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  1. Mike H

    Anyone else have a pellet grill?

    thies guys might be able to help you out with your problem. http://www.pelletsmoking.com/ I havent got into cooking with a pellet stove but ran on to this web site looking for info on smoking hams and other meats I know our pellet boiler is fussy on the settings. Mike
  2. Mike H

    Saving Money

    +1 Mike
  3. Mike H

    Confused by our little Hen

    We have a rope light on a timer for the girls the molt was draged out for some reason this fall but after finding 2 of the old girls liking fresh eggs and their removal from the flock we are back on track so now there 17 hens and Roo. Mike
  4. Mike H

    Making Loose Hay

    Hmmmmm,,guess ill be using the pitch fork for now Mike
  5. Mike H

    Making Loose Hay

    How much horse power does it take to operate one of thoes stackers. Mike
  6. Mike H

    Saving Money

    Wife got paid last weekend and that was it till the shut down is over. it will be tight but we planned for this. and yes she is still working. [gota still take the tooth past away from them MTU professers]😁 Mike
  7. Mike H

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    This is true. Was able to put 16,000.00 aganst the 77 F150 to use as the down payment on our farm a year ago today. Mike
  8. Mike H

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    it could use a little TLC currently we have a 1977 F150 and a 1978 F250 the F250 I purchased wen I was dating my wife of 39 years a good vintage parts supplier http://www.lmctruck.com/ford/ Mike
  9. Mike H

    Taurus Judge

    Their great if you get the ''GUN SLINGER'' kit to go with it.😁 Mike
  10. Mike H

    Looks like some REAL snow coming for some

    Out doing chores this am, the snow is WET and heavy,, drifting as it falls. Mike
  11. Mike H

    Property with High Phase Powerlines

    High Voltage lines or high tension lines. phase is how many hot lines comming to a motor or switch. Mike
  12. Mike H

    What is for dinner

    Ny. Strip steaks and smoked hocks [too tired to make kraut] Mike
  13. Mike H


    Gotta check this out. http://johndee.com/forecasts/forecast-graphic/ we are in the pink stuff thurs/fri. Mike
  14. Mike H

    What is for dinner

    I know we are having home grown Pasture pork sausage for breakfast. wife has to work at CMX.for the afternoon flight as for dinner ,,not sure yet,,still have to brine the hams. Merry Christmas to all. from the Keweenaw. Mike
  15. Mike H


    Had a good thaw this week and a refreeze then 6'' of fresh snow last night. was slipping around with the IH and snow blower wich is unusual for this machine but we got it cleared then back draged snow over the ice to get it to bond for traction. Mike