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  1. herd this from my wife's co worker ''Asian driver...no survivors'' Mike just saying
  2. na we are doing ok,,,, they will wake one morning and find they are screwed and not survive. Mike
  3. Dad and Mom got flu shots and ended up in the Er and admitted for 3 days wen they were in there 80s don't do them in this house and get along fine. Mike
  4. Ya I could use some of that right now lost one of our 4 month old breeders this afternoon [choked on food] couldn't save her. Mike
  5. the only real bad thing about the delta configuration is if the lines go down or some other interference is the power company gets the feed mixed up wen re installing the lines. had this happen in a donuts shop ,,,, took out all the office equipment . cant be leave how much smoke goes into office equipment Mike
  6. ayup and a good ground too Mike
  7. 240 between the high leg and one of the 120 v legs the controls are powered off of the 120v leg Mike
  8. Its what the manufacture designed the ovens to do Mike
  9. what I did at U of M in Ann Arbor for concessions in the stadium was set the generator unit up in delta and used the high leg for the motor side of the 240 single phase and one of the other legs to run the controls and the other leg of the motor on the ovens. never blew out any of the electronics on the equipment over 6 years of use. the older ovens could not use 208 for the motors . Mike
  10. Mike H


    put the blower on the front of the IH today , figure I would get that out of the way in nice weather . still have to do tune up and change the auger gear to a larger one to slow the auger down[ feeding too fast] Mike
  11. this is why I only work on 1973-79 fords easier to replace metal and drive line parts than mess with computers Mike
  12. an Elk standing cross way on a dirt road. son and I were scooting up tin shanty road near gaylord on a blind curve there he was. blocking the whole road,,,,put the binders on and stopped short of blasting him. put a big bumper on the F 250 after that. Mike
  13. color change in full swing here in the Keweenaw several flocks of Canada geese went over today wile I was out picking black berries. no woodies yet but soon [ great being able to hunt them here on the farm] the IH is in the shop for fall tune up and snow season [really getting the itch to go ice fishing] Mike
  14. hey there I resemble that remark Mike
  15. ayup they even except old yoopers here Mike
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