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  1. pede

    1990 4900?

    Yes, it's an automatic and was thinking it may be some sort of kickdown. I've actually given up on this truck, it's old, rusty and not worth much, not enough to justify a pump rebuild. I swapped filters and got it running again, had the throttle unhooked and it went to the high RPM again, no throttle response and the shutoff did not work, guessing among other things the governor weights are stuck, had to chock the air cleaner to shutoff.
  2. It should have a whole slue of drilled and tapped holes on the back plate, might take a little fab work but anything will fit. A lot of guy's use root rakes mounted to the blade.
  3. Yeah, a true drawbar, designed to plant the track under pull. Like i said, lot of difference in pan's and only way to tell is to work um, we had a IH B-91 and that was a sweet loading little 8-10 yarder. I will tell you that pan's are hard on rails and will be very hard on those wide tracks.
  4. I was thinking 3 but there is a lot of difference in pans, does this 6 have a true drawbar hitch or just a rear mount?
  5. Right before IH went down they were making major expansions worldwide, then a strike by the UAW along with piss poor management lead to there selloff.
  6. pede

    1990 4900?

    Not 100% sure, thinking a 466.
  7. pede

    1990 4900?

    I'm working on getting a 1990 4900 running that has sat for a long time, old state truck. I was surprised after hooking up the batteries it fired almost instantly and running at maybe 3/4-full throttle, couldn't figure how to shut it off and it finally did so itself, yeah I now know about the fuel lever, wasn't expecting it to run at the time. I'm hopping the filter plugged, it turns over and tries to start, don't think it's algae since we don't get bio on the farm. Anyways I couldn't move the foot throttle, cable that goes somewhere to the back is froze, any idea of what it's function is? 3
  8. On a straight push you should be able to spin the track fairly easy, stall will occur with the right leverage of the blade and the ground your on. Kind of sounds like you may have some internal slippage but not to bad, keep and eye on the torque converter temp gauge as it will climb quickly if you slip to much.
  9. Kevin pointed it pretty well. If it feels like it's still pulling the motor, that would be converter stall, if it kicks out and gains rpm's then it's the tranny. TC stall is fairly common especially when you get the leverage right to load the track, that's what it's designed to do but over the years internal parts get worn and it becomes more frequent, don't hold it like that to long, it'll build heat quickly.
  10. Depends on soil type, poplar has a round root ball and not all that big, fairly easy to take out with my 20c. You'll want a good cage, dam things like to snap off up high.
  11. Thanks Rawleigh, when my old computer took a dump I lost a lot of pictures. This was my second generation unit when we started fully immersing the roller in water, that helped a lot with the welder ground.
  12. IH factory in Chicago had a drive in pit filled with diesel to help free things up and remove the cosmoline. I'd get a can of Kroil, treat and let it sit, run it and repeat, or get a pin press and take it apart.
  13. Nothing wrong with the stick, most of what you find for the DIY in hardfacing and buildup is stick, us old farts learned on stick anyways. Our setup for rollers/idlers was a Miller 300 cv/cc with a 32s feeder running 5/64 flux cored wire. I've since moved to Hobart(it's a Miller right) got it at a government auction for $12.50usd, it's a 650amp mig and will weld from 18ga to any thickness.
  14. Mike, what wire you using? Have done a lot of this over the years, well with rollers and front idlers anyways. Mine was setup to run the rollers in water and also pumping water inside the roller to keep them cool, this way you didn't have to dissemble. Had very good success as long as they weren't wore over the 1in wear limit. We ran 5/64 Lincore 33 flux cored till it got stupid expensive.
  15. One common mistake I always see when people use grade 8 is not having washers/locks/nuts that are not grade 8. Lets talk lock washers, do you know how they work? for most of my adult life I thought the spring action kept pressure to help hold, then I went to a Loctite class, they actually are suppose to bite into the metal of the bolt and matting surface, even us old farts learn something new from time to time. Now this was a Loctite class, their products are better then locks and with the added benefit of it also acts as never seize. BTW, Good info from Louie above.
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