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    1951 Farmall H in family since new. 5th H off production line in 1951 M&W 9 speed trans / M&W pistons and rockers / M&W ( No Clog ) front wheel scrapers / Char Lynn power steering / Factory Screen Precleaner / Factory Hyd. / Rear wheel weights / Factory lights. Also 1937 Case CC / Factory Hyd. / P.T.O. / on Factory Rubber Tires / In family since new too. Retired Mechanic and Fabricator

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  1. Just was curious to see the different ones they made thru the years ?
  2. Looking for any M&W Co. decals that are out there . Or has been put on tractors over the years ???
  3. My 9 year old grandson and I his grandpa like talking to people about our family tractors and there is no Case forums ? Love to see and talk to other people about there similar tractors during these times when we cant go to shows !!! Sorry if we post it a second time just thought it got lost in the posts ???
  4. I know its a IH forum but looking for people who might have a Case CC tractor like mine ???
  5. Still looking for leads on buying one of these kits or just the hour gauge itself any HELP would be appreciated ???
  6. Keeping them coming !!!! Want to see more storys of In family since new tractors !!!!
  7. My uncle had 2 - 5088s and was the best tractors he ever had only problem he had with the shift solenoid's under the drivers platform but they had alot of updates for them and it got corrected over the years ... IH saved the best tractors for last !!!!
  8. UPDATE ! Thanks for all the responses !!!... It looks like if everybody brings there ( In family since new ) tractors we will have a great display. I and others will try to make it a great display for the show !!! Cant wait to hear all the story's and there tractors with it !!! Thank you !! Thank you !! And keep the responses coming the more the better !!! Once the flyer is out .... Will try to get more info available..... Looks like it will be a show with in a show !!! Thanks again Dave.....
  9. More update's !!! Everything from Cub Cadets to any type of IH equipment. Restored / In work clothes / Push pull or drag ... Is welcome in display !! The ( In family since new ) story is what we are looking for !! There will be a spot in show for that equipment to park !!!!.... Also was told its the 75th year in 2022 for Cubs hope there are lots of them at show too !!! Also a flyer will be coming soon about the display we are gathering !! And I will post it on forum as soon as I get it ....
  10. Will pray for her and hope for a full recovery !!!
  11. Heres my grandsons that will be there 1951 Farmall H... Some M&W accessories and other period company accessories... Bought new by my uncle and was used on family farm...
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