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  1. TD25E trans oil

    Well, I put TO-4 "Cat" spec 10wt in my TD-25C... Can't see how anything could be better. Its "drive train oil"... With all the different ideas that float around about driveline oils, motor oils, hyd oils.. its enough to just figure if it seems right and its wet, it'll work. I have a D8H also.. but direct drive, not power shift and it calls for 30 wt engine oil in everything but the final drives.. that calls for 90wt or 80 wt. gear lube. So did the powershift 8H's also. Some guys say that the anti friction additives would make the steering clutches slip, others "including Cat dealer' said the 30 wt engine oil is fine because the disc materials are are the old material. I have no issues with either machine..so far. Nor does it seem do MANY others who go by the old specs. I have heard guys say that the new motor oils are not good for old engines... but that, as it turns out is just not accurate at all. 15W-40 is fine for the old engines.. so is series 3 30wt... those old ones would run with just about anything in them it seems.
  2. I just got my copy of the Farmington Implements new DVD 11. This one contains a fantastic old film about the construction of ALCAN's huge Kitimat-Kemano project that was built in the mid 50's in the mountains of coastal BC Canada. Its the story of a very rugged, huge hydro-electric project and power line and the giant smelter it powers. Its a massive undertaking with 10 mile rock tunnels, underground powerhouse carved inside a mountain and the largest earthfill dam in Canada at the time. More than 54 TD-24 crawlers are the stars of this film. I had waited years to see this one and it was worth the price of the two disc set that includes many old IH sales clips, films. etc. But the second disc has the main story which it over an hour long. If you like big old projects and equipment than its for you. Great Stuff. https://www.farmingtonimplement.com/
  3. Information on this engine wanted..

    Thanks guys, I bought the thing for less than scrap price... just in case. I did get it running on diesel direct. With heating the intake and either. It ran OK... But had a dead hole. Most likely an injector, maybe worse. Mag was bad. It had sat out for a long time. I ended up scrapping it. With just buying a TD-25C and a D8H, those are enough toys and I wanted it gone before snow flies here next week. Christmas is coming too. I'm not the guy who wants to parts things out either. It sat all summer not a mile from my house.. If it had been a quick fix or a real good runner I would have been happier, but it was not the case. At least I tried.
  4. Ih td 25c

    Simplified, But these are from a TD-25C Brochure.. 1975?
  5. This UD-16 is for sale just down the road from me. It needs a mag rebuild/ replacement. According to the owner it runs great, and was used for standby power at a bakery. S/N UDC 5140B. Is this the same basic engine used in a TD-18 series tractor? Any info on them would be great... I have seen some videos of them, and might have seen one at a show or two. IF it does get a mag rebuild and does run nicely, whats it worth?. Thanks, Tim
  6. This UD-16 is for sale just down the road from me. It needs a mag rebuild/ replacement. According to the owner it runs great, and was used for standby power at a bakery. S/N UDC 5140B. Is this the same basic engine used in a TD-18 series tractor? Any info on them would be great... I have seen some videos of them, and might have seen one at a show or two. IF it does get a mag rebuild and does run nicely, whats it worth?. Thanks, Tim
  7. Big Crawler Music..

    This machine weighs right around 70,000 lbs. I HAD it hauled here on one of my friends 50 ton lowboys, Tri-Axle trailer/Tri Axle tractor. Its here to stay.. I bought it because I always wanted a big toy... then bought the 8H because it was so nice and I wanted a Cat too. Mostly they are toys/collectors tractors. I will use them a little and enjoy having them. Cheaper than a UTV or a Boat.. this is my hobby. Equipment!!
  8. Big Crawler Music..

    Already is a video Pete, Not much dirt, but trees and dirt.... Here it ishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYXzXsRSJZ8&feature=youtu.be
  9. Big Crawler Music..

