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  1. The problem is most guys know what they have and charge for it. Deals ... Theys hard to come by these days. Tell a fella your working on a 1206 and his price goes up. Tell him you're fixing a 55 year old stationary irrigation pump, and he's willing to haggle. Something to remember is industrial equipment used these engines too. We had an IH dozer with a TD282 in it. Man I wish I had swapped that turbo manifold set up over on my 706 before we sold the dozer. I also saw a pay loader that was super clapped out sell for $3k. It had a good running DT407 in it tho. I thought about hiding the 407 in the corner of the shed just in case and scrapping out the rest. Would have been a good investment. Darn it all for hindsight. It depends how crafty you and your buddies are too. There is a lot of stuff around our place that shouldn't exist but I've been a cnc machinist for almost 30 years. Even my 154 Lowboy has been repowered by a 2.2 Izuzu diesel from a reefer trailer. Just because you can't buy the pieces to put your Evilbay turbo on your 806 doesn't mean they can't be made. Check out the recent Detroit/Fordson build in the projects. It can always be done.
  2. Be aware that even though they share the same block and cid, the 806D and 1206 engines have some differences. A big one that comes to mind is oil cooling on the bottom of the pistons. While I haven't been inside all three engines this is the info that has been shared with me and I have read. I don't believe the early 806D has oil jets under the pistons. I do believe the late and turbo 806 could have 1 jet per cyl but may not... I believe all of the 1206 had two cooling jets per piston. This is not to say these lines could not be added to your engine. From my I&T manual.
  3. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was a field test back when the 806 was new. It seems that much to the IH team dismay, the 806 was falling behind the Deere. When everyone took lunch one of the IH mechanics took a fence post and knocked the baffles out of the 806 muffler while the other guys were busy chowing down and wouldn't see what he was doing. The 806 had no trouble keeping up after the lunch break. Can't remember where I read that though. I thought that was part of the reason the 1206 (same engine turbo'd) came with a straight pipe.
  4. Well, I've already stated it was my intent to put the 12 to work instead of hauling it to shows, so... When I got it home there were a few things that had t be taken care of before she got used. First on the list was fluids and filters. The air filter was like new and dated December of 1975! That supports the sitting for decades theory. Fuel tank had a little crud in it so a flush was in order. The fuel filters looked okay but changed em out. The engine oil looked fairly clean with no excess soot or grime and more importantly, no water. I bought a full 55 gal of Hy-Tran so I could over fill and prevent any priming issues before they began. Here's where things went south. After pulling all the plugs including the axle bells, I had 11 gal of oil and 20+ of water! Yikes. Makes me wonder how anything worked and so glad I had only run it up and off the trailer before servicing. While I had the plugs out, I pulled the platform and trans cover to flush out what I could with a weed sprayer filled with clean diesel. Rebuilt, the cover with new parts like shift cam, detent and even bored the cover and turned a bronze bushing to tighten up the shifter slop before reassembly. I also got the parking brake adjusted and working before filling it back up. Next was the obvious exhaust leak at the turbo. Yep, it's a Solar. Think I found the issue.😵 I ordered two different turbo sleeves (one from online and one from the stealership) and they both came wrong so I cleaned everything up and turned a new sleeve fit to the Solar and the elbow. Because none of the parts I was ordering would fit the Solar, I stopped by the local Harley shop and got a used set of piston rings from the shop owners Harley drag bike. I don't know the specifics, but I know they measured close enough to get them to work for sealing up the sleeve. All sealed up. The turbo is on my list to pull off and service. Hopefully in winter. More later...
  5. We have been shopping as well. I'm trying to decide if I go diesel or CNG. I have easy hook up for CNG but at the risk of sounding like a prepper... Not sure if I can trust the grid. I can and do keep diesel on hand anyway. To bad I haven't found a consumer sized dual fuel yet.
  6. Tractor fuel tank completed... ✅ Check Driver fuel tank completed... ✅ Check
  7. Thanks for taking us along on this build. I have enjoyed following this project. It reminds me of times gone by. A few years back I machined front and rear mounting/adapter plates for a fella I worked with. We put a 401 GM V6 gas engine from a New Idea Uniharvester in his IH 2400 industrial. I thought the factory manifolds made it look factory, but he built Stainless headers to accommodate the twin turbos in its future. Also, as a sophomore back in high school, my best friend was running the family farm after his dad passed away. His W9 McCormick windowed the block and a SBC was way cheaper and easier to find than going back factory. We were just kids trying to get it running again. He still has it. It's pretty crude but runs great and cheaper on fuel then the stock engine. It does 60mph if you are brave or dumb enough and has live hydraulics using the Delco power steering pump. I got to drive it just last August as the hick limo for his daughters wedding.
