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  1. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Looks like everyone's crops are coming a long nicely. Our wheat has been headed out for a couple weeks now and looks unbelievably nice for next to no moisture. Canola is blooming nice and even too. Been in full bloom for over a week now and looking better everyday. I noticed our last seeded oats is heading out too! This is sure beautiful haying weather but I wish one of these clouds going by would drop some rain already! Hay crops air aren't what they should be, but at least it's good quality Here's a couple shots from haying this year so far
  2. db1486

    Lyme's disease

    I wish I only had 50 so far. One day we just started walking down a trail and had over 30 on each of us within 2 minutes. The ticks have been extremely bad around here this spring
  3. db1486

    Lyme's disease

    The lonestar tick. I just learned about that this spring. None in our area yet, but give it time. Apparently if bit you can be allergic to red meat for 2 weeks or up to 7 years! I agree on blaming the vegans!
  4. db1486

    Sprayer question

    I wouldnt spray without using gps. It sure beats watching for the drag marks when dad used to drag tires at the end of the boom. We just run a outback s2, which is only a lightbar. Going to upgrade to a sts or stx, or a trimble 500 or 750 here probably for the mapping. That being said, I set the spayer for 3" overlap and there is never any misses or strips. S2 units have been selling for under $1000 here so it pays for itself pretty quick. Dust doesn't seem to bother them much, and like other's said, 2 minutes and the unit is out.
  5. db1486

    Looking for

    Seems to be some 826's showing up around here lately http://www.ebrandon.ca/ItemView.aspx?item_id=2033716&cat_id=39
  6. db1486

    Upgrading Trucks

    Well I'm a little late to this party lol, but was in the same situation as you. I ended up pulling the trigger on a 08 duramax. Really happy with it so far. Still got my 02 1500HD 6.0 that I'll never ever get rid of. Mileage is pretty much the exact same between both trucks. Pulling is much nicer with the duramax, which is why I went diesel. We already got 2 6.0l on the farm, and i wanted a good diesel for the long trips. I do miss not having the hvac vents though going to the rear seats. We got a '15? 3500HD at work with the 6.0 and I'm really not impressed with it. My 02 will out pull it any day no problem. Good luck on your search
  7. db1486

    All the Canadian good stuff

    That's just the auctions you see in the Ritchie bros catalog lol. Not every farm auction is like that up here lol
  8. db1486

    2000 Chevy power steering pump

    My 02 had a hole in the pulley, dad's 00 didn't so it's possible.
  9. db1486

    Pull type combine

    X2 on where you're at? Lots up in my neck of the woods
  10. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    This is what you guys need if you don't want to spend big money a high clearance, but don't mind having a pull type. Maybe not as fast as a sp sprayer but does the same job Well I thought I had closer pictures of it but I guess not lol
  11. db1486

    "Big Tractor Power" 3788 video

    That definitely makes sense. I know ours would pull bigger equipment but it handled the 32' cultivator with ease and never had a issue. And our first 3788 was dynoed at 230hp, and dad ran it for 25 years. Gotta get it going again. They just look mean dualled up lol
  12. db1486

    "Big Tractor Power" 3788 video

    We had 2 both dualled up all around, and I know of probably another 10 that were dualled up on the front as well, and I've never heard of any issues caused from it
  13. db1486

    Best cordless saw I've ever used

    We got a stihl battery powered saw at work. It's pretty small but cuts good. I don't know how long the battery lasts of cutting steady, but it sure is nice to carry when hiking the trails and cutting trees. I'd say the one we got is very comparable to the 170 stihl. Battery would last comparable to a tank and a half of fuel maybe? Just gotta remember bar oil lol
  14. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Yesterday sure was a beautiful day for spraying. Was pretty thick fog this morning but is beautiful spraying today again. If things go good we should have most of the canola done today and just a bit left that's not quite ready to spray. And I don't miss using the wheeled boom sprayer like you got anymore lol. Wouldn't go back from suspended boom now. No more booms bouncing and breaking on rough ground, and wheels flipping in mud and ruts, and folding booms in by hand. Lol. Mind you I'm just the water boy, so it's not really me that had those problems. But I do like when I don't have to fix lol