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    The most accurate for us is to watch the dark shows from the US. Used to watch the weather channel back when we had the big dish. They never showed Canada but you could tell roughly on the map. Was way more accurate than Environment Canada. Otherwise I kind of give up listening to the forecasts here. I look outside and can predict it better lol. As for weather, this has been a crazy winter so far. Alot more warm days than usual and very very little snow. Had rain 2 nights ago. 40 miles west was a full out rain storm. And yet Texas got snow? Something is wrong with this picture lol
  2. I don't know, they used to stop in here. Dad used to say I can see all the junk from here, why would I pay too see it from the air! 😂😂 People used to stop wondering when the auction sale is too though..... We got one somewhere from the 80's, before my time. I would actually like to get a couple over the past 20 years. This yard has changed alot. Way more junk then back then lol
  3. Not many that haven't had that problem. Surprisingly my 02 is still original, it just needs clutches. 400k
  4. X2 been nothing but gm vehicles in this yard for the past 30 years except 1 Ford that is parked with large problems. We never buy new, but also only buy well maintained vehicles and usually with full history. Sure we've done the usual repairs but nothing much for major things. Maybe a starter and alternator in that time. We expect to hit a half million kms (300000 miles) without much trouble. So far been doing it and hope it keeps going that way. Dad's 6.5 hit 500k but had lots of starter and ring gear troubles, but the previous owner had drilled a broken bolt out and must have went too
  5. I don't know, everyone around here must have a gooseneck hitch because just as many want to borrow it as my bumper pull 😂
  6. From what I remember they are metric. Haven't had the starter off dad's 6.5 in a few years so I could be wrong. Used to know that stuff better than my last name with the old block. That one had one metric and one standard bolt. NOT factory lol I wish our sales tax was that little.....
  7. Is the new hy tran labeled the same as it was a year ago or is it now hy tran ultra super traction or something? Just curious if there is a new spec change with switching over to shell or it still the same. Curious to see if we start seeing viscosity hy tran around here. Shell hyd/tran oil was not much cheaper than hytran from what I found. All the higher quality oils were within range we just stuck with hytran
  8. I've bought a few DB Electric items. So far all still working good
  9. Wow quite the northern lights dancing away there. Those pictures show it very good. My 600 summit that I bent the rails on had sliders like that. Like new on the ends and almost wore through at the bend. Got my 800 apart waiting for new reeds. It was hard starting when warm and just not running quite how it should wide open. Buddy of mine said a guy should really check the reeds out every year. They always seem to get forgotten about. I had the sled in the shop anyway so pulled the reeds and found a piece of plastic stuck in one petal holding it open and another piece of plastic in the r
  10. Funny how that works. Before Christmas the forecast showed that we were going to get all of a foot of snow and high winds. I told dad we better get the blade on the tractor when I got home from work. Had some welding to do on the frame so he got that all done and we put the blade on that night. Parked the tractor out front because "it is gonna snow lots." Almost a month now and the tractor hasn't moved yet 😂
  11. Not supposed to need shims on the 6.5 but we have had to do it before
  12. Not supposed to need shims on the 6.5 but we have had to do it before
  13. Same here. Sounds like we might have some snow coming, but also talking about rain this week. I went for a little ride last Sunday and it was surprisingly good for what little snow there is, but not near enough yet. Only 4 or 5 inches at most in the fields. Still driving the truck in 2wd everywhere yet. I usually got a couple hundred miles on by now. Oh well I got the newer sled tore apart so maybe it will be ready when we do get snow lol
  14. We gave up on reman parts a long time ago. Went through too many replacements to find one that would last. Most of the time new is cheaper and no core I have been finding. Grade 8 bolts will definetly last longer but they can still break then you get to have alot more fun getting it out. We got bolts right from GM, been good for alot of years. Don't know whats right or wrong but that is what works for us. Check your ring gear too. Make sure theres no bad spots
  15. I have the Stihl chainsaw boots at work. Wore them a few times and thats it. I find them very uncomfortable and like you said too dang hot in the summer. Some days I could be doing alot of walking and those are not walking boots lol. They will last a long long time though. I think either stihl or Husqvarna boots are made by Viking.
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