    That is a D817C... From 1975 on the TD-25C had the uprated 817C at 310hp "Plus" in this case. This one is turned up a bit by original owner. The only difference was that the C was rated to 2100 RPM. These 817's in off-road truck or in a few cases even on road trucks was rated up to 375 hp... so they had a lot of reserve in a dozer application. It was THE largest Cubic Inch Engine built by IH at this time.And one of the finest as you say. The D8H is a 1961 36A direct drive tractor.
  10. I had the two big crawlers running today in the yard. My girlfriend was outside and decided to take a "Walk Around" video.... Pretty nice I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLRxoUaJh1s
  11. Here is the link to the Craigslist ad for the HDhttps://buffalo.craigslist.org/hvo/d/hd11e-bulldozer/6320019101.html
  12. I got lots BADs near here to help, But I don't think I'll bury that 25 just yet. Been running big machines in rough conditions on and off for years. If I bury anything, it will be one of my small machines, like the JD 450C. Then all I need is to get the 25 fired up and pull her out!! Thanks for the welcome.
  13. Thank You, I love it all!!, Yes, the man has a nice 1965 AC HD-11E with hyd blade. That's about 23,000 lbs I think.
  14. Hi Dave, I don't think the sprockets are too bad... Here are some pics of the machine as of today. I sure spent money on all the oils this week!!, But she is now full and happy. I think it sat a lot and as long as it moved the guy didn't care... I added about 15 gallons of TO-4 10W to the main frame and almost the same of hytrans tractor fluid to the hyd circuit tank. Put a new stack on her also.
  15. I found a honey hole of big dozers...and it is only 35 minutes from my place. The guy has FIVE TD-25's in various conditions. Three are runners. I bought the best of the three. He has D9G's, Terex 82-30's, HD-16's, lots of smaller Cats, Loaders, both Hough 90's and Trojan/Yales. Older man, says he loves the 25's. has Four C's and a G. Mine is 1975 S/N 52**, so it has the bigger power 817C in it. I have a friend with lots of lowboys, so getting it moved home was no problem. I have been adding Hyd fluid to the tank, as it had a bad tilt hose and gradually ran the oil down low. Its full now. I pulled the magnet plugs on the finals and found a little "Hair" and one small chip. They are full, and Gear lube looks clean. The main frame oil I am using is 10W 404? spec. I put regular NAPA Hyd/trans oil in the hyd tank. I think I can use any hytran type fluid in everything though. am I right?? The engine starts like new, runs very strong, no major leaks along the block. Oil was black, not milky. I will change filters, both fuel and oil.. The reason I am not doing right away is that when I pulled the air filter main, it was brand new looking. Not a bit of dust in it. Thinking someone serviced it before sale years ago, and no real hours on it since. Everything works great as far as steering, two speed works fine, torque pressure gauge works and its good. All the gauges work. Radiator is very tight and clean. Undercarrige is not great, but has some life left.Grousers are welded up to 3" or so. All bottom rollers turn. Rails are not too bad and sprockets not razor sharp or rolled over. Still seem pretty good. One top roller is not turning on the right side, but so far no flat spot. Any Ideas on how to free it up?... I know I can by one. I did order a new exhaust elbow, as the bottom is rotted out on this one. Should be here today. I bought this thing for one reason... I love big iron, and always wanted a BIG toy. It will only be used around here for a little clearing or cleaning out my pond, along with just going for a push or ride in the field. I have run heavy equipment and trucks my whole life, train wrecks, construction, demo, oilfield, etc. Spent a lot of time on 583 sidebooms, D8's, D9E's and G's. All kinds and sizes of loaders and tons of smaller equipment too numerous to mention. Trucks and engines going back to the early 70's. I have a 450C JD dozer which is a very good old machine, a new New Holland tractor, and also a New Holland Mini Excavator. All are for fun around here and odd jobs for freinds and neighbors. Just giving a little back ground. I'm 56 yo, not a kid. I am asking for any ideas and comments on this 25C. Here is a video shot yesterday of it starting to build a road across my swamp and clear some trees out. P.S.-If anyone wants another 25 or big Cats let me know, the man I bough this one from has parts and machines for sale. I live in western NY south of Buffalo in the sticks!! Nice to join you guys here at RedPower!!!, Thanks, Tim.