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  1. Negative/positive ground refers to how the wiring is done Not related to battery post
  2. What would ya give? bad engine good ta
  3. table top mount? or wall hanger?
  4. Extra neat with the swingers I was hoping you got some good install advice from the fella while there If I new you were coming I would have offered Lamberts....maybe next time
  5. just rode home with no helmet......that's the 2nd in a year or so that has sprouted wings.... thankfully MO changed to helmet optional so no worries from smokey but man I hate riding without a face shield/no glasses did end up with a fancy wind wipped hair do thou.....
  6. Are you going to insulate?
  7. I had a new 20 ton jack and 1/2 cordless impact grow legs when I stopped to grab a hambugga just a couple weeks ago. and the extension and socket that I needed to put new tires on....
  8. some of those names are duckin ridiculous
  9. weld it up and tap new threads
  10. because that's where this stuff happens...
  11. manifold leaks on those cylinders? causing lean mixture....or running hot
  12. what goes in must go out
  13. it's "one one" of a kind........
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