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  1. I have a feeling it will be me in that tractor planting this spring....and summer...
  2. Ok, probably need to get up there and open it up and blow the evaporator out anyway.
  3. I might be game for that in the future. My fan rattles. Whats it cost to upgrade to that blower motor? I been thinking someday Id like to install the high efficiency evaportator that AP Air sells. Already installed their condenser and it made a huge difference on the high side.
  4. Got one similar to that too. Seems to work ok if you get the right angle on it. I think it picks up too many reflections that makes a bad reading if not held correctly.
  5. We already have all LED lights. Tell me more about the fan you speak of?
  6. Thinking about replacing the main harness and engine harness on my 5288 becasue someone cobbled up the connector at the front of the cab. They done away with it and who knows what else. We had trouble with our lights last spring and figured out it was in that mess of splice. So my question is since number 8 and 9 dont come with number 1 could I get a harness for the later serial number tractor and update to the breakers? I cant find anything in the parts about the later breaker style harness.
  7. Thanks for the info. Had to take them loose with my milwakee. Dewalt would budge them. Bout ready to just throw that yellow POS in the scrap pile.
  8. Anyone have the torque spcs for the flywheel bolts on a D360 in a 766? Didnt know if they were the same as the bigger 400 series engines or not.
  9. Yep, the old grain vac deal. Gets nasty. Seems like the air filters take alot in too and that grain dust is hard to blow out of them after they run awhile in the winter. I always figure its a good idea to replace them every year on the vac tractor.
  10. Grain markets too a dump too.
  11. Was the electric TA kits parts they borrowed from the 6x88 2+2's? I was thinking there was also an aftermarket company that sold an electric shift kit for T/A's.
  12. Went to look at a planter yesterday and in the same shed was a 1486 that had tilt wheel. Owner said it was that way when the got it but tractor was used. So just wondering if that was added later or was an option from factory. Ive never seen an 86 with it.
  13. I think we may just get a 3200 if we get another one. Got to replace the 8 row lost in the fire with something. Sure missed it last spring. That was just one more problem to add to the drama of 2019.
  14. Went through something like this in the 90's when we moved in to this old house Im still in now. Got rebates to insulate from utility company. All the rooms in the upstairs had one outlet in them. Closets all had pull chain lights. I had already paid a guy to run me a new service entrance in to the basement and install a 24 breaker box becasue when we got the place there was no way to shut off all the power inside and it was a cobbled up mess. So to make a long story short we had till the end of that year to insulate or we lost the incentive. So my brother and I went to work. We cut in new out
  15. I have seen warnings on trailers not to use air line antifreeze becasue of the ABS on them now. If the air dryer is doing its job there shouldnt be a problem. Im not a very experienced truck mechanic but did get an education on the air dryer on our freightliner. It has a heater that has to have 12 volts and there is a filter in it that needs changed periodically. Apparently the previous owner in oklahoma never had issues.
  16. Found another picture of what I believe to be the same tractor.
  17. I drove clear to columbus junction a few weeks ago to look at a 12 row econo fold. It didnt flex in the middle. Was cheap though but didnt figure it would work on our terraces and stuff.
  18. I suspect the same thing happened here. Only problem is the original email account is one I quit using several years ago. So I didnt get the message. I never even got that far with them. Got customer service on it right now through twitter. Cant believe they are so clueless. A simple explantion of something like you just said would have been fine. I found the money and can get it back. No big deal. I would just like them to tell me what happened. Seems like lack of communication going on within their organization.
  19. I tried to log in to my pay pal account a couple weeks ago to check my balance and it didnt recognize any of my info I was using. I have it clearly written in a pocket memo book with my other stuff for other sites. So I called their customer support and got nowhere. They told me there was no account registered to that username. I knew I had some money in there becasue I had written the balance in my financial sheet for the bank in novermber of 2018. I hadnt used the account for several years either. So let it go for awhile till yesterday. Called my bank to see if they could tell me for sure I
  20. Did that 2200 flex in the middle?
  21. Thanks for the info. I bet its done now. Pretty sure Ive had the picture in my screen saver a while.
  22. The red deluxe cabs have a little different mount on the axle housing than the white cabs. I have some old red cabs and been wanting to re do one someday to put on my 14 with the white cab. Just wonder if it would be any quieter. Seems like you hear transmission/final drives the most.
  23. Noticed this tractor on my screen saver tonight and would guess it came from this site. I dont remember who posted it. I just noticed it clearly has a magnum transmission control valve. Any ideas whose it is? Looks like pretty much all 50 series sheet metal and cab.
  24. My son bought this gravity wagon that was missing a hub a few weeks ago just to hold corn for the butcher calves. Didnt figure it would be too big of a deal to find a hub but so far we havent had much luck. Shoup hubs are different. Have different size bearings and all that. We took another hub off and measured it up and compared it to their book. First thing thats odd is the nut. Its a 16 thread pitch that I would call a 7/8 bit the spindle measures about .815 on the threads. An SAE 7/8 fine is 14 TPI. And all Shoups 5 bolt 5.5 inch bolt circle hubs with a 4 inch pilot that measure up close t
  25. Ed, what the heck we gonna do when you decide to retire? You got anyone working with you now to learn the trade?
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