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    I have watched and looked for a long time and finally joined. Originally just Google searched something for a 1086 and started reading the forums. We have have been able to fix a lot of things with older posts. We have a few M’s and Super M’s, a 560D, and the 1086. I’ll post some pics of the M’s one day. The purists may not be happy with the way they are built but they work and do what we need. Grew up in this valley and am lucky enough to have a good job in it. Thank you for the welcome and I enjoy the forum.
  2. Snox38


    A tip of the hat to all the dads out there. I know I would not be where I am today without mine. He taught work ethic and integrity plus how to do many things. And is still teaching me today.I am glad that my kids have both of their granddad’s to help show them the way. I also want to give a shout out to the moms because I missed Mother’s Day .
  3. I believe this is the other side to the one we found in April. I have to get it over to my brother in law’s and see. Found 3 so far and all 6 points.
  4. You are right. I read right over it and thought Vise Grip. Funny how the mind just added words. Thanks for all the replies.
  5. We found this one 2 weeks ago. Most of the small ones I have seen are still packing.ing
  6. I have a question I figured you guys can answer. My brother in law has a set of pliers we have no idea what they are used for. They are Vise Grip with no49 stamped on them. I tried the Google and it didn’t bring up anything that looked like them. I have no idea if they are complete or not. Thanks for your time to look
  7. I have one also. I use it on filters that I can get on. It works real well on the canister that holds the filter for my house water.
  8. My dad uses his 560D all the time. We now use it as a loader and raking tractor. He used to run his JD530 round baler until we got the 1086. We had to rebuild injector pump and then motor. It had been well used before we got it. He also reworked the glow plugs and it’ll start when cold.
  9. Thanks for all the help with this and the info. It has been shipped off to get worked on. Thanks again
  10. We are not picky as who we go with, just want a quality job. We use the tractor but we also have a snow blower on a 560d. Plus we haven’t got much snow this year.
  11. Thanks for the answers. We live in SW Montana and have called the closet shops and no one does them anymore. Looking for a place to send it and rough idea of cost. Dad found some on All State Ag parts for a little over $1400 not offended if this is the price, we just don’t know.
  12. New member but a long time watcher. My dad has a 1086 that will over rev sometimes. It doesn’t do it all the time but has gotten to doing it more. He has already taken the pump off and is ready to get it rebuilt or replaced. I’ll include a picture of the tag and will wait for answers on what we should do. He uses the tractor for snow blowing and bailing. We have numerous other Farmalls and I enjoy reading and doing what others do to fix theirs. If I need to get the serial number off the tractor I can run up and get it tonight. Thanks in advance.
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