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  1. block of wood between hammer and starter ain't all bad........ If the starter mount is its own ground it can corrode and not be up to snuff causing clicks and intermittent issues yours may have a ground strap
  2. Metabo has an adapter to run on AC So when the batteries drain down or become obsolete you still have a drill
  3. The last time I went duck hunting was with my Dad. We got lucky and had some come in and when we jumped up and shot we looked at each other and said "got 'em" we both shot the same one
  4. Does Stuart need a starter?
  5. google "gun concealment furniture" and lots of stuff comes up when my Mom remodeled her house they put false walls in some places. magnets to hold drywall up, if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't find it
  6. What shape is the UC? Whereabouts in Kansas? Price expected? Do you have a way to help load? pictures help.
  7. electric heat is handy if you can afford the bill a RV heater keeps from breathing fumes.........
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/830413957396212
  9. rolling not the same as dragging..... use a block and tackle with the winch if needed
  10. sure wood keep a fella warmed up..............
  11. I've had problems a time or two
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