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  1. Yes on term limits. Being a politician is the only occupation that you can engage in working for someone else (the people) that you can start off broke and end up mulit-millionaire with a few years. You can ask “where will get qualified people” but I think there would be many more people interested in serving ( yes serving) if the BS were taken out of the political system
  2. D11 for about 10 minutes. Was at Cat’s proving grounds
  3. timbo1946

    WWII books

    Read this some time ago, a little dry at times, but amazing what these men accomplish in a short time Book details Resurrection: Salvaging the Battle Fleet at Pearl Harbor
  4. Not a picture, but and old video. T20 plowing snow. This had to of been around 1960
  5. Couple years ago, help with some silage, Class but don’t know much about it. Son in Law said 900 horse. Makes some noise when your running right by the cutter head
  6. Hired man running cherry shaker Dad built on the 49 OS6
  7. Good luck. Remember not to overdo too soon
  8. On my first attempt, had a young lady as examiner. She was nice, put me at ease since a little nervous. Truck failed pretrip as the lights went out on trailer and couldn’t get them on. Dad didn’t want to leave until she left with next person, so talked to her and asked her experience. That was when Dad was running about 80 to Hundred thousand miles a year, Cabover KW. Examiner was a little slow in answering, but finally admitted that her “experience” was two trips from Rochester to Buffalo and back. She knew the rules, but didn’t really have any real world experience. Examiners should have experienced some real time behind wheel in my opinion. Went back next week, had old guy, and while didn’t cut me any slack, did hint I forgot to check wipers. Best part after finishing all the elements of the test, and on way back, truck broke down. Set up emergency triangles and jumped back in cab. We talked a bit, said that he would grade the test ( could have failed me with equipment failure again) and said I would be pleased. He walked back to testing area, told dad where I was, commented that I did good, get a better truck ( no it wasn’t dads KW)
  9. For me, the forties was my eyes, started wearing glasses, had to change from reading to by-focal in that decade. Now my late fifties is where things just plain hurt more. Twisted right ankle at 55 and still bothers me sometimes and locks up. At 57 working on a ladder at daughters place felt left knee pop and sharp pain for 6 months, had mri and needed surgery, put it off. Then getting in back of pickup something poped in left ankle, couldn’t walk for a week and still hurts ( btw I now have a ladder screwed to the tailgate). Had surgery for left knee 2 months later, pain gone but gets real sore going up stairs or ladders or if I walk all day. Doc said that he rated the knee a 3 with a 4 being recommended for replacement. Yup fifties has been the pits. I’ll be 58 in January
  10. I would be interested in your serial number. I have two 1946 OS 6s and a 46 W6. I wonder where they all fall in relation to each other. BTY the OS6 s both have rubber shift knobs
  11. I have a 46 W6 that has a metal knob. Not sure that a metal knob is a good indicator it is a war year tractor
  12. Got my Class A about 35 years ago in Ny. Had to parallel park and back up 500 feet in a single lane.
  13. Had one rust out and short. Caught the floor mat on fire. Imagine the cab full of smoke trying to get on the side of the expressway. Opened hood and pulled battery cable off, saved truck but was close
  14. Doug Yes, half or more goes to Motts. In this case, we were on way home from Cahoons in Wolcott loaded with empty bins
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