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  1. that would give them something to hit him with..........
  2. Just wait a few weeks and pull your breaker when she's on her way home. Have some candles lit when she gets there. Flip it around on her
  3. I run Mobil as it is available at multiple places. I'll run Rotella if its on sale.
  4. I don't care what people post personally. It's not my decision. I'm simply humiliated for those in charge to feel it necessary to make these additions like scolding teenagers one more time. It's the only sticky at the top of Coffee Shop, what does that scream into your ear? Confusion regarding where the line is. I'm not supposed to post links to cl or fb but I do at times. Not for the sellers interest but because somebody might get a kick out of a picture or something. I probably won't stop so I'll get booted at some point. If it happens I won't pretend I didn't know how to interpre
  5. Kuddos to the owner for such a dignified way of approaching this in a house they have kept for years now. Exposes the mentality of the present frequenters doesn't it? In the last few months I would have booted a handful off without explanation or closed Coffee shop down altogether. You know, the ones that are pushy and repetitive with their confusion. What you think, what your opinions are, what you pray for, are irrelevant. What you agreed to is. If you agreed to something you don't understand then let others who do get it lead the way by example. Just like you wo
  6. If it's a tilt have a good winch cause you won't be able to load that slant easily you will fall down/off on a tilt deck and cuss and cuss If you load a tilt with something in front and want to load something else it needs to be power tilt If it's tilted by tractor weight only in some cases can struggle with the tractor being up far enough for it to want to tilt down right as your trailered implement needs to hit the ramps....... Money isin't bad just to use it as a flatbead really
  7. better than stuck in neutral.......
  8. moving to the tropics will be rough with those precautions for sure get a big hat........
  9. My so moved here from Minneapolis area 5 years ago Said she would never go back. Loves the weather and terrain. Just move south some, if you go to an extreme different climate you will find you dislike a part or two of it like where you are at
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/429710794708355/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined would 2806 have straight axles?
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2845503429110219 Looks fun
  12. Mucks sold to Honeywell same as xtratuff
  13. It's nothing if they're nothing
  14. Apparently Dryshods are made by the former owner of Muck boots
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