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  1. Never know around this place 😂
  2. I remember working in the shop one time during a thunderstorm and heard a very loud crack of thunder and saw a very bright flash and a huge spark shoot inside from where our ground wire comes in to the shop from the ground rods. The arc had to be at least 5-6 feet. After that I stand away from the wall. Another time I was working in the shop with the doors open and it was stormy out. Was that constant rumble of thunder and lots of lightning in the sky. Not really much for bolts. Anyway I saw one strike a ways to the south then all of a sudden one of our grain augers started cranking over to start. Cranked for probably 20 seconds. Key was off and no battery was on it. It was very very strange but the motor was cranking normal. I tried to get my phone to take a video but it stopped by time I did. No one would believe me when I said what I saw either. There was something else freaky going on at the exact same time but I forget what it was.
  3. I honestly never looked at the guage but thinking 3 tenths maybe. Small puddles in the morning but they're dried up now. I never heard no storm out of it, just rain. Which is odd because we seem to have been getting a storm from any little cloud lately lol
  4. db1486

    Polka Party

    Around here it ain't a polka if there's no fiddle lol Saturday night we get 2 stations that play polka music starting at 7. The first one ends at 10 and the other one goes till 1am. So Saturday night is a good night to be on the field or working in the shop lol. I'm going to miss all the festivals and events this year. Its always fun to listen to live fiddle music and attempt to glide along the dancefloor 😂
  5. There is so much history of logging in the riding mountains. I'm on the south side and a uncle of mine used to cut alot of spruce in the park back in the day. He had a pretty good size mill going. I'm pretty sure they logged and even some of the mills were still setup after the park was formed. Theres is quite a few sites you can still tell where the old logging roads and sawdust piles were. I forget how many mills were operating at one time in the park. It was quite a number. There is still trees that are tagged all over the place in the park. It's crazy to think it has been probably over 50 years since trees have been marked yet there is still some standing that were big enough back then!
  6. We were going to buy a breaker like that but got a air/hydraulic one for same price. Still might get one someday to have incase ours quits. Some of the smaller ones may work to break the inside bead on duals too whearas some are too long and will not fit without taking dual off
  7. Canola looks pretty decent there. Theres alot of pretty patchy canola around here. Most of it is all bolting now. Even ours is getting very close to bolting. Some real nice fields around though too. Our first canola looks amazing. I don't know if I ever seen a field of canola so even and nice looking. The other stuff looks good too but is gonna have to do filling in as it grows lol. First field we sowed at just under 4.5 lbs/ac and the rest of it we went just over 5 lbs/ac. I remember quite a few years ago we sowed at 4 lbs and it was one of the nicest crops we ever had. Sure seems like the lighter seeded crop is going to out perform the other stuff again
  8. Had another storm just roll through. All week looks like rain too It won't be too bad with the sp combine now. Last time we made full length ruts we only had the pull types and it's pretty hard to go whatever way works best with them lol
  9. What kind of pin up do the wings on the new ones have? I honestly havent seen a new deere mower around at all.
  10. I should mention that cutting fields or more level areas is a whole different playing field too. I guess if your not cutting too much rough stuff and ditches then pretty much any brand would be fine in my mind. I always have trouble with the deere and the wing driveshafts. And it's not that I'm hitting stones and what not, but just catch the ground or a mole hill wrong and right away the shaft starts to twist. Now that being said the slip clutches are supposed to be gone through before I get going mowing, but I dont know if they really are, so that may not be the mowers fault. But again, just the difference I'm heaviness of part between other brands and schulte. Another one to look at but there isn't many around is the Degelman mowers. I believe they are built pretty close to a schulte, but I havent looked one over closely or ran one so couldn't say for sure. I do see a few RM's running them
  11. Had another crazy storm roll through about an hour ago. Another 1/2 inch of rain from it. Looked alot worse to the east again. They are really getting hammered over there. Roads and bridges washed out, dams at the point of letting go. We could be alot worse off over here. Half hour west yet they hardly had anything. Yet the past 3 years was complete opposite Finished spraying tonight anyway. Finished up canola last night then flax today. Canola fields weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Not much for ruts or crop damage, considering we've had about 7-8 inches of rain since Sunday they held up pretty good. Flax field was a different story. If we knew it was that bad should've got the plane. Oh well it's done now lol. Gonna be bouncing over half mile long ruts again come harvest
  12. They take the abuse so much better. The deere at work had been pretty abused when I started running it but it never would cut even. The center disc has just a slight bend and it's enough. Just lighter parts on the deere versus shulte. I've seen how the municipality's around herecurt and no way would I ever put a mower through what they do, and yet they still leave a nice even job. Heavier blades too. Everything is just heavier. Now I cant compare to the brand new Deeres because I havent seen them so maybe they are improved? All I know is 99% of the guys mowing ditches are running schulte
  13. X2 on the schulte. The schulte is twice the mower that the deere is. That's what I've figured out from running both at work
  14. There was a nice fireworks show in town tonight, but seeing as it was possibly the only nice spraying day today, I only got to see them from a distance lol. Oh well it was more peaceful out here anyway 😂
  15. It sure does. I think I've only missed a couple shows. That is one show I will try to actually sit down and watch. It's just a real life show. Especially the bantering between tim and jack 😂
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