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  1. I never take off on the sled without the av gear. Very important! It's going to get bad quick coming up here. Right around melting and more and more snow up too, rain at lower elevations. Gotta be very cautious. One reason why I dont get too adventurous from the safer areas
  2. No blue bird days in the forecast. I guess the one hour we got is all we will get this week. There is still spots where it is not bad to see but too many possible stumps in the old cut blocks for my liking. I think revelstoke has surpassed their annual snowfall already. And it will only get worse. The 14 day trend is snow or rain everyday. Could barely see the ski loops today up top. Even yesterday was tough. Oh well hope for sun next time lol. This is the first time out of 5 trips for no sunny days. Not too bad I guess lol
  3. Well made it to Revelstoke on Monday. Rode 3 days so far, but the visibility has been terrible. Had about a half hour of clear skies today, other wise it was so foggy you could only see about 10 feet. Lots of snow though. About 12-13 feet up top. Had a fair share of stucks already too lol. Here's some pictures, cause we all like pictures lol. Not much of the sleds cause it's been so poor to see anything
  4. Probably about 10-11 feet wide with the tires on. Maybe 9 with the tires off. They sit on a gooseneck nice if you have a way to set it on it. Pull the header and tires off and go. Around here there are drive on transports that you load from the side and it carries the whole machine. No taking the header or tires off. Just load up and go. I have no idea on the weights
  5. Yes that was the first sled I ever rode in the mountains. 2 days lol. Notice how I've still been buying doos? 😂😂 Any 2 stroke just has that nice crisp sound and feel at -30. Problem is I don't lol
  6. The first sled I ever rode in the mountains was a Yamaha 700 triple. What a beast. And the power! Then I jumped on a 800 doo and didn't want to ride the Yamaha anymore lol Those triples just got a nice rumble to them. Nothing like it anymore on the new sleds
  7. There was a guy near us that had 3 of them. He turned one into a stack mover and one was parted out. The other pit his hay up every year till he quit about 6 years ago. Pretty good way to put up hay close to home
  8. That's dad's snow pusher and this is mine. I got a 8 foot snow bucket for it and it sure can move alot of snow in a hurry
  9. Yep the stock tracks are useless in snow and ice. Your unit would be about the best track unit in snow. Seem to be better than a solid undercarriage. I run snow tracks on my ctl. These are what I am running. Had camoplast when I bought it and put these tuffbilt tracks on now. Same tread design
  10. Haven't had to plow snow since mid October here, so no new pics to add. Here's one old one I've posted before anyway
  11. What year would that brochure be Dale? I'm thinking late 70's because no foot brake. Can't tell if it is the curved hydro lever or not
  12. I have no idea what Sudan grass is, but guys cut hemp with a swather then combine it so I'm sure it would work. I know we had some oats that grew about 6 feet tall and the auger header with the fixed reel pulled it in no problem. Same as slough hay. It can get real thick and 5-6 feet tall and it handles it well. The all crop header would definetly be a bit better since you can raise the reel up
  13. These are the 3 header choices for the 4/5000. I just typed it in to the search feature on the myshed app, but it is the same on the website
  14. Those add on crimpers did leave a narrower swath. On reason we quit using the 400. On light stuff we raked was fine but heavy hay it was a pain to bale. Not the full width of the baler but weaving left the middle of the bale higher. Also in a nice hay crop, about 5 bale per acre, it is too much material. I dont even know if could go an acre an hour. Where as the 4000 with the auger header with crimper, true hay head, does not even slow down. Can cut 5 mph all day, does not matter how thick it is. And it lays a perfect swath for baling
  15. Around here there used to be alot of hay cut with Draper headers. 4000 IH and 400 versatile swathers both had a add on crimper option that hung under the cab behind the header opening. They worked good. The most popular was the 400 Versatile 15 foot. IH 4000 ran 16.5'. In my opinion, the Versatile would out cut the IH. Now, the one thing about the 4000 is the knife speed is slower. The auger header uses the same wobble box, but it has a smaller drive pulley so you get more knife speed. So if a guy put the smaller pulley on the grain/Draper head I think it would cut hay alot nicer. So there is that option. Years back guys cut hay all summer with the swather then dropped the crimper off and swathed the grain. I just barely remember dad doing that, then he bought a bigger swather for grain and kept the 15' versatile set up for haying. Most hay headers are a single auger. But then you get the CIH/Hesston and JD dual auger heads, which caused alot of grief cutting slough hay. They liked to wrap up on the top auger. The 4000/5000 runs a single overshot auger, which turns backwards compared to other auger heads. The hay flows on top of the auger and into the crimper. I love this setup. No wrapping, no plugging with mole hills. It just cuts and feeds so nice. All these auger headers are for hay/greenfeed only. Draper heads are pretty much grain only, but there is nothing stopping you from cutting hay with them There is also a all crop header. It has a open center like a Draper head, but uses augers on the sides to move the crop. Has a hyd lift reel as well. And you can get the crimper option for them. They are designed to be used in all crops and hay. But there are very few around. I don't think they worked as well just using a Draper header. As far as attaching a head from a 4000/5000 to a IH combine, I'm sure with alot of time it can be done. Would have to make a adapter similar to a macdon adapter. I don't know if it would be worth it though. Probably be better off having separate units. I know a guy that had a Draper and auger head on his 5000. Used to switch them back and forth. He said it is not a easy job changing heads. He keeps the Draper head on now and has a different haybine. Also depends what year it is. The older ones are more time consuming to change heads. Be careful putting a sprayer on. The tanks on the sides are hard on the frame rails. I've heard of guys cracking the frames on these older units. Newer ones are beefed up much heavier and can take the stress better. Other than that it should work fine. I have no experience with sprayers on swathers though
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