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  1. Haven't seen any bears but do have a mountain lion or puma on the place
  2. There is a sticky at the top of the construction forum that lists places for parts the sticky is getting dated as it is locked but a place to start
  3. At the top of this forum is a sticky for places that might have parts Nobody can add to the sticky so it is getting dated but a place to start
  4. run against a tree or similar and see if it spins
  5. tri axles are great be aware of how you load it for your tongue weight meaning you have the ability to put weight on there that would, on a tandem, squish your bumper to the ground so make sure you have enough tongue weight for traction and braking
  6. does it have a one way only plug in the supply line?
  7. I welded/fixed a field roller years ago that was made from galvanized angle on the tongue. I didn't know about the white smoke. I found out, the next day my head hurt bad enough to stay home and tylenol / advil wouldn't touch it bad deal
  8. thanks for the heads up I'm guilty of using brake cleaner and carb cleaner or gas etc to clean up the greasy stuff didn't know...........
  9. Looks about as productive as the one I had...........
  10. tractordata.com you can sort by year, series, power etc
  11. The Glyphosate 5.4 herbicide is absorbed into the plants and kills the roots. Other methods for Phragmites control include mowing, disking, dredging, flooding, draining, burning, and grazing, but this can sometimes make the problem even worse, as the Phragmite roots are often left intact.
  12. new filters? blocked fuel at tank ? clean fuel?
  13. the plug will obviously work but I didn't realize you were working on such a small tire, because they have little integrity/strength the plugs will pull out easily when you get tired of it going flat have it filled with foam......
  14. are your new steering brakes releasing?
  15. the fellow that has it for sale claims it is just a standard loader
  16. I've seen what you are talking about but not one without operator protection
  17. thought I'd share another of my Uncles from his calendar
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