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    Police pistol competition, audio video church work, all IH. Own two Blsck Stripe 1066 and awaiting the right 5488 MFD to come along. Also, want to own a Hydro as part of my collection.

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  1. Happy Birthday from SC. Thought about you this week when I saw the local cotton farmers running an IH Cotton Picker. Hope you have many more.
  2. rsscott

    826 oil cooler

    Sorry about the misinformation. Thought you were the one looking for his dads tractor. Still a noble effort to put the three line mates together again. Still hope you find what you are looking for and the tractor is not scrapped out.
  3. Ain't it beautiful. Look at the skid it's on. He does good work.
  4. rsscott

    826 oil cooler

    He has been looking for his dads tractor. A '" Sentimental Journey" if you ask me. I hope his persistence pays off.
  5. Those batteries are made by Exide. They are a cheap line that Exide sells to be labeled a thousand different ways with different company logos. Exide also makes a blue labeled battery that has their name on it and is a better quality battery. It also costs about the same as these. The difference in quality pays the mark up for that fancy label you see that says Case on it.
  6. Yea, send that daughter that you have spent eighteen years trying to raise to be a worthwhile addition to your family, a legacy if you will, to most colleges and this is what you get in return. Kinda makes you feel cheated, don't it.
  7. I think you mean Porch Electric. Don't you just hate auto correct?
  8. I would like to find the guy running Verizon and stick my Iphone 6S sideways up his axx. Verizon used to have good phone service, but I cannot make a single call that doesn't go out or get dropped at least once and usually more than once. Funny thing is that I can drive the same road after 21 hundred hours and can talk the whole way without interruption. I have complained and they put a new chip in the phone. Didn't accomplish a thing.
  9. There is at least one guy, that had a terrible crush on that pretty young lady, that thinks of her every time he hears the song: "Thank God for Unanswered Prayers".
  10. Seat may have faded to a brown as many did. Looks like custom stripes to me.
  11. Nice looking tractor. Glad you found the problem.
  12. Matt, are you sure you want to start that again?
  13. Bad or undersized battery cables will not work any better with jumper cables than they do with the regular battery. They will also cause resistance in the wires that starve the starter and will make it overheat and smoke, eventually ruining it. Wires can look good on the outside and be corroded on the inside. The first thing I would do is have that starter tested at a shop and get some two ought battery cables made. A 31 series battery with screw terminals and cables to match would be my recommendation, and make sure the battery is tied down securely to prevent shorts.
  14. Good luck finding one. I understand that there were less than 100 made and most of them went to Australia or New Zealand. I know a few are around, but not many. Still agree that a 1568 would be a nice addition to a collection.
  15. The best hand operated grease guns are made by Macnaught. I think they are made in Australia. High quality like the ones that used to be made in USA. A little more expensive, but nice quality. I have been looking at a Milwaukee M18 just because I am a nut about tools.
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