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  1. Does this model use cables to connect from shifter to trans?
  2. bypass the primer and see what happens
  3. If you include other brands of industrial tractors you will find some with a shuttle and pto but it is ground driven or hydraulic driven
  4. You can do anything you want about it. Welding and bolting. In a pinch a chain and binder can tighten and hold........
  5. I do on daily use stuff the occasional use stuff is lucky to see good tires than grease
  6. I thought air bags where in the dash.......
  7. ran onto this for sale, not mine international motor, runs and drives
  8. foam tires on a tractor allows to dodge your ss if worthwhile
  9. 580 gas? standard tranny? no contest between the two backhoes and really shouldn't be compared
  10. At your price point they will all need plenty...........
  11. Do you plan on using track machine all the time? Does it have to have a blade? Do you want pto?
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