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  1. Mike H

    Tapping small holes in an aluminum extrusion

    The procudure is good just use tap magic for aluminum instead of soap ,, it lubes the tap the best so it does not stick and polishes the threads. Mike
  2. Mike H

    It's wet.....

    It finnaly setteled down here,got 9'' for july so far compaired to the 28'' in june Mike
  3. Mike H

    mowing under fences

    was wondering about that option. we have to trim about every 10 days to keep the weeds and grass off the bottom wire its set at 6'' for the pigs Mike
  4. Mike H

    source for new shoes

    Ayup thats him. Mike
  5. Mike H

    source for new shoes

    bought them from glenn blackwood in rockford Mi. got the new suspenders at the shop in Livingston wile fishing out there [the Madison was the best hands down] also met Bud Lilly in west yellow stone . Mike
  6. Mike H

    source for new shoes

    got mine from Dan Bailys in Montana about 10 years ago still work great and they stand behind their products needed new suspenders ,,new set free Mike
  7. Mike H

    Neat Clouds

    Wish we could share some of the rain that we got here in the Keweenaw the last 3 weeks 24'' total of rain fall, 1.9'' in 60 seconds out of that storm a week ago saturday / sunday [measured at MTU] still doing clean up and road replacement Mike
  8. Mike H

    Ok enuf Rain

    8''+ the last 2 nights and more on the way how is every one doing with moisture this summer Mike
  9. Mike H

    Repairing my boots

    Same problem here Walked out of my work boots this week out at the farm.[bottom fell off] Had to wear sandels till I repaired them. Been buying Red Wing work boots sense 1974 and they were usually good for 2 years [top leather worn out,,holes] The last two pair of boots are crap ,, the soles rotted out on the first pair and this pair the soles pulled loose from the leather mounts around the edge [boot lip] Got out the gorllia glue and re fastened the sole were it pulled apart. Ya think the price if the boots they would be better. guess ill save the pennies and order a set of Whites custom made boots. Mike
  10. Mike H

    reeeeal heavy chickens

  11. Mike H

    reeeeal heavy chickens

    about 24 ton Mike
  12. Mike H

    acytelene price increase?

    The shop I use to deal with had a accident a few years ago.they mix their own tanks of acetylene on site https://www.firehouse.com/prevention-investigation/news/10469520/fire-crews-extinguished-a-blaze-at-a-welding-supply-company-in-marysville-monday-after-a-series-of-explosions-rocked-the-nearby-neighborhood-and-injured-a-worker I know the guy's well and safty is #1 but accidents happen. as for cutting most of the stuff I use air plasma torch ,except for the heavy stuff then out comes the hot torch Mike
  13. Mike H


    Aug.15 maybe the first/last day of summer planting fall cover crops that day Mike
  14. Mike H


    the trails are in great shape but their closed for the season 24.5 in 2 day's Mike
  15. Mike H

    A "Like" button?

    nice addidion thank you Mike need to add ''face palm''