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  1. It rained a bit last night but I dont think it was much. Just enough to freeze to the panels. It kinda started snowing about 4 this morning. Was just a sciff when I checked the cows then at 8 there was a inch or so. It just started again at lunch time and now it's coming down. Cows are hiding in the bush lol Sounds much worse to the west. Alot of highways were closed this morning by the sask border. Just another way for mother nature to make everyone stay home lol
  2. Me and a buddy spent a good part of the day hitting every wrecking yard to and around Winnipeg one day looking for parts for his 91 5.9 he bought. We found out those parts are non existent or not for sale lol
  3. Dad said same thing. One truck he bought was the "good" truck to go places and what not. Took pretty good care of it and it always had something going wrong on it. Then he bought a newer truck and the old one became the farm truck and drove the bag off it and it never quit once lol. Seems like they dont like to be babied haha. I've seen some guys that just take way to much time keeping their trucks always washed and polished up and they rust away faster than our beaters
  4. Lol. That's how it always seems to workout. We sold some canola a couple months ago and it was pretty decent out, then a couple days later they phoned that they wanted another load. Except it was -40 the rest of the week. They waited till it warmed up lol
  5. Its snowing pretty good now. Were kinda on the edge of the orange and purple there. Probably end up with a foot lol. At least we didn't get the big rain yesterday and during the night that was forecasted. Got just enough to freeze to the panels and deck but not bad. Went out on Sunday for, maybe the last ride. Was pretty hit and miss the further we got from home. Fields were still fully covered around home. Yesterday already the water was running and pooling up and fields were showing pretty good. But I'm thinking might get one more ride in lol
  6. That's never good finding heated grain, especially canola. No combining here yet. It was looking pretty promising. Fields were actually showing pretty good by the end of the day yesterday, but supposed to get a foot or so of snow this week, and cool off again. I heard guys in the southern part of MB were going for a couple weeks, won't be much action here till the 3rd week of April I'm thinking
  7. Just from looking at the motor you can see the resemblance between the 8.3 CDC and the case 504. But I have no idea if internals are closely related or not
  8. Ahhh red rover. One of my favorites from elementary school. The game where you get to clothes line your worst enemy to ground and not get in trouble........ I heard they quit playing that game by time I was in high school lol Bloody knuckles was another one. Those quarters can sure skin up the knuckles lol Me and a buddy used to play hide and seek with ski doos in the dark. That was alot of fun, and challenging at times
  9. Must've taken 3 hours to take the pictures. One of the first pictures is 277, last picture is 280
  10. Good point. I didn't take in to account the paint, or the IH part of the emblem on the grill... lol On a side note, the Maxum line was case, right?
  11. The way I see it is so many people just want to call it by the shortest name. Case is easy to say. Same as John Deere most just say Deere. And Allis, Massey. Very rarely do many of these brands, new or old, get called by the full name. Dont get me wrong, I want to see the IH name stand out more, but is it going to happen? Probably not. That being said, I'm a die hard red guy, and IH rules here! Except on the red 4494, that thing is 100% a Case lol, and I'm sure the case guys hated seeing the International name on their tractors for the few years it was
  12. X2. The only dukes of hazzard movie I enjoyed was the reunion one. I dont know if I saw the Hazzard in Hollywood or not. The remake or new movie was not impressive to me. The TV show was well before my time but I'm sure I watched every episode when I was a kid. Couldn't get enough of it!
  13. The last 2 sundays I was out riding. Actually found some decent snow to play around in. Put on about 70 miles each ride so that was nice. Its sure melting the last couple days here but now they are calling for heavy snow so should get one more ride in for sure. No pictures from me. I was too busy playing around and for some reason never thought of taking any lol
  14. db1486

    966 vs 1486

    I wouldn't be one bit worried about the ST trailer tires. I haven't had one peel the treads off the way the LT truck tires seem to. That's my experience anyway. I've been buying 12 ply Chinese trailer tires for quite some time now and I am very impressed. However they are not the cheapest Chinese tire around, so maybe that would explain why they are holding out very well
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