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  1. Guy I with with sent his bees out to an almond orchard in California for the first time this year. I'll have to ask him where exactly.
  2. That's why us good ones are so expensive! I wouldn't have minded trying a comedian gig a while ago.
  3. Mark is that the set you bought when you graduated college? Buddy has a wall in his shop covered with old tools and misc what is it items. Everyone loves looking at them.
  4. The price is reasonable for a 7140. If you're worried about the front end pull a plug and look at the oil.
  5. He was already that! Happy birthday you old coot!
  6. Buddy of mine will be there, he shares a booth with me. PM me for info.
  7. 2 bars like this is what we used at the shop. They're Cornwell and they don't sell the 36 inch anymore. Only saw one that we couldn't get off.
  8. It's easier to watch and learn from someone else's mistakes then your own.
  9. I had one in a 7120 and I don't think you can have the front weights on because of the front wrap around.
  10. I don't know what you're laughing at, I work with several of those guys. How one guy lived to retirement I'll wonder until I die.
  11. I cooked a brisket on the smoker all day, does that count?
  12. You're still getting paid with the memories. That life lesson is one you'll never forget. Kids that are sitting in front of the TV or on video games and everything handed to them will never get those hard earned best memories/values.
  13. Rent a cat 140 grader, pay for my air fare and I'll trade care of it for you.
  14. I had a 97 Dodge with the Cummins in it that would flat out run. I bought it in 97 with 17,000 miles on it. Black 3500 extended cab 4x4 with a straight pipe. I sent Dad south of Des Moines to get a 5488 with duals with my gooseneck trailer. He came back with a big smile bragging he only shifted out of overdrive 3 times between Des Moines and Sioux City. I'm on my second Duramax and they're nice but that 5.9 mechanical pump will always be my top runner, just wish the rest of the pickup could have held up.
  15. Everything is for sale for the right price. Might even be a two for one price at the right price for me!
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