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  1. Tey arent that hard to do. As far as the hard dteering issue, when you put your top seal in did you just take it out or did you pull the housing off the hand pump that the seal is in? Reason I ask is if you pull that hosuing and dont get it lined up perfect going back it will steer hard. I always take a hose clamp and go around the body and housing and tighten it down before I tighten the bolts.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Spent most of the morning sleeping in till about 9 AM. Then canned some carrots and made some home made ice cream this afternoon with some frosty beverages in hand. Son and his wife brought the grandson in for supper. Grandson's birthday is the 18th and daughter in laws parents threw a big party for him last night for his first birthday. They have a big family so there was lots of people there and major presents for him. He went nuts over the 7140 that I got for him. Best thing is daughter in law told him this isn't just some walmart type john deere far
  3. Yep, figured thats what happened. Thats what I always do is the rubber band. Sometimes it ends up in the filter cavity too. That roller was the only one I could find even after pulling the 3 point cover off. Figure it wont hurt nothing for him to keep running it mowing hay till we get a chance to split it. He mows in hi 1 so that bearing will be in two shafts locked together.
  4. Think I figured out what bearing its out of after a visit to IH dealer. Tractor had TA replaced about 5 years ago.
  5. found this in the filter cavity of a 1466 I been working on for a guy. .498 diameter, not tapered and .970 long. Any ideas?
  6. Figured it out. Man thems big bulbs.
  7. Lights in my tachometer and ground speed in the digital display in my 7130 have both quit now. Just wondered if they have bulbs I can replace or if the cluster needs taken out and sent in?
  8. Just to bring everyone up to speed. Thanks for the info. Watched the videos 815 posted. Ironic we had a bolt twist off too. I think red loctite is too much overkill for a 3/8 bolt. It was even a grade 8. But with some heat from a torch and welding a nut on twisted bolt it came right out after 3 tries. Them U jount crosses are a SOB. The caps wont come out of the yolks when you press them apart like an ordinary U joint. Got to get them close and then clamp them in a vise and finish pulling them the rest of the way with a prybar.
  9. Thinking after matching the videos I probably need a bigger pry bar to put some pressure on the joints.
  10. Got two of them under it. They're out of Ingersoll Rand ntural gas compressor engines. Theyre hard to move but handy to have around. Makes a nice anvil too.
  11. Looks good. How does the fertilizer work? It band it on top or it go in the seed trench?
  12. So what replaced a 5250? Did they use the same transmission?
  13. 2 questions actually. First how's the best way to get the bearing off the inner axle shaft so I can replace the seal? And second how's the best way to get the tie rod ends out of the spindle? They ain't givin up like tie rod ends on a 2wd axle. Will some heat hurt anything?
  14. Just kind of looking for something down the road to use in place of the 806 with a loader and MFD. Seems like all the used 5250's you see have a jillion hours on them. I lost track of things in that time frame and wondered what they came out with after the 5200's?
  15. I like to watch hawks. Here in Iowa you see alot of hawks about the size of a dove setting on power lines all the time frequently seen eating a mouse. One evening last fall we was all setting in the shop winding down one evening at dads about sunset when the sparrows flock around all the equipment and one of them swooped in a grabbed a sparrow and flew off. I was the only one that seen it. after I told dad about he said wish he'd come back again.
  16. Ha wow, looks full of snot. Betting it hasnt been changed in a few years. Filter was obviusly made pre merger. No way of knowing if it was a new filter setting on a shelf and installed at a later date.
  17. Ran it behind the water filter instead of under it like it was. No way would I ever figure anything was factory correct on this thing.
  18. Think I figured out how to make it work. Had to reroute harness and move a clip. Not sure if its right but it works.
  19. Can't figure out if my alternator is clocked wrong or the old harness was routed wrong. Battery wire is too long or the field wires are to short on the new harness. Any ideas?
  20. I have a PDF of 06 series that might be close enough but it wont let me attach it on here. There was a dealer website at one time that had these availiable. Im pretty sure thats where I got mine. Might have been Carter and Greenwold? Cant remember for sure now. I think Bermuda Ken was the one that shared the link.
  21. How big of a job is it to put new crosses in the drive shafts that go out to the hubs? Mine are a little loose and figure I better get them now before they chew up more things.
  22. Any tricks to adjusting the cable on my 7130? Old one got stiff and was hard to move shifter. Looks to me like as long as the new cable moves the park lever on the transmission in and out all the way it should be good?
  23. Just wondering if they are they any good?
  24. So how big of a job is it to replace the main harness on this thing?
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