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  1. IH Endgate seeder

    Oh man. What did the crops do that they put on it that year? Or did they even plant it?
  2. The "In jail" scam.....

    If someone would have called my grandma to tell her I was in jail she probably would have just told them he can stay there and learn his lesson.
  3. steel price

    I been wondering what it will do to scrap prices?
  4. steel price

    Yea, and the tarrif hasn't even started yet has it? Bunch of crooked ********!
  5. IH Endgate seeder

    Your dad was lucky. If it would have been me Saturdays would have been the only days it rained.
  6. How do they mount on the tractor? And do you still have the original sway limiters on it afterwards?
  7. Tell me about an MX190

    Got a neighbor asking me what I know about them as he found one coming up at an auction. I don't know crap about the newer stuff. Its a 2008 model. What engine and trans did they have? What else is there to look for on it? Not sure how many hours he said were on it but seemed like 2 or 3 thousand maybe.
  8. Eric, how does that 3 point on the 66 series compare to the fast hitch for controlling sideways draft? Also, what size plow you pulling? With our 14" 550 on our 806 you need the wheels slid all the way out to make it line up right with the dead furrow. Yours don't look like they are.
  9. IH 1456 front axle

    You guys talking about the wet bolster or the 56 style axle itself?
  10. Tell me about an MX190

    Yea, might not be an MX. I don't like the sounds of that PUMA transmission. I'm pretty partial to the 18speeds that came out in 87. Will it be able to work with or outwork an 8200 deere?
  11. 1086 t/a install question

    I like how you did the AC lines. I hadn't thought of that.
  12. Self defence IH Tractor

    Would work good to thin the deer herds around here and coyotes.
  13. Nice picture. I never heard of that magazine.
  14. Here is a video that slams both IH and JD

    Kind of looks to me like they may have put the speed lever in 4th just to make it look worse to get in and out of.
  15. spiral pin replacment

    Times 2 on what pete said. Way easier to work on in a vise. Then you can inspect the hole and rework if needed. I would also check you dtents when you get done to make sure they aren't causing excessive handle effort to unlatch the valves.
  16. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    I think that cutter would have been fine with a 450 or something like that powering it. But it wasn't made for a large tractor.
  17. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Worst thing I think that we ever had on the farm was a 2-14 woods brush cutter. Dad finally scrapped it out after the middle gearbox finally crap its pants for good. It was always broke. Blades, drive shafts, broken frame parts, flat tires, you name it. part of the tire issue was it had car tires on it. Dad let them talk him in to that over the fluted tires because we were roading it quite a bit. That was a mistake as far as I can tell. The center gearbox was the only thing with a slip clutch so if you got one of the blades into something it would barber pole the shaft going to that outer gearbox. The center gearbox one time the plate came off and let the oil out and dad didn't know it till it was on fire under all the grass that was pile on it. It cooked the seals and stuff so it got filled with corn head grease until its last days on earth. When one of the drive shafts got twisted, it would throw the blades out of time and they would usually hit.
  18. Spare parts what to do with them

    Well, you should see the rest of the place. Got junk everywhere. Most of its not mine.
  19. Hydro push manure spreaders

    We borrowed a Hagedorn from a friend of ours last spring to spread some water plant lime. Ran it with my 5288. It worked good. I need to work on my lever latch though. I had a little trouble getting the speed of the pusher set right and then found out my lever wasn't going all the way foreword. They are kind of expensive I guess. He and another fella bought theirs used at about the same time. They both spread a lot of manure and one of them blends the water plant lime with the manure. http://www.hydra-spread.com/
  20. Spare parts what to do with them

    I don't have any engines and stuff like that. My new parts I keep them in rubber made totes labeled for combine, planter, ETC. That way when we are working away from home you can throw the tote in the pickup and take it along. Just built two new shelves last fall in the shed to get them stored on. Need another one now.
  21. 17GPM pump in 1466?

    Going to change my hydraulic pump in my 1466. Neighbor has a 17GPM pump that he bought and didn't need. I was looking at it and it has two outlet holes. Will I run in to trouble installing that on my plate if it just has one hole?
  22. Any D17 Allis mechanics on here?

    Thanks for that link. I just got done reading through it. I'm probably going to have to do more troubleshooting.
  23. Got a D17 in the shop right now that belongs to a neighbor. Trying to seal up some leaks in the power steering support assembly above the front axle. Got it full of oil and it still seems like its not pumping oil. Cant find in the manual where it says how to check the pressure or what it should be. Any ideas?
  24. Any D17 Allis mechanics on here?

    No, the pump sucks oil directly from the casting in the frame. There is just a hole in the casting where the line hooks up. I haven't seen a filter in it anywhere yet.
  25. 540 moldboard plow rear gauge wheel

    Man, I've seen a lot of them hauled off for scrap around here the last few years. Helped load one a couple years ago. While I was doing it the thought went trough my mind that there might be some parts on it that someone could use someday. Seems like that's how it always works.