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  1. db1486

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Yes way too cold to ride here too. I haven't even unloaded the sleds yet lol. Maybe that's a sign I should just hook back up and go west! Lol That sounds like a good ride. Is that what I would call a poker derby? Draw a hand at 4 different spots along the trail. Or is it just a ride? I see Enns Bros is putting on a ride for cancer this year. That would be fun, but they better get some snow around Portage first lol
  2. db1486

    Snow and wind = f-ing UTV'rs or snowmobiles.

    We've been through this many years ago. They're technically supposed to ask for permission first, but of coarse that never happens. And I hope it is big fines there. Here it was a massive fine of....... get ready for it ......... $35! Yep that's all the fine was at that time anyway for trespassing. Doubt it's changed either, so maybe MB will follow with changing it. The thing is here, everybody that has crop out yet, always allows snowmobiling. Just this year is a bit of an exception and would like guys to keep off or stick to the edge. And yes lots is people that haven't got a clue what a swath is, but trust me, there is alot of the guys that do. More often than not it's guys that know exactly but are just being ignorant.
  3. db1486

    Snow and wind = f-ing UTV'rs or snowmobiles.

    Going through this right now up here. There's thousands and thousands of acres of crop left out and very little snow so far. Very easy to see standing wheat and oats and canola swaths. Does that matter? Nope! We had one field guys opened the gates and straight across the swaths! Not very impressed. Shouldn't have to post a fenced field, but we did now. We allow snowmobiling, and I am a avid sledder, but it would be nice if people would use their head! And sadly it's some people who should know better. Its gonna get bad here if we get alot of snow
  4. db1486

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    The LEDs sure make a difference. And look good too 👍 Well not sure where the week went but we hot home Sunday evening. Saturday was an unreal day riding. Blue skies and warm up on Frisby Ridge. It was actually a bit too warm. The snow was really settling and packing. We were the first sleds up top and thought we'd have to really look for snow since Friday was a decent day, but it must've been foggy by the cabin Friday, because we got to the first lookout and there was not a track in sight other the trail heading north. Needless to say, we never ended up more than a couple miles from the cabin, which was good since we left after lunch. By time we left though, the wasn't much for untouched snow left lol. And I was getting a bit too comfortable and picking spots I normally wouldn't go lol. Here's some pics from Saturday. Quite a few actually since it was the best day. Not sure why I never took any of us loaded up and on the road. No snow at all from west of Calgary to Moose Jaw. And really not even anything significant till Fort Quappelle This is a sign lol
  5. db1486

    CaseIH MX100, MX110 and MX120 School Me On Them

    Have you seen the new Belarus tractors? MTZ I believe. They are a nice looking tractor. Very modern. There's a dealer not that far away from me selling them. Fwa and 4wd. Nothing at all like the crude looking tractors of 20 years ago lol
  6. They'll be at the next Ritchie Bros yard sales
  7. db1486

    Wouldn`t mind having this

    X2 25-30k here and it wouldn't be for sale more than a few days. I spent a long time looking for a pre def duramax. Great for sellers, tough for buyers Very nice truck. Be better if it was a crew cab
  8. db1486

    99 chevy 4 wheel drive problems

    It sounds like the clutches in the transfer case are shot. Those auto 4x4 are known for that. If the transfer case is shifting and the hubs are locking, that would be my guess. My 02 is doing that right now. Everything works but the 4x4 is slipping and doesn't grab. If it's a power issue and not shifting, check the ground cable under the driver door on the truck frame
  9. That's odd they would have headers in the pictures. Hmm. Must be pictures before they hauled them down there
  10. I bet most of those combines are from their dealers up here in Canada. Pretty much all of them have pickup headers. Whenever I looked at combines in the US, they don't come with a header. And the RME lots around here are packed with combines and quadtracks. Maybe not moving enough equipment up here
  11. db1486

    my new to me utility truck

    The 6.5's are good motors. We got a couple of them. X2 on relocating the pmd. There is also a resistor chip inside the plug in of the pmd. Theres a bunch of different ones for it. They change fuel economy and power. If I remember right, we're running a 6? Or a 9. I can't remember now. Lots of power and good on fuel. Tried a 1 and a 3 and seemed to be good power but terrible on fuel. I might be wrong on those numbers since we havent had to change the pmd in quite a few years so I haven't changed the chip over. 95's are pretty good motors. The dual thermostats are definetly better, but I put a hi flow water pump in our 94 and stuck with the single thermostat and have not had a single problem, and that truck lives hooked up to the gooseneck trailer, so I wouldn't be too concerned if you only have the single thermostat. Other than that make sure the glow plugs are working and they're a pretty good motor. Maybe not the greatest starting in colder weather not plugged in. If you ever have trouble with the vacuum lines running to the Wastegate on the turbo theres a fix that eliminates the vacuum solenoid. But if theres no problem I'd leave it alone Good luck with the truck. Hope it will serve you well. I sure like the 6.5's
  12. db1486

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    Yes us kids get a little carried away now and then 😂 I've put a few miles on some relic sleds growing up. Not a bad memory that I can recall
  13. db1486

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    It was actually one if the easier unstucks we had all week. Just rolled the sled on it's side then flipped it down on its skis and out it went. At least it wasn't on a steep side will where I got stuck. Couldn't hold the sled back so I had to walk down to retrieve it 😂
  14. db1486

    2018/19 snowmobile trips.

    My limiters are getting loosened right off when I get home lol. No fun if the skis ain't pointing to the sky 😂😂