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  1. I'll second everything said right there. I have the mustang twin to that machine. I would not be without a CTL on the farm. I haven't had a job where it wouldn't do it. We are grain and cattle, and it definetly gets used more on the cattle side, but it does get used all year. I dig stones and do dirt work in the fields with it, and use it around the yard alot too. We cleared alot of bush with it and guys can't believe we didnt have a dozer in there. Just so dang handy and unreal what a big one will do. If I just needed a yard machine wheels would be ok, but having used both styles, I dont thin
  2. We officially wrapped up harvest Monday night. Had about 4 acres of flax that was green yet when we combined the rest the week before. Had a pretty decent run weather wise. 2 weeks ago it was a drizzle or mist every day but somehow things got dry by evening so we could go for a couple hours. Wrapped up the oats and finished baling wheat and oat straw that week. Pulled in to the canola that Friday night and started on it. Next morning was so foggy and misty we thought would never be able to go but by dark it had dried up to around 10. Last of it was just over 9. We ran all night, got a little r
  3. Good job! That's a nice feeling. We finished up last night. Was snow flakes floating around but nothing on the ground
  4. I think I got every set of the mastercraft gearwrench sets. Some flex one and a set of open end ratcheting wrench. They all have their place and I wouldn't be without them now. Canadian Tire sales are awesome lol, and warranty is so easy with them that I never had a issue. With that said I havent had a gearwrench fail yet, and I use them alot. Had them 5 years or so now. The most common used ones are starting to not hold the flex part in position but they still work good A few years ago I was told that Gearwrench was the only ratcheting wrench brand, and all others were just rebranded Gea
  5. Gee I could see potatoes maybe needing glasses but never expected corn to.... Just kidding 😁 I know nothing about corn but that looks pretty good!
  6. Used to have one of those at work. It was such a handy light saw and would just flat out cut! Sadly it got wore out. Also have a 440 that is wore right out. That sucker cut a pile of trees. We are running 261-C's and 362's now for the last 8 or 9 years now. I run a MS261 which is still carbed. I will not let that saw go. Bought in 2012 I think. Put a new carb on it this spring. It just cuts. I'm not afraid of dropping up to a 30" tree with it and I'm running a 18" bar. I absolutely love that saw. Awesome all around saw. Now, I wish I could speak the same way about the 261-C's. They ha
  7. Thanks! I will have to look into those. Biggest thing is I need to buy ones that are CSA approved for work. I did find a real nice pair and they fit perfect, but were only ANSI and not CSA. I was pretty sad about that lol
  8. That's a nice looking baler. Our ol 430 has been a very good baler. Although we dont do more than 1000 a year anymore, it just keeps going. What all is different between the 430 and 440/445?
  9. I've been thinking of going to the cowboy boot style, but its hard to find a comfortable one with steel toe. Ariat is the brand to get in them from what I'm told, and looking at prices, I'd say they must be a good boot. You guys wearing boots with steel or a composite toe? At work they much prefer we have steel toe and that takes about 90% of the boot options out whenever I go shopping for a new pair. Pretty much either the 50 dollar pair or the 400 dollar pair, very very few in between. I used to wear STC boots, no idea where they were made, but they were very comfortable and I could ge
  10. Wow there was sun out there? Just stayed cloudy and damp all day here. We wanted to at least bale straw but that was even a no go. We never turned a wheel for a week now too, so I know how that feels. We're gonna hang on for a bit before we push it tough. Have done alot of dry grain in Oct/Nov in years past. Also had snow on the ground by now the past 2 years, so not sure which way it will go lol
  11. Nice weather till end of November then let the sledding begin. I'd be happy with that 😂
  12. I was thinking it was missing something. Needs one more question- Will there be other farmers there?
  13. Was drizzling and snowing all day here. Below 0 now here. Hopefully get a good frost tonight and smarten things up again. Hopefully get the combine back together tomorrow night. Got half the parts back today, waiting for the seal kit now. Haven't done any baling or combining since last Saturday. I will say though we are a long ways ahead of the past 2 years. Got a bit of crop off, lots of straw baled, and some deep tilling done! Still lots of work to do but at least the wheels have been able to keep rolling
  14. I bet if you put the 1456 in front you could pull all 8 loaded! But dont let the wife see that.......😂
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