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  1. How to deal with elderly parents

    wen its time to clean up the house check everything. Dad was great at hiding $ everywere. he said one day at the nursing home '' ya know how I like to keep cash on ice [he winked] went back to the farm and checked all the freezers he has several stashes put up for a rainey day ended up checking every paper,card,magizene, wen we cleared the farm. about the care ,,it cost over 60,000.00 for the last 10 months of his life we paid out of pocket. so it is good advise to get a lawyer to set up the assets there is a 2 year claw back time for assets that are transfered so dont wait. Mike
  2. Ok, spring can come any time now.

    The wind was so strong here on the ridge it blew the back door open [old miners house] the temp was about 40 in the bathroom at 2:30 am [wife was real happy about that] snow any weres from bare ground to knee deep drifts. their saying only 235'' this year but I think its more. hopefully we will not have forest fires,,last year was 0 for the whole season. lots of moisture this winter. Mike
  3. Ok, spring can come any time now.

    awesome day today,, got some things fixed on the IH and did a little clean up now we wait for the blast to hit tonight and see if my wife has to work in the am Mike
  4. How to deal with elderly parents

    Ya that was another thing we have to do is the money. set with Mom 10 years ago to balance the check book. you guessed it she was 3000.00 off the best part was to the good + she just handed over the book and asked if we would take care of it after running the accounting for companys it was time to hand it over. Mike also cleaning out the house is another story for another day
  5. How to deal with elderly parents

    Ya its been a trip, had to move Mom [now 93] from west Ky to up here in the Keweenaw so I can keep an eye on her. promised Dad Id look after her before he passed 10 years ago. have her in a community that is attached to the hospital in town and she is doing great except falling ocasionally. as for my sisters one has passed last year and the other 2 are MIA,,and I am ok with this [easyer to deal with day to day stuff] at least mom is safe and not laying on the floor at their farmstead back in the hills of Ky.[it happened before the move] Mike
  6. RAIN

    if you would rather ,, I can send ya snow down your way Mike
  7. When AM was all we had

    he was on WXYZ out of Detroit before CKLW. ya the morning show was great till it went off the reservation [lude] dont know if he is still around yet. Another good station was WFDF in Flint Mi. melow country music. Mike did a serch,,, guess he is still around http://www.dickpurtan.com/#webhome doing podcast on the computer
  8. When AM was all we had

    ayup Am 760 WJR out of Detroit ,,JP McKarthy.. Tiger baseball with Earnie Harwell at afternoon milking time WBRB out of MtClemens, WXYZ out of Detroit ,CKLW Winsor, at night time you could get stations on skip from all over north America. Mike
  9. Touchy subject

    I can remember one time I was correcting our son for somthing[dont even remember what] had a hold of him with my left hand and was ready to swat him with my right till I had a 80# german shorthair pointer hanging from my right wrist. the dog knew he was in trouble but stopped the correction any wayse. Mike
  10. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    Thinking back about Dad and I in the building trades. ''ok Mike hit the nail every chance ya can''' '' that cabinant face looks great now back the screw out so I can get my finger loose'' dang I miss him,, been gone 12 years. Mike
  11. Meat wrapping

    We vacume pack everything that is going onto the freezer [prevents frost on the food] just fixed 20 chickens and yes we has a few not seal right so they go on the top of the pile to be used first. the old food saver was tired out so my wife bought a new one on clearance ,, it works great. Mike
  12. We have great neibors

    My wife was heading into work this morning and took the curve a little hard swerved and landed backwards in the snow bank an rowe's corner [about a mile from the house] I ended up hoofing it up there to get her out. Lo and behold Lanny was comming around the next corner with the Cat grader [weighs in at 67,000.#] made really short work of pulling her out of the snow bank. guess who just was added to the wife's bakery list. like I said great neibors Mike
  13. M with power steering

    if it runs not a bad price ,, on CL there is a H for 2000. and it looks rough. how is the rubber,, thats the highest cost of used equipment to replace. Mike
  14. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    now that makes sense,,+ the implement pushing during the foward roll shag carpet on the ceiling helps too [just kidding] [ya gota be much older to understand] Ya I gota put some covers over the steel to dapen the engine's/trans noize. it gets really loud in there Mike
  15. 66 series, cab or no cab?

    Ok ill bite. How in the heck do you flip a tractor with duals on. had to work hard at doing this I see a hill there but really? Mike