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    1951 Farmall H in family since new. 5th H off line in 1951 . M&W 9 speed / M&W pistons and rockers / M&W front wheel scrapers / Char Lynn power steering / Factory Hyd. / Rear wheel weights / Also 1937 Case CC / Factory Hyd. / P.T.O. / on Factory Rubber Tires / in family since new too. Retired Truck & Trailer Mechanic and Fabricator

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  1. My family's first tractor was a Fordson and 2nd one was 1937 Case CC bought new. I own it now grandson of original owner....
  2. Uncle had 656 Hydro best barn yard tractor ever. Baddddd ! Field tractor !!! No power !!! From our experience over 15 years....
  3. THANKS !!!!! This story is such a great break from the norm on this site.....
  4. Looking for somebody to print me 2 of each dealer decals and 2 of power steering decals. Cant find anybody !! Can anybody help me. They just want to do a lot of them or cost what my house I live in cost.... Maple hunter and the usual people who sell decals wont do them.... HELP !!!!!
  5. I was told somebody on forum is keeping track of Farmall H serial numbers or somebody else ? Mine is the 5th H off the line in 1951 . And would like to see if 1 2 3 4 are around ?
  6. I was told somebody on forum is keeping track of H serial numbers . Mine is the 5th H off the line in 1951 .
  7. Whats this have to do with tractors ?????
  8. Steels wheels on tractors in Amish country in Ohio too
  9. Found a picture of hows its grease gun is suppose to be mounted in holder. Thanks for all the help !!
  10. I have learned that dont use clear like automotive paint and just use single stage. Like they use too years ago my uncle use to tell me. He worked for Massey Harris during the late 30s. And he said they had no clear back then. When people do that it looks too shiny.. Up to you ??
  11. Does anybody have a Koyker grease gun holder and know how it is suppose to hold the grease gun or what type of grease gun it fits ? Sorry picture upside down !!!
  12. My uncle had a 656 Hydro great tractor around barnyard and on snowblower . But horrible in the field and expensive to rebuild hydro.
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