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  1. Tractor supply has there house brand on the shelf "Ford trans oil" is 90 wt.
  2. If you heat the funnel as in an oven or boil in water would it turn the slime/sludge solid?
  3. That doesn't sound like a desperate diversion or anything
  4. That's a kick ass looking tractor regardless of what IH had or had not.
  5. 97.4 cents for each piece in the set
  6. Congrats on the open minded approach Made the decision to try, made the decision its not working, walked away I notice your not claiming it made you an out of control flunky living on the streets unable to decipher good from bad, right from wrong, left from right. It's a money grab business.
  7. I have met and talked to a 3 different guys that have worked at SRC. Two of them worked for me as employees for a short time and new nothing about engines. One fellow was a guru of SBC and a drag racing pit crew mechanic back in the day. FYI, SRC is a meat market employer. Meaning they have a turn a round that can almost support a temp to hire agency by themselves.... The employees are given way to much work and not enough time to do things correctly even if they know how. The upper management is always pushing to get the work done fast to ship the units out. Redoing stripped threads is a nightmare there as the volume of them is great and the time to fix is not prioritized. One guy sitting all day fighting with one stripped out or broken stud after another as fast as he can. I'm sure some of the engines make it through fine. Others are pushed out the door to meet demand and are expected to be handled by warranty. As in they already know they will have returns but they are not having to tell their customers to wait while they do things right the first time. I have no doubts there are people there that know what they are doing and are plenty capable. And they make jack shyt wages for it.
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