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  1. I don't know about that one. I think it's in the same area but haven't had a chance to find out for sure. I did hear on the news about worries that it was headed for town again, but I thought they had pushed a good fire guard around there last time and after? Maybe it has not been maintained?
  2. I'm not sure what season it is around here right now. Some guys are done cereals, some haven't started yet. Some still have a good bit of combining to do. We're definitely not dry here anymore. The yard just dries up and fields are a go then it rains again. Still pretty chilly and some frosty nights up till a day ago. Saw a few snow flakes on Monday, then ice pellets, then back to rain. Seeding went from lots of time to pushing being late. Might be no action till after the long weekend the way the forecast looks
  3. There was that too, but I believe there was a few that started up too. No snow in alot of areas was not good. This is what I gathered from the guys at work that spent most of last year out in AB/NWT. They had predicted another wild fire season, which looks pretty accurate so far.
  4. There's wildfires going in all the prarie provinces already. If I recall right, there was quite a few going in northern AB/BC back in February yet. Was sure smokey here for a couple days but I'm not sure where the smoke was coming from. There's a big one out of control by flin flon from my understanding. We've been getting the rain the last 10 days off and on so that's helping but not sure how widespread it is. It's definitely early to have as many fires going as there is, but not uncommon for this time of year.
  5. Usually they are very visible and bright around here, western MB. The phones nowadays do seem to make them look brighter in the pictures than they really are though. Any phone/camera I've had before could barely pick then up while being very visible to the eye I didn't know they were out Friday night, and I was outside till midnight. Last night they were starting to dance in the sky, but they were right over top and south of here, which I think I've only ever seen once before
  6. Never fails here. When a snow storm is rolling in it seems like there's gotta be 3 or 4 right before or at the start of it. Can be none for a week then as soon as the storm starts it gets hectic lol
  7. The M here has the distributor mounted pump too. I wanna say dad said the H had it as well. He said about once a year or maybe every 2nd year they would be replacing the pump gear. It was used daily as a loader tractor though too. Only live hyd, no power steering. The M couldn't have been too spectacular because he put a loader on the 660 and used that for years till he bought the 856 and put the loader on it. The M with the loader is still sitting in the same place I always remember it to be. I never did see that one run.
  8. Oh I agree it did not make a good loader tractor. But they only had a few cows and was more grain farming so it beat using a pitchfork. Dad said they had an H with a loader here, then went to an M, which is still here. But they still used the w4 in the fields.
  9. I always find it intersting how different it is between different areas. I've seen plenty of the W series around here. More so when I was a kid compared to now. Alot of those old tractors went for scrap when it was up 15-20 years ago. But there's still lots on auctions I've seen in the praries here. We got a W4 here, there was one down the road with a loader mounted on it. Couple W6's in the area. W9's were a bit less common from what I hear but still a bunch of guys farmed with them and the WD6/9 The W4 here was mostly a bush tractor for dad in its later years, then got parked when he quit that work. Must've been a good 10 years later I wanted to get it going to put on the rake maybe. I woulda been maybe 13? Anyway we pulled the saw mandrell off, I got fresh gas going to the carb, put a new battery on, gave the crank a couple spins, and it fired! Couple more times and it was running! I had one of the biggest grins ever on my face that day driving it around the yard! Lol
  10. That could be very possible. It might be to run the hyd tie too, maybe both? Now I'm more curious about these balers lol
  11. Gathering wheels is what I've always heard them called. Had them on a couple balers here. Worked really good but the duals and them didn't get along lol. That Gehl setup would be high maintenance I would think unless it's hyd drive?
  12. That looks like pretty nice riding there. I really hope we don't get that though lol. I'm done with winter lol. Snow was pretty much all gone here and everything had been drying up real nice. I don't know how much rain we got in the last couple days, but I'd say around an inch. Some snow this morning but it mostly melted off, but now everything is white again. They're definitely not calling for now what they were a few days ago. 8-9 days ago the fields were all snow here, Monday we baled the last couple bales of hay from last fall, and then harrowed and burnt straw swaths. Today it's all white again. I think we had all 4 seasons in the past week lol
  13. I drove a 895 versatile back for a neighbour about 10 years ago. I can't remember exactly where the tractor was but somewhere in Edmore/Adams ND area. Drove it back to Cando the first night then hooked up to a Air Drill the next morning and headed for home. Would've been around 240 miles Google tells me. 895 doesn't go very fast and the exhaust had been re routed to the cab corner and straight piped. It was a long ride lol A few of the tractors here dad drove home, anywhere from 50-150 miles away. Took the 1486 about 70 miles to pick up a 1482 combine, so 140 round trip. Drove one of the combines home last year 80 miles. Roading equipment is no big deal here lol
  14. Swathers are the norm around here. Got draper heads for windrowing grain crops for harvest. Got auger and disc heads with conditioners (crimpers) for hay and forage. Some guys that are chopping hay or grain for silage use the draper heads since no need to crimp it and can run wider passes without raking. Some auger headers have narrow crimper rolls and you're limited how wide of a swath you can lay, some are 8 feet or wider and you can lay the swath to the edge of the tires on both side. Disc heads are very popular too but like has beennsaid not very good in a light stand. There's alot of different options out there. One thing that guys run in to issues with here is with the flail type conditioners in a grain type crop for dry hay, the flails will knock the grain out of the heads so a roller type crimper is preferred
  15. Only problem I see with this whole situation is that there's no pictures of it in your yard! Lol
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