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  1. Mike H

    Chore Tractors

    ya we do the ''bucket method'' too feeding 26 pigs at this time Mike
  2. swap out the brain box ,,,,wen they get warm some times they act up I usually keep one behind the seat in case it acts up on the road went threw several of them in Az. during the summer a good parts source is LMC truck equipment. Mike
  3. John Dee or fire up the hand held for NWS if it looks like trouble. the fathers day flood was the first time i ever heard a computer studder. they were craming too much info at one time . https://johndee.com/forecasts/forecast-text/ Mike
  4. are you getting ''blow by'' ? this will cause pressure in the crank case and keep the oil from draining had this happen on a 300/6 ford engine. new rings and pistons on the rebuild? Mike
  5. latest from TSA......... no more ''kung flu'' jokes its upsetting the passengers .. Mike
  6. mid winter break here sunny and 35 degrees yesterday so roof clearing time Mike
  7. this could be a neat unit for moving snow a lot easier than looking backwards for me Mike
  8. also a student at Texas A&M came back from China infected Mike
  9. Ya ,,other wise my wife wont know wich machine I am talking about wen we order parts on line LOL Mike
  10. went in the local TSC to get a oil filter for Cherry [our M] and was told they dont cary tractor filters any more the new supplier is an automotive supplier only got it at car quest Mike
  11. for your entertainment tonight Mike
  12. 201'' according to Keweenaw County road commission as of Jan. 20 last year was 168'' for the same time period . could set a new record this year . Mike ps. the trails are in great shape for sledding
  13. last years picture but still looks the same agreed on the cab,, first year clearing snow without a cab sucked. just finished clearing 24''+ of fresh snow fall this weekend Mike
  14. just gota get it dry enuf Mike
  15. Delfield under counter. international cold storage walk in if ya want to go commercial we are installing a Vulcan convection oven in our kitchen remodel got 4 of them for sale,,,no bites yet. if you get 3 yrs out of a residential unit you are doing good Mike
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