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  1. Not quite a belt pulley...... when I cleaned up the barn after Dad was gone (Dad kept everything) I found an air cleaner box with a used air cleaner in it for a 1970 chevy 1/2 ton truck. Written on the outside was “good enough”. I still have it
  2. I do that with my OS6 going 4th to 5th and back. Never had anything that needed to go below 4th to pull it. I would say the closer the gear ratios are the easier it is. On my 6 the jump from 4 to 5th is huge, so you have to be wide open in 4th and almost at an idle going into 5th. Never use the clutch to do the shift. I don’t use the clutch on any of the big trucks i drive either
  3. Starks is where I got mine
  4. Same story. Umbilical hernia around 2000, had mess implant. Looked like a bull kicked me for a few weeks, very sore. 2018 had my left knee redone, still not right. Now back is all messed up. Found out at 58 that I have a congenital defect of the spine. Nothing can be done. Using a TENS device helps. Yup **** getting old.
  5. I know it is the wrong color, but too cool not to share. Daughter is home on furlough, and doing yard work this week. My 3 year old grandson loves to help mom, but has to do things his way 😁. Erika was taking yard debris to the pile behind their house, Grayson had to fill his wagon and take some too. The pile is about a half mile out in the orchard. He is going to wear out the tractor.
  6. I have been keeping my head down on this whole topic since it all started hoping that common sense would prevail. The longer and more outrageous this becomes the more concerned my wife and I have become. I will state we both are independent, but lean to the conservative side. Looking at the violence, i shake my head on how that helps or brings anyone over to their cause, and truth be told turns us away from any message they wish to present All of these actions has made us think maybe it is time to prepare to protect ourselves, and our property. My wife, who has always been against having a firearm in the house said tonight that it might be time. She isn’t against guns, just scared of them, so I was surprised. I really have to believe most of the Actions and violence is designed to promote racism and that is the real goal. There are good and bad people of all colors, and pointing out their color only fans the flames of hate. The call to disband the brave officer’s in blue, and demanding that money for more social programs in the vain hope people will magically change their way is simply crazy. People can make that choice today, and are not. Watching the news every night and listening to the reports of another shooting / killing, watching the mayor calling a representative a racist and an abuse of power for questioning what a school administrator said in a public forum when she herself has done same, is saddening and has me concerned for my children and grandchildren. The violence even in as small a city of Rochester NY is appalling. Sorry for the rant......
  7. Well SAM86 and I had some time to work on the crawler today, hot and I wanted to get out on the lake so we didn’t work too long. Got the 04 to the barn, torn down and split. We even did some preliminary looking at how the mounting will go. We both are getting excited about how this will turn out. Next up is to figure out the transmission coupling and mounting. Trans is out of a 1936 Ford truck
  8. Just finished Rebuilding the water pump on the D2, and got back together. This is the first time I have had all of my tractors in the same place at the same time, had to get pictures and a video
  9. I had good luck with both the Caviler and Cobalt I had. Cav had 225000 miles nothing but maintenance and tires, when the front sub frame rotted out. Cobalt was at 190000 when I hit a deer and totaled it. Body shop I had it towed to, bought it and fixed it in spare time and his son drove it for 2 more years. Currently have a Cruze LTZ, bought used with 15k miles. Currently has 100000, fun car for the price. I wanted another cheep car with a stick, but they are hard to find anymore. I drive 40 miles one way to work, so these cars are almost throw away for me. Drive them till they are shot, get another. Nice job on the engine swap. Did that on a Pontiac Grand Am GT, it was a pita without a lift.
  10. Watched about 10 sec, said omg, and turned off. No use for that crap
  11. Agree with Mike, my first OS6 would run ok for about 10 / 15 minutes then do exactly what you discribe. Found a different manifold, and that thing has run great for the last 20 years. I would start there
  12. Happening in Rochester NY. They blaming it on outsiders starting it. That doesn’t wash for all of the looting
  13. OT but much the same Daughter and SIL are remodeling the house that my grandparents bought in 1931 Ripping the ceiling out of one room they found a letter from a jilted lover of the son of the previous owner. In the letter, she talks about George Eastman Sitting in on one of her play practices. George died in 1932, and from other clues we believe the letter was from around 1920. Chelsea has a great respect for the history of the house, her grandparents and great grandparents. She is making a “history” shadow box to hang in each room as they remodel. Some really neat stuff they are finding from my parents mostly. Very proud of those two youngsters, who will soon have a young one of their own 😁
  14. I got water pump out today. After looking at parts breakdown I suspected that the bearing cages came apart and the ball came out of the bearings. That was exactly what happened.
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