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  1. All our gm trucks and cars theres only the engine light on every now and then. The impala on the other hand, that things worries me if theres no light on the dash
  2. A few years back I was sitting at a campsite with family and this couple pulls in the next site, with a fifth wheel. He gets the trailer parked, opens the end gate, unhooks everything, closes the endgate, and gets in the truck to pull away. He almost went far enough to rip the tailgate off but stops and walks back to open it. He looked extremely embarrased as were all laughing like crazy
  3. I dont think it's been above 10c here yet but the snow is really down. We started in the Bush last Saturday with snow almost to my waist. By Tues night it was hardly over my boots, tonight theres water under the snow now. Canola swaths are starting to poke through today too. I'm actually surprised the fields arent bare yet. But I guess there was a pile if snow and it drifted hard this winter Took this pic of the field were logging beside from the skid steer. Can see rows now That was a nice hill, but the drift was pretty hard, so we were hitting it then wheeling over the other side. This past Sunday was nice for getting the skis in the air. Snow was just crisp enough the sled would stand up on it's own lol. I'm hoping to ride this Sunday yet. I can at least get on the lake and burn out what fuel is left One more sled pic from two Sundays ago
  4. Yep, happens all the time. Everyone's just gotta be nosey lol. Same thing happens if were working away from the shop. They always ask where you were and whose equipment, what kind of equipment, what's wrong with it. Then tell you how you should've fixed it or what the problems with them were back in the day lol. Usually just say "oh you wouldn't know the person" and then talk about the weather 😂
  5. Here's some pics from 2 Sunday's ago Here's this past Sunday having a bonfire
  6. db1486

    McCormick W9

    1/2 revolution to start reminded me of our W4. It sat for all of 10 years along the bush line, fuel wasnt drained out of it. Luckily it never gummed up or made a mess of it. I was about 15 and wanted to get that tractor going. Dropped the saw mandrel off, put fresh gas in, and gave it a few cranks to make sure it was all free. Turned the switch on and half crank and it was purring away. Dad was surprised to see it sitting in front if the shop when he got home lol. I couldn't believe from sitting that long that it just fired right up
  7. I think I'm gonna take the quad out this weekend. Might ride the sled at home and on the lake yet too. Looking like snow for the end of next week. I don't think winter is over yet lol. I think the crows just came back too, and the old saying is three snows from the crowd. Usually pretty accurate. If we dont get the snow by the middle of April I can almost guarantee we will pay for it in May. Not uncommon for a May long snow storm lol
  8. Went out for a ride on Sunday. Some spot are drifted hard and then we found spots that were all powder yet. Was melting though too so the snow was soft during the day but crusted over at night. The perfect conditions were about an hour before dark. Snow was soft enough you could still play in it but it was cooling off enough the sleds ran awesome. But I think that might have been the last good ride of the year. Water laying in th ditches now Got a few pictures but cant seem to load them
  9. A bunch of us are joking up here. Never thought we could do 2 crops in 1 year this far north haha. But we had to sacrifice a crop last year to do it lol. I guess I shouldn't joke. The crops not in the bin yet
  10. Had the rim crack on the 9130 last spring. During seeding had to pull the tire off and weld it up. Not a bad task when its warm out and everything is working normal. Had to change a tire on the 4166 this winter. Couldn't pull the tube off the rim. Me and dad fought and fought. Finally I brought out the sawzall and cut the tire off the rim to get at the tube. That was the worst I've dealt with. 12 ply on 26" rim means not easy lol. The taller the tire the better imo
  11. Is this the same as the drag link cylinder on the rear steering of the 4100-86 tractors? If so theres still some of them kicking around
  12. We got a 621D at work but I havent heard of any problems like that with it. Actually it's been very trouble free. It sure sounds like a bad sensor or pressure switch but I have no clue where anything is on that machine. I would have to check and see if they even have a service manual at work for it. It wouldn't be something stupid to do with the ride control? Did you try putting this problem on Heavy Equipment Forums? Just like Red Power, theres a wealth of knowledge there. I've poked around there when I've had issues I couldn't figure out, and most often found some good info
  13. That's how I shift it too and it works great. Except I don't normally shift the aux till I'm in 4th on the main. 1-2-3-4 with the aux in second is no problem even with a full load of wheat. Then go 4 main and 2-3-4 aux, 5 main and 2-3-4 aux. Seems to work for me
  14. For once we missed the nasty storm too. Not even sure if Winnipeg or the southeastern part of the province got it. Beautiful temp wise here. And sunny this afternoon. Snow is starting to melt a bit now. But real windy. Finger drifts are melting on the roads and making a mess and other roads are blowing in completely. And we haven't had fresh snow in a while now
  15. They had on the news that they're expecting a flood around Winnipeg, MB this spring. Actually they called it about a month ago already. That's way to soon so I hope it doesn't get as bad as they are expecting. Staring to melt already around here. Quite a shock from the -30 weather a little over a week ago
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