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    Old Dealer Photos

    Cool pics. Like the CO Loadstar with the cornhead on it. Dennis
  2. jingles1928

    life in our corner

    Did that to my knee with a 7 inch grinder a bunch of years ago but not quite as bad as that. Left a pretty nice scar. Dennis
  3. jingles1928

    Tourist season why can't we shoot them.

    I have been in every state east of the Mississippi River,quite a few west, and several Canadian provinces. Most people in the west and Midwest have been very friendly. Up in New England people are a little different but that is because of the speed of which they spend life. It just seems they are always in a hurry and don't have time to visit. Get out in the rural areas and things slow down. From SW Ohio Dennis
  4. jingles1928

    Chained down and Texas Bound

    Nice tractor and excellent job of chaining down. Dennis
  5. jingles1928

    Parts needed

    Thanx Bruce. Where was this? Dennis
  6. jingles1928

    Parts needed

    I don't see a lot of cancer in that body, looks like a pretty good platform to start with. Most of them bodies you could throw a cat thru and never hit a piece of metal and that is with the doors closed. Same color as my '66. Are you gonna restore to like new or keep the patina. Personally I like it in working clothes but since it was Grampas that would be worth a full blown restoration. Don't have any pictures of mine and if I did I couldn't figure out how to post them. Lot of guys on here to help if you get stuck on something. Dennis
  7. jingles1928

    Parts needed

    Glass is available from any good automotive glass store. A spring shop should be able to repair your springs. I have a 1200a which is a '66 and went through the same thing a couple years ago. An IH is not like a Ferd or Chebby where you can get a catalog and order what you need, you will have to think outside the box. Good luck and keep us posted, This group likes pictures.. Dennis
  8. jingles1928

    MTO, Do You Mount Split Rim Tires?

    When I first started driving in the early seventies I had a flat on the left steering tire. Truck had Dayton wheels. The old tire guy had me drive up on a block of wood so he could get the jack under the axle. Both beads broke from the rim when it went flat, all he did was remove the ring, pulled tire off, replaced tube and put it back together aired it up and I was on my way. Never touched a lug nut, probably took ten minutes from the time he arrived to the time he left. Used to do split rings on my own stuff and have done and a few split rims on my antique trucks. Cleanliness is the main thing to remember. Chain and loader bucket doesn't hurt either. Dennis
  9. jingles1928

    Motor cultivator

    Just saw a 1917 IH motor cultivator going to auction in Leola Pa. Did not make very many of them. Wiglemuth (sp) auctioneer. Lot of tractors, heavy on Oliver but has a few IH. Don't know how to post link to auction. Be curious to see what the cultivator goes for. Pa. guys go for it. Disclaimer, have no connection to auctioneer or auction. Dennis
  10. jingles1928

    Motor cultivator

    Seen one at a RPRU once but can't remember which one. Maybe Lima, not sure. Dennis
  11. jingles1928

    Prepping for Bloomsburg RPR

    Look forward to seeing it and you there. VOTE OHIO 2022 Dennis
  12. jingles1928

    What Swallow follow around Tractor Mowing ?

    Probably Purple Martins or Barn Swallows. I have a colony of Purple Martins and they go absolutely nuts when I mow. Depending on sex and age determines their coloring. Barn swallows are from the same family but their coloring is not as dark. The martins winter in Brazil and come north to breed. Usually 4 to 5 eggs in a nest. In SW Ohio usually come in late April and leave early August. One Purple Martin can eat as many as 300 or more mosquitos a day, besides other insects. Google Purple Martin for more info than you need. Dennis
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    You sure can tell the single guys from the married guys.😀 Dennis
  14. jingles1928

    Cargostar floor pan restoration

    Can't help but that is a nice looking Cargostar. Dennis
  15. jingles1928

    Removing paint from tires

    X2 on the tire black. Dennis
  16. jingles1928

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    Carrying on with this subject: He/You are so full of $hit your eyes are brown. FYI my eyes are brown. Dennis
  17. jingles1928

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    Champagne taste on a beer budget. Living high off the hog. Dennis
  18. jingles1928

    narrow tread regular

    A lot less narrow treads made. Dennis
  19. jingles1928

    Pot to piss in ,and other old time sayings

    As much chance of winning as a one legged man in an a$$ kicking contest. Dennis
  20. jingles1928

    Surgery today

    Had piece of one removed, IIRC it was between t11 and t12. Recovery was easy and have not been bothered with it since. I think it was done in 2010. Listen to the doctor and don't do anything stupid. By that I mean let it heal before lifting and twisting. Still have back and leg problems from the fusions, rods and hardware from other surgeries but the disc removal was a piece of cake. Dennis
  21. jingles1928

    post hole digger storage

    How do you guys store a post hole digger to make it easy too mount? I have carts that I set my box blade and finish mower on and it makes hookup really easy. Taking the digger apart is a real PITA by myself and putting it on is worse. Any ideas? Dennis
  22. jingles1928

    post hole digger storage

    Thanx Guys, A lot of great ideas. I like the pallet idea but am limited on floor space. hopefully the new shed gets built next spring. Digging a hole and let it set is also an excellent idea but all my buildings have concrete floors and I don't like things setting out. I think I will make room so I can get it under a beam and use one of the hanging ideas. I thank you and my back thanks you even more. Dennid
  23. jingles1928

    DOT Physical

    Maybe the fat girls and the waterbed.😀 Dennis
  24. jingles1928

    life in our corner

    Have two grand kids in Denver ages 4 and 6. Get fat free milk only from health conscious parents. Drives me absolutely nuts. Dennis
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    You sure they aren't your sisters trying to make you look good? Dennis