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  1. timbo1946

    Family dodged one today

    Details are set, meeting with President, Engineering and manufacturing managers of the company all on Tuesday. I expect to be put through the ringer, but that is par for the course. I would too if I was looking for an experienced engineer that has to perfom ASAP. Thanks for the well wishes, I just have to perform
  2. timbo1946

    Family dodged one today

    Update, Sept 13 I lost my job, as I expected might happen. I had mentally planed for it to occur, but still hard to sit there and here that you are being let go. I know that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it is still a small consolation. I have been working like crazy to get applications / resume/ cover letters out. 17 application out, 4 out and out rejections, and one call back. I had to take a engineering test and complete a practical demo of my CAD proficiency, they must have liked what they saw, because the called me within a couple of hours to set a face to face interview set up for next week. Keeping a positive outlook and hoping for the best
  3. timbo1946

    Family dodged one today

    You bet we are blessed. I get to spend this evening with the whole family. I can’t even imagine what Grayson’s 2nd bday would be like without aunt C C today. Here he is last weekend riding with dad while Tim unloaded me
  4. timbo1946

    How can I thank a scam artist......??

    MTO, good luck with your sister, it’s only money, and that shouldn’t wipe out your health. Having you and your sister in our prayers today
  5. timbo1946

    Family dodged one today

    Thanks everyone. Sure has been a rollacoaster today. As MTO said we have had our share of stuff to deal with this year. It would be easy to give in, nope not going to. Looking at what might have been this year.... I / we still are blessed. I still have my wife, grandson that had tumor is doing great, oldest grandson turns 2 tomorrow, job search has started and I am positive I will make out ok, and today someone had a guiding hand for my daughter. Yup still blessed.
  6. timbo1946

    Family dodged one today

    Got a call at work around 7 this morning. Youngest daughter was in an accident. She didn’t see the car, dark gray no lights on. She was hit in the drivers front wheel assembly. Broke lower control arm, ripped off wheel, half shaft ripped out of transaxle, and broke the case. The hit pushed the engine compartment to passenger side about 6 inches, wrapping the passenger fender out and back so the pasenger will not open. Radiator gone . Car is twisted enough that glove box will not open. The other cars front end is almost against the firewall. He walked away. Chelsea’s banged up, black and blue, large contusion on her forehead. CT scan was clear, x ray of neck and spine didnt show anything. She Rested this afternoon and is sore. There were a couple of guardian angels riding with those two kids. Amazing the damage to those cars and both were able to walk away
  7. timbo1946

    That old familiar feeling

    Keeping you and wife in our prayers
  8. timbo1946

    That old familiar feeling

    Praying for you
  9. timbo1946

    Tourist season why can't we shoot them.

    Check this out. Wife and I went past this coming home from getting our very first boat. Great lesson! https://www.wsbtv.com/news/trending-now/boat-breaks-free-crashes-onto-truck-towing-it-officials-say-1/795437007
  10. timbo1946

    what goes wrong in a mans mind

    Not in that state of mind, but boy sometimes life can spin you around until it is hard to know what, when or where to go. Just starting to get past family health issues, and new layoffs at my work. Fully expect this time is it. I have worked for Kodak ( yup still around, but just) for 36 years. I have always worked with the attitude that I wasnt the smartest, or quickest, but was going to make up for it with effort. Rose from an entry level position to a supervising engineer with 30 plus engineers working for me. To a Senior level engineer, indivdual contributor with 30 plus patents, that has never failed to meet deadlines or failed to deliver on a project, even when I had to put myself last to “ get it done”. Facing the prospect of having to start over at 57, and even knowing that I have just been caught in the meat grinder, and really couldn’t have done any more than I have, sure weighs heavy on the mind. Facing an unknown future, a sick wife, really just getting on our feet after financially after paying for college, weddings and medical bills does take its toll, and makes you question almost everything. I know We will be Ok for the very same reasons I have done as well as I have at Kodak, but I can see how too many things all at once, could push someone past the breaking point. I used to think taking your own life was selfish, but have learned there are too many demons that people are afraid to ask help with, and I believe they think it is the best solution for everyone around them. It is a sickness......
  11. timbo1946

    1941 Farmall H

    You are the down hill side, great job
  12. timbo1946

    Front Wheels on Orchards

    From what my Dad told me many years ago, the first OS6 (1946) he got had the spoked front wheels. When hooked to the speed sprayer there was so much hitch weight that he had trouble keeping the front down. He got the solid fronts after the fact. The second OS6 was a 1950 and he ordered that with the solid fronts from the get go. The 1949 ODS6 he bought used still has the spoked fronts, but the engine weight difference was enough he didnt need extra weight. Once he got the ODS6 that was the only tractor he ever used on it the speed sprayer
  13. timbo1946

    Canandaigua Pageant of Steam

    At this point Friday is looking doubtful. Major project at work is a month behind, and have to have deliver by Sept 1st. I finished design back in March, SW written by June 1st, completed mechanical assembly at end of June and have been waiting for the electrical power and interface build for the last month, the one thing out of my control. Got someone working on intergration today, got panels installed (with my help) and started ringing out the point to points when he had to go for the day, he will not be back until Friday 🤬. Going to have to put serious hours in to complete the final functional checkout, and certify operation on time.
  14. timbo1946

    1941 Farmall H

    Great Job!
  15. timbo1946

    Canandaigua Pageant of Steam

    I am playing by ear. Way too many things happening at home and work to make definite plans. If I go over it might be only for a day, Friday or Saturday, and not sure if I will be taking anything with me. I just dont have two days to haul stuff over and back ☹️ If there Getting together would be great. Ill pm with my phone number