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  1. Mike H

    reeeeal heavy chickens

  2. Mike H

    reeeeal heavy chickens

    about 24 ton Mike
  3. Mike H

    acytelene price increase?

    The shop I use to deal with had a accident a few years ago.they mix their own tanks of acetylene on site https://www.firehouse.com/prevention-investigation/news/10469520/fire-crews-extinguished-a-blaze-at-a-welding-supply-company-in-marysville-monday-after-a-series-of-explosions-rocked-the-nearby-neighborhood-and-injured-a-worker I know the guy's well and safty is #1 but accidents happen. as for cutting most of the stuff I use air plasma torch ,except for the heavy stuff then out comes the hot torch Mike
  4. Mike H


    Aug.15 maybe the first/last day of summer planting fall cover crops that day Mike
  5. Mike H


    the trails are in great shape but their closed for the season 24.5 in 2 day's Mike
  6. Mike H

    A "Like" button?

    nice addidion thank you Mike need to add ''face palm''
  7. Mike H

    My unpopular opinion.

    welp if I lived in the sun belt of Mi.I could run points too my electric set up is going on 3 years and no failures Mike
  8. Mike H

    April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    offical count for this storm is 24.5'' in 2 days here in the Keweenaw Mike
  9. Mike H


    the 10 day forcast has upper 40's and sun Mike
  10. Mike H


    14'' yesterday,,8-10'' new this am. think we broke the 300'' for the snow season this year. Mike https://www.pasty.com/snow/index.html
  11. Mike H

    April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    We ended up with about 14'' and another 6'' on the way for tonight close to 50 degrees next weekend . Mike
  12. Mike H

    April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    just getting started here at 0400 wife had to head in to CMX for work this AM. Mike
  13. Mike H

    April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    14-19+ inches here tomorrow and 40 mph wind's Mike
  14. Mike H

    Wife farming money! 😃

    WOW am I ever a BLESSED Man. Mine does the books and ask every month what parts needed and watches for tools on sale. years ago we were in a coffee shop and she was reading the paper,,ran across a band saw for sale said I need to go check it out,so I did picked up a delta/miliwalkee 14'' with the gear box do cut steel [steel / wood band saw] $1800.00 machine for $200.00 [happy dance] Mike
  15. Mike H

    Friday the 13th weather :-(

    welp we may hit 300'' this year after all the fun part is clearing snow off of ruts Mike