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  1. well aint that just dandy - just like blowing a tire on a rim just a lil gas and a flame and POOF all fixed! WAY TO GO!!!
  2. wow thats some real fuel mileage ? my 351 windsor HO would get 5.5 pulling 12K lbs at 60mph LOL - what a drag on the darn timing gear it looks like ?
  3. speaking of things down under here are two of my peeves that people say....... its not a prostrate its a prostate and for the person with that sugar diabetes, do we really need to know its a sugar thing or could it be the person is a diabetic = cmon people
  4. ive had the opportunity to ask two union carpenter crews in our office buildings over teh past yr why they were carrying RED battery powered cordless vs Yellow and they said well because we get better life out of the batteries and equipment itself, when something breaks we cant wait for WTY repairs, we have to buy something and they both said they had more issues with the dewalts - they said they have really added more versatility to their arsenal because they were apprehensive of adding more yellow stuff but they like the red stuff. I could only afford two cordless at the moment and went with RED because of the deal I got. I was asking because them because i wasnt in too deep to go with yellow for other stuff, they all 4 said go red. So when i get more $$ saved up I will be getting more red stuff. I dont buy the smart tool ones they are more $$ I buy the standard versions. I have one of the impacts for all my road trips and field work with lugs and larger stuff to break loose, my other is a cordless ratchet. I use the impact a lot. Wish i would have spent the $$ on a 4.5 inch cordless grinder and multitool after talking to those guys. They said a multitool of any brand is used umpteen x a day.
  5. well thats a bummer i have a couple hi gain gps antennas just sitting around that were for repeaters for cellular devices, not sure if they would work for the tractor stuff
  6. too bad those old fire trucks didnt have dump beds on them
  7. if that is a lever? if the lever is functional and works ok dont see any issue
  8. looks like the trees have done well over the years, much to be said about several rows of sweet corn LOL your rows are much larger than what i typically plan in my garden and i plant 15 rows at times but prob no more yield than 100 feet of yours !! i love horses, had them off/on all my life, no drafts but single trained and double trained for wagons, pulling, parades etc........1hp is amazing 2hp is WOW thanks for sharing, glad that new generation is into the farming thing, so much to distract kids these days
  9. Thas great enjoy your new opportunity - the lord goes before you!!! Keep us posted we will be your cheerleaders!!! Remind us how old you are and about your family and where you are from
  10. Well thas pretty cool right there!!!
  11. This is the smallest rotary platter disk I have - its usb powered and runs just like the usb stick thumb drives now
  12. i just threw out a set of windows 95 image disks, i think it was 35ish 3.5inch floppies you had to insert in their specific order.
  13. funny you mention seagate - those two SCSI on the top shelf are both old Seagate Baracuda drives - the first one on left prob weighs 6 or 8 lbs - the magnets and bearing are substantial considering any other rotaries I have.
  14. they are mostly used for kindling these days
  15. i think those are debatably edible but the ones im working with are w/out a doubt non consumable for human sustinance
  16. This is my day job work area - ive kept some novelties over the years. These are the past 20 yrs of technology in computer hard drives. The first top left is a SCSI 20meg 8 platter 16head rotary hard drive. Maybe a 7200rpm but likely a 5400. The next to the right of it is a SCSI 80meg 4 platter 8 head rotary. The next going down left to right is the 3.5 dual sided floppy at 1.44meg. I didnt have any 5.25 or 7" floppy left to display. Then you have an IDE 4 platter 8 head unit at 200gig prob 7200 rpm. My trusty magic wand for exercising the demons as needed. Smaller laptop rotary drive IDE Single platter dual head 80mb 5400rpm. I didnt keep any of the Sata drives as they are the same rotary physical size as IDE just different data technology. Next are First gen n Second gen Solid State hard drives which are current models. Both are 512gig or 1/2 a terabyte = my how things have changed. The SSD are used in desktops and laptops.
  17. i think the pilot forgot his lunch or phone and had to go back n get it
  18. The 2015 American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for defibrillation state that it is reasonable to use the manufacturer's recommended dose of the first defibrillation shock. On a biphasic defibrillator, this is usually between 120 joules to 200 joules. On a monophasic defibrillator, this is usually 360 joules. you get one of the gallaghers adn they make some in that range, we had parmak all my life around here because they are made here in KC - i ahve had them struck by lightening quite a few times and had to make trips down to the company to get them fixed, still old fashioned drive up, walk up the dock wtih your fencer and they were so nice to fix it every time, good ole folks in a HOT dock work area with fencers people had shipped in for repairs etc.....kinda fun place to go I cant say they ever felt like they would catch your hair on fire but they were reasonably priced, great people to work with and made local. My neighbor who has cows and farms up home, has that high tensile wire, I was out goose hunting, it was damp and i was crawling under it, my gun barrel hit the wire and went thru my hand and being on all fours i got the full effect. I went down on my face, havent been hit that hard by a fence ever before and since, i had a headache and my jaw hurt. Guess i musta clinched my teeth. I have no idea how big or what brand the charger was but IT HURT
  19. @vtfireman85my other unit is a motorola h730 it is like my other that is over the ear hook and lays against head but is not for any type of hearing protection the defining feature of it for me is the RANGE it will go farther than any other headset I have had bluetooth the only other comparable is the 710 motorola that is its cousin - the biggest issue i have with the cover the ear type/muffs are you cannot hear if something goes wrong with the implements or machine you are running, i like to hear things before they blowup - cant hear a squealing bearings/belts with over the ear units i have used. Some of the folks here even in an office environment keep one muff off the ear so they can hear when someone asks them a question etc.....my other experience is that my ears get sweaty n hot with that style. I am not a fan of the in the ear type - while i get used to them and the intrusion to my orifice it makes my ears itch - hard to find a perfect unit for outdoors/dirty hot/dusty and indoors gives you more options - in your situation/environment u might be ok with a non over the ear type unless you are trying to use for a considerable amount of hearing protection if so definitely going to have to go with the muff type - if that is the case our best experience and one users like most is this - you can find WAY Better prices https://www.amazon.com/Jabra-HSC040W-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headset/dp/B0716JG1S1
  20. sennheiser presence that is one of the ones i have it jsut came to me LOL - will check on other tomorrow https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-Presence-504576-Connectivity-Single-Sided/dp/B00ES51QWO?th=1
  21. you might check and see if there is a firmware update for it - there is an app you can download on computer and with the usb cable do firmware updates that sometimes modify settings for better control - we use it at work to update all the headsets when customers come in and complain, poly/plantronics has similar software too for updating theirs
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