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  1. I had a 670 that was a beast. I still have 520. Good solid saw. As mentioned the are set a little lean combined with a long bar from the factory. Keep it sharp or you'll burn it up then blame the saw. I'd go larger for felling, 3/8 pitch but that's not an anti 590 comment. The 690? Can't member the model number is the next one up from the 590 is the same saw with some added benefits.
  2. The real question is what ya gonna do with the bug deflector and running boards
  3. Or resistance to puncture
  4. If the boxes were empty then I would worry
  5. Mine does They make both. Usually wheels want to roll over hoses or wires so I pick it up anyways. Gotta watch where the water hose hooks to pump and not drag the unit around with tension as to not break off the fitting. A little over 2000 psi and a little over a gal per minute the electric pumps are maxed out. But very handy. Not all hammers are the same size....
  6. I have an electric Ryobi It's a wuss but very handy
  7. Come on man Get a 220 diesel fired unit
  8. Never start a tractor standing beside it. Never squat in front or behind tractor....
  9. Doesn't sound like the work your doing needs the best of tires. Radials are a bit better at everything as long as your budget can accommodate.
  10. Christmas day and my shovel. I took him over to my neighbor's driveway cause they were gone and when they got home I went over and told them the coon was trying to get into their camper so I took care of it for them. Then I grabbed my shovel and asked "what ya gonna do wit it?"
  11. Holy cow it's raining
  12. They know exactly when to strip a peach tree
  13. Hot, dry, crunchy yard and small trees and ornamentals showing stress
  14. My papa won a raffle at western auto when I was a kid. A red fade to orange fade to yellow bike that you could remove the center bar a make it a girl's bike. It had a hard plastic seat and solid plastic tires. I hated it. So I "accidently" parked it behind papas 69 k20. Whoops
  15. I "see" what you did there...
  16. You'll be the dimlit of the campground.....
  17. Check Amazon for pumps They show 12/24 volt and electric pumps in the $100 range Cheap enough to verify you have water...
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