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  1. Sorry to hear this news Buddy!! Chubbs was a very spacial friend, he is in a better place now Mark without all the complications he had. My Condolences to you Mark . If the boarders were open I'd come for a visit .... Best Regards HP
  2. Now , now T`aint nothin wrong wit`s VT`s golden Fancy , I say fine,fine, maple syrup !!! HP
  3. you`ve been listening to too much News ...... HP
  4. LMAO !!!! Don`t forget to tell the good people on here that the majority of VT syrup IS Canadian ..... Eh !! HP
  5. Oh Yes several , I'm on this side "of" the Black line ... HP
  6. Friend of mine wants to change the front end in Hjs Super " H " , to a wide front, I commented he should be looking for a H,SH, 300,350, wide front to do so ... he then said " I can get a 450 Farmall wide front " I replied " I dont know it that will fit or not , I'm thinkin it's to big ...." never herd of this exchange before ... I'd ask Nevermind but its Red not Orange ....? HP
  7. " Is that a broken hip or is her A$$ chewin bubble gum !??! " HP
  8. Well your correct again John .....? Unfortunately it dosent look good for the boarder to be open at this point .... if some one was to paint a big x on the ground at the site John I could try to parachute in ....our Infamous soil expert would have to drive himself to the site but I dont know if he could drive himself 6 hrs without being able not to yack to somebody .... the good is my stomach will be happier without all that Advil in it HP
  9. Hmmm .... think the boarders will be open by then fellas ?? could be talked into a few rounds ( for old time sake lol ) how far is this from johns place ?? HP
  10. lol.... no truer words where ever spoken ....... Bitty thats classic !!!! HP
  11. Nope better !! Still waitin on Carnival Chicken .... geese ! HP
  12. Um well ... I forgot to mention with all this excitement going on that lunch was also provided by my good friend Dale .. Egg, bacon, fresh cheese curds with a dash of this a pinch of that all fried up on a awesome bread with mayo .....Mmmmmm what a lunch!!!! HP
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