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  1. stops because the clutch is weak? kick out? is your shuttle kicking out of forward/reverse?
  2. when you say bent do you mean "made crooked"?
  3. the one out of your spare machine?
  4. I got a picture and video of a "mountain lion" or puma or yellow cat this winter. Unfortunately it doesn't show up on the pictures or video from my phone. I'd have the pictures or videos enhanced if I thought it would help. I took a stroll down by the spring during morrel mushroom time and snapped a pic of a pile I didn't recognize and when I googled "puma poo" the picture looks exactly the same. I also heard noises from that area one evening I had never heard before, sounded like a feline finishing a hunt on something......it was erie......
  5. Are you using Hytran in the mower?
  6. air vent tube? where does the line go to?
  7. I didn't know a rebuild was offered thanks for posting
  8. All kinds of homemade stuff on Utube. I think he has sharpened a leaf spring as the blade....
  9. If you are in a position to pay the going rate for a pickup that new then you should be able to pay to fix whatever needs it You will be in that situation with any vehicle you choose so get one you like
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