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  1. We are selling eggs for 3.50 a dozen free range. sold 18 dozen today the 36 hens are working overtime for some reason [24-30 a day] Mike
  2. 2'' this AM ,,almost gone. plenty of moisture this spring need the sun to warm up the soil and get things started Rhubarb up about 4'' ,, budds on everything pigs itchen to get out on pasture[tired of the barn] farrowing starting on about 5/15 Mike
  3. see now if ya had a pig [sow] and 1 boar you could have 22 pigs a year. Mike 1/2 of them wont touch a pig
  4. not to be critical ,,,just pointers shorten the 2'' shaft so the plate is almost touching the pillow block bearing. the joint above the swivel caster looks too weak could fail [ vertical tube] how thick is the wall of the tube ? great idea for the gear reducer to turn the motor Mike
  5. remember one of my mentors going down town port huron with his jetstar 88 [olds] with a 400 rockett [4bbl] use to blow the doors off of the kids cars by the time they got to 16th street Mike
  6. shooter was a former employee 4 of the victms were indian [ dot not feather] getting real crazy out there had a local gal go bat s--t crazy in hubbell with a hand gun this week state trooper tried to get her to settle down till she pointed the gun at him she is in critical condition so far Mike
  7. Mike H

    It's snowing

    except a few snow piles most of the snow is gone fluries today and then sunny and 45 the next 10 days Mike as for the mud the pigs are swiming
  8. got a new can of teflon for the well project [replaced the pump] the brush was longer than the can with a 90 degree kink on the brush. great idea but it is hard to apply on threads. Mike
  9. same here...all I know is wen the laptop starts acting out ''KILL THE POWER'' so it resets Mike
  10. My turn to guess I think he is talking about a trailer used to move large Lp tanks. their like a ''logging arch. it stratiles the tank and then picked up from the top hooks. as for ''fith wheel'' to each their own our travel trailer and tripple axle equipment trailer both work fine up to 15K just have to remember to check the pins often and make sure that no one messed with them Mike
  11. thats good on orally >>> Mike <<< dont do needels very well Mike
  12. we up the D3 during the winter,,it helps a lot Mike so its ok if I slip and stick my self wile deworming piglets
  13. we are still getting rid of snow SONNY maybe in a few weeks up here Mike nice planter
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