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  1. not in the budget - and its too danged HOT
  2. oh wow, thats great news!!! good luck bloodhounding the parts
  3. https://www.kansasauctions.net/wilhelm/07/31/
  4. way too much butt puckering for me - id be the guy in the truck hauling it to town
  5. if i had a tractor that purdy id be afraid to get it dirty!!! have fun and dont break it 😉
  6. man that makes me angry, those dang coons are horrible, as you know I have been working on them here they tore up two of my bird feeders, killed some chickens last yr, got my sweet corn two yrs ago, went thru it like a bunch of hogs all in one night. I am up to 16 of them so far, corn hasnt tasseled yet so hoping I got most of them I will have my dog out there when it gets close I didnt do that the last couple yrs but dad does it and saves his deer been hitting the beans and got a couple rows of sweet corn nibbled down, not sure if it will make corn or not being bitten off like that and regrowing.
  7. watching gdaughter for two days, had ice cream n strawberries last night and played in sprinkler today and took a nap lol were tearin it up - so glad you got to see her and have a nice time/visit
  8. hmmmm it says 666 - one of those devil tractors lol -
  9. on it so sad for these kids, you can add my new grandaughter lilly to the list - she was born last night at about 1130 and even tho full term she has fluid on her lungs and is in the NICU on a cpap machine w/oxy until she can get rid of the fluids and breath normal air, my daughter is doing ok, is her third, we are on gkid duty this wkend enjoying that.
  10. and to complicate things even more my mom said walmart doesnt have cash lanes anymore im an aldi guy, they take my cash
  11. I used one of those A LOT for one farmer i worked for. Pulled a disc or vibrashank with it. Worked it hard - if you work it hard, make sure you let it cool down before shutting it off it will treat you well.
  12. well heck u need a C, my neighbor is gonna rehome his
  13. i want something newer with 4WD/MFWD - something about 80 to 100PTO hp with cab/air/powershift/reverser - i havent even looked for something like that because i know i dont have the $$ so no since in looking not convinced of the novelty of they guys here wanting a 560 or the 560 diesel - ive had two and dont regret letting either of them go - Kudos to you guys for showing them some love !! I have no desire to sit on another tractor anymore that isnt cabbed with heat/ac I have 3 of those already to sit on I might consider a 400/450 narrow front for garden work and fast hitch - have to have PS tho Surprised I havent seen anyone here wanting a 706/806/856 yet, either most guys have them and arent turning loose or we might be in for some lower prices on them.
  14. never seen one in my life in MO, nor has my family, ive done a considerable amount of trapping and havent seen one at the fur dealers i used to use. I have caught a few ground hogs but not a true badger or wolverine - i catch the ground hogs in live traps with fruit for bait, had a hole under my barn again this year, bored under concrete - got two so far 😉 the mr and the mrs not sure if they had any kids or cousins yet
  15. the ones i worked with were back in the late 70s early 80s, they were tall/leggy/lanky like a holestine/charolais mean suckers too, took 2 or 3 of use to keep them off a bawling calf doing the pasture tag/vaccine at birth
  16. every time i see this kind of thing it makes me wonder about people, whether is politicians, prideful billionaires, movie stars, or peasants like myself, it really shows how much I dont know and my bane to do or control something that I have no possibility to accomplish. Why do we do what we do?
  17. wheres the pix? sounds like a hydro drive mower of some sort? cant use link
  18. tastes great on pnut butter - my own prediction is we will see another go round or two so the folks on the high hill can rescue us all and sling some more $$ at us
  19. I worked for a guy with those limousine, they were dangerous to work around and would leap like deer, tore up every loading chute we had and then some, pain in the but to tag/vaccinate calves in the field and preg test/dehorn etc....... I hope I never see another Never liked the taste of buffalo that I had, tried it a couple times - pass...........and yes even mixed with beef
  20. this one or Fiasco - unfortunately I own that boat
  21. i thot he said a C wouldnt work and would need for bigger tractor like 656/706 and a 4 row - that one there would def work for someone - neighbor has a C but I sure wouldnt want to spend hours/days riding that thing - i did a lil cultivating back in the day on a B deere 4 row - I had an umbrella for shade - i loathed that and I love driving tractors
  22. happy bday fellas/ladies if there happen to be one
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