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  1. I used castrol HD30 in IH D246 engine HELP!

    I salvaged a 784 a few years ago the only real thing to watch for in the oil as far as damage is concerned is green
  2. COLD

  3. Hand crank for 1938 D15

    Yepper But I would like to see what one is supposed to be like
  4. Hand crank for 1938 D15

    Anybody have a hand crank for a 1938 D15? A picture of the business end could prove helpful if you could provide that instead. thanks
  5. T340 questions

    I have 2 cylinders extra that came with the machine. I was told they were the ones replaced and they leak of course. I thought they were too long to use in the angle function but 26"CC would be at least as long as these are if not a little longer. I figured I would torch the ends off these and weld to new aftermarket cylinders if finding them set up right is a problem.
  6. T340 questions

    T340 1787 Anybody with an extra T340 badge?
  7. T340 questions

    Hey dozers Thanks for the heads up. Your right, least resistance wins so a 'T' won't work. I'll check into the power beyond options on the valve bank. Thanks for the location of the filter. What does the plate on the bottom of the case access? I need to redo the control handles as they cause the valves to rotate as they move in and out. Anybody have a spare 3 spool and control handles extra?
  8. T340 questions

    Hello dozers, Had one come up for sale too close to me and look what happened I have several questions but a couple will do for now. This unit started life going six ways, now only four. The angle cylinders have been removed and replaced with manually adjustable stops. The spool that was originally used for them is frozen in the valve. My plan is to 'T' into the supply ahead of the valve and add a single spool valve I have extra. I need angle cylinders. Would anybody have access to originals to measure them well enough I can order or have made new ones? Does anybody have originals to sell? I am also doing a fluid change. On the bottom is a plate, shaped like a T. The cavity is where the hydraulic line exits from, I'm assuming this is the pressure side. Is this where the filter or sump screen is located? Is it a dry cavity? Meaning if I take it off is it going to drown me? Thanks
  9. TD340 Parts For Sale

    sprockets, idlers, rollers top and bottom please possible left track frame, or unbolt track frames and palletize with all undercarriage assembled and ship? t340 emblem up by radiator
  10. t340

    Idlers, rollers, sprocket? pm if you have extra thanks