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  1. If IIRC there was a video game based on this song. I understand in the video they go around stealing rides and shooting whores. Think it was called Grand Theft Auto.
  2. I use the synthetic, seems to work best with my Fords. Just use the regular stuff in the old Internationals.
  3. My 1200A has a oil bath FWIW.
  4. ding,ding,ding....and the winner of the Red Power Forum beater pickup contest is NY1468.
  5. Guilty, kind of. Newer truck '17 F-250 doesn't get much mileage but it will be our go to Colorado truck and our out of state RPRU truck pulling the gooseneck. At 71 I am all for creature comforts. Old '01 f-250, the tetanus carrier, gets all the crappy duties and daily chores. Have had since almost new and don't have the heart to part with it. Might as well use it.
  6. If I was a little younger and a lot richer I'd put that on the '84 Dodge w-350 chassis I have out back.
  7. Not a whole lot of tractor parts but I have a more than sufficient supply of everything else. Maybe we can trade, that way I can look at new old stuff for a change.
  8. Just south of the Springfield plant they have a building that modifies trucks to customer specs. Think it is called TPC (truck processing center) or something like that.
  9. My name is Dennis and I have a problem.
  10. Had this same operation several years back. Only thing I know it was done is the scar.
  11. My mother would have beat me in the face with a shovel if I was as ugly as that front end.
  12. Same thing I did walking past a tractor with air starter being engaged. Bulk cement hauler local had a bunch of Whites that had them.
  13. Holy Crap. Grandpa would be spinning in his grave if he saw all that hardware in the second picture. He could build a nice shed with all that, and not a single nail to straighten.
  14. Looks pretty complete. Not a hateful price either.
  15. I have had one on my '90 F-350 for three years just like the one in the picture. It doesn't get heavy everyday use. I just went out and looked at it and the only ragged holes I found is where the wires for the headache rack go through. Hole is plenty big and wires are loose enough to not cause a chaffing problem. Only other suspect place is where the wires to the back go over a piece of aluminum bracket. Heavy insulation and no tension on that wire so I am not worried about it. Fit and finish is top notch. Could not afford or justify an EBY bed for what this truck is used for.
  16. I've got a '39 d-35 but if I had the cash one of those C models would surely be in the fleet also. Really like that body style.
  17. After reading all the replies I think a dedicated 12V winch battery on a float charger might be the way to go. Thoughts?
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