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  1. hOlY wAt Da !??! Hey Lorenzo !!!! you still got those ole Harley Plugs ?? LOLOL HP
  2. Wrong again ...... " It`s called spelling " Its mandatory above the black line ...... Gawd ! HP
  3. Hot Plug


    CAUTION ... CAUTION !!!!! When looking at any tractor anywhere when you see the Styrofoam cup sitting like a pan handler, RUN !!! its beggin for money !! ( this holds true even below the black line .... ) HP
  4. Now i know you live in western PA. BUT !! were in the world did you get a Z in Deezel ? it`s Deesell ! Nevermind ! ...... HP
  5. HP in a sPeEdO !??! HoLy wAt Da !!! I would also like to add " you be hard pressed to find better folks that extended there big hand of generosity " Chris and his wife are great down to earth people !!! Unlike ......Nevermind ! HP
  6. Lol ..... poooooor mark ..... get off the puter you'll get more work done !!! HP
  7. On another note ....... be careful the bull isnt around with all your Mooooooooo'in you may get more than you bargained for .......just sayin ......Nevermind !!! HP
  8. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    Hmmmm !??! Ok lets see , Hey Lorenzo ? have you ever seen a " M&W" installed on Cub ? hOlY wAt Da !??! HP
  9. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    Hey Dale we might have to bring your float again ..... tractor ,plow, Beer . An all extra guest..... just sayin ! HP
  10. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    Well ya , but then again he only know how to fix Allises Lorenzo .... but now that I think about it could bring the new 560 with us do the convertion in Nabraska take a few piccy's ( drink a few beers ) post on RP check out a few tracktor yards with the 40 ( how many seats in that Lorenzo ?) Are you headed outta town any time soon ? Any good Motels around your neck of the woods ? HP
  11. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    You wanna turn this into a three day vacation? I only have 48 hrs here .... not much time left for sleepin .. exSW get plow , pick up MTO ( Oh Boy ) go to New Guys have supper ,go to Red Oaks , go an see Lorenzo ( say Gid'ay ) drop off MTO .... an drive home from there ... Phew !!! Might need toothpicks for the eyelids here ..... HP
  12. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    Hmm now it sounds like I have to take flat bed ...if that's the case I could ratchet strap a recliner on the back for grease Monkey ( Beverly Hillbillies) now that would be a site to be seen ...what kinda a plow you got there exSW ? IH I hope ? HP
  13. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    Ha .... each pallet weighs #3,200 lbs.
  14. Hot Plug

    560 Turbo

    Lmao !!! If we took the flatbed it would be a smooth ride ... "" BUT "" we would need a Black Transam cause move'in that kinda Beer south west would be called "" Bootleg'in "" and pickin up the Grease Monkey would add a few more hours to the trip both ways ( not to mention the Advil I'd have to take )........Neverminnd HP
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