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  1. Are you having trouble finding your original filter ? or need to change it frequently and looking for convenience ........... better is up to you as far as servicing
  2. could they have floated the materials there?
  3. great job on the work do I smell cookies?
  4. I don't live where they are needed but I wonder why tracks on tractors aren't used more as the prices of huge tires is so much that picture is great but you started the track thing so here's helper on a track thing
  5. is the cast hitch a massey deal or aftermarket?
  6. I like the low cab, is that a fold down rops? Looks nice and stable Here's one with the helper at the wheel
  7. I'm with ya You've got me on shiny but I've got fwd and a helper
  8. living the real deal there thanks for posting
  9. Nothing would woop me in my thirties......... but add 20, I find a helper
  10. It is what points it as foreign? The serial doesn't line up with tractor data, I haven't ordered books yet as I want to get the correct ones. The "need to get" list has started. Nice 2-105
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