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  1. I agree the Allis steals the show. A few more pics would be appreciated. Thanks for posting
  2. I passed through Burzito and Eldon today on my way to buy a tractor. Lots of damage visible from the main road. Houses, trees, signs, trailers all over. Some streets clogged with vehicles with people stirring about. And the trip took longer as I had to bypass closed roads.
  3. the 6's seem to come up now and again if you get it at the right price it may be the parts for another one you find
  4. Joplin got another round
  5. I can't help some that can and usually do hang in the construction forum post a pic or two for our amusement and see what happens
  6. If the track frames are out of kelter with each other they can drive themselves off pretty easy
  7. that's neat kinda trumps our town with the albino squirrels
  8. Thanks a whole bunch as I need a new bail and gasket as well
  9. that would depend on what country you are in and what side of the vehicle your passenger sits on
  10. while your at it you can move this thread over to support where it belongs, just to keep the rules up My SO has a tattle tale score card for her 8 and 10 year old would you like me to post a pic?
  11. I swapped a 4 speed M22 Muncie in my 57 Chevy.....
  12. depends on where you live a bit pictures help, you would want to see some if you were looking at something for sale If it doesn't run no part of the machine can be tested so some only offer a bit over scrap, but if other parts are good then you can get more but will have to wait until somebody comes along that really wants it
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