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  1. I've never imagined you with toenail polish.
  2. Ring gear will go a bit with a little damage but a damaged pinion gear is like a die grinder on steroids
  3. nomorejohndeere


    Snapped a couple pics as I drove by
  4. Papa had a problem with having fuel stolen and knew who it was. He filled his tank with water in stead of gas. Couple days later the guy tows his car to the mechanic cause it won't run. Mechanic told the guy his motor was shot, looked like low quality fuel damage. Charged him enough money to buy papa all the fuel he lost. No problem after that
  5. Priced at 3000 Not bad really, don't see them with a bed often.
  6. They should offer a rust colored one for nostalgia
  7. Papa was run over by an 8n years ago. Brush hog caught his knee cap and they had to go back and find it.
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