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  1. timbo1946

    45 years ago

  2. timbo1946

    How did I ever live without one?

    I got a used Gator last year. Can’t believe how much i use it. Lots of fun too
  3. timbo1946

    Hot Plug`s come-a-part must be down

    Sometime Ya got to do what Ya got to do......
  4. timbo1946

    Changed my office view yesterday

    Normally I stare at a computer screen all day. This time of year I cant wait to get a call to help on SIL farm. Putting up silage yesterday, and once the dew burns off, a few more hours today. Couple of vids from yesterday
  5. timbo1946

    Just sayin...

    Praying for your wife’s sight and fir the whole family Tim
  6. timbo1946

    IH OS6 makes short work

    Has power stearing. It is a unit from a truck, operates from the drag link. Cylinder has an actuating valve at the rear connection. Works very good.
  7. timbo1946

    IH OS6 makes short work

    Decided that after 3 years of non use the Hot Tub had to go. Pulled a rail off the deck and hooked a rope around the tub, pulled it to the edge. Got the forks under it and used two ratchet staps hooked to the far top to the top of the forks. The OS6 picked with little effort. Tub weighed out at the scrap yard at 740 lbs.
  8. timbo1946

    Cost of OS6 new in 1947

    Yes still in Williamson, grandpa and Dad farmed in Sodus. Quick story, they tried to get one in1942, but due to the war couldn't get one as it wasn't a priority item. They put their order in, and waited for the war to end. They were told at the end of 46 that their tractor was coming in. They were farming with a 1020, and had gone to the dealer to get paint to clean up the 1020 before they put up for sale. This tractor was on the show room floor, they asked about it, and were told that it was already sold, but they could look at it. The salesman was new to them. They looked the OS6 all over, then headed home. Grandma meet them at the door when they got home and told them that their tractor was in, and to head to the dealer to look over and pay for it if they still wanted it. Dad drove it home that night!
  9. timbo1946

    Cost of OS6 new in 1947

    I thought I would share. Still going through old paperwork from the farm. Ran across the receipt for the OS6 my grandfather bought new in 47. Picture is from my daughters engagement photo collection in 2012, I still have the tractor. This one will go to my oldest daughter when I am gone
  10. timbo1946

    Graduation Day

    Congratulations !
  11. timbo1946


    Amen. I have a 1924 HOLT 2 Ton, after pulling on that crank for 5 minutes I have had enough! I know it is a low compression engine, but pulling over 330 cubic inches takes its toll
  12. timbo1946

    plow days weekend

    One of these days I am going to get to a plow day event
  13. timbo1946

    What is a Shaft Fillet Radius in a tapered bearing?

    Some thoughts here. A simple shim behind the 29680 bearing that the id is slightly bigger than the radius diameter will allow the bearing the have a solid edge the seat against. The diagram shows shims that set the endplay of the shaft, simply reduce the thickness of the shim by the same amount put behind the bearing. That should make you functional without any machining of the shaft or the bearing.
  14. timbo1946

    New to me W6

    PoR Daughter pulls in the 5500 # class. I will try to pull tractor out this weekend, been a couple of years since it has been out, so its time. I did some quick calculations, and you might get below the 4800 lb limit. I have two wheel weights / side, and 6 - 60# suitcase weights, so thats about 660#. Depending on the scale I have had to add 40 to 100 lbs. If you pull of the belt pulley that would get some additional leeway, as long the operator is on the light side. I would have to pull off weight if I were to pull, but this is my daughters ride 👍
  15. timbo1946

    Joys and continued prayers

    Few wins this week... My work announced layoffs earlier this month, 25%. Figure that this was finally it, 36 years next month, and they want younger people. I had a plan and options, just did want the hassles of moving on. I was notified Tuesday I still had my job, win number one Erika took Hunter to surgen Wednesday and he got a clean bill of health. Dr P said the he can be treated just like any other new born, and he is looking forward to seeing him is 6 months, win number 2 Lisa is continuing with chemo, and is down to the last of the real bad chemo treatments, still a ways to go, with radiation and targeted treatment drugs until January, but should be getting better every day after her next treatment, win number 3. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers Tim