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  1. Thanks for the info everyone. Thinking my 1466 might need a little help pulling a 3 bottom. 😃
  2. It looks like a number 8 little genius. These shares are not the bolt on throw away type like what newer plows have. They are gone so I can't do much measuring on them. Only thing I might be able to do is take one off one of the 2 bottoms I have and see if they fit.
  3. Is there any place that still sells the new knockoff style plow shares for a 3 bottom that I just drug home? Crescent forge used to but heard they are closed.
  4. You could have the head fixed at Midwest Cylinder Head in Nevada Iowa if you cant find a used one. 800-873-8506
  5. He might. It was a family tractor he's looking for.
  6. Anyone know of an old school dealer that would still have parts diagrams for the rear brakes on my 1800? Ohallorans in Des Moines apparently didn't think they needed theirs anymore. Only go back to 1980.
  7. This was the best picture I could find from yesterday. Old windmill has flown apart a few years ago like our auger did yesterday.
  8. Thanks. I sent him an instant message on here too.
  9. Got a fella looking for an 856 and wondered if he might have info on its location?
  10. I tired some Virgina Jumbos in my garden several years ago. It was a cold wet spring and they rotted before they came up. They were big seeds if I remember. If I had time and space I would try them again but plant them in ridges. That might help the wet part of it. Seems like they needed 120 days to mature.
  11. So did this owner buy it new?
  12. That would be a good addition for Danny. Hope he can get it bought.
  13. Nope, had it week before last. Outlaw tractor pull and our local classes. Drew a huge crowd and lots of pullers. Only heard of one covid case but not sure it came from there.
  14. Supposedly first 1066 built. Would like to see what it ends up bringing. https://bid.aumannauctions.com/lot-details/index/catalog/24724/lot/3645498?url=%2Fauctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F24724%2F
  15. This ones made out of what looks like pot metal. My fingers got silver stuff on them after I washed the carb cleaner off of the parts after it came out of the bucket. I took it back apart and didnt see anything plugged and turned the venturi over and it idles better but still dont suit me.
  16. Im gonna take it back off as soon as it cools off and see. I hope thats all it is.
  17. Mechanic at our local dealer told me awhile back they quit using remans too. They rebuild them in the shop now. Have a somewhat local machine shop does good work on the parts too.
  18. Have a marvel shebler TSX series on a massy 150 with continental engine I'm working on. Replaced exhaust manifold and decided to rebuild carb while it was off. Got it all back together and running but now it wont idle unless the choke is pulled partly out and idle screw is all the way in. The only thing I seen that I didnt like when I put it back together was #12 was pretty loose in the the upper housing. Could actuall see a little daylight around one side of it when you look in from the top depending on whick way you held it. Not sure if that could do it or not. They sent two new idle screws
  19. These new tubes nowdays are junk anymore. We have a planter with 7.50 x 20's on the main transport and they put flaps in them like a truck tire. We've had a battle with them untill I fianlly had them foam tilled. Seems like the tube would always get cut by the edge of the flap or the corner of the bead would eat a small hole in them. They weren't 2 peice rims either and was a PITA to repair.
  20. Thanks for the info. Got a neighbor thinking we may just be that I have the wind board set wrong and not letting it out of the rollers enough. It could be becasue I am wanting to lay it out as wide and flat as I can. I may try re setting that tommorow.
  21. I have 3 or 4 of them on rifles and cant complain about them so far. I bought them because everything I read about them at the time said they were made in USA and would hold their settings unlike some imported scopes and on and on. Now you all got me second guessing. Another problem I have nowdays is seeing without reading glasses. My redfield on my 22 seems to work better for me if I wear my glasses I keep in my toolbox in the shop.
  22. Anyone know how much drive pressure I should have on an 8360 mower conditioner to the drive motor? Have slugged ours 3 times in tall grass. Tired of cleaning it out. Just want to make sure we havent got something going on with the relief valve or whatever.
  23. So can anyone tell me by the picture what model fridge this is or where I can find a tag to figure it out? Thing sure works good but gets real sweaty around the door on the outside and some times it drips on the inside too.
  24. Anyone know of a place to get a new door seal for this IH fridge?
  25. Hard steering can also be from a weak MCV pump or blown orings in the MCV valve. The leak may just be another bonus you are blessed with.
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