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  1. My grandfathers TD35 that my uncle owns now has the original injection pump with a timer. Mine, the one I'm having a problem with, does not. It has a TD-14 pump and cable operated release the change over mechanism. I'm just trying to get it to fire on gas before I tear into the diesel part of the machine. When I got it, the mag had no spark so I pulled it and had it cleaned it and inspected. It fires the plugs now I just can't get a pop or smoke out of it. I'll do as you and the gentleman above mentioned. I love this tractor and once I figure the whole timing thing out, I think it'll be a worthwhile addition to my collection. Always wanted one
  2. Haven't tinkered with it since I posted the first time. I think I'll just have to keep getting closer and closer asjusting with the 2 bolts on the mag drive coupler
  3. That's exactly what I've been doing. Sounds like I've been heading in the right direction. Thank you for the info. And yes, its the F4
  4. Hello, fellas. Can anyone run me through proper maag timing for a '37 TD35. I cannot get this thing timed. Trying to time with the impulse has my head all mixed up for some reason. I've pulled the valve cover andade sure #1 is TDC while using my thumb to double check I'm on #1 cylinder. Mag isn't super hot but it's got good enough spark to at least get a pop on starting fluid and I'm not getting a peep out of it. Please help. Thank you
  5. No rush at all. Thank you. I noticed on your profile that you're in Paso. Hopefully they bring back Pioneer Days next year. Would be cool to cruise down the street on a crawler someday
  6. Any way to put me in touch with this gentleman? If for nothing else, just to meet a nice guy with cool junk
  7. I'll get them all out and get a group pic soon. Until then, I'll post some singles.
  8. My childhood unicorn of crawler, The TD-35. Struck a deal to buy 2 from an old farm. Both 1937s. Today was hauling day. One was a piece of cake to load. The wide track was a sonofabitch. My buddy pulled it with his semi to get it out of the hole it had been sitting in for 30+ years then winched it up on his lowboy and my uncle drug it off with his '36 RD6. Stuck tracks and all. The standard gauge rolled beautifully and I used my IH pickup to move it no problemo. Engines are stuck on both but we think not too bad. Pulled the plugs, opened the pre-combustion chambers and filled the barrels with diesel bout a month ago now. Hopefully they'll free up soon. The standard gauge is mine and owning one of these has been a dream since I was a kid. My uncle owns the one my great grandpa bought brand new in '38. I grew up playing on it and hearing stories about it from my grandpa. This is number 4 for my crawler collection now. 1932 T20, 1929 CAT fifteen, 1946 CAT D4 dozer and now this 1937 TD-35. I know the cats arent allowed on here but we're all lovers of antique shitboxes
  9. Are these still available? Just saw this post
  10. That's really cool. I hear ya about the body. This one has been taken real good care of ad there's still 2 little rust spots below the windshield
  11. It's got the 345 in it. It's a fun truck to drive and I'm getting 13.5 mpg with it on the highway commute to work. At 2500 rpm, it feels and sounds happy
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