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  1. If you include other brands of industrial tractors you will find some with a shuttle and pto but it is ground driven or hydraulic driven
  2. You can do anything you want about it. Welding and bolting. In a pinch a chain and binder can tighten and hold........
  3. I do on daily use stuff the occasional use stuff is lucky to see good tires than grease
  4. I thought air bags where in the dash.......
  5. ran onto this for sale, not mine international motor, runs and drives
  6. foam tires on a tractor allows to dodge your ss if worthwhile
  7. 580 gas? standard tranny? no contest between the two backhoes and really shouldn't be compared
  8. At your price point they will all need plenty...........
  9. Do you plan on using track machine all the time? Does it have to have a blade? Do you want pto?
  10. Does the primer pump double as a engine driven transfer from tank to filters? Is your fuel tank metal? When you cleaned your sediment screen did it have rust/debris in it? Primer could have some the same stuff in it.......if it is a rubber diaphragm primer it can tear and introduce air Are the fuel filter/s spin on or cartridge?
  11. cut the eye off and weld to some new threads
  12. sometimes the tires are too stiff and the Murphys blows out
  13. cut a section of inner tube including the valve stem large enough to cover and clamp to your tank fill neck put a few pounds of air pressure to it...not much 5 or 10 psi open bleeder and hang loose, it'll push through if your tank has a vent that's not in the cap you need to cap it temporary to get pressure or use a separate tank above and let gravity push through to get it started then switch lines back
  14. spray a trail of either or whatever your using out across the tire and a safe distance then set it off
  15. A person can fall off anything It's the being thrown out that gets you hurt....or worse
  16. I got one last year for the same reasons, I like to do tires on the tractor It's no problem now, no time, no stress, no sweat Now if they just made a couple of loops in the tire sidewall you could get a hold of to set the bead....... Out of all the tools you seldom use you won't regret it
  17. https://globalnews.ca/news/7130770/notre-dame-de-stanbridge-tractor-crash/
  18. and I always thought it was my legs............
  19. How do you identify dolomite? Dolomite is best identified on the basis of its softness, well-developed rhombic cleavage, and its reaction with dilute acid when dolomite is crushed into a powder. It will not react as vigorously with dilute acid as calcite and aragonite, the only other common minerals that effervesce in dilute acid.
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