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  1. itll be a minute before I have one of those LOL going to have to add onto the shop for all this stuff
  2. nice ingenious way of keeping things in that someone might not think to look at maybe i should paint electrical panel on the side of my kangaroo box Danger HI VOLTAGE 1 Megawatt Disconnect and Transfer Switch
  3. oh yea i found out toro bought out wheel horse and if you notice the weights say wheel horse/toro or something like that on them - my neighbor pointed that out for me, the equivalent is a Toro 520xi from my research, they made these for new holland. I had the unit before these in the FORD version. it was made by shibaru with a diesel engine on it. In my opinion it was built much heavier. This one has power steering, hydraulic lift, dual range hydro, speed sensitive steering, and a water cooled 20hp kawasaki. Its sitting at 818 hours. I liked the GT75 I had better, totally different feel than this one but being built so much better even at 20 yrs old it will likely outlast the kids mowing they need to do. I like my lil deere. It cuts better and I have a bagger for it for clippings for things which is handy.
  4. i dont knwo much about the pulling other than dad has an old cub cadet my nephew used to pull with, its got cut tires, 10 or 12 hp kohler thinking i might get my gson interested in it but i have yet to see any with a hydro used for pulling - not sure why ? they always lose traction before they run out of power in my experience watching them, i think he pulled in the 750 and 850 classes they go REALLY SLOW with a speed limit like 2mph
  5. Her and son in law bought 1.? acres n house n needed a good mower - found this for them - the blue GT20
  6. neighbors had a well like that on their property, their grandsons now in their 40s -50s inherited the place and called dad and I to go over n cover the well - it was just like that one, 4 to 5 footish across, took the old 400 over and pushed several big logs over it that were not movable w/out equipment - the house has since been demolished and the well filled up with debris. i was amazed at the craftsmanship of the stone work and the sheer size and water in it , probably 20 to 30 foot id guess - the porch of the old house was built over teh top of teh well so they could just bring water up thru the porch to bring into the house - my great gma/gpa and aunt/uncles both had their homes built over their wells, both had pumps in the kitchens up thru the countertops. My folks have 4 wells on our home place all tile cased tho. One dug with horses that I got to see done/experience. We lived on well water till the 80s when rural water came thru, we hooked on but gma n gpa never did. dad drops a floating pump down a couple of them to water his garden with now days
  7. ok so call me stupid - i have no idea what that is, some kind of those big sander things I see on forged in fire ?
  8. no wonder i love the man from snowy/return to snowy river movie/movies i believe they are from over in your beautiful part of the world i never get tired of looking at your amazing pictures and what it take to live in that part of the country, sure different than my flatlander life - thanks for sharing the amazing things you do
  9. been wire wheeling/brushing it
  10. @vtfireman85 getting closer for you 😁
  11. Cabinet in place and added new member to arsenal of tools - ultrasonic cleaner Then got bench grinder headed for dumpster working it was problem with start winding clutch contacts Neighbor was throwing away craftsman self propelled to landfill wouldnt run - got it going carb was gunked up - float had stuck crankcase was fulla gas - new oil runs ok just needs fine tuned and run been sitting
  12. Found this in bottom of box for repurpose today - now what to put it on - Got these led lights ona dumpster dive got one up and working
  13. Heres how i hv it laid out Basically perimeter where i do torching n welding i hv tossed one out on gravel till they stop smoldering a bit - i might pour a cup of water ona hot spot but not to often
  14. I lied most of my older ones are rubber backed the newer ones are this fiber type woven vapor barrier breatheable something or another @88power
  15. nope never been on a ship just a fishin boat - get what you are saying for sure - we have an occassional grumble/rumble from OK or SE MO but nothing substantial i havent been able to produce a flame from one, just a smolder - very flame retardant but i do keep the center uncarpeted for oil leak cleanup and sweeping out - i weld around and on them too and if they get really bad i just chuck it and put down a new square - the rubbery back melts
  16. yes sir i like things mobile - i have two rolling work carts like tool carts i can roll over to what i am working on also becaise i have a heated and unheated side of my shop due to size restrictions - nite to roll stuff around as needed and work off rolling carts too like a rollling workbench - also have my dryer and spare washer on furniture dollies so i can move them around as needed too - im getting my glider confiscated unfortunately i am going to have to find one off c/l or marketplace my bonus daughter wants to use it if she ever gets prego so my wife is repoing it 🙈
  17. jack donkey is the family friendly version
  18. 145/ton here just called today
  19. I was thinking about this due to people I have to deal with daily and these are a few I have run across how about you guys Jack Wagon Jack Leg Jack Built Jack Squat I believe they are all relatives possibly cousins on the straight tree?
  20. searcyfarms

    Why LP?

    our 400 lpg ran great with a nice cherry read torch out the top of the muffler at night when WOT pulling
  21. kawliga was a wooden indian standing by the door jolene jolene jolene JO LEEEEEEne
  22. Back this morn bout 20 steps from front door - if he knocks i guess i will offer him milk n eggs for bkfast
  23. @Art From Coleman I would like to see your information on cameron inmate workers at the plant - I have 3 family members that are 2 correctional officers at Cameron another in maintenance. My oldest sister just retired from there in past 6 mos after a 30 yr stint there in HR. My former BIL retired from there about 3 yrs ago, he was the highest rank officer there in his group. My middle sister quit after 10 or 12 yrs and went to Boheringer in St Joe. So I have had 3 sisters 3 BILs that work there and of the 3 I talked to this morning after they got off their shifts ( group text ) and my youngest sister tells me this morning THE ONLY inmates they let out for working for anyone is for the CITY of CAMERON and they let 4 out/day as needed and sometimes a 5th to do manual labor for the city. THATS IT. She said of course someone could have been released from prison that once was in the cameron facilities and got hired on there but they would of course NOT be classified as an inmate or imprisoned anylonger. There is only ONE prison open in cameron now. Its MAX for one section and MEDIUM on the other area. These are not the typical people they would let out to go do something most will never get out in their lifetime that are MAX. I can provide way more info than any of you want to hear about that place I have listened to it for over 30yrs. I call BS on the inmate workers at CNH in cameron.
  24. Those are repurposed Cardboard boxes and commercial carpet squares i got from stores when they tore them out due to remodels its great for warmth and easier on feet vs concrete - rubber back and wheels/carts roll right over it
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