There was 28 pickers going across the field that he saw the first year.
  5. Pete1468

    Half Century of Progress question.....

    I highly recommend going, even if you walk you can stop by the trailer and rest for a bit. I always enjoy going but don't get to see much being a vendor.
  6. Pete1468

    Who else procrastinates on getting combine ready

    So what you're saying Darin is you're almost done and are headed this way to help?
  7. Pete1468

    Who else procrastinates on getting combine ready

    My corn tested 30% Friday night and forty acres I combine for a friend was 20%. That was a hand tester so I figured add 2% and throw 4 or so days of 90 sunny and little wind it should go.
  8. Started tonight, got the combine out and started looking at it. Always seems like I get really busy the end of the summer. My beans are around 10 days out.
  9. Pete1468

    Road Construction

    The biggest thing you have to remember as a flagger is to use more then one finger or people find it mean or rude, really! I guess they wouldn't like the finger I'd like to use.
  10. Pete1468

    Road Construction

    If you're a flag man the safest place to be is at your house in bed. I just hate flagging luckily I don't have to do it very often, it's much safer to be in the equipment. The flagging school is just as bad to be in.
  11. Pete1468

    Trip to Avoca Iowa

    Walnut ia is full of antique stores.
  12. Pete1468

    Weird Caller ID Readouts

    I had a call once that said Sherman tank division! I figured it was worth a shot answering it. I was laughing when I answered it. Turned out it was part of the Sioux city foundry. The guy explained the name was for water tanks.
  13. Pete1468

    Programmer for c15

    1100 rpm is so you get an idea of my high gearing. I like 15-1600 rpm for cruising speed.
  14. Pete1468

    Programmer for c15

    Highest boost I see is 40psi. 55 in the high hole is 1100 rpm. I know it's geared high but in one of the gears I should be able to climb a hill without shifting.
  15. Pete1468

    Programmer for c15

    Their dyno has been down since January at least. I put a new transfer fuel pump, new pressure regulator and a higher pressure relief in there and I gained some pressure little over 80 psi at an idle now. Took it for a test drive and no noticeable difference. It's got tall gears and an 18 speed but it just falls on its face as soon as you see a hill, even if your running 75mph and see a hill you're shifting.