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  1. nomorejohndeere

    Slicker than .....

    just rain and ice here but I can't open frozen lock
  2. nomorejohndeere

    I-H crawler tool bar available

    I would think a collector would be scooping that right up
  3. nomorejohndeere

    So Walmart is good for something.

    I was cleaning out some storage at the farm last winter and ran into a box of models from the days......... Most I blew up with fireworks when I was going from kiddo to drivers licence. I saved this one as a favorite. I always liked it because it had the bike on the back that looked just like the Girelli Bronco 50cc, my first bike.
  4. nomorejohndeere

    Identify Please

    He asked where I lived but didn't return email
  5. nomorejohndeere

    Dresser 125e

    great project
  6. nomorejohndeere

    Identify Please

    Let me know if parts are available
  7. nomorejohndeere

    IH Green Diamond engine Needs rehomed.

    what era is that?
  8. nomorejohndeere

    Little shop time 784

  9. nomorejohndeere

    scraper/pan hitch repair

    When you heat it are you heating it all the way through the whole part? or as soon as it is registering at 300 or so with the gun close enough?
  10. nomorejohndeere

    track adjuster zerk?

    weld it shut, flatten it out and drill and tap ?
  11. nomorejohndeere

    Newest addition at the Proving Grounds

    Nice looking machines
  12. nomorejohndeere

    1941 TD 14

    He would struggle with that price running
  13. nomorejohndeere

    1941 TD 14

    mid teens is fine if you like what is all there