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  1. I've found the opposite here. It seems like cih is cheaper, sometimes. Usually they're the same, except for aftermarket or short line stuff. Then the NH dealer is cheaper
  2. Yep. That cold zone you talk about, that's where I'm from. Snow suits and insulated coveralls don't get put away for the summer lol. And I keep the 911 and conditioner in my truck year round, since theres more months it might be needed than not
  3. That's why I said A charlais cow in the herd. Only need one. If theres a cow out, it'll be the white one 😂😂 All joking aside, we have white ones mixed in our herd and they're always the first to see when checking them in the dark. Once you find the find the white one the rest are close by
  4. Good to hear you were able to finish up. That always a nice feeling lol. Our oats was Terrible this year too. Lots was just hulls that the heat burnt. At least we got that straw baled up for feed. We bale oat straw behind the rotary no problem, just drop the chopper blades out and no problem. Wheat straw is a no go for us though. Yes this snow is something. Sounds like around Portage and north up by the lakes got hit the worst. We were trying to open roads at work today. Still closed. Made it through but that's it. 3 feet of snow that fell and now theres 8-10 foot walls of snow for miles from the plows and the road isnt ecen clear yet. Try again tomorrow. At least we cant combine so I might as well be working overtime lol. Maybe we'll get some wheat done at 15 yet too lol. Nothing under 16ish so far, and up to 18. Gonna be busy drying after harvest lol
  5. Been plowing snow and trying to feed cows the last couple days. No combining for a little bit now Here's our flax
  6. You should hear the dumb ideas I come up with during the day!! 😂😂
  7. It better melt!!! This is nothing new for us. This is the fourth year in a row that we had snow this time of year, and it's always melted. Now if we get this much snow at the end of October, it stays till spring. But we've combined in November before with t shirt weather, so let's hope it happens again lol
  8. I've never found the portable ones to be too accurate. We, and pretty much everyone around here, use the labtronics 919 tester. It's what the elevators use. Looks like this, and theres digital versions now too
  9. Be better off having a charlais cow in the heard lol I think it would help having reflective tags, but agree with others it wouldn't be enough of a solution. Half the time the cows are standing facing away.
  10. Yes this morning the storm was going straight north, now its turning and heading west. Who knows, it might turn again and head back to you lol. Just kidding. It better not
  11. From the sounds of it Winnipeg and Portage are getting the worst so far
  12. I'm south of the mountain from you and we've been getting hit all day, but a few miles west really no snow. I might try baling straw after work, although it looks like the system is going northwest now, so maybe not
  13. Guys 20-30 miles southwest of here are combining yet. No snow. We definetly can't do that!
  14. Were just on the edge of it right now but for a cast is for 2' and 60 mph winds tonight. I hope not! Its snowing a bit here and wind is up but not much on the ground yet. Sounds pretty bad from Brandon to Winnipeg so its just a matter of a few hours and it will be here
  15. What's this extra money you mention? Lol. The way crops and grain prices are around here be lucky to cover the inputs. Not good. Hope next year is better
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