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  1. I heard from Austin after his friday surgery and got to talk to him today about it. He was a little down after last weeks surgery and the manipulation. not only from all the pain and having to go back on pain meds but then from the realization how he has no strength from just laying around. So he made it thru the weekend only to find monday he had a bit of sore on top of his hand and wrist they had saved/reattached. This turned into peeling off the bandage tuesday morning and it opened up a BIG CRATER in his skin. They bandaged it back up and called the surgeon that had done all teh work at the hospital. He schedule him for an appt friday for consult and surgery. By wednesday he had pop up blisters around on the top of his hand and wrist all over. They prescribed an antibiotic and he started that. Friday at 2 he had his appt and then at 3 they opened him up, yep many of you are already there in your mind ( it wasnt good ) they opened him back up from his hand all the way to his elbow - had to take out the pin holding all his bones in his hand together - had to take out the big block of bone graft and plate and then had to take out the bone putty that was reforming and holding his bones/palm together. True setback.............this topped off his sadness knowing they are going to have to work to get all of this infection out and his bodys healing under control and then he will have to have another surgery in appx 8 weeks to take out bone from his thighs to use this time to possibly cut down on the chance of rejection/infection. He will remain opened up to drain things out of the arm, he isnt sure if that will remain until the 8 week surgery or what he presumes it will depend on how things heals. Thankfully his bones/pins are doing ok in his legs n hips. he is thankful for where he is his progress all in all, his orthopedic surgeon on his legs/hips meets with him one week from wednesday regarding possibly trying some therapy/weight bearing work so he is praying he will be able to participate and get the approval for some movement in that direction. I plan to go by this week to see him in person - I know you guys will be praying - its tough for us dudes to have someone doing things for us and feel helpless he said he would appreciate prays for his hand/arm/wrist and antibiotics to work properly they did a culture so are treating with 2 kinds in hopes it doesnt spread anywhere else also pray for the meeting a week from wednesday so they let him start working on standing I will add, pray for his attitude that he would be cheered up a lil, he sounded a lil down today baby steps I plan to go by this week to see him in person - I know you guys will be praying - its tough for us dudes to have someone doing things for us and feel helpless
  2. praise the lord for those he has planned to use in these situations, praise the lord for accepting the call and delivering to those in need, its a heart thing for us all to be soft enough to listen and do and share in the blessings we have been provided
  3. you guys are awesome, from racing fuel, home made jack stands, old balers, throw in some oily cylinders and some electrons leaking into the atmosphere and we got a great buffet!!! hope you all get your stuff going !!!
  4. whoa thats quite the undertaking, you guys are talented/amazing and it looks like it takes a lot of special tools and stands and things to pull that off !!! GREAT JOB i dont care what color it is
  5. thats a sweet gig, i love trains we had a track going thru our property, Rock Island it was a side route from st joseph to trenton missouri, i was sad when it closed. i have a dash 9 bnsf pumpkin engine in my s/o line trains i run and a berkshire steamer enjoy every minute !!! we are jealous
  6. ive drank this, its not too bad - i do 50/50 half calf - its easier on the stomach, decalf beans have less acid and is a smoother taste - i use a screen cartridge that i can put whatever I want in vs the spendy k cups and run it thru our keurig - the black silk is way better than standard folgers regarding flavor to my taster and the maxwell house is quite a bit stronger in my opinion, mom n dad drink folgers and maxwell whatevers on sale but they make it so watered down you can barely taste it, i like mine to taste like dessert with lotsa cream n sugar 🙈
  7. Austin reports the shower was AMAZING !!! I cant even imagine going w/out a shower for 2 mos but then again I cant imagine being in the shape he is in. I just chatted with him and he said his kids and all else are good but he has to go in for surgery on his arm/hand they reattached, there is some infection going on and they are trying to nip it in the bud or see if something else is going on while they are in there. they are going to try to do it as outpatient on friday so he doesnt get caught up in the coming/going from hospital to care facility like last time with all the approval stuff - another ride strapped to the gurney giddyup hes a lil stressed but knows its in the Lords hands. I cant even imagine all the sleepless nights, restlessness and difficult days of @zleinenbach between you and Austin with all these challenges you are my heros - ive got it so easy!
  8. im not getting too ambitious yet here my shops not heated either and its snowing pellets!!!
  9. will need dual wheel weights and excellent brakes for the down hills with it behind the 4fity
  10. happy birthday folks hope its a good one
  11. happy birthday - im always a lil late 🙈 hope you had a great one
  12. kinda hard to tell from the pic but a lil tall for the grow tubes ive seen for grapes but then again im not a grape farmer, ive seen a lotta grow tubes around trees but those would be some skinny trees from the looks of things kinda hard to tell for sure but def some kind of plant growing aparatus or protecting from DEER!!!
  13. so they got him moved back to the care facility from the hospital - crazy ordeal with ins co just to go back / forth to hosp today is a monumental day, they are going to try to roll him into a shower for the first time in over 2 mos - hes pretty darn excited and hope it goes ok - they will try to move him out of a wheel chair to some kind of waterproof chair a whole crew is going to try to pull it off
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