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  1. got a pic of the pistol grip thing you are talking about ?
  2. racquetball racquets work well too and provide exercise and satisfaction - mom uses one, she started off with a badminton racquet but busted it on one of the posts = Swing anda miss, strike 3....... she uses a squirt bottle with diesel the dont seem to like the taste or smell and it is same color as their dark stain regarding the finish on your boards shellac works, open up knots and around them well with 36 grit, put on a few coats, sand to desired texture, paint.......
  3. u can create a dual boot system possibly, would have to look that up for the techy stuff, ive done it with windows OS versions not sure if you cna do that with a linux/windows hybrid. Best thing to do would be back up everything on an external drive and then wipe windows, install linux fresh. you will not need near as much HP to run linux vs windows. Windows is so full of bloat -bloatware, and the file structure is more consuming of resources vs linux. An older pc will run things better on linux vs windows. If you are running considering running linux on a machien that is currently running windows you could run linux easier/faster.
  4. linux is the parent operating operating system, umbuntu, mint, are just different versions like windows xp, windows 7, windows 10 etc....same as for android like jelly bean, kit kat, lollipop etc.....
  5. yes if its above office 2010 version
  6. i do not use it but thats not to say I couldnt. I choose not to because all my family/friends run office products and it takes some manipulation to get office products to run on it. I know its stable, I know its far less susceptible to viruses. If you were just using as a web machine it would be good for that. You will have a learning curve to get used to the user interface. I have a neighbor and a couple guys at work that use it but I have not gone down that road. I have enough time with IT junk at work I dont want to mess with stuff after work. I would rather get greasy on a tractor.
  7. thanks for teh clarification and info, wish i knew more.........hopefully i can remember all this when I am working on stuff - prob why i dont do AC work just ponder all the going ons of it
  8. oh my yes the intubation is scary and watching a child suffer is demoralizing as you sit powerless - big hugs man hang in there - God hurts right along with you, he doesnt like to see any of us suffer we are all his children.
  9. good for you, my dad was volitile, to the extent he literally took a hammer or whatever was in his hand and set to beating on things, broken carbs, broken thermostat housings, broken alternators, I swore I would never do this to my kids and as I got older ( teenager ) i learned to send dad on other missions while I worked on stuff - it was scary for me and he would take it out on me sometimes. I do get angry at times and curse words fly - I am learning to walk away but its a hard one to conquer.
  10. on it, this is hard on everyone, kids/parents/sibilings/family - lord please heal and comfort them all - amen
  11. what kind of finish are you going for ?
  12. man i get it - i fought ours for 2 yrs and finally relented and took it to a guy and said put it all in NEW, so far so good. That was last yr.
  13. i wonder if the OEM CnH ones are any good? possibly made in china? im going to try to find some used ones if I can
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