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  1. Just wondered if Canada has similar Emmisions laws to us in the US for diesels?
  2. Yep. Trucks are a PITA to work on too. Rather do anything but crawl around under one on a creeper.
  3. No weight classes. it was a just for fun class. Run what you brung. No hook fee. Not even sure they had the measurment devise going by the time we got on the track. And yes the MFD was engaged on the magnum and the 5288 had duals. I wanted to put the two of them head to head. A couple guys expressed interest in pulling semis but we didnt have a hitch.
  4. Friday night was the pull at our local fair. Theygot the outlaws to come and then we had a local tractor and local pickup class afterwards. My dad, I and my son all 3 pulled. I pulled my 5288, Bronson pulled the magnum and Dad pulled the 1466. I think we had 7 or 8 tractors and one of them pulled twice with different drivers.
  5. Thanks. Already been advised to not let him drive green tractors.
  6. Yep, wife got me a weather station and its oly had 3 rains in it since. Also had a grandson born on the 18th. I suspect our birthdays are close enough that we will celebrate them together.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Im a little late. Havent been on here much lately.
  8. Not very many aftermaket cabs I ever seen had A/C. I still like my deluxe cab on my 1466 this time of the year. I have the A/C working fine. Only know of one 1066 around here pretty much resored with a hiniker cab on it that has working A/C.
  9. 1967806

    Hot Magnum

    This fire thread hits home to me. On may 5th my son and I lost our seed for the year, dads planter and a seed tender to a massive fire in a 60x170 morton bulding at the neighbors a half mile away that burned to the ground. It started fast. We had just been there a half hour before the people that lived in the house called and said there was a fire. When we got there flames were already through the roof in the middle of the building. There was a 1370 and a 3500 kinze planter right there where eveyone saw the flames first. We figure it about had to be that tractor that started it. It was so far
  10. Yes, thats it. Looks like a steel can with that push open deal.
  11. Yep, 10-4. Busch light had some stuff going on for awhile with the mountains. If it wasn't blue it wasnt cold.
  12. A few of the things I have learned since this fire..... 1. I dont ever want living quarters in a shed or shop now. Pretty sure if a person was living in this one and was asleep when the fire started you wouldn't have made it out. Not even sure I ever want a house with an attached garage either. 2. Big sheds make big fires. 3. Not going to store seed with machinery again. 4. I really still dont mind seeing my stuff set outside now. We had just been there moving stuff around to make room for my 5288 and planter and my sons combine not 20 or 30 minutes before the nieghbor lady
  13. I remember here in Iowa when they came out with the can and bottle law in 1979 I think it was. That about when the steel pull tab cans got replaced with the aluminum ones we have today. I remember my dad and uncle drinking some coors before that though that had some kind of push in with your finger opening. One was for your mouth and the other was for a vent. I seem to remember them both thinking it was a joke.
  14. Neighbors 170x60 morton building burned to the ground in about 2 hours on may 5th. My son, my dad and I all had stuff in there. Mainly my son and I's seed for the whole year was in there. Dads planter and our seed tender was in there too. Also guy that owned the building had a fairly new bobcat and a cougar stieger along with 40 years of accumulated stuff. Another guy had two combines, a 1370 and 3500 planter and a whole bunch of other stuff.Just had to set and watch it burn. 4 fire departments were there. Nothing they could do by the time they got there. Was too fullly ingulfed. Went fast. T
  15. DRY? what the **** is that? We getting pounded down here everywhere. Been to wet to even mow yards. I like that 7130 though.
  16. Nope. Been fixing stuff in the shop and dealing with insurance companies after the big fire we had on may 5th.
  17. Got mine in the mail monday. Havent had time to look at it yet.
  18. Had some remans from carquest on my 2011 silverado do that too. Look at your headlights at night and they flicker. I finally got one that worked right but put out a little more volts that the original. But Im going to live with it. Our 04 Buick Ranier does the same thing too. Havent changed it yet as it still puts out ok. Only reason I changed the original on my pickup was becasue it was making bearing noise.
  19. All he will do now is beg for more smoke and more power. Youre gonna end up farming 1500 acres before its over.
  20. I had one drop right in to the evaporator tray on my 5288 while I was working on it this morning, rolled around in the dust and refrigerant oil that was spilled from when I took all the lines apart and I could not reach it to kill it or get it out. It finally crawled back out and flew off. Was hoping SOB wasnt going to stay in the tray and eventually plug up the drain hole.
  21. Anybody have any good ideas to get rid of carpenter bees? Dads morton building is full of them and now they are coming in to the shop part. Currently using a 22 with bird shot that works but I dont have time to sit around all day doing that.
  22. Probably right. I guess If I had the choice of a china made valve for 50 dollars and an american made one for 75 I would probably pay the 75 and take it home. Not sure what all can go wrong with a block type expansion valve.
  23. Looks like a good way to bottom out a telescoping pto shaft when you go through a ditch.
  24. Got a new expansion valve at case IH to change when I put the new lines and condenser on and its made in china. Am I gonna regret installing it?
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