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  1. Chapter 6 has a antique truck and tractor display at the east side of the grounds along with other brands displaying also. My '39 D-35 will be there. Stop by and say hey. Dennis
  2. Good show of all things new and upcoming in agriculture. Antique tractor clubs have a designated area for display at the east end of the grounds. I haven't displayed in a year or two but they asked me to bring out my '39 IH D-35 with the portable hammermill so I'll be taking it out there. Some of you guys might have seen it at Red Power. Might want to check in about getting a handicap scooter or Golf cart for Dad. Lots and lots of walking .
  3. Doing allright . Jamie has the shirt for MIL in her possession. I'll tell Susie You guys said hey. Any time you need something done out this way just give a buzz.
  4. You need to see me and the wife get in the Porsche after a big Mexican dinner. Worth buying a ticket to see.
  5. At least the tools are close when you need to work on the engine.😁
  6. Isn't outer limits when you have an eight point buck at 200 yards and you have 100 yard gun and ammo. Wouldn't that be outer limits.
  7. You can buy a nice driver for less that.
  8. Only thing near good as a winch is two fifteen year old boys.
  9. Take them to an old time truck tire shop and tell them you have Budd Split ring wheels. In my 65 years of messing with old trucks I 've changed at least 75 of them and never had a problem. As said before clean them up real good and don't stand over them while inflating. Heavy chain wrapped around tire and rim through spoke holes and or loader bucket on top really reduces the chance of anything ugly happening. Three piece split rims are the killers.
  10. jingles1928


    not really😓
  11. Friend of mine grew up just out side of Hazard. Still has a BIL there. Said his double wide is sitting in the middle of the highway.
  12. jingles1928


    It must have wanted to get out of there pretty bad.
  13. Chicken excrement when the chicken was running around the pen when the sky started falling.
  14. x2 Only thing is stiff spring loading the mag. Manual safety when in pocket when pointed at important body parts is good.
  15. The old saying was fellows lock up your daughters so and so is on the prowl again. Now it is going to be fellows lock up your 450's Bitty is on the prowl again.
  16. Went to Alaska back in '13. Several places I could not get a satellite radio signal.
  17. Now whoever was trashing Sandhiller about u-tube, aren't you ashamed of your self.
  18. Got to work better than the rubber bladed fan on the dash.
  19. And I'll throw in a bed, running boards, fender extensions for free, and if i am in a good mood I'll probably throw in the fiberglass shell and a bad tailgate and help load. Eight miles from this years RPRU BJ you can delete this if it is deemed improper.
  20. If you have room in that container I have a w-350 that could finish the load.
  21. A gun at a camp? Oh the humanity.
  22. Did you find the pot of gold in the grain bin?
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