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  1. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Sounds the exact same as here. Very frustrating already. Especially for the guys that bought brand new and can't even get the tank filled.
  2. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Some friends of mine were combining yesterday about 20 miles away and no rain there. I have no idea what moisture is on canola. Seems like everyone is just going whatever it tests. We did some wheat tonight, testing 18, and I baled straw right behind and it was good and dry. Hopefully roll up some hay tomorrow. The swaths were really soggy so they should dry quick now thats raked up. It sure has been cold. I had to plug the tractor in this morning so it would start lol. Shouldn't need to plug them in to go haying lol
  3. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Got a good shot of rain and ice pellets yesterday afternoon/evening. It just won't give up! Gonna try and get the second city hay all rolled up here then giver on crop. Is it just the wait time for propane there? Around here guys are having a nightmare of a time getting propane. Any new to you dryer setups have to be completely retrofitted and inspected, and I heard of some brand new dryers not passing inspection. Its getting a absolutely crazy
  4. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    That's good news. And a good feeling in sure. Keep sending that nice weather this way! Not much action around here yet. Couple guys going, I heard canola is around 13, which is drier than I expected it considering there was snow in the swaths yesterday morning. Almost caught up drying grain here. Maybe try combining in a day or two. Take something off tough and dry it if we have to. I heard tonight on the radio they're calling for a chance of rain tomorrow night. I hope not!
  5. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Well I think there's hope for harvest sooner than later. Feels like a change in weather coming in now. Was -15° (5°F) this morning. Too cold for middle of October. Skid steer at work didn't even want to start! Anyway it was a miserable day till after lunch, then it started to warm up. Sun finally came out, snow started melting. Actually not a lot of snow left tonight. +3 tonight and I was out on the quad with just a light jacket and was actually warm. I hope this is the start of our harvest weather lol
  6. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    We had a brand new dyna torque II go flat 3 times one summer when baling. Could never figure out what was going on. We were blaming it in the gathering wheel teeth on the baler but could never find a hole. Turns out there was like cuts or flaps of rubber that would pinch the tube. Looked like it was driven flat but never was, just a manufacture defect.
  7. db1486

    New joke

    Been there, done that!!!
  8. db1486

    Best hay tractor?

    Our 766 is my favorite tractor for all around jobs haying. I've made thousands of 5x6 rounds with it and quite a few squares as well. More than enough power for flats and hills. Great on the v rake too. Now I use the Hydro 100 round baling. Great combo, although a turbo would be nice 🤔 I think any Hydro would be perfect for what you want Here's our lineup (minus the square baler)
  9. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    It's looking worse now. Snow drifts on roads and in the ditches 🙁
  10. db1486

    Block heater for 1066

    Do you have a picture of it? The old style has a threaded nut on the outside. Once that's off it just pops out. The one new one we bought has the screw in the middle and the pulls in tight with the block
  11. db1486

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    I've been doing 15-20 pumps twice a week, or every 20 hours. Havent had a wheel bearing go yet in the 8 years I've been mowing
  12. db1486

    2018 crop pictures

    Our canola swaths are white again. Forecast looks good coming up, so maybe by the end of the week we'll be rolling
  13. db1486


    I'd like to have a drink or two with any one on here. So much knowledge and wisdom, and humor lol. Browsing this site sure makes my day. The only bad thing about it is since I joined on here, checking out what's new on here has really cut into my online tractor shopping!! Thinking about it now, probably for the better...... ps... keep up the good work folks 👍
  14. db1486

    Rotary PTO driven mowers opinions

    I've put a lot of hours on a wore out 1518 deere at work. It chews up whatever you put under it. Weak spot on it is driveshafts to the wings. If the slip clutch doesn't slip right away it twists the shaft. Other wise it's been alright. I got to run a fairly new shulte this fall. That's a mower there. Runs so smooth and built heavy. Every ditch mower around is a shulte. A couple degelmans too but I havent looked them
  15. db1486

    I see your doing something stupid

    He smartened up after the balcony let go