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  1. Tubacase47

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, why does that picture of Mike heading out to thresh in 2017 look like Andy Troutwine?
  2. Tubacase47

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rode her bike to work today

    She's so dumb she doesn't realize that someone has to do to steal it is lift it up.
  3. Tubacase47

    While Not A Picture Of An IH Tractor On A Montana Farm

    I knew it was Fort Benton before I saw the second picture. OBG is a good friend of mine.
  4. Tubacase47

    48 below and no power

    Back around 1956 we had a blizzard in Kansas (see Reader's Digest article on "Blizzard that Tested the Great Plains") and our power was off for the better part of a week. We had propane for heat and cooking and a windmill for water so we got by. We had a kerosene lamp and a batter powered radio and our telephone was not affected.
  5. Tubacase47

    Dad's birthday

    Feb. 2 would have been my dad's 100th; he passed away in 1998 5 weeks shy of his 79th.
  6. Tubacase47

    New joke

    Two good ones, Rick.
  7. Tubacase47

    New joke

    If your hose is short and your pressure weak, stand up close and don't puddle your feet.
  8. Tubacase47


    I was one of Dole's constituents for many years. He did a lot for the great State of Kansas.
  9. Tubacase47

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Big Bud Guy, in case Mike does not see your question, the answer is yes, that is the same tractor. Anson, his name is Mike Diangelis, he's an electrical contractor here in Great Falls.
  10. Tubacase47

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    I see that tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of "IH Tractors on Montana Farm." Thank you Gary for starting it and to all the contributors.
  11. Tubacase47

    New joke

    We said that about LBJ back in the sixties except that the drug was LSD.
  12. Tubacase47

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Iron , that was Gary's and my friend Carl Mehmke's place. Gary, I drove over to Mt. Matt's place at St.Regis; his (dad;s) tool collection makes you look like a piker. On the way back I stopped in to visit Andy Troutwine; he had the Reeves fired up.
  13. Tubacase47

    Tractor Logic

    I got one of those cards on my birthday last month.
  14. Tubacase47

    A TD in MT

    It looks like a TD24 to me.
  15. Tubacase47

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Gary, I'll miss the Mehmke show this year as I have an appointment in Denver the following week.