  8. Sorry. No pics of his other treasures. I will dig a little deeper on my old phone. This fella had a thing for bull dozers and school buses for sure. If he didn't have 50 dozers, he didn't have one not including the dismantled ones. 50 plus buses. Each one piled floor to ceiling, front to back with parts from dismantled projects. There has to be more pictures somewhere because I found a cast iron grill for a dozer (IH) leaning against a tree. It had to be more than 6 feet high and nearly that wide. I thought I took a picture of it. There were three Farmall H's and an F14 dismantled and piled in a box truck. Same went for dismantled dozers. Semi van trailers full of them. I don't know how many. There were 20 plus tractors. Case, Oliver, IH, Allis, even a Hart Parr. I tripped on this cool Oldsmobile Super Rocket air cleaner in the woods and she told me to take it home. I could have spent weeks walking those hills. My wife spent a good while in the house too with all the antiques.
  9. Okay, so, a little more on my 1206. When I got a hold of the gal selling the tractor, she told me her father had bought it from the bank as a repo. Seems when he got it, it was a non-runner. After he left it sitting in a fence row for more than two decades, A neighbor who worked for Caterpillar gave him enough crap to get him going on the project. Said neighbor was able to help him get parts and perform some of the work along with the owner and the owners brother. It was reported to me that they did clutch, T/A, hydraulic pump, and an overhaul. I don't know. It's possible I suppose but the gaskets and such all look original to me. Whatever. It was a 1206 that ran and it was in my price range. I had to jump start it when I got there but it drove up on the trailer under its own power. After strapping it down we walked the property (over 100 acres) that was littered with literally hundreds of unfinished projects from an IH half track to a MINT Studebaker survivor pick up looking for the parts that were missing from the 1206. Saw a lot of cool stuff but no luck on the parts hunt. 5 AM Friday morning. All fueled up and just rolling out. The Mrs. got bored on the 17 hour drive and crocheted me this coozy for when we are on tractor rides. After a long day of parts hunting, its time to make the drive back home. I pulled off what was left of the stack to clear the covered bridges in the area and taped off the manifold so the turbo wouldn't spin without oil supply from the road wind. Was it overkill? What do you guys do? Once we arrived back home Easter Sunday 9 AM, I backed MY big tractor in the shed next to Dads big tractor. The rear tires on the MX240 make those 18.4-38 on the 12 look puny and the mismatched tires up front drive me nuts! The goal for this old gal is not to restore it but to resurrect it. Make sure everything works as it should and more importantly as I need it to work. So. Nope. I have no plans for an automotive paint job with 9 coats of clear. Far too many leaks to put any paint on it now. Besides, I like her in her overalls. I don't want to leave the first two turns out in the hay field because I was afraid of a scratch from a tree branch. That being said, I'm leaving the dented up fenders with the 26 holes drilled in and the welded up cracks on there because it's the original set with no grab handle on the right. I've looked VERY close at the hood to see if the Turbo stickers were painted over. Can't tell. Maybe a little rub and shine to see if they are under there but I'm in no hurry to make it pretty. Thanks for the welcome guys. More later. Dennis
  10. Hello All, I've been lurking here for years and absorbing the info I learn here. Now, just for fun I thought I'd share my progress on my 1206. First I'll give some back story. Around the age of 7 or 8 (1981-82) I was riding along with my dad in the cab of his 1026 plowing some hilly land we rented. The farm across the fence line was run by my god-father. He was out working his field with his 1206. Open station, duals, and that straight pipe stack puffing away as he climbed his hills. I knew at that young age I wanted one. Fast forward 10ish years. As a senior in High school, I needed a project for shop class. My god-fathers 1206 had been sitting in a field for about 3 years with the MCV and misc parts in 5 gal pails. It seems it had broke down and after inspection, it was found the gear for the hydraulics on the main shaft was shot. He wasn't interested in splitting the tractor in the field and had no shop to work in so it sat. I told him I'd take it to school and do the work if he could get me the parts as I needed them. Done! The 12 was put back to work until he sold it off at his farm auction. I was crushed when I heard it got sold. I didn't even know he was having an auction. I know who bought the tractor and still owns it now. He is a neighbor of mine that I get along with very well. So, I am on the long list of people waiting for him to sell it. I couldn't wait any more so I started watching c-list and auctions for my own 12. Turns out one popped up half way across the country that I was the first to call on. It had been sitting in a fence row for 20+ years but it ran and drove. I hooked the trailer and rolled out 5am the morning of Good Friday 2017. The wife and I arrived at the spot early Saturday morning. We met with the daughter of the previous owner who had passed away. She didn't know exactly what she had but the neighbors had told her it was very a desirable tractor. She was great and we loaded up, headed for home, and I unloaded it Easter morning. Here's the pictures that were in the ad when it was listed. Yup. I drove half way across the country to spend my money after seeing these. I had been bit bad all those years ago. I'll add more later on and share my progress. I hope you all enjoy. Thanks, Dennis
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