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  1. I'm a Ruger fan 10/22 and 9mm American I would prefer a mini 14 as I'm not a fan of tactical compared to wood stock hunting rifle but they cost more than dead varmints are worth....
  2. I agree but I'm cheap Looking for a way into a plinker / varmit caliber in between 22 lr and 7mm mag. Semi auto mag load for fun and convenience. Common ammo and low recoil.
  3. Have you built an AR-15 in 223 Wilde? What would you expect to spend if you were doing it on the economy side of things? Mlok, adjustable brace, no sights or mag, ready to shoot.
  4. Bear Creek lowers? Bear Creek upper is what I meant to post
  5. What do you know? Are Anderson lowers trustworthy/reliable?
  6. Weld it back together
  7. Ask at local auto parts store as they can usually order if not on the shelf...
  8. Or 5 gallon of it if your MTO....
  9. None of it's cheap Find your favorite by the gallon and put into a pump bottle. Way more bang for your buck....
  10. If your making from scratch and in doubt go less than 3 ft between supports. At 1.5 ft between supports not much room to bend.
  11. Are your ramps fold up?
  12. If the size of bar and type of wood labor your saw then a skip chain is how to deal with it. A rip chain leaves a smoother finish. The real question is what kind of chaps you wear...
  13. If it does it will need attention....
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