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  1. Thank you for what you did. Training or no, you made a difference. Talking helps your soul, listening is a small thing compared to the impact you made. God bless
  2. Wouldn’t be without mine. Don’t know what I did before getting it, swear a lot I think 😂 mine is a delta I think
  3. timbo1946


    Sorry to here about Chubs. I hope all goes we’ll Wednesday Tim
  4. I listened to Jim’s oldest son on the radio yesterday. The tractor was a recent purchase, new SMV sign, all lights working, light switch was still on when tow company drop off at farm. Son was clear that he didn’t want to point fingers, or jump to conclusions. Sounded very much like his Dad. At this point it is a tragedy for all involved
  5. Please keep the fisher family in your thoughts and prayers. Jim Fisher was taken from his family when his tractor was stuck from behind this past week. Detail of the accident have yet to be released, however the road he was on was straight and Visibility was good. Jim was a hard working soft spoken man that would help anyone. I didn’t know him well but had many of short pleasant conversations st the inspection station when hauling apples the last few years. Jim was always working, taking care of his cattle, custom bailing, or driving truck for local fruit farmers. He is survived by his two sons, and daughter.
  6. Dad bought it in the late 40s. There isn’t a name on it anywhere but he told me it was an Ottawa loader. Originally was a trip bucket. I converted to hydraulic dump.
  7. Family got together, oldest threw out that we should go to the old family farm (youngest daughter owns it) and get the old tractors out for a ride. Both OS6 are 1946, the one with the loader I bought when Chel (driving) was 2. The other OS 6 my grandfather bought new. That is the 4 and 5 generation driving. The D2 my dad and I rebuilt together before he passed. Antiques got a couple hours run time. Great that my girls love doing this!
  8. Great that they found it. Prayers from upstate NY
  9. Lowes near me is a joke, can’t stand going there. Youngsters there walk the other way or have no clue what or where stuff is. We did a remodel down stairs the spring tried the Home Depot in Penfield- ny, the people working there are my age (50s) helpful, know the store, and make sure you have everything you need. We have yet to have someone not help us. Almost a pleasure to go. They have my business until it changes
  10. As Sam86 mentioned. I have had way more weight on the front of my OS6 than I care to say. The fel on this tractor always was stout but cylinders were leaking bad, and the replacement cylinders had an additional half inch in diameter. Rear tires loaded, hang another 400 lbs on draw bar and still will lift back right off the ground. My daughters W6 pulls in the 6500 class, put all weight I can get right over draw bar to get it up to weight. Tires not loaded. Front will just start to lift when it spins out
  11. Talked with sil today, he said got all but about 300 acres planted, May try for a little more if they can get a couple days free of rain. Stuff they have in is slow in emerging, have not had any stretch of warm weather. I took ride through apples Friday night and was surprised at how well things set. I expected a very low count but looks about right without thinning required. Have to see what drops on their own in the next couple of weeks. I know Tim, Mike have been stressed with the weather, but did very well in getting done what they have with the constant rain. Silage is another matter, none of that has been gotten done. We are do for 3 days without rain, so that might give them a window. I’ll be Mn this week for work so I will be able the help 😟
  12. I had 2 done at Denny’s, OS6 and W9. Both were great. That was 10 to 12 years ago. I did another OS6 a couple of years ago myself when they told me how much it was going to be. Got a gal of cleaner from Napa. Put whole carb in for a week then took apart and did another week. Came out spotless, installed kit, and tractor runs great
  13. Yes they are the same. I will look for my parts book, been awhile since I have used it, not sure where it is.....
  14. Hope and pray for you
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