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  1. This is a sad read .... Proves again things can get out of control in the blink of an eye.... Prepare for the worst , and live the unexpected. HP
  2. Take em to the evaporator.... poof !! HP
  3. Filled my truck up lastnight .... $225.50 GULP !!!! 😫😔😖 HP
  4. Fuel prices are Crazy !!! Last night around my town ( North of the Black line ) No lead 185.9 per liter .... 1.85.9 x 4 = 7.43.6 Canadian for your Gallon Diesel was 2.35.9 per liter 2.35.9 x 4 = 9.43.6 Canadian for your gallon !!!! Now a Canadian gallon is bigger ! 😳 No lead 1.85.9 x 4.5 = 8 36.55 our money Diesel 2.35.9 x 4.5 = 10.61.55 our money !! I cant wait to head to the US so I can drive around !!!! LOL !!! HP
  5. Ha ha ha . ... lol well said VT !! HP 👍
  6. Your right, its amazing what one can learn here ....some time back I had a handle " Uncle Sticky " .... lol HP
  7. Well, I knew they made some powerful stuff but wOw maybe I'll get some syrup from VT and add a small amount to the fuel tank on my 1206 !! That should wake'er up !!! HP
  8. Aplie a small amount of Canadian maple syrup to it ..... your good to go !!!! Lmao !! HP
  9. Yes sir very handy for sure, the only problem is the tank is mount a little to far under the deck so stepping up can be tricky .... HP
  10. I bought them cheap Ace, I need for more to complete the set .... HP
  11. Ohhh the salt up here is crazy at times Ace but the sodium chloride brine they spray on the roads before the storm is worse ....I keep these ole girls touched up with lots of under coating throughout the year the flatbed is the only one that sees any winter at all Ace .
  12. Well Tom they say a picture is worth a thousand words.... this one is a thousand and one .... lol
  13. Those tires Ace are going on another project of mine 4386 heres a couple of pictures of it and another one of my favorites !!!
  14. Geez " More Help Dale" ? your such a great guy there fella .... your a busy guy and its beginning to be go time again ... you need syrup again ? "Just say where an when ! " HP
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