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  1. dunno hot rodders do that kind of stuff so I'm sure if there is a will there's a way.....
  2. I'm glad that one is far enough away to keep me at bay..... If it was a standard trans I'd be sweating... don't ya know those old tires would sing a song
  3. flapper is a floppin use an infrared heat gun while it's running to see if all cylinders are firing while your trying out adjustments
  4. Have you tried your local free classifieds like craigslist and facebook marketplace?
  5. Is the double ball 2 5/16 and 2"?
  6. I was almost run over turning left into a field access just a couple weeks ago. Had a few vehicles behind me, which I like as they provide a buffer. As I approached the access I looked over my shoulder to see if anybody was going to pass, coast is clear, stuck my arm out as a hand signal, started to turn and looked again to see for sure and there was a ford pu grille even with me, tires screeching, lookin at me like I'm in the way. very close sometimes when I know I have a left turn coming I get in the middle of the road in advance to block it from happening
  7. Along a line, as in a seam between lanes or lane and shoulder I would say yes If its just lower on one side then I would say it shouldn't matter, you might steer into the high side to stay straight but not be squirrely Does your truck have limited slip or posi trac?
  8. Map of marked auto trails in Nebraska for the times before gps....
  9. Does the plug you pulled have a hole with a cotter pin in it or someway to drain moisture/oil?
  10. under $10,000 with loader I'd go look at it....
  11. trailers are like boats.......they all do something well and compromise at others how about a low trailer for smaller stuff and big trailer for heavy/long stuff get a trailer as close to what you want and make the mods yourself....
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