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  1. Sounds like maybe the disks are binding in the clutch pack.
  2. Does this still have the C style trans or does it have 2 speed steer?
  3. I ran one for 35 years, it's a brute. They made fewer then the 15 so parts are extremely rare, rails/rollers/sprockets are non-existent. I'd steer clear, Dennis is right all most identical to the 15 except larger and you can probable double the cost to own and operate, the baby likes about 10gals an hour when your running hard. Turbo is not a problem it'll be all the parts to hook it up, I had to hand build mine the last time.
  4. Isn't their a port to check charge pump pressure? If I remember right when you first start it up, the longer it takes to come up to pressure indicates charge pump problems. Any slippage in the trans you should be able to tell, sometimes in the converter you can not and is likely where your problem is at.
  5. Dealers like Blue ridge is exactly where you need to look for parts, been to Benton many times never knew it was there. It's good to see Dressta back in the market, my dealer RMS dropped them a few years back, they held on even though the products coming out of Poland were less then desirable with poor quality control, then LiuGong who only wanted the dozer line offered no support at all. Anyways I wish them luck, it's a tough market, now if they would just open up that warehouse in Texas and give us access to the old blueprints and vendors.
  6. A lot will depend on the dealer, kind of surprised Rolland can't get some, Dressta was a very short term company. E's and newer models Komatsu was fairly involved in, the C's not so much, most of what's available today is crossover parts that fit both brands or NOS, a good dealer will have several sources to go to many like FP, having an old timer in the parts department helps. As for aftermarket parts a lot depends on numbers produced but as time marches on those are shrinking. Bottom line; if it's not a crossover part then nothing new is being produced.
  7. I would say yes, a lot would depend on oil type and quality, this info is hard to find and I just went by my dealers service manger who happens to be a friend and long time IH service tec and equipment owner, in other words someone I trust, I know I've seen 300 before. If it's never done this I'd say you got something going wrong, probably getting some slippage in the torque converter.....I just looked back and this is an E, that's a whole different setup and one I've only been into once, still be comfortable with 250.
  8. You've found the flaw in the cold/run/hot gauges, first off you have no idea of the actual temp, then if it's working correctly it will stay right at the run/hot line. Replace it with a real gauge, at least you'll know. I did on my 20, believe it was 250deg when I'd start to pay attention to it.
  9. I don't need any parts, just went to take a look, the sealing rings were never part of a kit but it was a long time ago.
  10. Your kit included the sealing rings? You know what they are right? link didn't work for me. I once replaced I think the hi/low gear in my 20c with one from a B but had to do 2 other gears to make it work, buying all that used was still cheaper then 1 new gear but it did take a 300ton press to do the job. Funny story about a clutch pack on my JD scraper...well it wasn't funny at the time...I had taken the trans out and took the one bad pack to the dealer for inspection and rebuild, oldest guy in the shop did it, put it back in, drove it 10miles back to the job site and as soon as I put the bowl down to start loading it stopped, would pull itself but nothing more. This time I had the dealer out, same guy and took it all apart again. Finding nothing wrong put it back together and it worked fine. Now he never did acknowledge he screwed up but had stacked the disks in wrong, started with a steel and should have been fiber, like I said he never admitted it but I never got a bill from the dealer.
  11. I always went by the metal disks as long as the fiber ones looked good, if the metal had blued then all had been hot and slipping. The other as mentioned internal splines, I've had those get so bad it causes a hesitation in the shift, and they don't have to be to bad for that. Yes, that oring can be a complain, have found it easier to warm it in hot oil, not much just enough to make it a bit more pliable. I also need to mention the sealing rings, replace those if you can get them, they were never to expensive and a known failure point. Not sure if the 15 has a bolted on tail shaft on one of the clutch packs, back side of the trans, I believe it houses one of the sealing rings but also 2 little orings, pay careful attention to those, it's not fun to pull the tranny for 2 $.50 orings.
  12. I've worked on C's for over 40years and I'm struggling to remember what the lube pressure does, controlled by the valve on top of the trans and can be increased by adding washers but after that.....it's a blank, OK so I might know just not sure enough to comment..help a guy out will ya. You rebuilt the converter, how did the fins look on the 3 different parts? 95% of the time slippage causes the heat problem whether it's trans discs or inside the converter or both normally it's the converter, I was never lucky enough for it to be something simple, those aluminum parts were expensive years ago. Converters are cheap to rebuild if nothing is wrong and we were told, running them every day to rebuild it every 2 years. I have taken a die grinder to the fins and cleaned them up with fairly good results.
  13. I went back to my saved IH info and although it doesn't say merger or buyout it does say each company was allowed to operate independently for at least a while. One thing I found interesting is that after they got into crawlers, used one of the gas over diesel motors for a tractor and at least according to my info made it the first diesel ag tractor.
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