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  1. Not to hyjack the thread here but I asuume that is a needled spider and cross. Will that fit in a stock diffential carrier?
  2. Had plenty of baths before in diesel and gas and am still way past elementary age. Not saying I cant get cancer from it someday or from something else but if I took a shower in that jet fuel and as a result hunderds of people lived I guess I would go home and shower and not worry about it. I guess God is in control.
  3. It was a fight. Especially beans. Didnt cut any beans below 13 till the last 3 or 4 days. Got done with corn the 8th of december. last 4 days of that went pretty fast after we teamed up with a friend of mine. Took out his 190 acres and sons 90 them 4 days and the 190 acre farm had to be hauled about 25 miles. Had 3 semis, two combines, two grain carts and about 8 guys a couple of days. The last farm we finished was Bronsons home. Had to wait on the dryer there and dry it and fill semi at the same time as dry holding bin was full.
  4. Yep, still am gun shy about that. Always wanted a big shed to put everything under one roof but not anymore. But no, this tractor is always fitted with a spray boom and saddle tanks in the summer. On the grain vac quite a bit in the winter. So it sets outside alot. It has a cab so it aint too bad to move around on the road from far to farm. Also the vac PTO shaft will actually lock on to this one. The other 1466 and the 5288 got the short 706 style 1000 RPM shaft and lock collar wont lock.
  5. Been using this one on the grain vac all fall. Hate that it sets outside so much but dont have a choice right now. It wont fit in the shed on the farm its at right now. But I ended up having to chip the ice off the throttle linkage before it would move and also chipped ice off compresor blet just to be safe. Gave it a real short burst of either and she popped right off. When I saw my tractor I rememberd a picture on here a long time ago that I saved. I dont recall now who posted it. I think it will be the second one in the post. My cab door was froze shut as well. Had to get in the RH door. Af
  6. Wish we could have got him to fix our Timpte grain trailer last winter.
  7. Yep, dad has a hex driver kind of like that. Seems like the flexible part might be made out of finer stuff. Might just be my luck some jack ass made the new points with a metric hex.
  8. Yep, pretty sure there is a special driver in my dads toolbox with that hex bit on it with a flexible cable type shank with a screwdriver handle on it.
  9. Its actually a delco distributor. Its a 427 chevy.
  10. I just hope I got good parts for it from Carquest. Local mechanics are trying to talk me in to doing away with the points and doing a breakerless ignition. No more than this thing gets used I dont see the benefit. Not room for an HEI distributor as it will hit the firewall. Its in an 1800 Loadstar.
  11. Here's the view from the bucket. Oh,you already drank the Coors light.😀
  12. Yea, but it lined up with the door jamb. I never minded it much. Never figured it was any different than the exhaust stack out the hood of any other tractor.
  13. Nice line up of tractors and those wagons are awesome. You guys dump in a pit with them or how do you do it? Im glad I had a cab a few times when the chopper got ahead of me. Had to clean my window off the next day. Seemed to be on the ends turning.
  14. Thanks. Just let me know how far out you are booked up.
  15. Yep. 806 with M&W. Got a picture of the tag.
  16. I will look for some numbers on it when I get back to the shop. It starts and runs fine but the phenolic ring must be going out. It died the other day because the return line to the tank plugged up. I blew it out and it runs for now. Dont really want to run it like it is this fall on the augers and stuff.
  17. Yep, thats what I will do when I get a chance. I have a bunch of small clips. Some of them went on twitter.
  18. Do you have any cores to rebuild?
  19. I have a video of that 180 barking through the field on the chopper but I dont know how to upload them to the site.
  20. I will try this again with better pictures. First picture was the whole crew without the 180 and the second was all the tractors with my son and I and the guy we helped with his son and hired man.
  21. Got a friend of mine in a nearby town that I've know since we went to college. My son and I went and helped them chop last week. Started on wednesday and got done about 11 on friday. Went pretty smooth till the last morning. Had a few problems with the chopper. His dad ran the new holland pull type and the MX 180 and a neighbor of theirs had a JD s 3 row self propelled. We had four tractors hauling to the pit most of the time so they never had to set very much at all. Best thing was his wife made dinner for us every day at noon and wednesday and thursday nights there was a little bush lite con
  22. Yep, its all alot of work. They always claim here in Iowa about every farmstead had an apple orchard. Then when 2 4 D came out it killed alot of them off. Im guessing they all made stuff like that out of it. Used to have a neighbor lady when I was a kid that always made apple butter. Man you talk about making a good piece of toast with that stuff !
  23. So did you figure out a way to change the point gap on the fords with it running? Only way I ever knew how to change point gap on them was to take the cap off. On Chevys they had that window you could reach in with it running and turn a screw that moved the points while it was running and see the dwell meter. And as you changed it you could defintaly tell when it was right by the sound. I gotta tune up my old 427 before harvest. Hoping I can find dads dwell meter and make it work.
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