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    1951 Farmall H in family since new. 5th H off line in 1951 . M&W 9 speed / M&W pistons and rockers / M&W front wheel scrapers / Char Lynn power steering / Factory Hyd. / Rear wheel weights / Factory lights. Also 1937 Case CC / Factory Hyd. / P.T.O. / on Factory Rubber Tires / in family since new too. Retired Truck & Trailer Mechanic and Fabricator

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  1. I know its a IH forum but does anybody collect or have a Case CC too ? Here's mine 1937 Case CC in family since new !!!!
  2. Does anybody have a picture of where rod goes thru on knob end for shifting M&W 9 speed on H ?
  3. I have all Miller welders and love them MIG and TIG with water cooled torch !! If you get a water cooled torch you can do thicker metals and weld a longer cycle time...
  4. On a 1951 Farmall H . What is the spring loaded piece on the front end of water pump in front of the fan for ???
  5. Now this is how to move a barn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My uncle bought 2 5088 just before they went under hoping to support IH and keep them from going under ... He said hope everybody else buys one to help support them. The dealership went under as soon as he picked up his tractors a week later when they announced the buy out. It was the last 2 tractors the dealership sold....They had the western interior !!
  7. 5088 series was the best looking and the best styling IH did !!!!! Too great and Too late !!!! To save them !!!!
  8. Pilot knob Restoration Donaldson mason jar precleaner for Farmall H ? Has anybody bought one from them ? Quality ? And does it come with the ( special mason jar ) Glass jar ?
  9. Hypertherm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Looking for tiny John Deere model As Bs Ds for my grandsons 1951 Farmall H Donaldson mason jar air cleaner . To put in glass jar of air cleaner ??? Can anybody help him... ? I have bought him the air cleaner to put on his H but need help finding the John Deeres ???
  11. Does anybody know where this decal goes on Farmall donaldson mason jar aircleaner decal go ???
  12. Who makes the best quality Farmall H Donaldson Mason Jar air cleaner reproduction. Like the original Farmall part # 59095D Like this ??
  13. My H was bought brand new from Dellinger Farm Equipment . That use to be the IH dealer in Continental Ohio. Looking for any pictures of dealership or memorabilia catalogs or anything that has there name on it. Or any stories of the place... Really anything about the dealership....
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