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  1. X2 Guys around here always said never put a loader on a 86 series. I say use your head and it'll be fine. We got probably 5-6000 hours since we did any clutch work to our 1486. Probably at least 60% of that is loader work. No sign of needing clutch work anytime soon. Same as our 766. Its been 10 years and I forget how many hours. Still feels really good
  2. db1486

    Metal treatments

    Sounds like the guy that goes around to the shows around here selling Power Up. Theres all sorts of products from oil additives to fuel additives to grease. We put a couple drops of power up in every bearing we replace. It's amazing what a couple drops will do to a dry bearing even. He's got a unit that displays the friction as well. It's funny watching it with all different engine oils, and I won't name brands, but it was very interesting which ones were the worst. Some of them won't take two weights before it stalls the machine, some take 5 or 6. Then with a drop of power up it never does stall it out.
  3. I've fixed the bars on our Hesston round balers that broke in the middle. I never did price out new ones, but I'm sure they arent cheap either. All I did to fix them was find a piece of shaft the right size to fit inside the pickup bar. I made it long enough so the tooth bolt would hold on each side of the break. Once I had the holes lined up it was a simple fix. A bit of welding and grinding, and drilling a couple holes and it's back to new. Probably made 6000 bales since I fixed the first one, so I'd say it works lol. Maybe they're rotten and not worth fixing, but I'd try that first. If not like other have said, it's not very hard to make a new bar, especially if you have a drill press, and a bit of time. There used to be a pile of those balers around here, and I'm sure there is lots sitting in the bush wrecked too, but I think it's a little too far away to help you there. We got a 851 we quit using 15 years ago and parked it along the bush. Ended up dragging it out last fall when the snow hit and just greased up a few spots and oiled the chains up and away it went lol. So it is hard to kill them, and I'm sure it will work good for you. They just dont get used much here anymore. Cant hardly give them away. Heck you can pick up good 5x6 belt balers for under 1000 bucks
  4. I have no experience with the raven units, but a neighbour has one. I'm not sure if it's the viper pro or not, but he is always talking about how it loses signal. Even on a nice open field it will just cut out and lose signal. I know the guys have been out and reboot it and update it and it's better for a bit then does the same thing Sorry I don't have any help, just thought I'd mention it. I'm curious to know what the problem is when you get it figured out
  5. One of my buddy's just did a project like that. Put a square body on a first gen frame. That 5.9 just barks and looks awesome now too
  6. Should be spraying here already too but holding off for a few days. Hoping to get some more rain this weekend. Weeds and crop are just kinda sitting still and looking a bit yellowish. Don't want to spray and it not work either. Everything's ready to roll once we get some rain and warmer nights. We had frost Wednesday morning again. This is turning in to quite the year. Hay crops look terrible and nothing really growing on the pastures yet. The only thing looking real good is our flax and oats for greenfeed
  7. We had a wild thunderstorm roll through yesterday early in the morning then late at night again. I'd say we got over a inch in the morning, but a couple miles south never got a drop and a couple miles north just enough to settle the dust. Last night I thought we wouldve got well over a inch too but the guage says 3 tenths, so I don't know. Any rain is better than what we had so no complaining here. The hay and pastures look much better today
  8. Yes we welded the booms up many times on our old sprayer. Wasnt bad when its dry but we had so many wet years where your leaving ruts the full half mile of the field, and those little wheels would cut in then flip over and break hoses off. We welded stoppers in it and that helped but they would still catch and flip up and drag. I really don't miss those days lol. It was a very cheap sprayer and worked good though, but there are better things out there now for not much money. And I just really hate spraying too, but cant afford to hire it out. We looked at the brandt and flexi coil quick folds and hyd fold units. Still got those boom wheels though that I dont like. And we got some field where you have to fold in to about 50 feet to get through the neck, and I don't think you could swing only one boom in. But they are really cheap to buy. About 130 feet on a full open section would be nice lol. Not on our 40 acres of hills and twist and turns lol.
  9. That seems to be the case from what I've seen too. We only pull our high clearance at about 7 mph. If all the fields were wide open and flat would probably run 10 mph or so. But we got alot of smaller fields that a couple rounds have it all split off lol. And too many hills to try and run the booms at any faster speed Going from our great northern 500 gallon pull type, I wouldn't even consider a spray coupe. Filling that 200 gallon tank would get old pretty quick lol. Even the newer ones still only had a 300 or 400 gallon tank. We only spray once a year so a high clearance sp sprayer wasnt feasible for us. The pull type fit right in though. I sure dont miss those little wheels on the booms bouncing around and replacing wheel bearings lol. I'd say we cut our spraying time in half going from 70 feet and 500 gallon tank, up to 90 feet and 1100 gallon. Now it's hard for me to keep up hauling water on a good day of spraying lol. I think a big pull type would look real nice behind your magnum lol
  10. Just ran across this one. Hopefully the link works International 826 Tractor, https://www.kijiji.ca/v-farming-equipment/winnipeg/international-826-tractor/1437387887?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  11. I think that's only 03 and up
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I'd love to join in but it's all IH and CIH here
  13. That's my plan for today lol. Start looking for things I dont need and can't afford 😂 Actually I gotta harrow about 20 acres that seeded last night. We zero tilled oats into a couple old hay fields, hoping to get a nice mix of oats and grass/alfalfa for greenfeed. Did probably 50 acres so see how it turns out. I harrowed the one piece yesterday and you can hardly tell we seeded it Thought I took a pic, guess not. Have to get one today
  14. Good to hear from you and that you got it wrapped up too. That's been my life since Easter weekend lol. I never take more than a couple days off work in the spring, this year was 2 weeks lol. I havent even checked kijiji for about a month, so you know its busy 😂 Sounds like all of the praries are in the same boat this year. We surprisingly have a bit of ground moisture but if we dont get a rain in 2-3 weeks it will not be good. We need rain right now for the hay and pasture though. I think we got maybe 2 tenths of rain at home in may, less to the north and more to the south. Been patchy
  15. Pretty much wrapped up seeding yesterday here. Just finishing up with some greenfeed today. I never thought we would be done combining and have the crop in by the end of May. First wheat we seeded two weeks ago is looking good. The heat the last couple days went from no sign to the whole field green. Haven't checked any other fields yet. We really need a rain already too. Was 32°c yesterday, and 2°c this morning. Hope it doesn't freeze again lol. A few guys were re seeding canola early this week too from the frost on Monday Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to put some pictures up from seeding
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