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  1. " Is that a broken hip or is her A$$ chewin bubble gum !??! " HP
  2. Well your correct again John .....😏 Unfortunately it dosent look good for the boarder to be open at this point .... if some one was to paint a big x on the ground at the site John I could try to parachute in ....our Infamous soil expert would have to drive himself to the site but I dont know if he could drive himself 6 hrs without being able not to yack to somebody .... the good is my stomach will be happier without all that Advil in it HP
  3. Hmmm .... think the boarders will be open by then fellas ?? could be talked into a few rounds ( for old time sake lol ) how far is this from johns place ?? HP
  4. lol.... no truer words where ever spoken ....... Bitty thats classic !!!! HP
  5. Nope better !! Still waitin on Carnival Chicken .... geese ! HP
  6. Um well ... I forgot to mention with all this excitement going on that lunch was also provided by my good friend Dale .. Egg, bacon, fresh cheese curds with a dash of this a pinch of that all fried up on a awesome bread with mayo .....Mmmmmm what a lunch!!!! HP
  7. Ha ha .... ya or " Sorry where you talking to me ? " HP
  8. Well in my defence CIHTECH Dale said "Hook it to something solid " ..... all was good till he walked around to check things out ...... thats when the train came off the track .... 😁 HP
  9. Anytime Dale , I'm glad I could help ya out . I understand only to well when its time to get things done an you could use an extra pair of hands .... Dales spoiled me running all this air conditioned equipment , I could of baled all day Dale ,you've done the same for me an I appreciated your assistance ( old school ) the Best part was super guys ( moose-beef burgers ) his lovely GF made them an Dale did the cookin . Mmmm .... awesome meal !!! HP
  10. Hot Plug

    Emails sent

    Well I can say I'm honored to still be part of things here Mark , my guess here is because we cant see you here your runnin the camera an holding the cue cards Eh ? I'm thinking it's time for a oil thread ......
  11. Yup ran outta fingers ..... just ask Dale ! HP
  12. Always with the compliments Eh ? I'm surprised Dale didnt tell the hole story here ..... it involved a couple of Hornet nests , ( not discovered at the same time ,two night time sprayings ) And alot of arithmetic at the Kitchen table .......Phew !! It was hard to sleep I'll admit ..... sniff sniff. " Shes a Dimond in the rough " HP
  13. Hot Plug

    Simple question

    Yup you nailed it !!! sounds like Mark Lmao ..... HP
  14. Ohhhhh k now that I've had more time here to digest this ..... these guys made this car noiseless for a very good reason..... I'm surprised Lorenzo did'nt explain..... " these car are soundless so you can tell if the cops are still chasing you " ........ friggin geniuses !!! Imagine if Burt Reynolds had one .... Phew !!!! HP
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