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  1. rsscott

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    More concerning to me is the long term damage to your daughter's self-esteem. Does not always show the damage that has been done. Ten years of someone's early formative years is a long time to be having to live in this. Those bullies should be really careful about what they are doing. Karma is a complain. I know a man that made fun of someone and then his son has a mutation that is unmistakably related to his bullying. I also know of two pregnant women that openly made fun of a handicapped child, and when they gave birth, the same was vested on their child. There is no excuse for those parents allowing this. It is obvious, to me, that the physical therapist has been talking at home. HIPPA violation. Those other people are supposed to be professionals and I would make sure this brought them down a notch. Police, Police, Police; and if you do not get satisfaction there, go to the State AG's office and raise ****. The example you set for your daughter is the kind of man she will be looking for in a husband, and you want to be her Champion. To **** with the business relationships.
  2. rsscott

    Daughter getting bullied in school.

    There are State and Federal laws against this. Suicide and school violence has made this kind of behavior even more dangerous than in the past. Go to the Sheriff's Office and or the Police Department and file charges. Put a stop to this, right now, before you come home to a suicide attempt or worse. School shootings are usually started by this kind of behavior and the helplessness that the victim feels. Watch heads roll after several arrests are made. You cannot tell me that those little monsters are doing this and their parents are clueless. Do it now and do not put it off because you don't want to be impolite. Those other students have no right to touch your daughter or her property without her express permission. It is called Assault and Battery.
  3. rsscott

    IH parts box/crate

    I've never seen one. I like it.
  4. rsscott


    Storm has largely missed us here. A day of gusty winds and a few shingles have been blown off the house. It has been a couple to three inches of rain, est. and that is all. I watched the radar and the big part of the storm came within about 30 miles of my house and then the storm turned North and started away. Just drizzly and wet today. I feel for those caught in the flooding. Someone said something about those that did not leave. Some of the ones that stay do so on purpose so they can loot and steal when it starts to clear up.
  5. Hope this does not go on as long as that Montana tractor thread before we get clued in as to what the problem is. I can't find anything wrong with it except the weight bracket and it looks like the engine is a reman that was not painted black.
  6. rsscott

    966 running hot when bush hogging

    Worn lobe on a cam shaft? Put the thermostat in first.
  7. rsscott

    66 vs 56 Series 2 Post Roll Bars and Canopies

    I've been looking for a set of seatbelts to have re-webbed for ten years. Just need enough of the old belt to get a reasonable length from. Anyone know where I can find a belt?
  8. rsscott

    Help with 1066 & Hydraulic Flexwing

    What is the multiplier for?
  9. rsscott


    Looking for heavy rain and high winds starting tomorrow. What fun. Thinking of all of you closer to the coastline. We are about three and a half hours drive inland from Myrtle Beach.
  10. rsscott

    A tough bird

    Here is the "Motley Crew" from Lima. What a great time. RIP Jim. HP, MTO, TomH., Jim, Jim's Nephew, and myself.
  11. rsscott

    A tough bird

  12. rsscott

    A tough bird

    Sorry to hear about this Mark. I remember having dinner at the steak house with all you fellows the night I arrived in Lima. A fond memory. I am sorry I was not able to spend more time with ya'll . I was looking at the pictures we made at the dinner table, in Lima, just a few days ago.
  13. rsscott

    The Wife's Handywork

    That is some talent! How much do they sell for and could she make one with a big IH on the front of the sweater?
  14. rsscott

    oil filter conversion

    I don't understand. Maybe it is me, but this is the most confusing thread. Please tell us what machine these are for and the factory recommended filter, and maybe we can help you.
  15. rsscott

    Cant be too safe these days

    A Metro-sexual with a chainsaw. Makes me want to throw up.