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    Police pistol competition, audio video church work, all IH. Own two Blsck Stripe 1066 and awaiting the right 5488 MFD to come along. Also, want to own a Hydro as part of my collection.

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  1. rsscott

    1066 serial number question

    I think someone is doing a registry on here. I am surprised that no one has chimed in on this. That is a neat card. Why was it sold?
  2. The louvers were changed to flat panels sometime in 1974. About the time that the RPM's were increased on the engines.
  3. rsscott

    Is this Hot Plug and MTO ?

    I don't know, that syrup is some really good stuff.
  4. rsscott

    New 856

    Find you a seat that looks correct. That tractor is a very good find. P.S. Hide the 756.
  5. rsscott

    Getting Buzzed Yesterday

    I'm impressed!
  6. rsscott

    Difference in rear wheel casting

    Sounds like your experience bears out what I was told about the reason for abandoning the clamp lock wheels on higher horsepower tractors.
  7. rsscott

    New joke

    MTO, don't be so mean. We all Love You and would miss you terribly if you were not on here. You have hurt my feelings twice in as many weeks. 😏
  8. rsscott

    Kidney stones

    Yea, can you imagine giving your 12 year old two beers to drink every day. Next thing would be Dept. of Social Services and the Police charging you with Contributing to Delinquency.
  9. rsscott

    MTO, Dont do this by accident.

    Yea, those of us that are "losing it" always think it's the other guy that is "losing it".
  10. rsscott

    Almost Finished

    Maybe Whistle Pig and Green Sliders is to a Southerner what Grits and Country Ham or Mountain Oysters is to a Northerner, but just what the heck is a Green Slider and why would someone in their right mind eat a rodent? That looks like a Wolf Rat to me.
  11. rsscott

    Difference in rear wheel casting

    That 1066 with those clamp lock wheels is just wrong. Wonder if the off side is that way, too. Might be a replacement wheel. It was my understanding that the clamp lock wheels were changed because they were coming loose on higher horsepower tractors and walking off the axle. That 1066 qualifies as a higher horsepower tractor.
  12. rsscott

    Clutch problems on 785xl

    Just some ideas. I am not familiar with that transmission, but maybe a dump valve? Warped clutch plate not releasing all the way? Transmission brake not working?
  13. rsscott

    Last weeks boat.

    True. I was just pointing out that one should be careful working with people that want things half done. Probably would have cost not much more to do the job right while the welder was there anyway. Two trips cost a lot of money and extra time.
  14. rsscott

    Last weeks boat.

    Problem with fixing part of it is that someone might go out on that boat and it sink on them. A good lawyer will try to claim that you did not do an adequate job and caused the injury. The man authorizing the repair is not likely to admit that he is the one responsible for a drowning or property damage. By the way, that is some beautiful work and you have a right to be proud of it.
  15. rsscott

    856 cab identification

    I like mine. 1066 Black Stripe has one. Roomy. Some say they like the 86 cab better, but it's either climb over the pedals or climb over the levers.