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  1. Some poor pics of a T9 listed for sale with similar looking loader arms. No rear rippers.
  2. Run nomorejohndeere 1010 it won't ever be handy pic from before I knew that
  3. If you don't want to check for parasitic draw right now disconnect a battery terminal when not using might clean them off while your at it
  4. throw that out and replace with some solution and you will get much better results carb cleaner - Berrymans(it ain't what it used to be), degreaser, paint brush cleaner, vinegar, something might want it outside so you don't have to breathe it
  5. not mine, saw in a for sale ad and thought was neat
  6. Must of been what pushed all the cold down here........
  7. you'll have to make do with the ice pack.................
  8. My mom worked for the phone company years ago doing customer service calls. They were authorized to hang up if the conversation got insulting.
  9. Well, if he was round enough he could roll to the bottom with em
  10. If walnuts were a little bigger they could just roll to the bottom........
  11. There was a T6 for sale awhile back in Arkansas with a regular looking tractor loader on it. I think it had a rear pto for hydraulics. I've seen one for sale that had the loader and a blade like this one somewhere, it had the bucket on it in the pictures with the blade in a separate pic, although I don't remember how it was mounted. I remember thinking how handy it would be to roll the blade forward as to not cut in when wanting to smooth things out. It might have been this one?
  12. You'll be cool cruisin the school..........
  13. Nice The front drive for the hydraulic pump is not the same as a rear PTO
  14. go back a little further in time and you can step on one to start engine
  15. hot water pressure washer and never use chemical again
  16. Which part did you make it to?
  17. tornado just down the road from me some 10 miles this morning / middle of the night 100 plus mph wind
  18. that's some good news enjoy
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