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    1951 Farmall H in family since new. 5th H off production line in 1951 M&W 9 speed trans / M&W turbo dome pistons and Hi lift rocker arms / M&W ( No Clog ) front wheel scrapers / Char Lynn power steering / Factory Screen Precleaner / Factory Hyd. / Rear wheel weights / Factory lights. Also 1937 Case CC / Factory Hyd. / P.T.O. / on Factory Rubber Tires / In family since new too. Retired Mechanic and Metal Fabricator

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  1. What do you use in your parts washer for cleaning fluid in your shop ???? Pros / Cons ???
  2. Question of the month whats the rarest letter series tractor ?
  3. I built a new 32 by 48 by 16 foot ceiling shop.. With a comparable size shop.. Heater BTUs size have you used ? I am going to use a Reznor overhead heater in shop on Natural Gas...
  4. Whats a matter with turbo ? Cheap horsepower without doing all that engine work . Will stock H take a turbo and make good power. Im a old Hotrodder and that was the best way to make cheap power ??
  5. TURBO ! TURBO ! TURBO ! http://keystoneturbollc.com/id85.html
  6. Have a new shop and it has steel interior panels. And need to hang stuff on them ? Not as easy as flat wood... Hope you guys have some ideas on how to hang stuff on walls ? Or what you have done to hang stuff on your steel interior walls of shop ?
  7. Looking for any Case CC memorabilia or accessories for one. I got a chance for mine to get in a major antique tractor magazine. And am looking for any stuff for one.. PM me if you know of any ? I know Im going to get flak on the Case thing but just asking ?
  8. Depends if your plowing it or snowblowing it ? Let it pile up for snowblowing. Blows easier when its higher... Plowing let it build up less than snowblowing so it roils off the plow better... I have always blowed snow makes no since to push it around. Better to blow it out of way !!!
  9. I asked a question about something for my 9 year olds grandsons Farmall H. And a couple people on here get in a personal word match about there own personal fights among themselves on my post.. And we need to learn this forum is to help each other with stuff not get all HUFFY at each other... ITS JUST WORDS !!! We need to know that some young people like this forum too. And without them this Hobby will go down drain and there wont be any forum in the future to talk about our great hobby... Just saying !!!!
  10. Has anybody used something like this in there sediment bowls. Or what have you used that works ? https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/FIL3034
  11. Acetylene makes a big plume of black smoke in shop when I use torch. And I use rosebud tip to do Weld Art projects alot . Makes a big mess... When your always lighting and shutting off torch alot... Just wanted to see if anybody has used it and there thoughts ???
  12. Suppose to have a higher degrees in cutting temp than propane / oxygen. Just a little less than acetylene/ oxygen...
  13. Has anybody used Chem-O-Lene Gas for cutting or heating in there shop. Likes / dislikes . Better than propane ? Thoughts ?
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