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  1. Are you and your wife on the same page? Do you back each other up or does one undermine the other ? Until there is unity nothing will work. You cannot use the same tatics on each child. One of my kids i could look at and break their spirit, then there was me, my mom said she whipped me daily whether i needed it or not, i was that rotten. I think I still am some days. I'm a recovering rotten kid. I would engage in counseling, GOOD CHRISTIAN counseling. Maybe medicine might help, maybe testing could help. Not saying other counselors arent good but I want my kid to understand where the rules come from that I live by. I didnt make them God did. My family has a history of broken chemical pumps in their noggin and a few of us have issues with that. I have been on antidepressants since 2000 and its been a true blessing for me, my family and my health. I will take them till the day i leave this earth. There is such a thing as genetically medically broken chemical regulation, just like people have knock knees, pigeon toes, or bad eyes. Dont discount a medical issue. I totally agree someone said stability/regimen is substantial in coping with challenging situations regardless of who/what, person/topic. Im still learning as a parent, its my first time being a parent for each child and each grand child. They are like a litter of pups, or if you are familiar with horses, you cant jump on one and ride it the same as the one you just got off. Try it and see how that goes for ya!!! We are here for ya, I have failed many times and still doing it just trying to cut down on the mistakes as I get older. I own them with my kids and we talk about it. Thats right from as long as I can remember I let them know I could have done something different/better. Do I discount their behavior NO - so we are both learning. You got this Dad!! hang in there
  2. so sorry i cant imagine the hurt/pain, praise the lord for some rain i hope it helps
  3. 1000 is easier to pull/cut with on the tractor is what the engineers say, we have 2 540 batwings and 2 540 6 to 7 footers they require maint like everything else crp cutting is required every 3rd yr per contracts i have beena part of - you are allowed to cut tree infestations annually but how many people really do so a lot of times you are trying to cut 2 to 3 y/o trees and that requires some grunt, not to mention 2yrs of undergrowth that has died out and the 3rd yr you are cutting the stuff is tall as the cab on your tractor and you cannot see thru it - shall i say switchgrass/big blue/indian grass? 15' on a 100hp tractor will be 2 to 2.5 mph - and watching for overheating 135hp tractor is much easier and 4mph if you can stay in the saddle and the equipment cant handle the speeds/ground pasture clipping would be easy for dressing up with a 75hp on a 15' prob could get by with a 560 but it would be slow and i would never take it on hilly ground wild plum and black or honey locust thickets that grow up will put a 100hp tractor on its knees not to mention the small oaks we get here it cuts way better the longer/dryer you can wait in our climate here - so much easier on equipment in the cooler temps too
  4. lol it only hurts for a lil bit
  5. wow you guys have some amazing equipment - i gave up on the sledge and wedges, use a maul now days i plan to use it till I cant swing it any more i cant relent to easy just yet i dont want to even tho i hurt after every batch i shall not give in LOL
  6. correct its not done other than framed wall between shop/living area - im not much of a carpenter im more of the rough guy and gopher - and the dirt fella
  7. probably crusty/oxidized points, or bad ground or maybe some rusty magnets etc.........clean it all up and then retest or if you want to just take the cap off grab hold of it and rotate the magnet that will tell you if its good
  8. been way to warm here still running the AC to keep humidity out - my wife tells everyone that our house is cold enough to hang meat, be sure to dress warm if you plan to visit us in the winter - i think its just right
  9. so whats the plan to get back at the daughters ? hide the pigs n turkey, scatter some feathers around the yard, and put a couple fresh pork chops and drumsticks in the fridge on a plate ?
  10. Yes been burnin both ends im ready for my own stuff n projects kinda tired of the side hustling but the $$ helps
  11. Been helping neighbor started in may and 180K later - i just finished grading and seeding today hes going to the finish the two peaks to seal up b4 winter. They leave for florida nov 1st - headed to AZ for the month of oct
  12. whoa glad all is ok that could have been bad
  13. GO SPARKY GO !!!!!! another year of red tractor bliss headed your way
  14. warm n dry here way too warm for this time of yr, 95ish and i gotta be in a stupid outdoor wedding ALL DAY just shoot me now
  15. just picked up a single phase motor to use not happy with the phase shifter experience hope to get all the hose/plumbing done and wired up and running before thanksgiving im not enjoying my 2 hour loss/day of commute time very little time to get stuff done other than weekends or burning midnight oil and my lamp is not as bright as it used to be - been trying to make some extra $$ on side gigs so that is not helping - this weekend is a dang wedding all day loss so nuthnig happening, next weekend is dad time with my son at golf course and visiting folks so its a loss, but making memories so just plugging away at things
  16. https://www.wyze.com/collections/smart-camera-accessories need to have power and in reasonable distance for outbuildings for the wifi to reach the cameras, they stream to the cloud for 2 weeks of data or u can stream to a data/memory card. You get two weeks of free data streamed to the cloud and then it writes over it. very reasonably prices cameras, been around several year, nice notification app on phone to alert you and you can talk thru phone to camera like a ring doorbell type if you are familiar with those, you can even pan with some of the cameras and color night vision
  17. we have added several plants to help bring them in around here - have over 10 here with 2 feeders besides the plants and refilling the two quart feeders every 3 days
  18. and i thot a used pickup was high priced sheesh.............
  19. yes 184T and 1750 with 1.125 shaft - got a reasonably priced one found just checking on stock hope to find out something this week
  20. ive been around several perkins over the years no huge issues to speak of - all in ag/construction rigs not in vehicles - i want to do a transplant some day for the novelty of it something diesel in a gas only offered vehicle
  21. nope never heard of one or seen one
  22. nice - my grill pooped/rusted out gotta get a new one - my smoker still works tho wshooooooooooooo never tried a steak on the smoker looks like u guys did a dandy job = good choice
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