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  1. " Nice old Cumminz " There's a type O there ...should say " W-350" there wasn't many made a single rear wheel version, it would have came with the taller frame and likely the Dana 80 Rear ... likely the bigger rear drums aswell .... if that was Canadian funds I would have Bought it and not blinked and eye . The unfortunate reality is they ride like a buckin bronco .... a quick trip to the spring shop will fix that .... Thxs for posting!!! HP
  2. Here's mine at our local fair a couple years back, it's a 53 HP
  3. Awesome !!!!! HP
  4. Nice show Chris ! 👍👍👍 HP
  5. "That's why it was only a 100. " ..... and I was thinking I got ripped off ! HP
  6. Sounds like your in good hands Tony, Wishing you a speedy recovery!!! Signed: ( that spark plug guy ) HP
  7. Did someone say " POWER WAGON " !!!!!! "LORD HAVE MERCY! " OHHHHH MY ! I have a soft spot fir them old girls .... my father had one of those years ago and he sold it off with a bunch of other old scrap ( sniff, Sniff) that road trip might just hafta get bumped up a notch or two ..... HP
  8. Lol ....... seen a few super bug zappers advertised this summer sandhiller, many claim to be " the greatest thing since sliced bread " in the early spring time when I'm makeing maple syrup the mosquitoes chase the bejesus out of me in the shanty ..... should try one on them bug lights . Recon they'd work north of the " Black Line " 😉 HP
  9. Now Now Chris , check out time is nowheres even close ... we still have a few macaroni dinners left in us and some good tours of the county side ...as far as our tractors go they will be priceless , " they will still start " all the new horses are garbage and are proun to to many " FRED " headaches 😩 F--K'IN RIDICULOUS ELECTRONIC DEVICE As far as what these ol'e girls are bringing today they have increased to some extent above the " Black Line " 06 56 66 86 work horses are still around these parts of our woods the problem being is they require " Men " to operate them .... alot of the newer generation farmers like the newer stuff because of the " caddilac ride plush interiors " problem being as what most know here is and any moment threw a day " FRED " gets upset then throws a code ..... them old work horses will start to hiccup and say I need alittle attention when you get me back to the barn - stall .... this is I'n my humble opinion is what is keeping the value on these old horses .... if I ever thought my 1206 would bring 36,500 with a new set of shoes, a fancy dress and a new coat of lipstick well say sign me up ! HP
  10. Installer abuse!! " Fire that Mac can AK!!! LOL 😆 HP
  11. Runner now I know your not asleep at the switch here but when your braking with a sloshy load if you open both doors on that vehicle you will experience " Air Breaks " 😀 😉 Lol HP
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