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  1. Mike H


    Had a couple of mornings with snow cover. 4'' for tomorrow night. John Dee will be starting his forecasting Nov1 Mike
  2. My wife [Angie] caught this on M live .com Farmer lost 1000 acres of corn due to it being contaminated with pieces of aluminum tied to the standing corn it happened down in Bay County 9/22/2020 the Sherriff was notified of the damage check your fields ,,I would hate to see some one loose their live stock over people stupidity . Mike
  3. up here we use stamp sand. works great but its a mess in the spring Mike
  4. shielding gas makes all the difference in wire feed welders. 75/25 works great for me vs strait argon or co2 helium trimix for stainless steel Mike
  5. Sell the beef live on the hoof and offer shipping their beef to processor . they can pick up their beef and takes you out of the loop. saves a lot of head aches. Mike
  6. double the size of the shiv on the motor. Mike
  7. We are running Idaho pasture pigs. so far we only had 1 get stupid,,the rest are doing great grass fed with a small amount of hog pellets. pictures later Mike idahopasturepigregistry@yahoo.com
  8. got a call from a friend who works at the bridge to canada [port huron] to do over watch on the structural steel till the law enforcement got there. he said ''we are under attack''. didn't know what to expect . now I think back about the days after seeing F 16s flying the border. Mike
  9. the problem is boar taint this one was really bad that wen he started slobbering, we had to open the barn doors to get the smell out. Mike
  10. I dont usually cary on the farm wile out an about. Picked up a new IWB holster for the S&W Shield. so I figured it needed breaking in so I tucked in and went outside. all day I hardly noticed it on into the evening. about dark I did the rounds checking the pigs. for some reason the 1.5 year old Boar went BS crazy. I tried to get him into a pen but he went after me. I hated to shoot him but had no choice or end up loosing a leg or worse. the 45 did the job [Hmmm 45 is a great number] Mike
  11. I am not big on chemical stripers if you can find tool steel 1/32'' thick you can make scrapers that will work better than store bought. I refinished a 120 yr old stair case that my great grand father built [found his brand on the wood] at the grand trunk hotel in port huron mi. new owner wanted it restored to origonal. was able to match the contours using his tools. any wayse dont use a sander on the wood to remove the paint ,,you will burn the paint into the wood. Mike
  12. only 1 41 years on 9/15 divorce not an option ,,,death by Lodge cast iron well. Mike
  13. ya we lost Buddy about 2 months ago. [german shorthair] had him for 15 years. dont think I could do another dog. wonder if Little man could point birds Mike
  14. dont forget ''angent orange'' Mike
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