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  1. timbo1946

    Prayers requested

    Prayers from NY
  2. timbo1946

    Loaded question

    There is an “A” power unit, not sure what the real designation would be for sale not too far from me. Complete free, not running. What range of value do those units bring, I know it’s a loaded question. I have been looking casually for something like this, however it might be a little too small. Back in the 50s my Dad built from the ground up a small crawler. It had a model A engine in it, but that engine is long gone, but I have everything else. I was thinking more of an engine from an H or M would be better suited, but might consider this if the price was right. This little crawler is geared real low so it might work ok
  3. timbo1946

    Update on dad

    Sorry, will be praying for your family Tim
  4. timbo1946

    Did I mention I hate mud?

    Yes mud is the worst!
  5. timbo1946

    My 1979 transtar 2

  6. timbo1946

    Update on dad

    Prayers from Ny.
  7. timbo1946

    Humor at my Governor's expense!

    With all this black face discussion, I guess I will have to apologize for working on my daughters house ( at least it gives me an excuse not to have to help any more)
  8. timbo1946


    Sending prayers your way. At times like these it is hard to see the way ahead. I look back at my experience this past year and it is hard to believe that my family got through it. Take it one day at a time, it can be a trial but we are pulling for you. Tim
  9. timbo1946

    Update on dad

    Continued prayers from NY.
  10. timbo1946

    Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Update I have been remiss and should have written this some time ago. I would like to thank MTO for jogging my mind to provide this update. He has asked in private many times how everyone is, always offering positive encouragement, thank MTO What a year that has gone by. A wife with cancer, the surgery’s, chemo, radiation, insurance company interactions. A Mother in law passing right before my wifes first surgery, settling her estate.... An unborn grandson with a potential life altering tumor, and to top it all off loosing my job in September. To be honest, I have so much to be thankful for. Lisa has been declared cancer free, and we are cautiously optimistic, living life a day at a time. Our grandson Hunter surgery went great, and is crawling everywhere and has taken his first steps with his walker, even tormenting his big brother 😊. I even found a great job with great people I have the pleasure to work with. On top of that I already have been recognized for the job I am doing and gotten a nice bonus. Yes I am very thankful.... All of this good fortune would not have been possible without the prayers, words of encouragement, and just being able to reach out. I would like to thank each and everyone on this forum for the prayers, words of encouragement, understanding. It hard to express what that has done for my family and for me. What a great bunch of people that can support someone in need without ever having met them, words can not do justice what it means to me. Thank You!
  11. timbo1946

    Need your prayers

    Thoughts and prayers continuing to go out to you. Better to be on the mend than the alternative.
  12. timbo1946

    God is good

    Glad you had a good nose, and averted a disaster
  13. timbo1946

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    New snowblower this year When things get out of control the D2 😁
  14. Check out the Marion NY show, End of July. Small show with pulling Friday and Saturday. The Pagent of Steam also has antique and modified pulls. That show is in Aug. Take her she will love it! Both of my girls did it for years Her is my daughter pulling at Marion a few years back.
  15. 3D printing is making large advances everyday. I will be much more knowledgeable in the comming months! My new job is with EVOLVE Additive Solutions. Check out our web site www.evolveadditive.com I am going to be working with the material development group, so will be getting better first hand info in what kinds of parts make the most sense