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  1. usually wen the head of the wheat [were the seed is at] is starting to roll over its ready thats how the old timmers do it. Mike
  2. the pipe is it pex? I need to build a sprayer this winter Mike
  3. Caught this on the news this AM CN freight train in the Port Huron tunnel https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/train-derails-sarnia-port-huron-international-tunnel-1.5193838 Mike
  4. Its even better in jan,feb and march no sketters Mike
  5. over on the east end of the UP is oswalds bear farm near newberry Mi after you cross the big mack. https://www.oswaldsbearranch.com/ there are alot of ''tourist traps'' along US 2 up by us its mostly mining history https://www.quincymine.com/ ill have to do more digging tonight Mike
  6. Mike H

    Heavy rain

    we are dry up here,, some of the clover is starting to wilt got a small spot cut for hay,, the rest isn't ready to go no rain till sunday/monday Mike
  7. green cover seed is who I deal with. see if they can help you out https://www.greencoverseed.com/about/ up here in the Keweenaw we dont have much in AG supplies and have to mail order. Mike
  8. any machine in sod or hard dirt will run you all over. I run vintage sears tiller and tractor [1972] hooked together 300# of equipment ,140# of wheel weights, 290# of operator and chains it still will scoot the machine foward Mike
  9. looks like the dog is all set for now thanks again Mike
  10. jen got in to gov housing today ....as for oliie she is up in the air, no dogs allowed thank you everyone for helping out Mike
  11. Daughter in law is working in the area for the Forest Service as a seasonal worker. The land lady turned out to be a ''nut case'' and started trouble with her about her dog Both are out of the house and safe for now. the issue now is the dog and finding another place to live for the summer. any ideas would be very helpfull thank you Mike
  12. you will be surprized wen your doing somthing on the farm and memory recall will kick in most of my mentors have passed and now the younger men are being mentored. Mike
  13. Mike H


    The neat thing is the humming birds love IH red paint. I have seen them looking at the cab on the IH snow tractor [painted red], seen 2 so far this spring. Mike
  14. Ya know if you feed him sawdust mixed in with his feed you will get composit fence post there ya go a new cottage industry Mike
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