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  1. Is this a Marxism thread? Damn Drysleeves, can you, or will you, deal with one, just one of the questions addressed to you directly? Without shoving your religious bs up a posters ass?
  2. I've found more than one lost tools at an employees house.....
  3. Sioux Falls imagine what it would be worth with a weight bracket and weights........or deep tread tires but it does have "the steps".....
  4. I just searched for it with no luck if it jumps up again I'll nab it and send it to ya.....
  5. was it shattered in the groove? then you removed from groove?
  6. single cylinder on a three point?....meh put it on a zero turn if ya don't want to push it on wheels.....
  7. probably could make an adapter from that plate to your machine
  8. I'd go where the grass is green and the girls are pretty......somewhere down seven bridges road
  9. there are companies that make new wheels with any center hole/bolt pattern you need
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