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  1. Thanks Pete. I could find a pump off any of the 4 models then and be ok. Phenolic ring is going out on ours and I dont want to pull it off and have to be without it for a week. Thinking Id like to find another pump and have it gone through ahead of time.
  2. So what ya gonna do with all the apples? I've been eyeballing and apple tree on some empty vacated farm ground for a couple years trying to figure out who I need to ask if I can pick them. The tree is loaded with them this year. Im almost afraid it got so many on it the branches are gonna break. They are red is all I can tell from the road. Need to pick one and see if they would make good apple sauce or apple butter or something but Im not going to trespass to do it.
  3. Look at a cutaway of the 50 series trans and a magnum trans and it will be very obvious IH started the design that ended up in the magnums. Case IH also went foreward with the axial flow combines that IH already had and they also went foreward with the Early Riser planter that IH already had. So as far as Im concerned there wasnt many case ideas carried foreward. Another thing I have found is there are alot more discontinued NLA parts for the old case tractors than the IH ones.
  4. Just to make it clear are you talking about the red painted 2394 and and so forth models availiable before the Magnums hit the dealers? If so than yes, that would be the old Case RPS transmission. But the magnum transmission was a totally different design based off what IH was running in the 50 series.
  5. Is there any difference in the roosa masters on 806 856 1206 1256 other than calibration? I was thinking the 1456's used a 4 plunger head and the other smaller models used a 2 plunger head?
  6. Ive got that somewhere too on my computer. Thanks for sharing yours. Looks like the last years was on 150. I was just wondering if the building is still there when it was Miller Implement and where it was?
  7. Was at my future in laws last night and ran across this in his shop. Thought you all might enjoy it. Anyone on here from the area and remember where it was?
  8. I have some thoroughgoods too. They have been good. Got tired of junk wolverines.
  9. Thanks but no thanks for the news. Met him at the 2004 roundup at Mt. Pleasant Iowa. Really sad to hear th news but thanks for letting us know.
  10. Not happy with the stuff I get at local parts stores. Stuff is thick like oil. Just dont feel like it works as good as the old R-11. Whats everyone else using? Had a guy at the local shop tell me he uses brake kleen. Guy at parts store told me that will void the warranty on compressors. Surely somene makes something similar to the old R-11?
  11. Im not sure. Ive never installed an AP air kit.
  12. Just wondered if anyone has ever installed a cab kit from AP Air? I have an account with them now and thought about trying one someday.
  13. Prayers for him and the family. Fires suck.
  14. They dont care. They think we're just a bunch of rich farmers.
  15. I hate to even type this so I dont jinx it but mine has 275,000 on it and is just starting to need a quart of oil every 3 thousand or so. But thatw when I try to change it so most times it isnt a big deal.
  16. Guy that brings our farm diesel told me yesterday he had to set a new barrell for the local school district for gasoline. They ordered 4 new gas powered buses. They were sick and tired and fed up with all the issues on the newer buses with the electrical and emmissions garbage on the new diesels. That was the same reason I didnt by a duramax when I was looking for pickups a few years ago. Too many horror stories of 2 and 3 thousand dollar repair bills on stuff that they didnt need to make them run 25 years ago. My 6.0 gas does just fine for what I do with it.
  17. Dont know what HEP means but there was another car behind the diesel that had a fairly good size sounding engine running it the top of it behind a bunch of ventilated shields. I just figured that was to generate power for the passenger cars?
  18. And to think something of this magnitude could actually be built without any emails or computers and leave the factory without the check engine light being on.
  19. I over heard some guys talking at Elkhart that the diesel was in the line up just for brakes.
  20. Talked to a fella in the crowd that lives near Elkhart that was on the Challenger excursion when it came through several years ago. He said tickets for it were 5 grand to set in the high deck car and 3 grand for a regular seat. It was sold out too. It wasnt made nearly as public either.
  21. 1967806

    I'm back!

    Seems like its been floods or drought this year. No happy median. Glad your all ok.
  22. Got a little video I put together of the trip the wife and I made last week to see this big dude. Pictures and video dont do it justice. When he rolled to a stop in Elkhart I could feel the heat from the boiler and smell the hot grease. My mind went to what I felt like was the 40's all of a sudden. I really wanted to hear and see big boy on a hard pull but there's nothing heavy enough hooked to it or steep enough hills in iowa. This thing is a massive beast. Best thing is it probably ran like a top when it was brand new and didnt have a damn check engine light on or a computer problem. They sa
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