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  1. the fellow that has it for sale claims it is just a standard loader
  2. I've seen what you are talking about but not one without operator protection
  3. thought I'd share another of my Uncles from his calendar
  4. buff it with wire wheel to prep it eventually it will get dirt in and push the patch off........... plug and sealer if it's tubeless
  5. Ran onto this on Facebook Marketplace Osage city KS thought it was cool as I haven't seen this type of loader frame before
  6. Hindsville Arkansas Facebook Marketplace I wish somebody would get this so I don't end up with it...... gas, not run for a few years but not locked up
  7. I don't fall asleep regular either, my Dad is out by the time his head hits the pillow Interesting as I have had that same dream many times for years I'm trying to move my legs as I need to get moving and they won't respond normally and I end up with my hands on the ground trying use those to help but to no avail
  8. pull a wing from a batwing so you can fold up if needed if you decide to go bigger tractor then put the wing back on.....
  9. and when you figure out how to get those two, oring and backing ring, in there let me know what medication you take as I'm unsure what is best
  10. one for sale for parts on springfield mo cl and one in What Cheer IA make offer facebook marketplace there was a hydro for sale just a couple weeks ago
  11. After i posted I realize that end doesn't rotate.........
  12. on tandems my rear's always scruff the tread off quicker than the fronts. and I would say most failures would be ditch side
  13. weld what you can get to and then spin it around
  14. Most all of it can be welded...... Caterpillar provided instructions back in the day as how to go about it they are available on ACMOC
  15. smoke alarm and a fire drill things easy to pass over when relaxed and on vacation
  16. $4500 in Lapanto Ark Facebook marketplace, needs battery's has quickhitch
  17. don't worry about your agent it's the adjusters that show up at claim time, he just collects money and addresses or use him to your advantage and have him insure your building and then turn in storm damage claims etc until it's all updated ..... I agree with getting the management of it out of your hands, a board full of timid worry warts is no good If he says he is going to check around you say the same
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