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  1. " Hey Bert , you see anything " ?? " Nope " HP
  2. There's some good acting right there Eh ??? HP
  3. Thanks Art ! Best Regards HP
  4. They are for the front scissor suspension of the hydr. seat . HP
  5. Latest headache.... can't get these rollers anywheres above the black line ..... maybe Mike can chime in again ... HP
  6. "" GULP "" 😳 you are going to have to dig into your mattress for those ..... HP
  7. I don't own a pair of cheaters strong enough to see that acem!! 🥸 HP
  8. Oh I have dirty hands ,don't your worry Dale I didn't wake up wondering what I was gonna do .... but I managed to get my seat assembly fixed up at a shop in town and that was one less thing I had to do ... they did a good job as far as I could tell HP
  9. Oh yes putting bigger bolt in there Mike 👍
  10. Mike I'm gonna make two angle brackets plates to weld to the sides of the ramp then weld to the tube so it spreads the " pickup load " across the tube so it takes some stress off the ramp weld 🤔 HP
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