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  1. sometimes the tires are too stiff and the Murphys blows out
  2. cut a section of inner tube including the valve stem large enough to cover and clamp to your tank fill neck put a few pounds of air pressure to it...not much 5 or 10 psi open bleeder and hang loose, it'll push through if your tank has a vent that's not in the cap you need to cap it temporary to get pressure or use a separate tank above and let gravity push through to get it started then switch lines back
  3. spray a trail of either or whatever your using out across the tire and a safe distance then set it off
  4. A person can fall off anything It's the being thrown out that gets you hurt....or worse
  5. I got one last year for the same reasons, I like to do tires on the tractor It's no problem now, no time, no stress, no sweat Now if they just made a couple of loops in the tire sidewall you could get a hold of to set the bead....... Out of all the tools you seldom use you won't regret it
  6. https://globalnews.ca/news/7130770/notre-dame-de-stanbridge-tractor-crash/
  7. and I always thought it was my legs............
  8. How do you identify dolomite? Dolomite is best identified on the basis of its softness, well-developed rhombic cleavage, and its reaction with dilute acid when dolomite is crushed into a powder. It will not react as vigorously with dilute acid as calcite and aragonite, the only other common minerals that effervesce in dilute acid.
  9. use granular so as not to just spray liquid on all the gravel do it on a schedule and you will get the benefits from one season to another
  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0714F3JJW/ref=dp_cr_wdg_tit_nw_mr use pool filter sand
  11. One of my Uncles on display at a market
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/677412042800671
  13. Ruscha Machinery Sales Address: 16251 Lawrence 2220, Verona, MO 65769 Phone: (417) 498-6571
  14. https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-4-Inch-Shallow-Impact-6-Point/dp/B081J1GCSC or cut a regular socket down It may have a flat rubber ring to seal and when they get dried out.............. If you haven't slipped the strap yet or caved in the cannister you're not there yet Make a "crow foot" socket by welding two sockets together side by side, one to go on the cannister, one offset to get drive into.....
  15. https://www.homedepot.com/p/GEARWRENCH-Oil-Canister-Socket-Set-Service-Kit-6-Piece-41890/205593431?mtc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_1_HAND_TOOLS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-HandTools_PLA&cm_mmc=Shopping-B-F_D25T-G-D25T-25_1_HAND_TOOLS-Multi-NA-Feed-PLA-NA-NA-HandTools_PLA-71700000034127224-58700003933021546-92700049573927173&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInuujl_T66QIVUNbACh3StQzNEAQYAyABEgI4pPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  16. I watched one of my trailer tires pass me in the ditch once
  17. Then and Now Automotive did one from a forklift for me google fuel pump rebuild there are places out there that can do it
  18. what issues does yours have? what parts have you not been able to find?
  19. Make it so when it splits the wood it lands in the bucket, so you don't have to pick it up again....
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