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  1. db1486

    Stuck combine

    I hate getting stuck. And I dont mean the hook the strap up and get pulled out with little effort. I mean stuck where you got 2 tractors pulling lol. Or a track hoe. Thats never a nice feeling lol One of the worst I remember is when dad sunk the 4wd and cultivator. We have a valmar mounted on it and that's all you could see. Couldn't see the frame or the shank and springs. We had to unhook the cultivator then try to get it out. Took probably 4 hours but we wiggled it out slowly. Had the 4494 and 3788 both hooked up side by side. Looked pretty cool lol. Had to pull on one side then move over to the other side. Never could keep the main frame from cracking after that. Put my skid steer through the ice on a slough once mid winter. That was also not fun
  2. All those older shows are well before my time but I can sit and watch them all day. Just good clean fun. Good thing it can all be found on YouTube, although maybe not cause I can waste too many days watching that stuff lol
  3. Those look like good reading material. The kind of reading I like lol. What's the number of the case ih tractor on the brochure with the 4894? Looks like a 9240 but those arent the same years
  4. I agree on the spark arrestor. They plug up quite often on the stihl 170 saws and hedge trimmers at work. Bigger saws no problem, just the smaller ones. The hedge trimmers need a cleaning every couple days when going non stop with them
  5. db1486

    band saw mill

    I hear that alot about woodmizer too. Everybody that bought lumber that a Woodmizer cut was always happy and impressed with consistency. I know of a few other mills, forget the brand, that guys just can't get to run consistently. Might be 1/16-1/8 off every so often or cut uneven. Anyone that buys from us is always happy with product. We can cut in 1/16 increments and every board that comes off the mill is always the same, unless there is operator error, which has happened..... lol
  6. db1486

    band saw mill

    Depends what kind of logs, but we deal with mainly spruce and poplar. Some oak and maple but not much. Spruce doesn't matter, froze cuts excellent. Poplar is tricky. Needs to be either completely frozen or completely thawed otherwise they seem to twist bad as soon as they are cut. We do most of our sawing in late winter/ early spring when things are just starting to thaw
  7. db1486

    band saw mill

    Here's our mill. Woodmizer LT35. Full hydraulic deck, simple set controls, de-barker, and trailer package. The de-barker is the best option. I wouldn't even consider a mill without one now. Only downfall with this mill compared to the LT15 is that we can only cut up to 21' without extensions, and the extensions are expensive for this mill. The LT15 is cheap and way easier to setup with extensions. 500 per section iirc?. Maybe something like LT28 might suit you? But if I recall right, there wasnt much difference in the 28 and 35. And would be quit a bit more than 10k Oh and log in the last pic was 36" I believe. Maybe 38", never took a picture of the tape before we started cutting lol I'm of no help for you on mills for sale. Unless you're looking for a trip up to the praries in Canada lol
  8. I just heard today on the radio that they're calling for a normal winter here. It won't be like last year from September till mid April. Supposed to be a 100 day winter. If that's the case it should be spring by mid January....... lol I dont know how much snow we've had so far. About 4-6" on the ground now. Probably had well over 2 feet since mid October
  9. That's why they're such a big clean shop. Nothing to make a mess of and no parts scattered over every square inch lol. We still do some stuff outside in the spring and summer. Do what we can in the shop, but sometimes there just isn't enough room inside, since we dont have a huge shop. And sometimes there is just too much of a mess to get anything through the door 😂
  10. Maybe it will start dropping here but with the price of new I doubt it. If exchange wasnt so much we would be shopping near you like we used too. Tons of equipment around here came from across the line
  11. Very true. It's kind of like the 2+2's. Some guys like them, more guys hate them. And a case isn't a steiger, but I wouldn't call it a bad tractor. They put alot of acres in the ground The Case 4wd were very popular around here and tons of them around, so I think there was just so many for sale that's why they are so much cheaper. And they are over 30 years old. Versatiles and green steigers of the same age aren't selling for a whole lot more than them. But once you get into the red steigers, blue ford/nh and 60 series and newer deeres, the price jumps way up. Just good reliable tractors for running grain cart and heavy harrows. If it's got a PTO, worth more yet. That whole 4wd tractor market has completely changed around here in the past 8-10 years. We were looking at early stx's 10 years ago for 60-80k. Now the same tractor with 3000+ more hours is holding over 100k
  12. We have checked with quite a few around here. None had any and if they did it would be 25k. Haven't looked across the line yet. A PTO on a steiger is not very common around these parts. Kind of like a IH with a 3pt hitch. Just dont see them around hardly at all. Good to know about the higher hp specs. I thought they were all set the same
  13. I see Canadian tire and peavey Mart got some real good deals on this weekend. Good time to pick up some stuff I will be needing throughout the year
  14. I wish that was the case here. 91 series steigers are pretty much 2x, sometimes 3x the price of a 94 series case 4wd. And finding a steiger with PTO is very very tough. We did find one to put on our 9130 but it was $25000, so passed on that
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