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  1. That whole thing looks like a problem
  2. My great grandpa died from lead poisoning after being shot while running moonshine
  3. I like longbeds And round headlights
  4. I'm measuring challenged I only have two hands and opposing thumbs Cut hole in post Stick pipe thru so it holds it for me and the length of run can vary and funky scope cut is not required Weld around it have strong fence
  5. Full face motorcycle helmet is good for that....
  6. I put about 4 gallons of gas in my Duramax the other day before I pulled my head out and realized what I was doing Can't take off without spinnin the tires
  7. Be aware changing the geometry on the 3 pt pins may cause your driveline to be closer to the front of the mower when raised I.e. may interfere
  8. Lower holes help it lift a bit higher which is good with the shorter tires....
  9. If you use the 11 correctly you have no need for more shaft... You'll gain some when lowered and not under load when raised. Move 3 pt pins on mower back to the other mounting hole to shorten distance between tractor and mower and gain some overlap if you are concerned .....
  10. I like stuff like that in other people's yard
  11. Leave nuts off and drive around
  12. Is "missing winter" the same as "sumbitch"
  13. It's a Sink spider Duh
  14. In the last year or so when staying at the gf house I was getting headaches at night. I couldn't sleep and would get up and take a hot steamy shower and it would really help but not fo away with it like a sinus headache. One day I was in the shower when she came in and I was filling the soap container. She asked why I was filling the shampoo bottle with shower cleaner.....
  15. 20% off sunday 25% off Monday 50 bucks off 20 ton. parking lot sale June 3. 200 bucks....
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