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  1. There are also rubber helper spring assist available to go in place of bump stops. No air system to go bad. With a raised pedestal ball or drop hitch flip 180 degrees to raise the ball a couple inches your all good.
  2. You need balance over / ahead of the axles to prevent sway. You need hitch weight to provide traction and prevent the rear of the truck from being pushed around. If the rear axle is on the bump stops or polishing them shiny from contact you need more spring or air bags. People used to pull huge campers with station wagons back in the day with air shocks and / or distribution hitch. Way beyond rated capacity. If you want to keep the ride nice when unloaded go air bags as you have had them before and know the benefits. Also nice to be able to raise the rear way up to cross uneven terrain. If you use it to max with regular loads in bed and or in bed and trailer get appropriate springs under it to handle things in case of air system failure. If your trading the truck off in the near future throw the distributing hitch on. Easy peasy.
  3. Move your load back on the trailer to balance off your hitch.
  4. Flip adjusters around so they can't over adjust
  5. Are you replacing a tractor with this one? Will it be your only machine?
  6. Is that there price or did you offer and they countered?
  7. Throw a low ball offer out and see what they say
  8. 4130 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1919689788205231/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks&tracking={"qid"%3A"-7528185412952574340"%2C"mf_story_key"%3A"457961319041094705"%2C"commerce_rank_obj"%3A"{\"target_id\"%3A457961319041094705%2C\"target_type\"%3A6%2C\"primary_position\"%3A0%2C\"ranking_signature\"%3A6851148826317684736%2C\"commerce_channel\"%3A501%2C\"value\"%3A0%2C\"upsell_type\"%3A21%2C\"grouping_info\"%3Anull}"}
  9. Probably the best color of red out there
  10. Tilt decks are great especially for a specific load they are set up for, fast and easy. But they have a longer hang over past the axles and can lead to unbalance and sway if loaded incorrectly. More tail swing to watch for in tight quarters. They are nice for not high centering a low slung load when coming up on the trailer. They usually hit the ground trailer bed wide so you can load without concern for "hitting the ramps." Underslung ramps are great for a trailer where you may want to have a load hang over the end a bit. They drag more going through ditches and such. They do allow the rear of the trailer to be closed off with a gate/panel for boxed in use. You have to handle them to use them and are usually a light duty ramp that is not attached and can roll off the trailer during loading. Flip up ramps can be made heavier and longer with knees for larger equipment to be loaded. They are the simplest and most robust of the choices. Tailgates and flip ramps may catch wind when pulled unloaded and lead to sway. If your not fighting license weight issues the aluminum is not worth it unless you just like shiny things. Metal decks are great for keeping dirt and oils from dripping on customers driveway etc. Trailers are like boats. They all float but a canoe is more useful at times than a pontoon boat. No one trailer is perfect for every use.
  11. keys are in it is a good sign
  12. Wonder what the clean up, track refurb bill adds up to...........
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