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  1. the 22 hornet is a hot little round. had a H&R Topper in 22 hornet,,it was a tack driver Mike
  2. How is the young helper doing hope he healed up good Mike
  3. not to hi jack the thread I got a couple of 18.4 x 38 to mount on rough rims was thinking of using rubber roof membrane to pad the tube stretch and lap glue with seam tape after seeing MTO's rim ill weld up the hole [was going to toss it]. Mike
  4. been buying parts from SURPLUS CENTER for a few years now might be able to find what you need www.surpluscenter.com Mike
  5. the colt 1911 leather was custom made IWB and hides nicely Mike
  6. 1911 is for us ''full size'' guys [6'-10.5 x 295#] Mike
  7. 1911 colt , S&W Shield in 45 ACP the S&W shield conceals nicely in my Car hart jacket for winter carry . Mike
  8. Fathers day is a tough day for me had to turn the youngest over to the lord because he is the only one that can bring him back to us. took a dark path in his walk of life Mike
  9. I really miss listening to him and Erney Harwell [tiger baseball] on the radio wile milking for MMPA Mike
  10. welp ive done very well on CL so far [waiting for the shoe to drop] Mike
  11. gota love the reflection off the Big Lake nice reminder who has your back in hard times. Mike
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the ''red headed step child'' of the Department of Interior
  13. Mike H

    Making Loose Hay

    We picked up a GEHL blower last week it has a drive unit to operate a live bottom chopper wagon to feed it pictures to come later. Mike
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