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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ prime example of not paying attntion. stood up instead of shutting up Mike
  2. Snow machine finally started up here cleaned the farm up nice [I hate mud] Mike
  3. thank you for the info. I am working with fields that have not been turned over in 20+ years [acording to the neibor] got the Ph up to 6.5 [from 5.5] but the NPK is at 0 I have several choices of fertelizer to spray on the crop this year. any suggestions? Mike
  4. how does the oats do fermenting. had 2 stacks of chopped field grass fail[ mixture of old hay and ochard grass]..using it for bedding Mike
  5. Was at the Dr. Monday for annual check up. Doc said I could get it this week. Told him I would give up my place in line to some one that really needs it. he said I could get it later wen its more available. told him NO not interested. He claimed that there needs to be 95% vaxed to gain heard imunity Told him I am in the 5% and dont run in herds He gave up for now. Mike
  6. if your having a bad day dont know what happened but a good joke fixes everything Mike
  7. our 185 was doing the same thing went threw the engine and found the distrubitor bushing worn and it had slop. this will throw the setting of points off [doesent take much] installed a new electronic kit and it runs great. Mike
  8. thank you was a very good day. another feeder hog going to ''freezer camp'' Mike
  9. would help if you could get core sample info to seeif there is anything solid down there. we did this in Port Huron Mi. on two different houses had beech sand ,18'' of wet grey clay. then 30' of lake bottom that tested 3000.# per square inch. to get to the lake bottom we had to go 12' down from the basement floor we used hot water heaters that were gutted into tubes. pushed them down then added the next one on till we reached lake bottom cleaned it out and filled with concrete. Mike
  10. I would swap the spindels and change the discharge. you can sell the left hand spindels on craigs list I know its extra work but the end product will be great Mike
  11. about 8-10'' on the fields. trails are open but beat down . some fresh ''lake effict'' snow would help a lot. 63'' so far this season. Mike https://www.pasty.com/snow/index.html
  12. the new rollers should support the track better possibily extend the track life ? Mike
  13. wondered what happend to our missing snow Mike
  14. Ya finding brass for the 32/40 winchester is near impposible. I reform 30/30 brass into 32/40 and they shoot fine can hit the gong plate at 165 yds no problem Mike
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