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  1. A relative of mine was trying to keep up with the Jones's and spend a pile of money on her daughters wedding. Rented out the local Inn, in its entirety, to the tune of between thirty and forty grand. This was for the rehearsal dinner and the rooms for the invited guests. The rubber check bounced and wound up being a charge of "Breach of Trust". Hit the newspapers and her employer got wind of the charge. Well, to add insult to the injury, they audited every charge on the company charge card and all the books related to her job. Now, she is also unemployed. All of this came out several months after the wedding. Talk about things going over "like a lead balloon"! I guess the family will find a way to hock themselves into debt and bail her out of the legal mess. She will end up with Pre-trial Intervention or Probation to avoid jail time, but what was it all for? Society has glamorized all of this "Princess" stuff and the Wedding Industry is pushing it for profits. Married is Married. If you want to get married, go do it, but don't expect someone else to pay for it. I think these kids that are spoiled by their parents to this extent have unrealistic expectations from life and they get frustrated when things in life are not up to their expectations. Next thing you know, they are divorced.
  2. Hydro 1026 Tell-Lite burning

    If the PTO quit working, it was down pretty low. Dangerously low.
  3. Where did the 1456 get its extra HP?

    Shaving pistons does not always work either. The distance to the top ring groove is sometimes critical and other dimensions can be altered in a negative way. Removing material can throw the balance of the rotating assembly out of balance.
  4. fastenal question

    The best deal, or used to be, is Fastenall offers freight, point-to-point, from one store to the next, using their own delivery network. I have moved some heavy items this way and it was cheaper than motor freight. Only downside is it has to be dropped off and picked up at one of their stores.
  5. oil filter question

    I am just going to add one comment here. If you think a Fram filter is as good as the rest, you need to cut one of those pieces of junk open and have a look for yourself. I have had seen two brand new pickup trucks with ruined engines due to a Fram filter losing the filter media and plugging the oil galley. I don't use cheap filters for any reason. Wix and Mobil1 are my first choice for cars and trucks, Wix or Fleetgard/CaseIH for the tractors as second choice.
  6. tubeless tire bead sealer

    If you go for the tubes, and I would, Firestone makes three grades of tubes. A standard grade, a heavy duty tube and one made of natural rubber. The latter is the best and only costs a little more.
  7. FINALLY Getting Some Work Done on My 1066

    One of my 1066 has one of those things on it. UGLY! I am going to remove it first chance I get.
  8. Sorry to here about R. Lee Emery passed

    Another of a great generation. I fear what will happen when these people who remember when America stood alone and what we stood for, are all gone. This Tide Pod generation have been restrained by the respected voices of people like Mr. Ermey. I will miss his voice.
  9. Proud of my girls

    Girls just look more fetching when they dress like ladies. An art lost to most of this generation. Do I detect a Scotts/ Irish heritage? Get the shotgun ready. My daughter is 15 this year, and I ain't lookin' forward to what is coming.
  10. Owen and I have 5x88's coming out of our ears

    Looks like Quality Control at Farmall Works.
  11. Meet someone else ❗️ Luke

    Adopt a dog and they will love you forever.
  12. I think many people have suspected this...

    Sounds like a plan to me.
  13. I think many people have suspected this...

    If you are implying that the doctors go to their graves to hold true to some conspiracy that they would rather die than reveal, that is not what is being discussed here. The problem is that the drug and health institutions are not investing in "cures" because there is not return on the investment. The food and drug companies are profiting on the incurable. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. They have no interest in providing a cure. I cannot think of a single disease that they have come up with a cure for except what antibiotics can cure.
  14. I think many people have suspected this...

    I fully believe it and have said for years that is what is up.
  15. 1974 1066 help

    Wiring diagram is in the service manual.