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  1. Are you using Hytran in the mower?
  2. air vent tube? where does the line go to?
  3. I didn't know a rebuild was offered thanks for posting
  4. All kinds of homemade stuff on Utube. I think he has sharpened a leaf spring as the blade....
  5. If you are in a position to pay the going rate for a pickup that new then you should be able to pay to fix whatever needs it You will be in that situation with any vehicle you choose so get one you like
  6. Maybe he's hiding food in there........ Hide something really stinky in there, and leave it till it grows unbearable, as in people not in the bathroom are complaining Put a mirror across from the head so he has to look at his self the whole time Put a speaker in the ceiling that plays whatever music he hates and crank it up......... do something, he's on your dime and your training him for the next place
  7. Not mine On facebook marketplace in Freeport IL for $200
  8. nomorejohndeere

    826 Hydro

    don't forget to check the oil level..... and what it has in it
  9. I used to get it bad, eyes swollen shut, breathed it and my throat would swell. But after getting it regular for years I built up a tolerance so it doesn't do much any more. Sure wish some of my allergies would do the same
  10. I predict new tires get better traction than old dry bald ones
  11. no info no opinion...........
  12. I've thought I had the kickstand down before only to find out over center and too late. A couple weeks ago my bike went over due to the ground getting soft and the kickstand plunged in. I can't lift it myself so I used a strap and a wing on my batwing mower to upright with the hydraulics.
  13. I had bbq pork steak for this b day at dads He spent most of the time trying to talk me into letting him take my 57 Chevy to Texas with him where he winters. It's been parked since the late 80's so he would do the fixings it needs including add air and new tires and 700r4 auto. He's got 3 Hot Rods but wants the 57 so he can take people around as it has a back seat. He offered good money a couple years ago....guess I could go tractor shopping........
  14. once seasoned just use salt to clean your pans, no water or cleaners
  15. Are you familiar with the Case/David Brown 90 series? specifically the 1690 4x4
  16. I'd offer to help........but I think you got it figured out thanks for the great response sounds like you could use a little crawler loader around there
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