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  1. I came here like any other day walked around the corner and no closed sign in the window the hole dang buildings GONE !!! POOF just like ....Nevermind ! Where do I go now for a Coffee ?!!? HP
  2. I think I missed something . " Like the hoooooole thing ! Hey BJ wAt Da ??? HP
  3. How often does the turbo need replacing ? HP
  4. Nope Ain't happenin !!! And I'll let every one else know I overplayed for those " Come apart parts " and when the boarders reopen I'll be down for a visit and a chin wag and I have drive a little further west to a place called IOWA for a little Dinner visit too .... HP
  5. Well had the 10 out today an stretched her legs .... hay crop wasnt heavy enough to really make her work but the new diskbine worked well .... was cutting at 6.1 MPH all day the headlands were 7 rows .... ( Elwood needs a little more room ) sent a text to Dale an he called me a ........ never mind !!! Said some crazy thing like " MTO cuts faster than you .... I dont doubt it .... you should see the grades of some of those hills in western PA " AND GOING DOWN HILL DOSENT COUNT ..... but keeping your A$$ on the seat dose ....lolol HP
  6. I hear ya Bitty, I've gone from the stone age to " hyperspace " in a blink of an eye , had a well used 488 Haybine with a 56 rope maker to a 3315 with a Kuhn rotory rake .... I've died an gone to heaven !!!! Now all I need is some sponsorship! Dale dose the opposite.... lolol HP
  7. Cough ! Cough !! Whoa !!!! Just wait a minute here Tommy ... Dale dont pay any attention to that remark ......Phew !!! HP
  8. Well what can I say here fella's ... my new bestest best friend Dale has indeed shown me new way to dissolve Fund$$$$$ in ways I never new was possible .... " He "( Dale ) if hes not working at his farm , his cousins farm, repairing his equipment or someone else's, changing Doors replacing hot water tanks , helping any one of his many friends , or just being a good samaritan in his neibourhood, it's to my understanding he gets board then the texting starts .... followed by some good equipment hes found on the internet ... and you just cant help but get drawn in .....thanks Dale for all the good advice and helping me spend some money . Some days I just dont know how I can manage with out All my good buddies that are looking out for me above and below the black line. HP
  9. Well as we all know George is in greener pastures ... had the privilege of haveing a few " good " conversation with him threw RP and I'm sure he still reads here from time to time . George had asked me a number of years ago to keep a look out for a S- MTA Diezel around a Collage he worked at back in the fifties....well George I'm here to say I'm sure I found one of your old horses you worked with .... it hadn't left the area George and was talking to the currant owner who bought there of these in that neibourhood I've always enjoyed his posts an still miss his input here on RP. RIP George God bless HP
  10. Happy " B " Day Chris !!!! HP
  11. Sniff sniff sniff ..... cough cough!! HP
  12. Larry " Don't " use them on the GT. Been a while since I seen this kinda ingenuity.... Western PA. comes to mind .... Nevermind ..... HP
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