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  1. Mike H

    My Opinion

    for the ''butt hurt'' in your life Mike
  2. about 1/2 the fields still covered with snow and the rest is soggy. ochard pruning done for this year,,just have to do clean up.[makes great wood for bar bq.] Mike
  3. Mike H

    Hey you welders

    wen you start using larger diameter rod ya need more amps and then you need to watch the ''duty cycle'' [so many minutes welding per hour] if ya dont you will have to put the smoke back in the windings 😁 I got a can of hard faceing rod for rebuilding bearing surfaces that takes a lot of amps DC. Mike
  4. Mike H

    Hey you welders

    Ayup 7018 is my go to and 6010 for the heavy stufff both 3/32 and 1/8'' Mike
  5. Mike H

    Hey you welders

    A ''DC'' motor driven unit beats a 240 volt plug in hands down. I have a miller 240 volt AC/DC unit and my old hobart generator head welds circle's around it Mike
  6. Ayup take the time to watch it [Atlas Shrugged]. many of the issues talked about have allready happened Mike
  7. ya know its hard to get shoes to fit dem pigs Mike
  8. dem shoes are squeezing the brains in the little toe. Mike
  9. Hope our son didn't get called out to go find somebody during the mess.[st louis serch & rescue] Mike
  10. glad its comming as Snow. had to muck out the walk out basement 2 days in a row rain and melt off is going too fast with the drain ditch still frozen Mike
  11. The main use for my plasma cutter is to cut flat stock / sheet stock. so it does not heat warp the metal. anything above 3/8 I get the torch out to do the dirty work Mike
  12. take US 2 across to I 75 ,, its a nice ride Mike
  13. this winter on the farm
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