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  1. Snowomobile trip

    I don't recall the names but they work for sask power I'm pretty sure. Was 4 of them riding. Real nice guys
  2. Snowomobile trip

    Yes I'd like to stay out there for at least 2 weeks. Everyone says why don't I. I say cause my bank account tells me I can't 😂😂 so I know where you'e coming from haha. It really is amazing up in the mountains on a clear day. Foggy days just suck though. There is alot to explore too, but some spots if you get down, the only way out is with a helicopter, so definitely don't want to push it that far. On our third day, we ended up getting our selves a little deeper in than we wanted to and met up with some guys from Prince Albert. They took us down through the trees and in spots I'd never imagine going through and brought us right out to the cabin in the pictures. That was really nice of them and neat to see. They were on 163 and 174" so they could play around where us with our 146" were getting stuck. It really is worth the trip though, even if a guy just wants to ride the groomed trails from the bottom up to the top. Alot of nice views along the way, and even some moose the odd time lol. I hope I didn't hijack your post too!
  3. Snowomobile trip

    And a few more
  4. Snowomobile trip

    Fourth day we rode frisby again. Another beautiful day again. First is the view from our cabin where we stayed.
  5. Snowomobile trip

    Some more from boulder. You can see the ski hill south of revelstoke in the first pic
  6. Snowomobile trip

    Third day we some up to fresh snow! It was unreal! The pictures say it all lol. Second and third day we rode Boulder Mountain
  7. Snowomobile trip

    These are from our second day. Again it was tracked up but we managed to find untouched snow again. It did get pretty cloudy and started snowing around noon so we called it a day and went back to the cabin. Only got a few pics since it wasn't very clear
  8. Snowomobile trip

    Here's some pics of my sledding trip at Revelstoke. These are from up on Frisby Ridge. First one is from up on the lookout hill, which was groomed to the top, looking out at Lake Revelstoke. It was really tracked up our first day out, but we still managed to find some untouched snow. It just took alot more searching
  9. Pull type combines

    I've never seen a header that big for the pull types yet. We've been looking for years too. You know if there are any around yet?
  10. Pull type combines

    Sometimes it leads to BIG problems lol. You know it's wet when there's 2 4wds pulling a 914 through the mud trying to get swaths picked up. Don't ask me how I know....... Now with the 14/1682, just stay away from wet spots. Makes for a tough pull sliding sideways in mud
  11. Snowomobile trip

    Very Nice! I heard Hudson bay was good riding this winter. Yes I just got back on Saturday. Oh I guess that's almost a week ago lol. Where the time goes..... I'm going to post some pics when I get a chance. Just hit it lucky again with 3 out of 4 bluebird days and so much snow it was tough goimg in spots
  12. Take that Canada!

    I haven't been watching the Olympics that close, but I know the curling hasn't been great. I watched a few of the games and they weren't so good that I couldn't not watch it. I just like bugging our friends to the south. I too would rather see the US win if we can't pull it off
  13. My first combine

    Your first picture looks like the setup we ran for years. Except we had a 3788 on the 1482 and a pick up header Dad said the same thing a while back. Everyone says we farm with junk but how come when were looking for a tractor or something they're so hard to find because everyone is looking for one lol
  14. Pull type combines

    We had the same setup for one year. The 1486 runs it fine, but definitely not heavy enough in our hills. Had to make sure the hopper got dumped fairly often. Now hooked to the 3788, that was a nice unit. We still run the 1682 behind our 4494. It chews right along side a 21/2388 all day on a swath.
  15. Snowomobile trip

    I guess I haven't been on here for a while. Just came across this now lol. Good to hear your getting some riding in up your way. What area was that where you were riding? I just came through Saskatoon down through Yorkton a week ago amd there was very little snow around there. We got a couple feet where the wind didn't get to at home. Very poor riding exept for the guys that just want to trail ride Lots of poker derbys going on around here. Sunday I'm going on a local one here. I've never heard of any where they draw numbers. That's kinda a neat idea.