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  1. Nope better !! Still waitin on Carnival Chicken .... geese ! HP
  2. Um well ... I forgot to mention with all this excitement going on that lunch was also provided by my good friend Dale .. Egg, bacon, fresh cheese curds with a dash of this a pinch of that all fried up on a awesome bread with mayo .....Mmmmmm what a lunch!!!! HP
  3. Ha ha .... ya or " Sorry where you talking to me ? " HP
  4. Well in my defence CIHTECH Dale said "Hook it to something solid " ..... all was good till he walked around to check things out ...... thats when the train came off the track .... 😁 HP
  5. Anytime Dale , I'm glad I could help ya out . I understand only to well when its time to get things done an you could use an extra pair of hands .... Dales spoiled me running all this air conditioned equipment , I could of baled all day Dale ,you've done the same for me an I appreciated your assistance ( old school ) the Best part was super guys ( moose-beef burgers ) his lovely GF made them an Dale did the cookin . Mmmm .... awesome meal !!! HP
  6. Hot Plug

    Emails sent

    Well I can say I'm honored to still be part of things here Mark , my guess here is because we cant see you here your runnin the camera an holding the cue cards Eh ? I'm thinking it's time for a oil thread ......
  7. Always with the compliments Eh ? I'm surprised Dale didnt tell the hole story here ..... it involved a couple of Hornet nests , ( not discovered at the same time ,two night time sprayings ) And alot of arithmetic at the Kitchen table .......Phew !! It was hard to sleep I'll admit ..... sniff sniff. " Shes a Dimond in the rough " HP
  8. Hot Plug

    Simple question

    Yup you nailed it !!! sounds like Mark Lmao ..... HP
  9. Ohhhhh k now that I've had more time here to digest this ..... these guys made this car noiseless for a very good reason..... I'm surprised Lorenzo did'nt explain..... " these car are soundless so you can tell if the cops are still chasing you " ........ friggin geniuses !!! Imagine if Burt Reynolds had one .... Phew !!!! HP
  10. It's an amazing car for sure Larry .... I still prefer the sound of a 427 - GT ... I've drove a 16 H3LLCat in Launch Mode at a Strip . ( traction adhesive applied ) I couldn't imagine 3 seconds with no sound .... like eating your best Steak with no taste ..... hOlY wAt Da !!! HP
  11. Happy B Day John !!! When ever the boarder opens up I think I'm headed west for a tour .... I'll keep ya posted HP
  12. I betcha OT owned that tractor before you ....... Orange piece ha lol Eh ? HP
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