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  1. 1967806

    IH can Koozie

    Thought some of you might like this one. Found it on twitter posted by someone from Pennfield show. I wouldnt mind haveing some myself.
  2. 1967806

    IH can Koozie

    Thanks for that link. Ordered some of them and some IH mudflaps too. Now the wife will be proud of me.
  3. 1967806

    DOT Physical

    Maybee the doctor was a female. And now you know the rest of the story. Good day.
  4. 1967806

    1480 with 1020 head custom harvest

    We do a fair amount of custom work with 20 foot heads. Like already said, they are getting machines that have been maintained and set correctly with compentent operators. Last spring my son helped a local farmer finish up NH3. We just have a 12 shank bar. They had a challenger on a 15 shank, a green quad track on a 25 shank and another deere on a 15 shank and another local farmer was helping with another 15 shank bar. When he got down to the last 2 or 3 days of running, the 25 shank bar was broke down and the 15 shank bar behind the challenger was not running becuase of a problem with that tractor. Our old 1991 magnum and 12 shank bar with ground drive bar was still going. So that proves right there you dont have to have new stuff to be reliable.
  5. 1967806

    Pto rebuild

    Almost the same thing except you wont have to deal with the suction tube on the 88 series. They use regulated pressure from another soruce to lock clutches and brakes so they dont have their own pump and suction tube.
  6. 1967806

    Need more leg room in the 15

    We put a model 1060 seat from K&M in our 5288 in 2017. It made a tractor out of it is all I can say. It says Grammar on the rubber cover over the suspension. Its a better seat than our Magnum has in it.
  7. How big of job is it to replace the round front axle on a 5288 2WD with the heavier duty square axle like was offered on later 50 series? Have broke several spindles on our 5288 the last couple years. We have to have a full rack of weights on it with the planter because it so tongue heavy. Then you got the famous southern iowa washouts too. That dont help the situation much. Didnt know if it was just an axle swap or if boltser is different too?
  8. 1967806

    50 series heavy duty front axle conversion?

    Thanks everyone. Guessing my original wheels will be different too?
  9. 1967806

    Combine engines - update

    Had a neighbor kid that just sold a 966 with a turboed 414 in it with a pretty fresh overhaul. Pretty sure D 414 and DT 414 had different oil pumps too.
  10. 1967806

    Combine engines - update

    Know of a few 1600 series around here with a hole in the grain tank from rod grenading engine block.
  11. I love that. Somehwere I have a Don Greytak picture of a little boy on an M or something and in my mind he could have passed as Donald as a boy with the expression on his face on the IH in that picture.
  12. 1967806

    Happy birthday ,,1967 806

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Planning on going somehwere for a big juicy steak tonight.
  13. 1967806

    Made a little progress finally!

    For sure 102 sucks. Thats enough to make sweat drip form everywhere.
  14. 1967806

    Someone needs to rescue this!

    Garden Grove isnt very far from me at all. Ive never seen that tractor before.
  15. 1967806

    Made a little progress finally!

    Looks good. Looks like the thermometer on the wall says 71.5. That would be nice.
  16. Here is a link to a video on Market to Market's facebook page. Our 1466 and seed wagon is in it about the 5 minute mark. It was at the Chariton airport last fall when Bronson had them seed some cover crops. https://www.facebook.com/IPTVMarket/videos/1759375220794755/
  17. 1967806

    Finally planting!

    Sucks being to wet. Been there a few times here too. Gets to the point some years you know it aint right but if you can pull the planter and get through the field it gets planted anyway this late in the year.
  18. 1967806

    100 series FH mower drive pulley?

    Thanks for the info everyone. I will see if I can send a link to him of this thread.
  19. Got a guy that asked me if I had any 100 series mowers laying in the weeds as he is needing the cast pulley on the wobble box. Im pretty sure I dont have any but got to thinking IH surely used that pulley on more things that the 9 foot sickle mower? Any one have any ideas?
  20. Sounds like your park linkage may have let the park pawl slightly engage. You can check it simple enough but it takes two people or some really flat ground you can do it yourself. All you need to do is drive a punch or something under the linkage where it comes out of the high low cover after you put gearshift in nuetral. If the noise goes away after you raise the link up more you found the problem.
  21. 1967806

    Airplane doing stuff

    I bet he dont text while he's doing that.
  22. Have got several hy capacity spindles on my tractors the last couple years and I'm about sick of them. Cant keep them tight. The last 2 or 3 I have put on had a ridiculous amount of interference with the threads on the nut that holds the arm on. One of them actually galled so bad it wouldn't tighten up. That tells me they have had problems with them in the past and are trying to compensate by making threads jamb up to cover up some other problem. I'm thinking the spindle shaft isn't long enough to start with. When you get the arm tight on all of them I've installed it bottoms out against the tube. I've even had it bind the spindle so bad it wont move anymore by hand. The snap ring is in place. Not sure if its supposed to stop the arm at the bottom of if its just supposed to hold the spindle in place for assembly. I think they need to go back to the drawing board. Anyone else having trouble?
  23. 1967806

    Hy Capacity spindles not staying tight.

    I may try A&I next time. Sick and tired of getting parts home the obviously have never been bolted up or tested any way whatsover by the people selling them.
  24. 1967806

    7130 magnum oil consumption

    Our 7130 has been using about a gallon of oil every 2 days on the anhydrous bar. It's a 12 shank and it really struggles with it. But on the sprayer on light duty it hardly ever needs oil. Pulled the turbo piping apart and this is what I found. Impeller shaft seems tight still and spins freely. Think this could be where the oil is going?
  25. 1967806

    Hy Capacity spindles not staying tight.

    No, havent called them. Probably going to bring it up next time Im at the dealer though.