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  1. That's kind of what I was hearing about wheat when guys started around here. Was running a good bit better than expected. So far can't complain here. As long as it all ends up in the bin things will be ok lol. Prices can definitely come back up though. Although 2 years ago we woulda been very happy with 8 bucks lol
  2. I was wanting to go to another rotary but we needed something for straw incase the Massey goes down again. So that really narrows the options down. Was either going to be a deere, NH, or claas. And we didn't really want a NH. This popped up and here we are lol
  3. That is not fun. You must have lots of material to put through on the canola too? Seems like most of Manitoba had very tall canola and it has been slow going whether swathed or standing from what I'm hearing. I also wouldn't say the yields are matching the stand but at least there is something there. So far I haven't had any issues putting the swaths through but it sure is slow going. And the ol Massey/claas is sure making some different noises lol
  4. Yea the leaves have been hanging on here pretty good this year. Been 3 weeks of colour already and still some green ones yet. We did upgrade a little this year. Picked up a 460 Cat Lexion. 35 foot straight head too so it cleans up acres quick if we just get the weather. Might not be any more pull type pics from me now lol. Hopefully we get a nice October right across and everyone can wrap up harvest and other projects
  5. A few pics from the last couple weeks. Alot of nice colors around here lately too. I just had to stop and take it in in the big hills hauling bales. Was beautiful. Yesterday's dust was also beautiful lol
  6. It's slow here. Get a day or 2 of going then a week of rainy damp weather. We got a long ways to go yet. Well over half the wheat left and just did 1 field of canola yesterday till a thunderstorm rolled through about 11 last night. Further south missed that one so hoping today it will go down there but looks like a cloudy damp day and then another week of rain. Pretty much been like this the past 4 weeks
  7. We had thunderstorms roll through yesterday. Lots of thunder at home but luckily not much of a rain. Little ways west got a few tenths then about 40ish miles west I heard they got an inch and a half out of it. North of the park got a heck of a storm too I'm told. Just skirted on by us. Noticed this evening lots of ugly looking clouds way to the west so that's probably what was over your way. Finally had a nice drying day after a week of damp rainy weather today. Calling for rain tomorrow night and on again though
  8. I've wondered that myself. Our swather has heat and a/c but not the haybine. Last year dad was swathing canola and I was cutting sloughs on those fields same time. It wasn't freezing but it sure wasn't warm. We shut down about a midnight and I'm just trying to stay warm, all bundled up. I walk over to the swather and he's in a t-shirt in there, heat cranked up. He said gee I didn't realize it was that chilly out 😂 I guess I'm not the only non-normal one then 😂
  9. Seems like here the baler gets hooked up at the start of July and it stays hooked up till in October sometime. Between straw and slough hay it's always late fall going. And we usually end up cutting 2nd cut alfalfa after a killing frost. Haybine has A/C but no heat. Funny how I never seem to get to cut hay in the summer but late fall I end up getting to cut most of the 2nd cut, usually at night, lol. It gets pretty cold in that cab, and gotta keep the fan going to keep the windows clear, so usually I got my winter parka and bibs on trying to stay warm cutting hay 🤦‍♂️😂
  10. Had a light frost about 2-3 weeks ago but it didn't hurt anything. Had 2 good frost in the past week. Was about 2 degrees below freezing. Wasn't a killing frost but it did get some plants
  11. The double chain coupler or pull the cover on inside of the frame on each side and take the drive chain off Or if there's a tractor with loader to lift one on each side works too
  12. I guess all it takes is 1 guy to ruin it for the rest of us, eh? Some of us know what dynos are. Think they're in Alberta.... lol
  13. I've never run in to that issue. I have found that if a synthetic rubber tube gets a hole might as well throw it in the garbage because once you start patching them you don't stop. Fluid in a synthetic tube doesn't seem to last long from my experience either. I have patched natural rubber tubes and put fluid back in and last for many years too. I didn't actually know Firestone still makes tubes. I bet it's been 15 years since we used one. Michelin is the only natural rubber tube I've gotten since, from any tire shop I've gone to
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