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  1. change pulleys and slow it down a bit if it was gas powered you could run at less than full throttle
  2. electric I assume is it belt driven pump ?
  3. electrolysis works without abrasion and gets down in the pores and nooks and crannies
  4. cure it like you would a cast iron skillet
  5. just do pizza delivery or drive thru small footprint, less employees
  6. are you going to paint it as in black and then some highlight on the wording or leave bare metal or clear coated?
  7. I think a feller would want a good pressure relief valve on it....
  8. yes $9,000 obo if I rememba correctly
  9. 48 kb3 6 volt Is the square tank on the firewall for the hydraulics?
  10. that's what duct tape is for....
  11. with a red tractor in the background
  12. seems like some of the structure of the guard should bend and warp and dang near fold over before a weld would break all the way like that. but hard to tell from pics sucks it took out a tire as that stops miles until replaced
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