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    Late Xmas gift

    Sorry. You might as well build her a she shed and get it over with.😀
  2. jingles1928

    Late Xmas gift

    Be careful what you wish for. When my wife retired and took up quilting I did not see the dining room table for three years.. After mom passed we turned her house (on same property as big house) into a quilt house. It is an addiction, albeit a good one. It is now to the point I don't ask what she spends on quilting and she doesn't ask what I spend on truck parts. Life is good, Happy wife, happy life.😁 Dennis
  3. jingles1928

    For you cabover lovers

    X2 loved my '75 freightliner CO other than the lousy heater. Go to bed warm wake up cold. Learned to put a piece of cardboard over the radiator about an hour and a half before I stopped for the night. Dennis
  4. jingles1928

    New joke

    There is a special place in heaven no the other place for the inventor of those things. Dennis
  5. jingles1928

    You tube links for dad

    Sorry to hear about Dad. Prayers from SW Ohio Ron Pratt is a heavy wrecker operator in Missouri. I got hooked on it a while back. Type in Ron Pratt or Midwest towing. Dennis
  6. jingles1928

    My New Year`s wish

    I think I see a duet.🤩
  7. jingles1928

    Life in Alaska

    Reminds me of when I first moved into the original homestead 35 years ago. Took out 40 feet of galvanized and black pipe and replaced it with 10 feet of copper. Dennis
  8. jingles1928

    Late Xmas gift

    My wife is a quilter and all she could say was wow. Dennis
  9. jingles1928

    Yellow Vests. France

  10. jingles1928

    Some good stuff

    Back in the '70s there was a DJ named Charlie Douglas on WWL out of New Orleans that came on at midnight with a show geared to truckdrivers. He could tell stories that would bring tears to your eyes laughing. Check him out on YouTube. Talking outhouse is one of his best. Dennis
  11. jingles1928

    Let me continue my b'tching....

    Better to be pi$$ed off than pi$$ed on. One of Dads favorite sayings. Dennis
  12. jingles1928

    Tractor mounted on combine

    That A-C combine just oozes chick magnet. Dennis
  13. jingles1928

    jingles -- oil testing

    Thanx. Dennis
  14. jingles1928

    oil testing

    Thanx Guys, this will get me started. Dennis
  15. jingles1928

    oil testing

    Thinking of buying a car and I have an opportunity to have the oil analized before I buy it. Where do I send it to have it checked. SW Ohio if it makes a difference. Dennis
  16. jingles1928

    oil testing

    How big of sample to send? Dennis
  17. jingles1928

    oil testing

    That is why I am having it checked, so I don't. Didn't think that spelling looked right. Dennis
  18. jingles1928

    oil testing

    That is what I am after. these engines have an intermediate shaft that the rear bearing is suspect to disintegration. Want to make sure there is no sign of it coming apart. Dennis
  19. jingles1928

    oil testing

    Getting oil changed Monday, said they would get me a sample to send in. I'll see which of the test facilities is close and use them. That would be great. Dennis
  20. jingles1928

    oil testing

    Wifes' doctor nephew has had this car for three years and going through a divorce. I can get it for pay off price. 35,000 miles drives good runs good. '05 Porsche Boxster. Sold my motorcycle a year ago for body issues, my body not the motorcycle and looking for a new toy. Dennis
  21. jingles1928

    Life in Alaska

    X2 Dennis
  22. jingles1928

    Another fine mess i got myself into..

    Don't matter, whatever it is, it's not what she had in mind. Dennis
  23. jingles1928

    fencing pictures

    Lost my Aussie a week ago. Best dog ever. If you were closer I would be interested in one of the pups. Dennis
  24. jingles1928

    I won a prize

    Bought a '69 firebird brand new, drove it a couple weeks and started knocking. Idiot lite never came on, oil level fine. Took it back to dealer who tore it down. Candy wrapper got sucked up by oil pump blocking screen and cutting volume to engine starving it of oil. GM paid for it but after it was fixed I drove it for 130,000 miles before the body rusted away. Dennis
  25. jingles1928

    buying a car treatments?

    Bought a brand new Dodge pickup in '83 that had the Rusty Jones rust treatment when purchased. drove that truck for ten years and had no rust on it when I sold it. I live in SW Ohio where they are not afraid to put down salt. I don't know if they cheapened it up since then but it worked 35 years ago. Dennis