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  1. Would it be feasible to relocate the engine a bit and use sprocket and chain, belt/pulley, or some such.....
  2. He don't have a hare on his head.....
  3. Happened to me Broke the mounting bracket off my m22 banging first to second....the T handle caught the handle on the trans hump....had to hold it up to keep the linkage from dragging the ground Had a sm465 shifter pull out in my hand Had foot control tractor hydro lose a ball joint end...but it just stopped so no biggie....
  4. When I was in junior high I took a fried squirrel for lunch one day. It was complete with the head. Eating the brain did not impress the girls as I had imagined it would....
  5. 3120 is for people who know they need it and why.....with how they are going to use it already in play...
  6. I welded some galvanized angle years ago without knowing it put off noxious fumes White smoke Gave me a headache for three days aspirin wouldn't touch....
  7. Maybe he saves that move for the unloading part....
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