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  1. One of the few things I had little problems with, nor did I ever take one apart, although I did have the governor weights screwup once, that'll make the motor do some screwy things. I dropped a fortune into a motor rebuild on the 573 and just because I thought I should sent the pump out to be checked, 3 grand later they told me it was fine.
  2. I tore up more $hit clearing then anything else, I'm fairly sure hedge trees loved tilt cylinder hoses, had a wall of shame lined with fan blades, Dad actually poked a hole in a 2hr old radiator. In my youth, tightening up a brush pile, had a fairly good size tree butt slip over the top of the blade and cleaned everything off the hood, stopped 2 feet in front of my face. I hope you guy's don't mind my rambling, this site gets me nostalgic sometimes.
  3. My dad bought a brand new Lacrosse low boy when he started, and it's still in use today, it's short and why we like it, easy to back in gate holes, total length with truck is 50ft and the year was 1947. Nice deal on your trailer but if it's heavy might be hard to scale the 250, my c was 54,000.
  4. I can honestly say I've never seen a failure here. Now, with that said, bet you can find a silicone that'll work, it won't be your average run of the mill stuff.
  5. I didn't do much with my 250, bought it mainly for parts, but did take a 45ft steel flatbed, after removing the rear axles, stuck the end in the bucket, couple of chains, picked it up and set it for a bridge. It feels kinda odd when you stand her on the front idlers.
  6. 100gal of fuel....bout a day and a half with that baby. I never got the 250 stuck, the 20c however....more times then I care to remember, it was nice when the farm tractors started getting bigger, before that it was get another dozer. That hedge tree may impress some on here, but you'll have to do better with me, believe it or not I had the most trouble with pi$$ elm. I once took down a cottonwood that measured 15ft in dia and without dynamite, spent an hour on it, plus another getting it out of the root hole. Did you get a bath when that line blew?
  7. Planetary leaking out of the 3 sun gear shafts? I've seen guy's weld those.
  8. If you can get one for $70, go for it, a hose will cost you at least that much. It's probable steel for heat but since you can get one, I'd keep it that way because of fire.
  9. It's funny you mention that, Dad actually got stopped by a state cop doing this, as they were discussing options in his patrol car, dad noticed a big glob of dirt between the frame of the scraper and the tire sidewall, for those of you who know what that does, well, you know, anyways as he is thanking the officer profusely for stopping him....the officer told him to get the **** out of here. That was the 60's, can only imagine what it would cost you today.
  10. If it's possible, I'd change fittings and go to JIC and have a hose made. I skim coated mine with silicone, was very careful and it worked great for about a month, whatever you do.....don't do that. A piece of silicone about 1/4in long and the dia of a toothpick got lodged in the oil cooling tube to the piston wrist pin.....I still have it somewhere and remember showing it to my banker after it cost me 7grand.
  11. Threads like this this often get me feeling nostalgic and thinking how many neat pictures I'd have from the last 50 years if we'd had todays technology, then reality steps in and I'm glad I don't. One that sticks out in my mind, and I can only describe it, IH 290 with a 48 Lacrosse low boy loaded with an 18a still hooked and towing a 13yd pan.....ahhh...the good old day!!
  12. Stupid price for what it is. If the system was new wouldn't have a problem with 15psi but you got to many thin tubes in the radiator and oil cooler that it's not worth risking, the B's and C's cooling is marginal at best.
  13. This is the part I realized it may be time to get away from IH. I had bought a new one for $36, few years later it was $75 and I chocked on that for what it was. That one only lasted a couple of years and what came next shocked me, it was over $200. Found out later it was an internal struggle between Komatsu and I can't remember either IH or Dresser, Komatsu having control of the parts at the time and trying to run the other out. Honestly it's just a thermostat and could probably get one at any parts store but I had a 20c and you take no chances with the cooling system on them.
  14. A quick search left me more confused, IH last C was 82 but I found a Dresta C, again it was a quick search and I didn't delve into much. GSC, do you know if it has 2 speed steer?
  15. Should be a little block with 1/4in steel lines going to it, left side of frame below the operator, up toward the top, believe it to be 3 ports. No idea of which one goes where or what the pressure supposed to be, need a book for that.
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