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  1. pede


    I'd like to have that Galion tag on my wall.........
  2. pede


    Believe it looks like a 118 but hard to tell. I had 2 Galion's, great graders, first with hydraulics. Had a 118 and a T500A, most you could get with different engines, IH, Detroit, Cummins and I think Ford. Lot better grader then the old arm busting Cat's.
  3. Can you tell if it's trying to pull? Should be able to pull either or both inspection plates, one on the back and the other left side top of the rear deck and see if anything is turning. Sure sounds like a final drive problem, bull or sun gears, remove outer cover around the sprocket.
  4. 77, welding on undercarriage is a whole different ballgame, It's fairly easy to buildup rollers and idlers but needs to be done so no machining is required. A general rule of thumb is if it's machinable then it's not hard enough, it's a fairly high rockwell to handle the impact and abrasion of undercarriage and takes very special rod or welding wire.
  5. Just be careful and unscrew the nuts in sequence to not put a bind on the rocker, some will be loaded some won't and go back tight the same way, as long as you didn't move the crank everything should be the same as it was, but it is a good idea to recheck lash.
  6. The 20c was the biggest dozer we could move without an overweight permit, still needed the overwidth one which got to be a pain, the 20e weighed to much as did our 250C but didn't use it much. Most of the design starting with I believe the B series and for sure the C and later came from a joint venture with a Polish company and IH, which after Dresser went by the wayside became Dressta, they just couldn't stand alone and suffered from poor engineering and quality control. Our early model 20c had a few problems, fan belts and cylinder sleeve orings or should I say oring are a couple that stick out, it never did like ambient temperatures above 90deg but we ran it for over 30years before it fell to a fire.
  7. Their is a 20c around here with a plow, they have staggered cleats on it. I never thought my 20c was very impressive pulling, use to pull a one way disk and a scraper, the latter wasn't to bad but she didn't like the disk, to much constant pull and would over heat, a problem with the 20c anyways, larger 4x4 farm tractor would pull circles around it. That pressure relief thermostat in the top of the radiator was where I realized Komatsu was trying to drive Dresser out of business, first one I bought was $60 which was bad enough, 3 years later it was $200, Dresser was gone shortly after that.
  8. Nice shop! had to chuckle a bit......use the midi to clean out the rollers on the big boy...lol
  9. I like parker tough cover. If I remember right the 15e also had spring wire around them.
  10. I just love a good fabrication job, did the exhaust elbow on my 20c. Yes you have to get creative, I had to make an external clamp setup to weld to the turbo and have a flange to start the exhaust from, told my machine shop buddy we ought to market these in various sizes. I only did mine because I had no other choice and it wasn't cheap but on the up side I know it will outlast me.
  11. Mine had a Waukesha. Ever thought about making a manifold?
  12. RMS is probably the IH/Dresser/Komatsu dealer for the Osage area.
  13. Road machinery and supplies. Probably not what your looking for, good group of guy's down here in Moline, IL. Company was long time IH dealer, been doing business with them for 50 years, use to be Herman M Brown.
  14. Dresta is actually Polish and was the original company IH went to when they started I believe the B line dozers and were responsible for the C/E/G's as well, LiuGong is the current owner and no longer makes anything for the older line. Now with that said, Komatsu still has rights to some parts especially on the E's, the G's were caught in transition from Dresser to Dresta and quality suffered.
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