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  1. If Wendell can't do it, it can't be done. A true craftsman.
  2. Had that in Ohio. Saw some pretty nice cars go to the scrappers. Enough to make you sick.
  3. I'll be working registration.
  4. A little to far to go. Thanx.
  5. If there is no or minimal rust on the body it is worth the thousand. It doesn't take much to keep the SV engines happy. Cowl vents and floors are the rust prone areas along with rocker panels. new brake system puts it over the top, as some brake parts are hard to come by.
  6. Not to hijack but this reminded me. Back in the eighties I had a red '83 dodge pickup. You would have thought that it was a aircraft carrier and birds were kamikaze pilots. That truck killed a lot of birds.
  7. Did I miss something or has he gone incognito?
  8. Like BJ, Harvester Highlights and Red Power. What else does a guy need?
  9. Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that.
  10. Wes, You sure know how to grow them younguns up that way. Seems like a good kid.
  11. Great putting faces to names. Be safe. PS Let us know how that Cletrac works out.
  12. Have two decent front fenders, need a little work. Yours for the taking if you are close to SW Ohio.
  13. Did Emma tip you off to that.😁
  14. Looks like you married up.
  15. There goes the neighbor hood.
  16. Bring it on, I have a 1200a. Welcome back
  17. I think I hear Lee spinning in his grave.
  18. Might be advanced years but if I had the choice I would take the Scout.
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