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  1. We fed out Greenfeed oat bales last year with dry hay. We went from 3 bales of 1st cut hay a day to 1 hay and 1 greenfeed. We just spread the bales on the field for the cows. No mixing feed or shredding bales. Just spread it our with the prongs or grapple. Oh and were putting up more greenfeed now too to get through the winter. It sure saved us last year, hope it pulls us through this winter again My area got hit bad with drought the last couple years and hay yields were terrible. Gonna be a pile of straw fed out with molasses this winter
  2. I'd join that...... Not much for getting together to do projects. Everyone just seems to have so much on the go. There is still some neighbors here that we help out and they help in return. Quite often it's working cattle since. Get a few guys together and help with everyones herd
  3. I was expecting it but nothing here. It was sure cool last night. I dont think it got too much below 10°, but then I never got up early today either lol. If we can get to the end of August we will have had two frost free months this year lol
  4. I was expecting it but nothing here. It was sure cool last night. I dont think it got too much below 10°, but then I never got up early today either lol. If we can get to the end of August we will have had two frost free months this year lol
  5. db1486

    1066 Hydro

    I never touch the foot n inch pedal when I'm baling. Not saying it's right or wrong, just have never felt the need too. And I go 8 mph as well, but I dont slam the lever back to neutral. Although I dont know if that would hurt it. Look at other equipment with hydro drives. Skid steers for one are slammed between forward and reverse all day and seem to last alright. Even swathing or combining, cruising along then plug or hit a pile. I know I pull the lever back pretty quick lol The pulling the lever back reminds me of when dad bought the CIH 4494. The guys at the local dealer said whatever you do, do NOT step on the clutch if you're in 2nd or 3rd power shift. Always pull the lever back to first then step on the clutch. According to them, you wont hurt anything other than your head on the window if you pull the lever back from 3rd to 1st really quick. But stepping on the clutch can cause damage, even though the lever gets pulled back by the clutch. And you'll almost go through the front window instead of hitting your head. I know, whole different tractor, but it just reminded me of it lol
  6. db1486

    1066 Hydro

    The older 4000 IH's didnt either. Only the later style had a brake pedal, which I don't think has ever been used on ours The hydro 100 is the only hydrostatic on the farm here with a foot n inch pedal
  7. On those old walinga vacs, yeah I can out shovel one of them bu my self two to one probably. But we can load a tridem grain truck, about 900 bushels in just over 10 minutes with a newer REM. I cant believe how much grain a vac in good shape can pump though. From what I've seen, no other brand can keep up to a rem. Even the old 1026's are way nicer than shoveling. And yet I still find my self shoveling into a 8" auger lol
  8. We run a 2500 HD, basically same as a 2700, on our 766. Handles it really good but will make it smoke going full bore in heavy wheat. I wouldn't go much less hp though
  9. 430? We square baled with the exact same unit for as long as I can remember. Except we pull a 10 bale stooker behind it. Still have the 560 my grandpa bought new. We use the 766 or hydro 100 on the square baler now
  10. We got a couple 6.7's at work. Nice trucks, but they seem to like to go to the dealer more than work. Seems to be mostly DEF issues. But have had fuel pump issues on both I believe. The newer one, '13 or 14? seems to be worse than the '12. You definetly cant let them sit and warm up in winter, and not good for short runs
  11. Maybe I'm going to be the odd man out here, but I go 2 oil changes on my gas compared to my diesel. So, for me, theres really no price difference in that. Fuel filters is where it adds up. Sure the diesel will need injectors, but the gas will need 2 sets of plugs and wires in that time, so that's $150 a set last time I did mine. But then again. I never buy new, so the price comparison is completely different. Both my trucks were 9 years old when I bought them, with roughly the same miles. I paid 3 times more for the diesel than I did for the 6.0 gas. Both crew cabs with the same options. Now that said I also paid a third of the price of a brand new duramax, and I'm pretty sure it's no where near a quarter wore out, and from what I see I can put a 100 000 kms on it and turn around and sell it for what I paid for it. So maybe buying a used diesel is more cost effective if you dont keep them till they fall apart
  12. I think you hit the nail on the head! The last of the 7.3's, the 04-06 duramax's, and the 5.9's were the last good reliable, mostly trouble free motors out there. I know of many trucks with those motors that are well over half a million km's (300 000 miles) and still going with really no troubles. I wouldn't say they're a truck I would jump in tomorrow and head across the country, but they're still earning their keep and putting along. As far as tuning, I was dead set on doing a dpf delete and a tune of some sort. But now that guys have put miles on the trucks with tunes, I'm starting to see more and more fail. Or computers fail too. I think I'll just leave mine alone for now and see what happens. If 400 hp isnt enough for ya to pull a trailer, buy a semi lol
  13. I would also think that they could be making more fuel efficient gas, and diesel, engines nowadays. To me, and maybe it's all because of the emissions stuff, it seems like things are going backwards in fuel economy. Sure the trucks make more power and a bit more get up and go, but what's wrong with the motors of 15-25 years ago. I found, from owning and driving both in the same situations, that my 08 duramax is not any better on fuel than my 02 6.0 gm. No difference. In fact I think its harder on fuel because of warm up time. Then theres dads 94 6.5 gm. It'll get high 20's running empty, and probably around 18 loaded. I never really figured it out towing. All I know is I can haul hay for two full days on a tank of fuel, where as when we hauled with dads 6.0 gas, same size tank, I would have to fill up first thing, then after lunch again. Gas is quite a bit cheaper than diesel here, but not that much lol. My 02 1500HD 6.0 will get 18-20 mpg empty, summer or winter. Pulling the 22' cattle trailer loaded with 20-22 5-600 lb calves, I would be around the 10-12 mpg mark. My duramax gets about the same empty, on a good day. Some days it's more like 16. Pulling the cattle trailer with the same load, I'm running the same mileage. But the biggest difference is I can barely tell theres a load behind the duramax when I take off, where as its slower getting going with the gas. I will always have a diesel around for pulling the trailer, but I dont want to do much else with it. The 6.0 is a much better all around truck imo. But I also haven't really tried out a new 6.0 to compare to a new duramax. I dont like the '15 3500 6.0 we have at work. I think these trannies with more gears just makes the motors lag more and work harder instead of being in a gear and staying there for a longer time. Too much jumping around. That's just my opinion though
  14. That's one of my favorites. A couple other good ones too.
  15. That's one of the reasons the prices on good used pre def equipment has shot up here. 10 years ago you could pick up a decent 9270/80 for under $50 000. Now the same tractor is $80 000! And it's the same with combines. Skid steers too. I want to upgrade mine but want to stay away from the def
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