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    Police pistol competition, audio video church work, all IH. Own two Blsck Stripe 1066 and awaiting the right 5488 MFD to come along. Also, want to own a Hydro as part of my collection.

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  1. rsscott


    I spent 17 years shooting PPC on a National level. Showing up with a Norinco part in a pistol was a sure way to get laughed at. All I ever saw were junk.
  2. X2. I just cannot help to think that Case took a beautiful prototype and put an ugly hood and grill on them in an ill fated attempt to make people believe that the Magnum was developed by Case. Magnum is a tractor I wish I owned, but I'll take the styling of an 88 any day of the week. Sorry about the rant, I wish I could help you find what you are looking for. I would like to see someone make a front end for the Magnum that makes the styling look like an 88.
  3. If money is that tight, I might leave it alone before I broke something that is expensive to fix.
  4. Those return lines are a pain. The hose is made onto them and is not resistant to the new diesel fuel. The fuel softens the hoses and they leak.
  5. Is the 358 broken? If not, why don't you just buy you a bigger tractor?
  6. I like the chrome shift levers. I was just curious since those changes have been the subject of debate.
  7. Man, that tractor is beautiful! I am curious about the serial number, though. You said you think it is a '75 model? Their are a few visual clues that lead me to think it is an earlier production than that. Chrome shift levers and vented radiator side covers are the ones that come to mind. I think by '75, the shift levers were black and the side panels were solid and not vented. Not that it matters, I'm just curious about serial number.
  8. It appears to be very close, but the anchoring bolts and locations are much smaller. At least they look smaller in the picture. I think the factory bolts are either 5/8 or 3/4 inch.
  9. I thought about that, but I thought there would be skid plates on the bottom. But, this is not the first time that I have skint my ignorance.
  10. Never mind, I can see that it is not original by the anchor points on the axle. Still want to know what that frame is that is attached to the three point.
  11. Is the part of the ROPS, that is on there, a factory original. What is that thing attached to the 3 point?
  12. You are probably not going to find what you are looking for on this. A lot of that stuff was stamped out and welded. Your best bet, in my humble opinion, is to buy an original ROPS and reverse engineer it. Of course, for fourteen or fifteen hundred, you could buy one from someone else that has already done all the work for you.
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