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    1951 Farmall H in family since new. 5th H off line in 1951 . M&W 9 speed / M&W pistons and rockers / M&W front wheel scrapers / Char Lynn power steering / Factory Hyd. / Rear wheel weights / Also 1937 Case CC / Factory Hyd. / P.T.O. / on Factory Rubber Tires / in family since new too.

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  1. Looking for one of these anybody got one of these. Its a Mccormick oil can holder that usually came on Mccormick sickle bar mowers ?? Would like to have one ?? With or without oil can ....
  2. I know its a IH Forum . But looking for any Memorabilia or interesting stuff for my in family since new 1937 Case CC tractor.
  3. Fenders from Steiner thats all I know of...
  4. Thanks found the right one from agfarmtoys Thanks for everybody's help !!
  5. I have a Grandson thats going to have a birthday and would like to get a cookie cutter. To make him cookies for his birthday . Does anybody know where to get one. And a picture of one ???
  6. I know its a IH forum. But cant find any Case CC collectors to talk to . Hope somebody on this forum can help. Mine is a in Family since new 1937. I lost my family member who drove it when new recently and would like to ask some questions of other collectors of them ? Heres mine !
  7. Have H and got new wire harness from Agri Service and wires were cotton cloth wrapped. Was the spark plug wires and starter wires done that way too ???
  8. Just wanted to find out where the other ones before it went maybe they came to Ohio ??
  9. I have Farmall H serial number tractor 351927 5th one built in 1951. That was bought new by my family in Continental Ohio brand new. Wondered were the other 4 went to in the country. Would like to here from the people who may have the other ones ? Serial numbers 351923 / 24 / 25 / 26 ???
  10. Have a dealer NOS paper belt pulley never been used for Farmall H. Trade or part trade for a M&W hand clutch for Farmall H ?
  11. I guess its working on showing off grandson (owner) and granddaughter co-rider !!!
  12. Still looking for decal that belongs on side of H battery box ? Mine is 1951. Anybody know of one that belongs on it ?
  13. Does anybody know where to get this Farmall H belly pump decal ? Have checked with Maple Hunter dont have... Any sources... Where to get ?
  14. Yes I do have pictures but they wont load !!
  15. Here is my family owned since new 1951 Farmall H with 3rd generation to own tractor . Belongs to my Grandson now hes 7 years old. With sister as co-rider shes 5 years old .
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